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LTP: Axel vs. CWM vs. Gunner vs. Tony Brannigan

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Well, its now time for our Main Event, the Fatal 4 Way match for the OAOAST Championship.  While this match was made just days ago, lets look at the history between each of these opponents, because there are some interesting relationships here.

Certainly are Michael, the most obvious one is between Tony Brannigan and Axel.  These two have been fighting over this World title over the past four months, and every battle has been just incredible.  No strangers to each other, each man will want to settle the score tonight.

And look at the Original Elite factor, Tony Brannigan and CWM are having squabbles because both are in tonights match.  The big question is: will they work together to eliminate both of thier opponents and try and bring the title back to the Elite?  It all depends who is greedier.

And, of course, there's Gunner Sharps and Axel.  Running buddies in The Bleeding Souls in Detroit before they came to this federation, their relationship has been rocky at best.  The only other time these two have met on Pay Per View was back at Living Angleously of 2004, where Axel beat Gunner Sharps by submission.  There are a lot of dynamics to this contest, and Axel had better know what he is walking into here, as the champions advantage is taken away from him.  It does not matter who is pinned, or who submits, the same result happens - a winner, and OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion.  Could we see Finger Poke of Doom 2K5 from The Elite?

I doubt it Cole, because neither man wants to give up a title shot, even for the greater good of their group.  CWM and Tony Brannigan are both going to go full tilt tonight at a title shot.

Lets send you down to ringside where Michael Buffer is standing by.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a Fatal Four Way Match, and it is for the One and Only Anglesault Thread Heavyweight Championship of the WORLD!!!


[i]I would never bother you
I would never promise to
I will never follow you
I will never bother you
Never say a word again
I will crawl away for good[/i]

As the opening verse of Nirvana's 'You Know You're Right' echoes throughout the arena and the smoke clears from the entrance way, CWM appears, in normal attire consisting of torn shorts and Nirvana 'smilie face' T-Shirt.  Walking to the ring, he doesn't acknowledge any fans' boos, or even the ones who want to slap his hand, choosing to storm dwon the ramp and slide into the ring, before dropping into the corner, arms draped over the ropes.

A picture of concentration, CWM is ready for a fight tonight.

He hasn't been in a Pay Per View Main Event for a very long time guys, over a year for CWM.  But he's used to this feeling, he has been a top star in this company for all three and a half years of its existance.

As 'You Know You're Right' fades out, 'Sick' by Dope fades in, as the crowd continues this negative reaction.  

[i]Heres to tomorrow baby
I'm feelin sick
Complain the whole world's angry
You make me sick[/i]

From behind the entrance curtain steps Gunner Sharps, dressed in his orange jumpsuit.  Gunner beats his chest at the top of the ramp, and then makes a belt motion around his waist, not that the belt could fit around there anyway.  The big man walks down the ramp, and fakes hitting one of the fans that are hurling insults at him, before grinning and swearing at the fan.  Gunner climbs up the ring steps, and steps over the top rope with ease, before going over to the opposite corner to CWM, eyeing his former leader in the Underground.

[i] He's Simply Ravishing... OWWW![/i]

Ah yes, the familiar strains of the late Rick Rude's former WWF theme, 'Simply Ravishing'.  The jam-packed Skydome give a smilar reception to Tony Brannigan as he makes his way out to ringside, but there are a section of the crowd who are cheering the former Champ.

Big night for this man, Tony Brannigan.  Lost the OAOAST Championship last month to Axel, and is looking to regain it tonight.

I think the best thing to come out of this match for both Tony and Axel is the fact that they don't necessarily have to beat each other to win, or in Axel's case remain, the champion.  They're so evenly matched, and found it so hard to beat one another that they'll relish the chance for some other competition, some other dynamics in the match.

Tony steps into the ring and poses on the turnbuckles to his music, the crowd again responding in a mixed reaction, but mostly a negative one.  Jumping off the ropes, Tony surveys his opponents, until..



A drum beat starts up, one that hasn't been heard for months in an OAOAST arena.



The beat of the drum is soon joined by a man's voice...

[i]Can you feel that?[/i]

...and a guitar...


The drums and guitars get louder, and louder, as the AngleTron fills with a blood-red color, that leaves one word outlined in black: PAIN.  

The crowd is electric, the beat of the drum becomes more prominent, the guitars gaining rhythm and purpose, as the crowd waits for the inevitable...



The crowd comes alive with a HUGE cheer as Disturbeds' "Down with the Sickness" begins to blare over the loudspeakers.  From the set comes none other than the OAOAST Champion, Axel, who appears more pumped up than he has been in a long time.  

[i]Drowning deep in my sea of loathing,
Broken your servant I kneel
(Will you give in to me?)
It seems what's left of my human side
Is slowly changing in me
(Will you give in to me?)[/i]

Axel plays to the crowd on both sides of the ramp, pointing to the belt around his waist, and then turning his attention to the ringside faithful around the ramp as the song continues.

[i]Looking at my own reflection
When suddenyl it changes
Violently it changes (oh no)[/i]

Axel slaps a few hands at ringside and takes position halfway down the entrance ramp, pointing left, and then right, and then at his three opponents in the ring...

[i]There is no turning back now
You've woken up the demon in me...[/i]


...and striking the Crucifix Pose, setting off a chain of pyro not only at the ramp, but around the arena roof, with blasts all around the arena!


Axel has this crowd pumped up for a huge Main Event here at License to Pin!

The champion runs to the ring, slapping hands on the way, runs up the ring steps and enters the battlefield.  Taking his place in the free corner, Axel chooses to pose to the fans while 'Down with the Sickness' continues to blare.  The music fades down, as Michael Buffer begins the announcments.

Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time, let me introduce to you the participants in this match.  The three challengers.  First, weighing in at two hundred five pounds, a former OAOAST World, Tag Team and Twenty-Four Seven Champion, as well as one of the founders of this company.  A bonafide legend and member of the Fall of Haim, from Abbotsford, British Columbia... COBAIN WAS MURDERED - CEEE DOUBLE-UUUUUUUUU EEEEEEMMMMMMMM!!!!!

CWM flips the crowd off as Buffer continues the announcments.

Next, standing seven feet tall and weighing in tonight at three hundred fifty eight pounds, a former OAOAST Twenty-Four Seven Champion, and one of the greatest Big Men to ever grace an OAOAST ring.  From Detroit, Michigan... GUNNNERRRRR SHAAAAARRPPPPSSS!

The big man beats his chest and salutes to the crowd, who respond in more boos.

And, weighing in tonight at two hundred ninety two pounds.  A former OAOAST World and Tag Team Champion, as well as a HI-YAH Tag Team Champion.  One of the true superstars of this company, the man who has come to prominence as a true Main Event star in the last few months.  From Hollywood, California... 'T-BOD' TONNYYYYYY BRAAAANNNIIGGGANNNNN!!!!


Yes, thats exactly how you describe the reaction of the crowd to the reading of Tony's name.  Mixed.

Finally, last but by far, not least.  Weighing in tonight at two hundred, fifty-eight and one quarter pounds.  Known the world around for his intensity in the ring, and his professionalism outside of it.  Former Twenty-Four Seven Champion, and Lethal Rumble winner.  He is the current, REIGNING and DEFENDING One and Only Anglesault Thread Professional Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the WOOOOORRRLLLDDD!!!!  A native of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, the master of the Axel Slam... THIS. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXELLLLLL!!!


The champion strikes the crucifix pose with belt in hand, before giving the prestigious title to the referee, who shows it to the other three competitors in the match, before holding it up for the world to see.


The bell is rung, and we are underway in our Main Event for the evening!  Remember as well, because this is a Fatal Four Way match, there are no disqualifications, and no countouts!

Axel is the first to step out of his corner, and he is soon met by Gunner, as the two former friends have harsh words.  Even though there is a distinct height difference, Axel does not back away from the big man, but is forced to when Gunner throws the first punch!  Axel is on the offensive quickly though, as he lands a right hand of his own!  Right by Gunner, and Axel comes right back!  Gunner!  Axel!  Gunner!  Axel!

This is a slugfest early!

Gunner gets the better of the champion, and slugs away at his temple, causing Axel to back into the corner and try to cover up.  Gunner goes for a haymaker shot, but the champion ducks under the big man and turns the tables, trapping him in the corner and delivering hard rights, followed by an uppercut!  Axel turns around, seemingly to get a run up into the corner again...

... but he is floored by a Tony Brannigan clothesline!


Tony took advantage of that opening exchange, and now it appears as if he and CWM are going to work.

Tony starts hammering away at Axel with right hands on the canvas, while CWM goes to work on Gunner Sharps in the corner.  CWM wrenches the arm of Gunner, before trying an Irish Whip into the opposite corner.  Gunner reverses and sends CWM into the turnbuckle back-first.  The big man charges at CWM, but the veteran gets his feet up, sending Gunner backward.  CWM charges this time, but Gunner has the move scouted, landing a HUGE running powerslam on CWM!

Amazing power showcased by Gunner Sharps.  I always knew he had Main Event potential!

Meanwhile, Tony is teeing off on Axel still, before bringing the champion to his feet.  T-Bod with a stiff boot to the stomach, and a front face lock, before taking Axel over with a suplex.  Gunner tries to take advantage of the fact that Tony is on the ground by grabbing his hair, but Tony lands a thumb to the eye, disorientating the big guy for a moment, long enough for Tony to get on the offensive with right hands.  Gunner tries to come back with shots, but CWM is there for the double team along with Tony Brannigan.

The Original Elite working together!  I knew it!

CWM and Tony catch each other in a glance, before sending the three hundred pounder for an Irish Whip.  Gunner comes off of the ropes and tries a Double Clothesline, but both men duck under, and deliver a Double Neckbreaker to Gunner Sharps, followed by a double elbow drop!  CWM and Tony get up from the tandem moves to face each other, but are soon focused on Axel, as the champion is on his feet.  Axel charges for Tony, but CWM cuts him off, landing a right hand to the midsection, and then a boot, before both men grab Axel and deliver a Double DDT!

Great tandem offense!

Tony Brannigan with a cover on Axel!


TW-NO!  CWM pulls Tony off of Axel!

Wait a minute!  Are they working together?

Tony gets up and comes eye to eye with his stablemate, asking him exactly what the hell that was about.  CWM shrugs and tells him something which seems to raise the ire of Tony Brannigan, so much so that Tony lands a slap on CWM!


...CWM takes Tony down with a tackle!


Wow!  So much for the Elite!

Right hands by CWM on Tony, but Brannigan turns the tables and lands right hands on CWM.  Both men are up, CWM ducks a clothesline attempt, tries a Pollycutter... no!  Tony pushes CWM off....

..and right into a Gunner Sharps big boot!

What a shot to the chin!

Tony turns around, but he too gets knocked down, but by an Axel Harlem Side Kick!

High Leg Lariat there by Axel, and both Elites are down!  Watch Gunner here...

Gunner tries to ambush Axel with a right hand, but Axel block it and hits one of his own, followed by a European Uppercut!  And a second!  A third!  Snapmare take over by Axel, and a VICIOUS KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!


Axel with a legdrop, and a COVER!


TW-NO!  CWM pulls Axel off the cover!

What a kick to the back of the head by Axel there!  We heard that impact all the way up here!  He's certainly learnt some things in Japan guys!

I hate to agree with you... so I won't.  That kick sucked.

CWM with an elbow shot to Axel, and a left elbow, before Spinning... but Axel ducks a third elbow attempt!  Axel ducks behind CWM, before delivering a beautiful release German Suplex, landing CWM right on the back of his neck!  Axel follows the move up with locking in a ground front face lock, and putting all the pressure on CWM's neck, zeroing in on his target.

Beautiful German by Axel there, and now he seems to be working on the neck of CWM.

Axel continues to hold the Front Face Lock even tighter, until it is broken up by a Tony Brannigan boot to the back of the head of the Champion.  Brannigan lifts Axel to his feet, Irish Whp by Tony, Axel stops himself at the ropes, holding on to the top, but Tony follows up with a Cactus Jack clothesline, sending both men over the top!  The crowd cheer, as the action has spilled ever closer to them, not stopping to think that if one of these guys were to accidentally clothesline them or something, they'd be totally rooted!

Gunner is on his feet in the meantime, as is CWM.  The two former stablemates in the Underground eye each other, before charging.  CWM is smarter however, as he ducks an incoming shot by Sharps and lands a Spinning Elbow, but it doesn't send the big man off of his feet.  CWM tries another, but Gunner lands a boot to the midsection, and puts CWM in a standing bodyscissors, before lifting him up for a Powerbomb...

...But You Can't Powerbomb CWM- Hurricanrana!

Beautiful Headscissors takeover by CWM!

Look, Michael, please.  Call the move right, or not at all.  Simple choice.

CWM holds onto Gunner's legs!


TW-NO!  Gunner uses his strength to get out of the pinning predicament.

With Axel getting up first on the outside, Tony has to work fast, and does so with a shot to the midsection of the champion, before grabbing him by the hair, and driving his face into the guardrail, causing some fat guy to spill his beer.  The fat guy takes great offense to this, and tries to hit Tony from the crowd, but he is soon taken away by security.  Flustered by this, Tony falls prey to an attack by Axel, with the champion knocking his foe down with a clothesline on the outside.  Axel picks Tony up once again and this time tries an Irish Whip into the guardrail, but Brannigan reverses and Axel goes back first into the steel!  Tony charges, but Axel is smarter than that, ducking and sending Tony into the crowd!

In the ring, CWM has Gunner in the corner and is once again pounding away, this time with right hands.  And whether the founding member likes it or not, the crowd is counting along as he stands on the second turnbuckle...


CWM jumps off of the turnbuckle and runs to the opposite side.  He then charges at Gunner, and jumps into the corner...

...but Gunner catches him, and PLANTS him on the back of his head with a one armed slam!

Amazing power shown there by Gunner Sharps!  Amazing!

Gunner follows the move straight away by grabbing CWM by the throat, and lifting him to his feet, before lifting him even further in a Gorilla Press!  Gunner keeps CWM up there for a few seconds, then dropping him down in a Spinebuster!

The Tortured Soul Slam!  Cover!



NO! CWM kicks out right at the count of two.

Gunner begins to tee off on CWM again with rights, as the camera switches to Tony Brannigan, who has gained the advantage over Axel, and is coming back to ringside with the champion.  Tony drives Axel's head into the guardrail once again, and then throws Axel back over, before climbing over himself.  Tony tries to pick the Champion up, but no dice, as Axel is keeping low to the ground.  Brannigan goes for the second option, hitting the champion with a hard right, before beginning a search under the ring, perhaps for some weapons...

Uh-oh!  Tony's channeling the spirit of the Dudleys... he's got a table!

Tony succeeds in grabbing Axel and picking him up to his feet, then positioning him in a standing bodyscissors, right next to the table.  T-Bod tries to get Axel up for a Powerbomb, but Axel blocks the move, holding onto Tony's legs.  Tony tries again, but the same result.  Before Brannigan can try for a third time, Axel has dropped to his knees, and lands an Uppercut, sending Brannigan backward!  Tony tries a clothesline on Axel, but the champion ducks!



SO Much Better than HOFFS!!!

In the ring, Gunner throws CWM for an Irish Whip, CWM uses his ringsmarts to slide under Gunner's legs, and takes his leg out with a sweeping kick!  Gunner is on his knees!  CWM off of the ropes... SHINING WIZARD!

The Shining Wizard kick by CWM!  Cover!  It's over!



THR-NO!  Axel breaks it up, grabbing CWM... and DRIVING his head into the mat with a DDT!

The champion with the advantage!  He's showing intensity we haven't seen in months!

Axel focuses still on CWM, the DDT further jarring his neck.  The champion throws him to the outside, wanting to punish the founding member even more.  Axel grabs CWM by the hair and attempts to frive his face into the steel steps, but CWM blocks and sends Axel's face into the steel!  CWM grabs a chair that one of the security guards was sitting on, and measures the champion!

CWM is ready to POUNCE~!

Please don't mention that word in this company.

Axel gets to his feet and is ALMOST floored by a chairshot, but ducks under.  The champion goes for a clothesline, but CWM ducks under that as well!  Axel turns around again... and gets FLOORED WITH A VICIOUS CHAIRSHOT!

That's worthy of a replay!

*LTP Logo*

[i]Axel gets to his feet and is ALMOST floored by a chairshot, but ducks under.  The champion goes for a clothesline, but CWM ducks under that as well!  Axel turns around again... and gets FLOORED WITH A VICIOUS CHAIRSHOT!

That's worthy of a replay![/i]

*LTP Logo*

What a shot there!  CWM floored the champion, and he's proud of himself!

Not only that, but I don't think he's done!  Waitaminute!  Look in the ring!

Yes, inside the ring Tony Brannigan and Gunner Sharps are teeing off, with Gunner Sharps getting a GOOZLE~! on Tony!

Chokeslam coming up!

Tony, desperate, does the only thing he knows how in a desperate situation and kicks Gunner square in the balls!


Standing bodyscissors by Tony, ATTITDUE ADJUSTMENT PILEDRIVER!!!

He hit that beautiful Piledriver!

Gunner's head driven into the mat!



NOOOOO!!  CWM breaks up the pinfall!

That was very close!  CWM had to save Gunner so he still has a shot at the title!  Remember folks, this is NOT an elimination bout, one pinfall will earn a victory, and in this case, the OAOAST Championship!

CWM grabs his stablemate an doesn't treat him as so, peppering away with right hands, and sending him for an Irish Whip.  Tony comes off of the ropes, ducks a shot, but doesn't get out of the way of a boot to the midsection by CWM.  Standing bodyscissors... RUNNING CONSPIRACY BOMB BY CWM!

The Conspriacy Bomb!  Cover!



NO!!  Tony kicks out.

CWM, flustered by the kickout, continues the punishment on Tony Brannigan.  

A lot of action going on in this contest, and it's very hard to pick a winner!

Damn right Michael, all four of these guys have been on top at different times, its no wonder why Axel wasn't entirely happy with having to face three guys!  But its a testament to his character that he is doing so!

Yeah yeah, blah blah.  Same old crap.

Meanwhile, a now-bloodied Axel is in the ring, and is after Gunner Sharps.  Gunner soon gets the advantage back though after a couple of rights and lefts from the champion.  Gunner soon gets a goozle on Axel, lifts him high in the air, and drops him for a Chokeslam!

Slam dunk by Gunner!

The big man feels like its time to fly, but considering his limited arsenal of top rope moves, one has to wonder why.  

Might be a little mistake by Gunner here!

Gunner climbs to the top, and flies off, trying a splash... 

...but only meets Axel's knees, leaving both former Bleeding Souls down on the mat!!

Gunner crashed and burned on that exchange!

CWM batters away at Tony in the corner, this time applying a choke, with the referee trying to break it up, but being unable to do so, as there are no disqualifications in this contest.  CWM finally brings Tony Brannigan out of the corner, trying a Cradle piledriver, but Tony backdrops out of it!  CWM is up quickly, but its Tony Brannigan on the attack, ducking a clothesline, and delivering the Rude Awakening Neckbreaker!

High impact by Tony Brannigan!  Lateral press!



NO!  CWM kicks out!

That just shows the major influence of the late, great Rick Rude on Tony Brannigan.  And its not a bad influence to have guys, Rude was one hell of a competitor.

Brannigan follows up with a second cover, keeping on CWM...


TWOOOOONO!  CWM kicks out a little earlier this time.

Tony grabs CWM by the hair and signals for the end!  Irish Whip into the corner, CWM comes out...

...OUT OF BOD-NO!  CWM falls behind Tony!

...POLLYCUTTE-NO!  Tony pushes CWM off...

...and right into a MOTHER FUCKING IMPACT SPEAR~!~!


Cover by Gunner!


TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Tony breaks up the pinfall attempt!

Man, Gunner might be the OAOAST Champion had Tony not been there!

The big man grabs Brannigan by the hair and sets him up in a Standing Bodyscissors.  Gunner lits Tony and runs..

...but Tony rolls down his back!  Gunner turns around...


The Spinebuster!  Just like that!

We've got a new Champion!  COVER!




NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Axel breaks up the pinfall!

Axel saved his title there!

Axel with right hands to the temple of Tony Brannigan, and a Front Face lock applied!  Axel signals to the crowd, lifts Tony high in the air...







Axel was soclose there!

These guys are trading high impact mores like there's no tomorrow, and now Axel's going for another!

Axel gets up, and strikes the Crucifix Pose!  The crowd go insane!

It's time for the end!

Axel grabs Tony by the hair, turning around to face the other s-[b]POLYCUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]






NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Gunner breaks up the pinfall!

My, how close was that???


Gunner with right hands to CWM, and a knee to the gut.  Irish Whip by Gunner, CWM somehow reverses it, goes into the ropes... SPEAR...






NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CWM Breaks up the pinfall!

CWM breaks it up this time, hey, look at Tony on the outside!

Brannigan has stolen the OAOAST World Heavyweight Championship from ringside, and is obiously looking for the right time to use it!

These guys had better watch Tony, one shot with that belt and you're gone!

Tony slides into the rig just as Gunner and CWM are fighting once again.  CWM tries a Pollycutter but Gunner won't buy it.  Gunner tries to Powerbomb CWM, but the veteran holds onto the ropes, not giving Gunner a chance!  Gunner tries again, but is suddenly floored with a BELTSHOT!



He hit the Pollycutter on his own stablemate!  Incredible!

CWM stands up and looks at the crowd sadistically, like he's not done.  But he has other things to worry about, as Axel is on his feet, finally, after the Last Pollycutter!  CWM goes for a right hand, Axel ducks behind, and picks the veteran up for a Reverse DVD!











Axel stands up triumphantly at the ringing of the bell, with 'Down with the Sickness' playing in the background. 

Axel has beaten three men to retain his OAOAST Championship!  What a contest!

The referee raises Axel's hand, but Gunner seems to have other ideas as he is pissed off he didn't win the title.  Axel sees the big man coming at him, and takes him down quickly with a Running Enziguri!  Looking down at Gunner, Axel gets an idea!

Gunner with poor sportsmanship, but what's Axel thinking here?

Axel grabs Gunner and locks him in a rear facelock position, grabbing his tights with the other hand.  Axel lifts Gunner high in the air, holding him up so the bloood rushes to his head!

He couldn't be thinking of...

I think he is!

One stolen finisher deserves another... man, look at this strength!  Axel has him up there for en seconds now!

Axel struggles, but manages to keep Gunner in the air before...



He did it better than Hoff!

What imapct!

Axel stands up immediately and stares at the camera, while the referee hands him his belt.  Suddenly a cheer goes up around the arena, and it appears that none other than HOFF has made his way to the top of the entrance ramp!  Axel turns to return his stare!

Hoff is here!  Man, this is electric, these two will meet, August 27th, AngleSlam!  Look at the staredown!

It's going to take the match of their lives to beat the other, this match has been over a year in the making guys!

Axel stares at his opponent, raising the OAOAST World Heavyweight Championship as 'Down with the Sickness' plays still.  Hoff and Axel start the trash talk, as the music blares.

What a show!  For Caboose and Jonathon Coachman, I'm Michael Cole!  Goodnight and see you at AngleSlam!

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