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The TSM Banned Posters List

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Since there have been complaints that the mod staff hasn't been that forthcoming with why certain posters have been banned, this thread seems like a good solution. Here's how it works:


1) When a poster is banned, the mod/admin that did the banning will make a post in this thread with the following information:



Poster name

A brief, valid explanation as to why the poster was banned


2) Only mods and admins will be allowed to post in this thread. Any other posts will be deleted.


3) If you have any VALID questions about a banning, do NOT create a thread in Site Feedback about it. Instead, send a PM to the mod that did the banning, but do NOT do this just to bitch and moan.


That's pretty much it. Hopefully this helps any communication problems that may happen in the future.

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This is a good quote, though


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