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Possibly one of the most entertaining convos ever...

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Criplercrosface9: http://churchsigngenerator.com/makesign1.p...na&line4=Thanks.

I tigris I: http://churchsigngenerator.com/makesign1.p...u&line3=&line4=

Criplercrosface9: Oh, fuck off :P

I tigris I: :-)

I tigris I: Momma Kaibatsu should join Asia Underground as Kobe's lover.

I tigris I: Ohmahgawd

Criplercrosface9: I swear to god, I'd eat you a live

I tigris I: I wasn't aware that you could eat someone "a live"

I tigris I: But it must be good if you're eating it for me.

Criplercrosface9: http://churchsigngenerator.com/makesign1.p...it.+Will+you%3F

I tigris I: http://churchsigngenerator.com/makesign1.p...his+homework%21

Criplercrosface9: Go die in a cock incident

I tigris I: But only once my Homework's finish, mkay?

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Meh, Cross isn't NEARLY as good as Ghost Machine was.




Did I just say that out loud?



Well even if you change your post now, I've just quoted you so it remains fixed for eternity. Barring admin intervention.

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