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Worst videos ever

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I saw Menswear's video for 'Sleeping In' the other day. It should be pointed out the their singer was wearing the Libertines-trademarked red legionnaire's jacket. Interesting...

It should also be pointed out that Menswear were the most underrated band of the 90's and that one Johnny Dean pout was instantly 10x cooler than the Libertines on their best day.


Let's not go nuts. They were OK. I'm surprised they didn't make it big, though.


He was fairly attractive. In a 'PLAGIARISM! is straight' kind of a way.

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Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden...someone took a special effect they discovered and went bonzo gonzo with it...

Agreed. Loved it when I was like 13/14, but yegods it hasn't aged well. Nowhere near to being one of their best songs either.

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