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Top 100 WWF/E Matches 1986-2005

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Nice list, slabinskia. Of course there's gonna be disagreements from lots of people over match placings and omissions to the list. A couple of matches I've never seen, like the women's tag match, Savage vs Bret, and Steiners vs Money Inc.


A few possible omissions just from the top of my head:

- Edge vs Angle. They had a good PPV outing and some SD! ones IIRC.

- Guerrero vs Edge streetfight from SD! 2002. Any one on one match between these two for that matter.

- TLC II I found better than the WM2000 match, although I marked out like crazy for both.

- Guerrero vs Mysterio from SD! This was a WWE Title defense that Eddie wins with a crazy pinning combination.

- Shane vs Angle from KOTR. Terrific hardcore brawl.

- Lesnar vs Benoit from SD! 2003. This was december IIRC and their only Title match. Excellent.

- Royal Rumble match 2004. Benoit enters #1. Benoit wins. 'Nuff said.


Other than that it was a great list. I love to read about this kind of listings even if I might disagree with something. Like, I think HITC 1 deserves much higher ranking, etc. But I can't fault the match placement. Good work.


BTW, are you the same slabinskia that used to do all those comp tapes? I think I might have done business with you before.

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For the sake of food for thought, the best ten WWF matches I've seen:


1. Bret vs. Henning KOR 93 ****1/4

-Henning steals the show with his unique ability to give a reason behind all of his shortcuts. Great face in peril segment and a smart finish.


2. Hogan vs. Shultz 84 Clipped ****+

-Like Liger/Samurai 91 with Lariats,Legdrops instead of Powerbombs,Moonsaults and alot more blood. An exciting match that builds and builds the tention until it finally explodes with one of the best face payback runs ever.


3. Eddy vs. Bradshaw (sorry I don't have the date on me, the very bloody one)****1/4

-Eddy takes the WWF to Memphis.


4. Bret vs. Owen Wrestlemania X ****1/4

-Bret finally has someone that can do more than keep up with him. Owen's over the top performance steals the show.


5. Jericho vs. Rock No Mercy ****1/4

-Some of the best timing to take place in a WWF ring, great character work from both men as well. Nice touches like the Rock picking up the elbow pad to show his motivation for the table spot.


6. HBK vs. Angle Wrestlemania Whatever ****1/4

-HBK's most inspired performance, Angle doesn't understand his role but when has he ever?


7. Race vs. Hogan 86 Gardens ****-****1/4

-One of the rare payback matches where the heel has just as much to do as the face.


8. Adonis/Savage vs. Santana/Bruno Cage Gardens Clip ****+

-Adonis/Savage bumps, Bruno kicks ass and Santana bleeds everwhere. Nice.


9. HBK vs. Hall Wrestlemania X ****

-HBK makes sure this is more than just a spot fest. A good payback match that just happens to have ladder, Hall's kind of bland but what are you going to do?


10. Rock vs. Austin Wrestlemania 17 ****

-Sometimes loses focus but very few pull off dramatic finishes like Austin.

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I decided to bump this since I bumped the wcw thread. With more stuff being added on 24/7 and the dvd releases that have come out since I did this list, There is a decent amount of stuff I would change from the list I did. One different thing when comparing this with my wcw list is that most of the top matches in my wwe list would stay there and the changes would be in the bottom half. Anyone else have any opinions on this list three years later ? What would you add/drop ? Btw, there is no way I would be able to do a list from 89-08 because I haven't watched much modern wrestling at all post 2005. Oddly enough, I can still watch older wrestling no problem.

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I thought Hogan vs Savage from WM V should have been on there somewhere, and I'm not crazy about the ending from the Rock vs Austin match. I thought all those chairshots made Austin look weak, it would have been more effective if Mcmahon hit the Rock once, and that led to an Austin stunner and then a pin followed by Austin and McMahon embracing and then a post match beatdown of the Rock

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