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Joey Styles is at Taboo Tuesday

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I'd still take Heyman over Styles. Although I dont know if Heyman's awesomeness in 2001 was attributed to JR.


Thing is you're comparing a play by play guy to a colour guy.


Heyman and Styles would make a good pairing I'd imagine, but it shouldn't be a case of one or the other. Heyman was great with JR, Styles with JR would have bored me to tears personally. Doesn't mean Styles isn't good, just that him and JR wouldn't have worked. Imagine Tenay and Styles? Dullsville. Both good announcers, but with no colour guy they'd suck.


Except in the case of Styles, he could do color as well by himself.


Remember, for years he did ECW programming by himself.


He did, and personally I didn't enjoy it much. He had a lot to his game but was at his best with someone like Callis beside him.


And all that time he announced alone, they would often bring someone in to commentate on a match or two with him. That's when he was at his best. When they'd get someone like the Franchise to go sit next to him and give him that extra dimension he was missing.


I agree with that, but I'm just saying that, if need be, he can do whole shows by himself.


Interesting thought I had last night: Do you think in his wildest imagination back during his ECW days that Joey Styles ever thought he'd EVER be calling a Shawn Michaels match?

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Guest SavageRulz

Oh sure, I know he can do. No question, and to be fair him on his own is better than a lot of the two man b and c show combinations that the WWE have put out.


I doubt for a second Styles ever thought he'd be calling a Shawn Michaels match, ever.

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