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King Cucaracha

PROMO: Happy Birthday Mr Maddix

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Date: February 15th 2005

Location: Martial Law's Coach

Time: 12:01 am


Despite it still being the early hours of a cold, dull Tuesday morning, the four members of Martial Law are all up and awake in the confines of their team bus. Not by choice, of course. At least, not for three of them. See, while Landon Maddix relaxes across the backseat of the bus, ICTV Championship cradled in his arm, his three cohorts don't seem quite so happy at the time. Still, they can't complain too much.


"Today...is a day of celebration." Maddix begins formally, to a groan from Clark. "And, I intend to enjoy every second of it. For today...is not just my twenty-first birthday. But, co-incidently enough, tonight also marks the one HUNDRETH day of my latest and greatest Intercontinental Television Title reign." Shining up the belt, Maddix beams. "Oh yes. 100 days and still counting of the longest ever ICTV Title reign. And with no end in sight."




"Oh...no offense Todd. Anyway, as I was saying, I'm still riding high. We're all riding high for that matter. And I'm happy to say that as I sit here, I'm looking down this coach and I'm looking at winners. We won the battle. When Toxxic and Sean Davis turned their backs on Spike Jenkins, the underlying fact is that without Martial Law that may not have happened. We put the pressure on. Week after week, we took Revolution Zero out of their comfort zone. We took their belts. Took their dominance. We gave Spike Jenkins reason to doubt Toxxic, where once there was none. WE...we caused the dissension between Sacred and Revolution Zero, Spike and Revolution Zero. We won the battle. But...the war is not over. A new battle awaits Martial Law."


Sitting up, Maddix lays his ICTV Title to the side before slowly making eye contact with Clark..then Cortez..and finally Megan.


"When Spike left, it seemed our job had been done. But we face a new challenge now. Martial Law must stay united. We cannot fall the way of Spike Jenkins. That means remaining a united force. Todd...you and I go one on one on Lockdown, with the ICTV Championship on the line. One on one. Martial Law, versus Martial Law. This can go one of two ways. We can do battle, friendly competition best man wins...and treat the match like any other. Or we can let this get personal and pay the price. I know what this ICTV Championship means Todd. I know better than ANYONE what this belt looks to the eye, feels like to hold and means in this business. So, I can understand you wanting to take it from me. But...we need to set the ground rules. And, at the risk of becoming a 'Toxxic clone' as he seems to consider me...that means asking you one simple question. Are you with us...or against us."


"What?" Clark suddenly speaks up. "With us or against us. HE was the one who originated the whole Martial Law idea!"




"He was the one who came up with the Ghost idea!"




"And the only reason you're involved is because we needed three people and only had two."


"...shoulda asked Bloodshed."


Clark growls, but luckily The Urban Legend spots an arguement about to erupt and buts in.


"I'm with us, obviously."


"Good. So, whatever happens, you're with Martial Law? Win or lose...no hard feelings?"


"Don't worry, I've no reason to 'do a Sacred' and leave. Like Alan says, this was my idea."




Standing up, Maddix leans forward, over the seat in front of him, still looking down towards his team-mates.


"In that case, we can concentrate on finishing off Revolution Zero once and for all. We've taken out two of their men. Sacred and Spike are gone. We know Davis and we know Toxxic. And, yeah, Toxxic finally got his victory over me last night. But I know that we've got all bases covered as far as Toxxic and Davis go. We know them. We can beat them. The danger we face now is the third man."


"Pretzler." sneers Clark.


"Exactly. He's the Revolution member holding the gold. He's the Revolution member one the hot streak, with the momentum...and the one who still has that element of mystery about him. Having never been in the ring with him, we don't know him as well as we do Toxxic or Davis. Which is why we need to target Pretzler."


"Wouldn't it make more sense to go after Toxxic and Davis, seeing as we...you know, know them." Clark asks.


"See, that's why I'm leader and you're not." deadpans Maddix to another growl of displeasure from Clark. "Pretzler's got all these advantages over us and yeah, he could be consider the strongest link. But, if we take out the strongest link...all the others will be that more vulnerable."


"...plus he's the least loyal to the cause." adds Cortez.


"...yeah, yeah, that too."


A little taken of course from his 'leader-like' speech, Maddix tries to remember where he was. But can't seem too, so does what any good leader would...


"Is Pretzler with Revolution Zero for Toxxic's cause, or is he just there so he could get their help to beat Spike? That's the question we need to ask."


...take credit for someone else's idea.


"Clark, you're the Cruiserweight Division guy out of us three. And because of that, need you to get at Pretzler and get his belt away. And while I'm off recapturing the World Title from Sacred or Toxxic, depending on what happens on Storm, that leaves Davis to you Todd. And so long as we stay united, just like before, the Revolution will fall piece by piece around itself."


Clark mumbles something to Cortez which gets a chuckle. Meanwhile, Maddix notices his team-mates aren't paying all that much attention to him and raises his eyes with a sigh.


"...and with that said, let's start making some more plans. On how I'm gonna get drunk, legally, tonight."


"I'll drink to that!" cheers the suddenly enthusiastic Clark, standing up and walking off towards the wheel. "And then some!"

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You've got some nerve, calling Pretzler the strongest link when I made you tap like a bitch on Smarkdown.


Nice promo. Consider the offer of a lucrative Rev-0 deal in the mail to Cortez.

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