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Guest Aecas

An update on Janus.

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Guest Aecas

I recently had the chance to speak with him and he asked me to post up the reason for his sudden and prolonged absence.


On Saturday his sixteen year old sister ran away from home, it was folllowing an argument with their parents that she stay home instead of taking a weekly trip to Sydney because they were going on a brief trip themselves. They wanted her to be at home in the instance that something went wrong and they would not be available.


An argument ensued and the next morning the parents realised that she had gone, there was a hell of a lot of panic as you might assume. It sems that she has somehow made a 2.5+ hour drive to a nearby town and is staying with friends. They have assured the parents that she is alright and in good health but as of yet she has not contacted them herself. As I am sure you can all imagine this is a very trying time for the whole family. Janus will come back in his own due time but right now he doesn't need the pressure or stress of the fed, for obvious reasons.

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