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    1 post of solitude.

    TSM would like to wish Leena the best in her future endeavors. Until she comes back next week.
  3. JHawk

    Tupac Shakur is ALIVE!

    Maybe he and Andy Kaufman can come to my birthday party!
  4. JHawk

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    Yeah, about that...um...
  5. JHawk

    100 Posts of Solitude

    And that is the most intelligent thing I've read since all the Mike/Leena/Maffs shit went down. I think I'm done with this thread.
  6. JHawk

    100 Posts of Solitude

    If I were an elitist dick I would basically ignore you thinking I was better than you. If I were an idiot, I probably would have done a little worse on my IQ test and on my SAT and ACT tests. So it doesn't bother me when you insult because I know you're wrong. See, point/counterpoint instead of flaming. They're trying to keep shitty posters out regardless of whether their opinions are similar or diverse or whatever. Flamebaiting and trolling are flaming and trolling regardless of what the opinions actually are. You know what one of the discussions is over there right now? Whether to let a poster in who has a record of flaming and trolling. They're not discussing whether they agree or disagree with that person's opinions because it doesn't matter what the opinions are. The discussion is to whether they're intentionally going to try to piss people off. But I suppose they're still being elitist dicks because they want to prevent somebody with a history of flamebaiting from flamebaiting people. The rest of this related to comments Xavier has made recently. Now this, I hate to admit, is true, and this is definitely a dick move. I have no support for this. And if he would have been man enough to flat out say this instead of doing things sneakily behind everybody's back, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. That's what pissed everybody off more than anything else. Mike was shady about it because he was upset his precious traffic dropped. Well, guess what. I was one of the top 20 posters yesterday with three whole posts. By being a sneaky fuck, Mike dropped his precious traffic even further. Two months ago three posts in a day wouldn't have sniffed the top 100, much less made the top 20. Battlenuts wants us to man up and call ourselves elitist dicks. I want Mike to man up and admit he was being a shady fuck. Sounds like we're both in for a long wait.
  7. JHawk

    100 Posts of Solitude

    So you're flaming me and trying to say flaming has nothing to do with anything. Nice. See, shit like this is why some people don't get approved for the other board. I'm on the other board. People disagree with me all the time and give actual arguments as to why their opinion is different from mine. I say "Why do the Yankees get all the baseball coverage and not the other 29 teams, I think that's bullshit." I'll list "This team has good young talent, this team is exciting to watch." The arguments I get are about how big their fanbase is or the TV ratings or the standings. Something reflecting that people have something to back up their general point. I don't get "You're an idiot, you retard, fuck off." You seem to think that unless you can say "You're an idiot, you retard, fuck off" then it's not a real message board or something. If you think I'm an elitist dick for preferring actual debates over flame wars, so be it. But then again, if I were an elitist dick, I wouldn't even bother to read this board, much less post on it and help improve Mike's precious traffic.
  8. JHawk

    The WWE Caption Game!

    "So help me God, if you get me moved to ECW I'll kill myself." Too soon?
  9. JHawk

    100 Posts of Solitude

    But everybody doesn't agree with each other. It's just that people over there realize flaming doesn't accomplish anything and therefore refrain from it for the most part. Hell, they disagree with me all the time, but they do it with counterpoints and logical arguments instead of flaming and personal insults.
  10. JHawk

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Actually, "the Maffs", as you put it, were upset that A:) They were never given the chance to match/beat Leena's offer and B:) Mike sold control of the board to the person who had done more to hurt the board (stealing passwords, hacking accounts, repeatedly coming back after repeatedly being banned -- sometimes after intentionally being banned, etc) as a way of trying to help the board. It also amazes me that people are bitching because they're trying to keep it a private board. Real life organizations are private. Moose lodges, Elks lodges, etc. I think it sucks they won't let you in, but calling them elitist because they won't do so is pushing it.
  11. JHawk

    100 Posts of Solitude

    First off, nice of you to wait until I hadn't posted on the board for three days to imply I can't read. Second, the mere fact that Leena still had the power to declassify said thread and failed to do so shows that either A) the situation is blown out of proportion (and based on what alkeiper has told me, that appears to be the case), or B) Leena knows she merely got a taste of her own medicine and therefore can't justify it.
  12. JHawk


    Oh yeah, that was Leena the Bitch. My bad.
  13. JHawk


    Weren't you a mod for six minutes the other day?
  14. JHawk


    Tele's best friend. Also has a sister named Cellular.
  15. JHawk

    I love SCSA

    And then he tries to fire everybody who can work! It's brilliant!