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XPW Highlight Videos

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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the old XPW highlight videos that used to be on xpwtv.com. I am mostly looking for highlights of matches from their later shows, Jonny Storm vs. Juventud Guerrera is one of the matches I remember seeing.

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Ya, I have most of them on my comp. IM me on Piratez4v3go2. But pick which ones you want and be relatively selective because I'm not sending you everything.


I have too much XPW stuff to list, but as far as the Philly stuff:


Themed MVs: Best of XPW #3, Best of XPW #4, Best of XPW #5 (RV-1) (Darealgummy), XPW Thrills Chills Spills #1, XPW Thrills Chills Spills #2


Event MVs: Hostile Takeover, My Bloody Valentine 2003 (Philly), My Bloody Valentine 2003 – Night 2 (LA Tour), My Bloody Valentine 2003 (LA Tour) – Nights 1 & 2 (one file), Fallout, Liberty or Death, Baptized in Blood 3, Genocide, Freefall


Ads: Lizzy Borden: XXXPOSED Ad

XPW Battle of the Burgh 2

2002 XPW TV Opening Video

XPW Pay-Per-View Preview

XPW TV 2/5/03 Preview


Best of MVs:


“The Rock Superstar” Kaos in XPW

GQ Money & “The Rock Superstar” Kaos in XPW (Darealgummy)

XPW X-Girls 1 (Darealgummy)

XPW X-Girls 2 (Darealgummy)

Youthanazia (from the Backyard Wrestling "Passion of Pain" DVD)


Match MVs: Christian York vs. Chris Chetti vs. Psychosis vs. Sonny Siaki (NYR ’03), Altar Boy Luke vs. Vic Grimes vs. Little Guido (Hostile Takeover), GQ Money vs. Angel (BIB3), Justice Pain vs. Supreme (House of Horrors Match from NYR ’03) (XPW TV), Super Crazy vs. Psychosis (Hostile Takeover), Supreme vs. Angel (BIB3), Supreme vs. Angel (Hostile Takeover), Ian Rotten vs. Supreme (No-Rope Barbed-Wire Death Match), Kaos vs. Chris Hamrick (Hostile Takeover), Kaos vs. Chris Hamrick vs. Psychosis (BIB3), Altar Boy Luke vs. Supreme (Fallout), Altar Boy Luke vs. Supreme vs. Angel (Exit Sandman), Jonny Storm vs. Jerry Lynn (NYR ’03), Mexico’s Most Wanted vs. Black Panthers (Hostile Takeover), Mexico’s Most Wanted vs. Dead Prez (Exit Sandman), M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition vs. Mexico’s Most Wanted (Merry F’n X-Mas)

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