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Gary Floyd

Bands/Artists you just can't get into

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Out of the Big Four Thrash Metal bands from the 80's, I've been the least into Slayer.


One the reason's I think is their music is very nhilistic. Now most metal brings to mind dark or disturbing imagry, but the lyrics I've read from some of their stuff seems to wallow in it excessively.


Second, and this might sound naive, but being raised Catholic and still having a general sense of faith in God, the rather anti-religious ditrabes a few the songs have can be offputting (it seems the main credit for those ones is Kerry King). It's not that I can't take a critical, even negative attitude towards religion. It's just that most attack the hollier than thou preachers and hypocrites every religion has, while Slayer sometimes attacks God itself and Jesus, at least it's the feeling I get. Knock around the Jerry Falwell's all you like, but lay off Jesus, he had a rough time when he was down here on Earth.


Okay rant out of the way.


However, because I'm willing to give it a listen (and because the damn album's been praised over and over in publications and on this board), I checked out "Reign in Blood" through the Ohio Library system and it's on my reserve list. I also checked out "Seasons in the Abyss" because, of the few Slayer songs I've heard, I always dug that one. Songs about insanity, I have a soft spot for them.

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