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Jesse Badass

Subwoofers and Amps for cars

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I have 2 - JL10W6 v2's (dual Voice Coil) and a HiFonics Amp.


The quality is amazing, I am not the kid on the block trying to set off car alarms though.


I built the box my self, did the install my self, etc. I have 4Gauge wire directly from my battery.


I wouldn't consider my self a pro @ this stuff, since I don't do it for a living, but I think I know more than your average teen @ Best Buy in the car department.

They just know which stuff looks the coolest, not the internal facts about RMS ratings, quality, DB, Dual Voice Coils, Ohms, Watts, etc. :)


BTW. Also installed my own Viper 791XV alarm w/ Remote start, etc

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