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  1. slabinskia

    Breaking News: The Tombstone is up

    In all seriousness, what has happened to this website ? Why have all the members disappeared ? Is it just because of the state of wrestling ? Has everyone just moved on ?
  2. slabinskia

    Top 100 WWF/E Matches 1986-2005

    I decided to bump this since I bumped the wcw thread. With more stuff being added on 24/7 and the dvd releases that have come out since I did this list, There is a decent amount of stuff I would change from the list I did. One different thing when comparing this with my wcw list is that most of the top matches in my wwe list would stay there and the changes would be in the bottom half. Anyone else have any opinions on this list three years later ? What would you add/drop ? Btw, there is no way I would be able to do a list from 89-08 because I haven't watched much modern wrestling at all post 2005. Oddly enough, I can still watch older wrestling no problem.
  3. slabinskia

    Top 100 NWA/WCW Matches (1982-2001)

    I was going through the wcw threads over at smarkschoice and I thought I would revisit this thread I started. Looking back on it, there is a good amount I would change as some stuff doesn't hold up for me anymore while other matches were left off my list either because I didn't remember much about them or I forgot them completely. What does everyone else think of my list now compared to when it was done ?
  4. slabinskia

    Ridiculous old school rumors

    I am lifting this from the WCW facts and tidbits thread. I didn't get internet access until 2000. What were some of the rumors going around on the iwc during the monday night wars. An example I took from the wcw thread would be: Eric Bischoff saying on nitro he has a surprise that Vince Mcmahan can't do anything about and the iwc claiming Shane Mcmahan was secretly joining wcw as an advisor.
  5. slabinskia

    1994 WCW

    This thread is not intended to talk about how Hogan went to wcw and made the product worse. That has been done to death. When looking back at 1994 wcw I noticed how much better it was than the previous year. They had a lot of the same talent but ppvs and matches were greatly improved from 93 imo. Here are some bullet points to discuss. Dustin Rhodes vs The Stud Stable Terry Funk Returns Cactus Jack vs The Nasty Boys Steven Regal brings Larry Zbysko out of retirement Vader vs The Boss Flair plays the tweener role vs Ricky Steamboat Austins U.S. title feuds with Mero and Steamboat The Overall greatness that was Spring Stampede and Slamboree
  6. I started this topic because I figured there would be a lot of people who would buy this. I got mine today but I didn't start watching it yet. Discuss your thoughts on the Flair shoot here.
  7. slabinskia

    Stars from the 90's the faded too soon

    In regards to Mero, I always thought he got too many negative comments his way. When you look at his in ring work, I thought it was very solid. Some will say he was in there with good opponents in wcw but I thought he held his own and had good matches with Austin,Regal,Pilman,Anderson,etc. He also carried ddp and hhh when both were very green. I'll agree that he didn't find a good gimmick until 98 though.
  8. slabinskia

    Top 100 NWA/WCW Matches (1982-2001)

    I remember when I did these lists. Looking back on it, there isn't much I would change. There were several different eras in nwa/wcw so it all depends on what style you like the most. I always like the Crocket years the most so the matches with flair, the express teams, wargames were the matches I had at the top.
  9. slabinskia

    Question about TV matches

    I was wondering what they do with the events that are taped ahead of time in regards to editing in the tv commercials. For example, if there is a long match and they put in a 5 minute commercial break, do they edit out 5 minutes of the match or do they return where they left off before the break and pretend like 5 minutes has passed during the match ?
  10. slabinskia

    Lets Talk About...

    I thought I would stick with the wrestlemania theme. This remains the best top to bottom wrestlemania card imo. Does everyone else still hold this show in the same regard as they did 7 years ago ?
  11. slabinskia

    Compare 90s WWF to 00s WWE

    With this decade only having two years remaining, how do you think it compares to the wwf matches in the 90s ? I think most will be quick to say the 90s were better but if you take a closer look you might think otherwise. Take 5 of the top matches from both decades for example. 90s gave us: Bret/Austin wm13 Bret/Owen wm10 Shawn/Ramon wm10 Bret/Davey Boy ss92 Flair/Savage wm8 00s gave us: Austin/Rock wm17 HHH/Cactus rumble00 Angle/Benoit rumble03 Shawn/HHH/Benoit wm20 Austin/Angle ss01 Obviously the late 90s had the best angles with Austin/Mcmahan,DX,etc but if you just look at the in ring product, I think the 00s were very good overall. Thoughts ?
  12. slabinskia


    With the rumble coming up that means it's almost time for the road to wrestlemania to start. We all have our favorite wm matches like the original ladder match to bret/austin to savage/steamboat. We also have lesser moments that don't go talked about that make the ppv or match extra special. Name some of your favorite wrestlemania moments. Here are a few to start. Mean Gene anouncing the attendance record at wm3. The ref explaining the rules to both wrestlers before the ironman match started at wm12 Ultimate Warrior returning at wm8 The mini carts at wm3,6 Vince thanking the fans for there support at wm20
  13. slabinskia

    It's time for the fuckin' playoffs, ladies.

    Did someone say playoffs ?
  14. slabinskia

    Good parts of bad movies

    While I didn't like the movie, I always found this speech to be awesome.
  15. slabinskia

    Week 3 NFL and Indanap'iss Cotes

    Off topic but after seeing the Dennis Green commercial I pose this question. Which was the better post game tirade: Dennis Green's "Crown em" or Jim Mora's "Playoffs" ?