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News story I'm doing....

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So I have to do an "In-Depth News Story" for a media class I'm in. My idea was to do it on OU students that are studying MMA.

But I have to do some online research and I was wondering if anybody knows of any stories of college students doing MMA or of a website where I can find out about the history of MMA and maybe some statsistics about who's doing what?

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Those top two suck, the third I've never heard of and it sounds like he's trying to advertise.


I don't know if such stats exist, there aren't many studies on the subject. Knucklepit.com is a pretty good site (search on google for it) lots of good fighter interviews and stuff, gives you a good idea of what fighters go through and the like.


I don't know about history, I've tried to find that myself sometimes, but it's not that hard to figure out, there are books on the subject if you're willing to read them (I heard some are more biased, like Brawl) but most here could just give you the history, like why the UFC was started, what happened to cause it to go through the dark years, what brought it back, what made it mainstream(or on the way). There was a really good Beyond The Glory on the subject that pretty much clarified all this. I'm sure you can find a d/l somewhere.

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Lots of articles on the growth of free fighting in Brazil and the history of BJJ.


http://www.judoinfo.org Has an article on judo vs BJJ/KImura vs Gracie floating around




A bit on the history of catch wrestling.



Shooto, the oldest Japanese MMA promotion going.




Wikipedia may be worth checking out to see what others have compiled in their analyses.


Also check out the documentaries Rites Of Passage, Choke and The Smashing Machine.


Sherdog forums doesn't suck. If we did, we wouldn't have the sponsors we do. It's the majority of the posters that drags down the standard these days. Bloodyknux and UpstandingFuckingCitizens are where most older Sherdoggers have went following the influx of TUF fans.

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