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SWF State of the Union 2006

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I hesitate on the one-man tag team issue because there are certain challenges that a team faces. Not just scheduling and who writes what, but the actual blending of styles, meshing of characters, and becoming a cohesive writing unit. Succesfully overcoming these challenges is a sign of a good team, and part of what makes them worthy of the tag team titles.


A single person writing as a team bypasses pretty much all of those challenges.


I'm not saying NO, NEVER EVER - I'd just like to keep that as a last resort.

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I'd be interested in trying this out, maybe. I think that allowing someone to be on multiple 'rosters' would help. And besides, the kids love those House Rules matches.





1. Should we lower word limits?


Hmm. I say no, because I rarely have to trim down my matches, and writing a good chunk under the limit hasn't really been that bad, at least for me. So, yeah. Pantsery.


2. For anyone not having fun - why the hell aren't you? What can we do to make this fun again?


Here are a few things that I think would help increase funosity:


I. Don't feel the need to make sure every single person is booked in a match for a show. There have been a few matches I've no-showed basically because the booker flat out said "Well, you two are fighting because, because." In a few PPVs, the unbooked riff-raff get put in a multi-person match, with a #1 contendership for a title on the line, and I think that's good. Otherwise, I don't see a crime in leaving someone off a show every once in a while.


II. I would like to see a lower midcard-ish belt that's specifically instated for wacky stips. I don't consider the HCG belt for this spot, as a Mall Brawl and Damnation in a Box aren't quite the same. Wacky stips help the fun.

IIb. Guest-booker cards could help this out, especially if the guest-booker hasn't paid attention in months, and doesn't care (Read: Thoth). Wacky to the maxy.


III. This perhaps isn't quite in the "make more funz" area, but it's something I've been thinking about. To me (And, it's probably due to my flaws as a writer), but charisma seems kind of useless, in terms of writing a match. If you've got a higher strength stat, you can smash the other guy's face. Faster, and you can flip and flop and whatnot. More vitalized, and you can say "Pfft. That TOW missile barely hurt my face, which is currently in chunks". But, to me, being more charismatic doesn't help. "I can't punch his face, he's too charming." Of course, someone will probably say "Well, the fans would be more behind a more charismatic person, and then he/she would draw on that", to which I say "Pfft." I think I've lost my point/train of thought, but, uh, yeah. We need more manatees as US senators.


ISSUE THREE: d00d, u r such a n00b


We needs us some fresh meat. Sooner would be better than later. X-Net fell through, partially because SWF CC is lazy (present company included), and partially because X-Net wasn't all that great to us anyway.


So what else can we try?


I kind of suggested to Raynz0r that we should try and make our own inter-fed thing, but, we're a lazy bunch. I also mentioned that we could invade the Oat Toast and yoink the semi-talented writers, but, I mean, it's the Oat Toast. Also, I'm inclined to say we try and wait things out a bit, as not only is summer approaching, but, shit, there have been scares of limited rosters since forever just about, and yet, we keep on trucking along. So long as Jayson Grant's pact with Satan (The hockey goalie) remains, we should be fine.



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Regarding the Charisma thing, I kind of agree. I mean, no-one's ever gone "hey, you can't write a promo that good! Your charisma isn't high enough!"


Put simply, I couldn't have written Toxxic no-selling someone's finisher, because his Vitality was nowhere near high enough. On the other hand, Kibagami could give Silent Charisma 1, and still write a fucking awesome promo if he so chose.


And it's not like anyone pays any attention to it in terms of match-writing. For example, Danny Williams had Charisma 1 in his last run, but during our World Tour he still put himself over as the biggest thing in Asia since Hansen and Misawa all rolled into one, with the crowd SOLIDLY behind him. Granted, he didn't have Danny speak much, but the crowd was behind him nonetheless. And if Danny Williams doesn't think something is worth paying attention to when writing a match, then why the hell should anyone else?


However, since Drea came up with the first stat template, I believe the blame for this can be laid at her feet. Or fingertips, maybe.

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