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Guest Brian

UFC 56: Full Force

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Actually it was 55.


Don't interrupt my Pe de Pano hate with your damned facts!



Anyways, a couple of notable Pe de Pano stories:


- At a grappling tournament early last year, Pe de Pano was set to go against a random blue belt in a sort of "grapple with the stars" challenge. Basically, if the kid could last 8 minutes, he would win 3G's. During the course of the bout, PDP manhandled the poor kid, using a number of dirty tactics, including raking the seams of his gi across the kids face, crossfacing him repeatedly and choking the kid out after he already tapped to an RNC. The kid was left a bit bloody, with his face requiring some stitches.


- On the same weekend, during a bout with Jeff Monson, Pe de Pano was able to create something of a loophole in the rules. Prior to the tournament, all competitors were informed that can opener neck cranks from guard can be used only to open an opponent's closed guard, after which they must be released. Anyways, Monson eventually finds himself in PDP's closed guard and attempts a can opener. Instead of opening his guard however, PDP immediately taps, getting Monson DQ'ed and then begins celebrating like he just won the Superbowl (as he often does). However, the refs quickly realize what had happened, and attempted to have the match restarted. However, PDP would have none of it, and was able to kick and scream until the DQ win was left standing. Luckily for him though, rather than remain justifiably pissed off, Monson decided to roid rage and tackle the REF, showing what a POS he is himself and taking the focus off of PDP's shennanigans.


There are a number of other stories of PDP celebrating other shadily won bouts with much enthusiasm, a general disregard for fans (apparently he likes to flip off any crowd that doesn't take to him) and even a few stories of him showing little regard for anyone who's not a Brazilian (as in nationality wise) BJJ practitioners at events. Needless to say, I took much pleasure in his recent slide at grappling competition, including the calf cruncher Napao slapped on him at ADCC this year that left him limping off the mat and kept him from competing for 3rd or even 4th place in his division.

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Was the grapple with the stars thing essentially supposed to be just a way to get the kid 8 g's? Was the star in question supposed to go with the kid for eight minutes? That story is fucked up, while the other is just pussy-ish.


Which division did he lose in? Heavyweight or Absolute? Roger probably would have hurt him anyway. I wonder how Marcelo Garcia would be able to deal with the size advantage.


EDIT: I just realized he was hurt anyway. Well, Roger would have hurt him more.

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