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I've got a question for you all...

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Guest Ransome
Overall though, I have to give XV the nod.  Nothing like giving away the results of your main event before it happens.


I missed that part... when did they give away the main event? What was said?


To paraphrase, Cole said something like, 'We'll have an interview with the new WWF champion after the show'.

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Vince McMahon/Susan St. James from II was terrible, but I didn't mind the other teams. I was particularly fond of Monsoon & Ladd during the Battle Royal. The Wrestlemania XIII team was bad, as was all the times we had Vince/Lawler (X-XII).


Susan St. James announced at a Wrestlemania? I had no idea "Kate and Allie" was that popular a show amongst wrestling fans.


Susan St. James was (is?) married to then-NBC president Dick Ebersol, if that provides a theoretical explanation as to why she was even there in the first place.


Aw, it makes sense now.


There still married, they were in the news a while back when Ebersol as hurt was in a plane crash that killed their youngest son.


Vince overloaded WM2 with celebrities and Meltzer said he and Linda were social friends with the Ebersols (Dick was credited as Executive Producer on Saturday Night's Main Event with Vince until '89). When the plane crash happened, Meltzer wrote a story about Ebersol's role in the business during the '80's. He mentioned that Ebersol subscribed to the Observer back then, but got it under his secretary's name in order to try and hide it from Vince.


I thought Susan Saint James did a good job of prentending that she was having a good time and was happy to be there, which is all I ask of celebrities in wrestling. I also thought Bob Uecker and Regis Philbin (well, he's actually a fan) were good at that.


I've always felt the announcing at WM usualy depended on the show. If the show was great, bad announcing can't ruin it. If the show sucks, great announicg can't save it.


I always thought Gorilla and Jesse were the best team, but that's probably childhood nostalga bias.


"Gorilla, you know what I love about Wrestlmania? I'm here with you, so I don't have to talk to McMahon."

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