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Guest AnnieEclectic

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Guest AnnieEclectic

(fade in)

(Lady Red stands before a doorway inside the Clan training area. With a heavy sigh, she walks in, knowing her fate...)


Red: Lady Red, here as you ordered.


(The man sitting at a desk in front of her looks up, frowning. Thoth stares hard into the assassin's eyes...)


Thoth: It was a request, not an order. Please, sit down.


(Cautiously, Lady Red takes the proffered seat, not taking her eyes off her superior)


Thoth: How are you? Is everything alright? I notice you haven't been with Molly lately.


Red: She's had some family troubles, she will be back in a few weeks.


Thoth: That's good. You're not hurt or anything are you? No injuries?


Red: No.


Thoth: Not sick, maybe a cold, the flu perhaps?


Red: No.


Thoth: Maybe a little depressed, maybe you mind is somewhere else?


Red: No, I am perfectly focused on my job at hand.


Thoth: (raised eyebrow) Really? Then maybe you could tell me why YOU HAVEN'T WON A GOD DAMNED MATCH YET!


(The severity of her superior's voice actually causes the stoic assassin to flinch.)


Red: Things have been............... difficult......


Thoth: Difficult? Really?


Red: ...yes


Thoth: Well perhaps you could shed some light on this difficulty.


(The assassin merely sits uncomfortably, looking down  Her mouth opens, but no sound escapes as her mind fails her.)


Thoth: Red, I worry about you, I care about you. I consider you like a sister to me. Ever since Spider brought you to us, I've considered you family, because you are. The Clan IS family. But like any family, we expect success out of every member, and you aren't producing like you did in the Junior League.


Red: I realize....


Thoth: You realize NOTHING! Even before you joined, Spider told me that you were the best Assassin he ever trained. Best! Top of the class, even better than her parents before her. You even accepted a mission against your own sister as a test to your loyalty to the Clan. You were supposed to be the best. What happened?


(Again, the assassin is speechless, her eyes and face red from embarassment and anger)


Thoth: Spider is rarely a bad judge of talent, and I still dont think he's wrong with you. There will be no punishment today, but I want you to work harder, train harder, meditate, whatever you need to do, but get back in form Annie. The Clan needs every member we have, and every member to work to their fullest. You may leave now.


(The assassin stand to attention, bows to Thoth, then walks briskly out of the room....)








(Opening the door to her personal chamber, Lady Red turns on the light.....  to a defaced and ripped apart room. Furniture, books, weapons are strewn everywhere. Mouth agape, Red can do nothing but stare at the debris. Looking for her charts and anatomy guides on the wall, they too have been ripped down, but a more staggering sight takes her mind off that. Words, written in red, spin around the room, from the top corner, spinning down to the floor.)


Red: This.......this is Impossible!


(Looking up at the first word, she begins to read out loud, lacking the ability to react in any other way....)


Red: Maybe I didn't treat you... (moves to the next wall) Quite as good as I should.... (moves to the next wall) Maybe I didn't love you (moves to the next wall).... Quite as often as I could......


(Recognition washes over Red's face as her eyes go wide. She immediately drops to her knees and begins fumbling inside the debris. Her mouth is now unconciously continuing the words written in her room, the message imprinted in her mind.)


Red: *scared singing* Little things I should have said and done...


(Red picks up a cellular phone, and frantically taps the phone, and hits 'send'  )    


Red: I just never took the time........ Hello?


(faint mumbling from the phone)


Red: Sir, our friend has.... escaped.


(Red winces at the words relayed from the other end of the line)


Red: I know for certain, no one else could have done this. I have the *warning*! I'm honestly scared Nekura-sensei, we dont know what will happen.....


(Red nods patiently at the words said to her)


Red: Yes sir. I'll handle it. I won't fail you.





(The assassin looks up at the walls again, re-reading the song she's heard many, many times before. Sitting in the middle of the room, she begins to rock back and forth, tears welling in her eyes.)


Red: *sobbing* ...you.....were always.... on my mind. *sniff* You were always....on my.....mind.......


(The assassin falls to her side, wrapping her arms around her knees and holding herself in a fetal position. That night, she got no sleep.....)





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Guest Ash Ketchum

Ooooooohh... spooooooooky...


Nice job, Annie. Great promo

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Guest BA_Baracus

PROMO (Stubby P. McWeed);

"Yeah...whip her into shape Thoth!


Oh wait...Thoth has lost about 6 in a row.


Uhm...carry on then.


Mothernature is on the edge of her seat..."

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Guest Insanityman

Good promo Annie *marks for the mentioning of Nekura* but now what?

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Guest AnnieEclectic

Wow, a post from Stubby on one of my promos that wasn't insulting. That's high praise! :)


Maybe I won't be humilitaion match fodder now.....


wait..... HA HA HA HA HA


but seriously, wow :D



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