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King Cucaracha

PROMO: Educating Landon

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Back at the Cleveland training facility, we return to the ongoing Cucaracha Internacional soap opera where this week, Jay Hawke and JJ Johnson are undertaking the unenviable task of trying to teach their leader how to wrestle. Oh, the irony. Last we saw, Jay and JJ were running the rule over Landon's ring style. And his hair. Now though, things have picked up. With noticeably shorter, thinner and more fashionable, less floppy hair, Landon lays flat on his face in the ring erected in the training room. It might be more pleasurable too, if JJ Johnson didn't have him nearly locked in his trademark Sharpshooter. Maddix is already sweating bullets as from the outside, Hawke watches on, waiting for JJ to signal he's ready...before giving him the signal to sit down.









"C'MON LANDON, THINK!" shouts Jay from the sidelines, as JJ wrenches on the Sharpshooter some more.









Unorthodox, sure, but it worked. Rolling his eyes and groaning deeply, Hawke is disappointed to say the least. He and JJ had been going through ways to counter The Sharpshooter for the past 20 minutes, to no avail. And that's only submission one of...well, quite a damn few. Lost in his disappointment, Hawke forgets all about Landon for a few seconds, but suddenly the tapping and wailing brings him back to the real world.


"Okay JJ, break it."


JJ does and Landon finally has some relief. For now, at least. Rolling into the rock-hard ring, Hawke pulls himself and looks down on Maddix with that 'disappointed teacher' look.


"Maybe we should start with something simpler, hmm?"


"Sure...just give me a minute to re-attach my spinal cord."


"Let's try a heel hook, JJ..."


"A heel hook?" snaps Maddix, now seated. "From him!?! That's not simple, Jay, that's torture with permission!"


"Crossface hold?"


"Not in a million years."


"Okay, well how much simpler do you want?"


Landon shrugs. "How simple can you go?"


Turning to JJ, Hawke raises an eyebrow as JJ shrugs.


"Simple...okay, well, how about we start right at the bottom. JJ, give him a rear chinlock."


Withough a word, JJ brushes past Hawke, looking mightily offended. Leaving the ring, JJ then strides across the room and grabs himself a bottle of water. Landon and Hawke amuse themselves in the meantime, whistling and twiddling their thumbs, as eventually JJ walks back, finishing a swig of his water before climbing to the apron in front of Hawke.


"You're joking, right."


"Okay then, I'll do it." sighs Hawke, not quite so picky about restholds as JJ.



Stepping into the middle of the ring, Hawke calls Maddix over. To be honest, Landon seems to be milking the pain that he's in just a little too much as he hobbles over and sits down on request. As he does, Hawke kneels beside him...and quickly applies the chinlock. Looking a little taken aback at how much this well-applied chinlock is wrenching at his neck and jaw, Maddix flails as it's applied. But he soon gets control of himself and pushes himself up to his feet.


"Okay, good..." encourages Hawke, all the while wrenching on the hold. "Now what?"


"Good question."


"C'mon, this is simple."


"That's easy for you to say. You've got the easy job."


"Well, think about it...what's the natural counter?"






He had to ask.


Going rigid, Hawke releases the chinlock and collapses to the canvas, clutching his groin. Meanwhile, Maddix lowers his mule-kicking leg and turns around, to see Hawke crumpled on the mat, looking almost a little too pleased.


"How was that?"


For a moment, Hawke's words stick and choke at the back of his throat. But eventually, he manages to splutter out a couple of words.




"Great. Hey, let's all go out for burgers, huh? My treat."


Hawke groans from his fetal position, as Landon leaves the ring with a beaming smile on his face. He DID escape the chinlock, after all. Somehow, I don't think that was quite what Hawke was hoping for though.

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