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    You also have to consider the type of character Ben is. Nobody imagined that he would be the sadistic leader that he is when they thought his name was Henry Gale. Didn't Damon & Carlton admit that they didn't have a long term plan "Henry Gale"? Michael Emerson was signed for only a few episodes, but they loved his performance so much they decided keep him around and make "Henry" the leader of the others.
  2. MDH257

    Let The Right One In

    "Let The Right One In" Subtitle Issues
  3. I think Austin also was sore over a promo Jarrett did when he returned to the WWF in '97 where he said Ausitn 3:16 was sacrilidgeous.
  4. MDH257

    The Amazing Race: Season 14

    Apparently, he's gay. TAR 14 teams include nude model, three gay men
  5. MDH257

    How I Met Your Mother

    There was a picture from the set in Entertainment Weekly, she's blonde.
  6. MDH257

    SNL Reviews: December edition

    Pot, Kettle, ...
  7. MDH257

    Norm on Conan

    February 20th is his last show. Apparently they're showing reruns for a week after because Fallon dosen't start until March 2nd.
  8. MDH257

    The Youtube Thread

    Thank you for moving this thread back to where it belonged.
  9. Wasn't Chyna the IC Champion during Show's run? That's a bit of a stretch there. I-C Title Prestige 1989>1999>2009
  10. Jesse "demanded to introduced to the crowd" and was in the ring while The Harts & Danny Davis were introduced. After The Bulldogs and Tito came out, I guess somebody decided to send her to the back and they just sent her back in the same ring cart that Jesse was riding in. Most of it was edited out of the coliseum video version, I never saw it until the "Championship Edition" DVD.
  11. MDH257

    Slumdog Millionaire

    Wonderful movie, even if it gets little too fairy tale at the end (yeah it was like that for the entire film, but for some reason the end felt like a little too much). The kid who played the youngest version of Saleem was a great villian.
  12. Yeah it was only about the 3rd or 4th time I can remember it snowing like that, and I've lived in Houston my entire life. I once went to Washington D.C. after snow had fallen, but it was ankle deep at best.
  13. MDH257

    Jay Leno to remain with NBC

    Regarding Conan's situatuion, I read an analogy in USA Today that I agree with. It's as if you've been promoted to company president after years of hard work, only to find out that the guy your replacing has been promoted to C.E.O. and will have more power than ever.
  14. MDH257


    Is there a retailer exclusive bonus disc for Season 4? Season 1 & 2 had a bonus disc at Best Buy. Season 3 was at Walmart. The Sunday ads for Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City didn't mention anything. I went to two different Walmarts looking for it and neither had it. They weren't sold out, it was as if it wasn't released yesterday. If there's no bonus disc, I'm leaning towards waiting until I get a BR player (which I can't get until I get an HD-TV).
  15. MDH257

    30 Rock

    The Origin of Tina's scar has been revealed Tina Fey's husband talks about her facial scar