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More tapes for sale

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I need to get rid of some tapes, so here's what's for sale. Prices are $7 shipped for one tape, $12 for two, and only $15 for three, in the U.S. PM me if you're interested in anything, and get it fast!


All tapes are 1st gens except for the ones listed.


It's first come first serve for these tapes:


-WCW Halloween Havoc 1995

-WCW Best of Uncensored (MASTER IN ORIGINAL BOX)

-WCW Clash of the Champions #32 and #33 (from 1996)



-WWF In Your House #3

-WWF Good Friends Better Enemies

-WWF Fully Loaded 1999

-WWF RAW 9/13/99

-WWF RAW from June 2002 (night after KOTR 2002, RVD vs. Lesnar main event)


-Super J Cup 1995

-Super J Cup 2000


-NWA TNA #39, 4/2/03

-NWA TNA #40, 4/9/03 (Great X-Division tag team elimination match main event)


-CZW In Da Club, 4/2/04 (Great 30 minute Hero vs. Whitmer vs. Cannon vs. Strong main event)

-CZW Retribution 4/3/04 (Crazy Teddy Hart vs. Trent Acid main event)

-XPW Hardcore Conception (MASTER IN ORIGINAL BOX)


I am also taking bids for a great tape with three Clash of the Champions shows on it...6, 9, and 16. It has the classic Flair vs. Steamboat 2/3 falls match and the classic Flair vs. Funk I Quit match on it.


If you have any questions about tape details, just ask.


I will be adding more down the road, so keep checking back and PM me quickly if you want anything.

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Get stuff while you can...and if you're looking for VHS masters of several shows, I will be putting those on here soon. You can always PM me if you're looking for anything specifically and I'll let you know if I have it or not.

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