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    SWF Storm Card

    Hey, all. Thanks to a VERY hectic work schedule and a bit of confusion over the date of the show, I will be no-showing this Storm, and want to apologize profusely, to everyone, especially my opponent, Blue Leaf. Unless I can get my match in not tonight, but tomorrow, it would just not be satisfactory. Please don't take this as a sign of what my habits will be, as I fully intend on writing for all my matches, and I hope this is a one-time occurence. That said, Blue Leaf, if you got a match in, congrats, you deserve the win, and if the show is up for tomorrow, I'll definitely read your match with great interest and try to give you some feedback. Sorry again, all.
  2. Drew_K

    Storming comment-types!

    Technically, when played by anyone else, it is a cover of the original, I just said Red Hot Chili Peppers for carny emphasis. Actually, funn story, when I first debuted in the SJL, being a huge RHCP fan, I wanted to use 'Rollercoaster' as my theme music, and was then told I'd inadvertantly picked the theme song of the greatest stable in WF history. To that end, I have used 'Secret Agent Man', in various forms, the RHCP song 'Can't Stop', and now, David Bowie's 'I'm Afraid of Americans' as theme music. Although there's a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that someone else used to use the Bowie tune back when I used to wrestle, I just can't remember who it might be.
  3. Drew_K


    Wrestlers Name: 'C.I.A.', Canadian Intelligence Agent Height: 6'4 Weight: 225 Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Age: 29 Face/Heel: MEGA-Face Stable: Midnight Carnival (Leader, for a short time, of the 'International Carnival', and technically, still has rights to the Carnival name.) Ring Escort: National Pride Weapon(s): Hockey Stick, Curling stone, Briefcase full of Canadian Tire money (The hockey stick was sharp bladed metal wrapped in barbed wire during C.I.A.'s hardcore run.) Quote: Lots. He likes to do rhymed verse for his ring intros (More spoken word than poem, mind you), and has a history of talking about as big a game as anyone. Nevertheless, he is very good on the mic, and will generally win over the crowd. Also, instead of saying 'Oh, god', 'Oh, my', or anything similar, he will ALWAYS say 'Oh, Canada' with the proper emphasis for the situation. Looks: 6 foot 4 inches tall, mostly wiry muscle, like Rey Mysterio or other cruiserwights. C.I.A. comes to the ring wearing black ring pants, with 'C.I.A.' emblazoned down the side of both legs ('Property of the Midnight Carnival' stamped on the ass), as well as one of his many gimmicky t-shirts, and don't worry, he's always coming up with new ones. On return, he should be wearing a shirt that depicts his fall from the Smarkstron in his Hardcore title winning match, overlaid with the word 'OH!' in the style of the old batman tv series 'boffo!'s. On the back is a picture of CIA giving a goofy thumbs up, and the word 'CANADA!'. He dons a mask as well, a red maple leaf wrapping around the front of his face, hiding his identity, but allowing his shoulder length blond hair and now mildly rough and tumble facial hair to be seen. Finally, C.I.A can often be seen wearing a leather jacket, ordinary in all respects except for the fact that from the underside of each arm a Canadian flag dangles, top of the maple leaf pointing away from his body, fabric coming down just below his waist even with arms extended out to either side, giving him the appearance of rather stringently canadian 'wings'. This last item, however, he will take off before entering the ring. Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena start to flash like mad as a familiar riff strikes up, signalling the opening tones of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Love Rollercoaster'. Just after the words 'Say What!?!' are heard, there is the sound of a needle scratching along a record, and David Bowie's 'I'm afraid of Americans' kicks in, as C.I.A. rises out of the floor (ala Rey Mysterio, without the jump), arms extended out to either side, and the lights in the arena drop to nothing, red fireworks flaring up behind him in a shape very reminiscent to a maple leaf. C.I.A. will then begin marching down to the ring, and will ALWAYS have a microphone handy to do a long intro spiel (It's his big thing, after all). Be creative, (Or, if you're stuck, ask me, and I'll be happy to help, even for your match. Or just don't do it if you feel it's better, I'll live). But remember, he likes to rhyme, he is able to put down his opponents in a wry, funny way without really belittling their skills. Finally, C.I.A. will enter the ring, mounting all four corners with arms out to his sides before removing his jacket and throwing it to the ring attendants. Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 4 Strong enough to do most moves that aren't big power, but not exceptionally strong in any way. Speed: 3 Can move around the ring, and has perfected the very few high flying moves he knows. No tope suicida's from C.I.A. Vitality: 6 C.I.A. will get hurt by big shots. BADLY hurt. He's not the kind of monster who can shrug off chairshots. Nevertheless, C.I.A.'s matches back in the day often had him absorbing tremendous amounts of punishment and still fighting on. Think of this as more of a 'Will to win' than anything else. It's not hard to drop C.I.A., but it is VERY difficult to pin him or keep him down. Charisma: 7 He's a madman, but he's good at it. Though clearly just a bit loopy, C.I.A. is dedicated, willing to go to almost any lengths to suceed, and able to make just about any crowd rally behind his madcap antics. Style: Crowd Pleaser/North American Middleweight. What should I put to help you out here? Somewhere between Davey Boy Smith, back when he was tagging with Dynamite, and Chris Kanyon. But feel free to adapt the style slightly if it helps out your match. I'm willing to take criticism, and would prefer you write the best match possible before getting your characterization of my character JUST right. Signature moves: Half Nelson Suplex - C.I.A. Will use this maneuver to set up his 'Air Canada' finisher. Dragon Sleeper - C.I.A. Will try to lock this in after a few minutes spent wearing his foe down, stretching the neck and back in preperation for his later moves. Heavy Dropkick - One of C.I.A.'s longtime standby moves, this gets used in almost every match. It doesn't matter if he's using it to take your legs out from under you, or tear your head clean off, but the basics are that he throws his dropkick with as much power as he can muster, and aims his feet about a foot behind his target by the time he's done. Never the prettiest move, but always painful. Bionic Elbow - Running at his opponent, C.I.A. will often use the Bionic Elbow as a substitute for the more common clothesline. Roaring Elbow - Setting up the powerful elbow to the face with two swift strikes to the cheek or jaw area, C.I.A. Will often use this maneuver out of a lockup, or to break a front hold. Release Belly to Back Suplex - C.I.A. will snap this on quickly, and execute crisply, if he should ever find himself behind his opponent, and not running. Common moves: Knee to the Midsection DDT Hard Corner Whip Clothesline/Shoulderblock Powerslam Bulldog Sunset Flip Stepping Palm Blow Thrust Kick Backdrop Low Dropkick Spinning heel kick Second Rope Double Axehandle Abdominal Stretch Spinning Gutbuster Crucifix Pin Bodyslam Rare moves: Pumphandle Slam - C.I.A. Will only use this move against a smaller opponent, to take advantage of his size. Running Powerbomb - Out of desperation, C.I.A. MAY use this move to counter an opponent, pulling them forth off the top rope. Even then, he'll usually use something else instead. Will occasionally set this move up, if he needs to take the energy out of a large, or physically dominant opponent. Finishers: Air Canada-Beginning as a moonsault, C.I.A. performs a quarter twist in mid flight, landing on his opponent with a Macho Man Elbow. One of the very few high flying moves the Canadian ever uses, but to compensate, he executes it almost perfectly. (This is the big finisher, folks. I'd prefer less kickouts from successful Air Canada's, if any at all.) Via Rail - A downward spiral (Or 'Stroke'), this move could be on tap almost anytime in a match, and C.I.A. will use all his strength and weight to power the maneuver, only using it if he feels he needs lots of damage, quick. This move won't always close out a match, but it certainly is capable of doing so. (Especially when he does it onto a chair or other object. Bio: C.I.A. is a lovable kook who achieved his greatest fame in the SJL. Showing some technical skill, and a lot of heart, C.I.A. nevertheless wowed the crowds with his micwork and quickly secured himself a spot as a top face in the SJL. Though he never held a title in his early days, he was a perennial contender, and many expected big things from him. Those hopes were realized when C.I.A. had his greatest fued, with Mak Francis over the SJL world title, which the two of them battled vicously for. (They were archenemies for some time, but became good friends and even tag team partners later, so for Commentary purposes, Mak will be a big C.I.A. booster.) Shortly after winning the SJL world title, both Mak and C.I.A. were bumped up to the SWF, where Francis won the initial grudge match between the two, before both branched off seperate ways. Again, C.I.A. found himself regularly in contendership for titles, though he never seemed to win them, and to the fans, it never seemed to matter. Finally, C.I.A. turned hardcore for a brief stint, winning the title in a brutal matchup. During this time, C.I.A. also gained the use of the 'Midnight Carnival' stable name, and used it to form his 'International Carnival', with members from many different countries, including El Luchador Magnifico. This was also short lived, and C.I.A. soon disappeared. It's been many years, and C.I.A. has returned to the SWF. Who knows how much success he'll have, but it sure will be a whole lot of fun, eh?
  4. Congrats on having a birthdate within one month of mine down to the year, Flesh-man.
  5. Drew_K

    State of the SWF, 2007

    Howdy all. Guess who? Yeah, you know who it is. First, since I don't want to post in two places, I want to say I was honored when I checked the Birthdays thread and saw people were remembering me. Second, and more importantly, shit. This sucks big-time. As one of the only members of the fed to work in the world of real live wrestling, at least a little bit, I know it takes an army to do anything in the wrestling world. Truth is, at the moment, I'm kinda in a state of shock about the Benoit thing (God hopes it isn't what they're saying right now.), but I see this, and I look at my life, which includes a job, no school, and not nearly as much writing as I should be doing, I want to ask, is the fed still looking at October as the end, or trying to go on? Because if either of those things are true, then I want to try to get back in. If I can be there to send this place out with a bang, I want to be there. If I can just see some of my old friends for a while, then that's awesome too. If I end up no-showing after two weeks, well, it'll be a shame, but at least I will have tried to come back and do things the right way. For some reason that seems important to me somehow.
  6. Drew_K

    Thoth Report

    I brought the quality of the show up? Thanks! As for that cruiserweight division thing, yes, I'm aware, but I assure yo, if I were in proper shape (Muscle wise), there's no way my frame would hold less than about 240. So I'm not stupid, I'm just lazy.
  7. Drew_K

    An update on Janus.

    And ditto the third.
  8. Drew_K

    SWF Storm Card - 6-30-2006

    Hmmmm... we'll see.
  9. I just want to know where they are. Little help? Anyone? ]
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    SWF Storm Comments

    I am teh roxxor~!
  11. Drew_K

    WWE Confidential for 1.24.04

    That Rumble segment was just taken from last year's pre-Rumble show with an updated match graphic.
  12. Drew_K

    Character developing survey...

    What is your real name? Oooh, there's a good question, since even my fake real name is rarely, if ever uttered. All the guys backstage know me as CIA, unless we're real close, but the real name is Andrew Kincade. I don't suppose it'll ever mean much, really. Where do you live? Most of the year? Motel 6, doing indy shows and the occasional SWF dark match. I still don't spring for the expensive hotels. Officially, title deed and all, I live in my real, non-kayfabed hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Good city for a wrestling fan, with Toronto, Detroit, and New York all fairly close for road trips. Plus, they say home is where the heart is, and I love the hell out of that place. What's your marital status and do you have kids? No way. Too young, too unattached, too... well, too unsociable. Hey, I put that mask on, and I'm everybody's best friend in the whole wide world, but the real me doesn't always jump into conversations. Besides, I'm younger than I even say, once again Kayfabing something as a wrestler to help my Character's story along. Considering I'm lying to make myself 24, that puts me at a pretty good success/age ratio. I hope to have kids, yeah, but there's time for everything. I gotta come back and win the world title first, right? Who's your best friend outside of kayfabe? Easy question. Everybody. Everybody cause the whole locker room has always been the absolute best group of guys (And gals, right Annie?) to work with in the whole world. If you want names, though, I'll give a couple. Eddie Mac ALWAYS helped me, from the moment I arrived. Z makes me remember just what it's like to be around a true blue Canadian, and he's an awesome guy. Flesher is, indeed, the man, and has been responsible not for coming up with my greatest moments on camera, cause the egotist in me still has to claim those for himself, but for getting me to really go all out with them, making them just right. Then there's... hell, too many to name. Give me a half hour, I'll cover everyone, but just one more. Mak Francis. He is my best friend in the world, there's noone I'd ever prefer to work a match with, and me and him just match so perfectly. Plus, I like to keep someone around who's just a LITTLE less of a wrestler than me, so I can feel god about my talent. (Just kidding, Mak!) Who's your favourite WWE Wrestler? Foley. Mick Foley. I mean, the Hart Brothers, Michaels, Jericho, Benoit, Flair, these guys RULE that ring, Undertaker, Triple H, Stone Cold, those guys made the characters, and the memories, that we will never forget. But Noone gave like Foley, noone made people feel joy like Foley, and let's face it, Foley IS good. With two O's or one. I hope there'll be more like him, but I don't hope TOO much. He was definitely one of a kind, and an inspiration. If you mean Current only, thenI have to say Angle. No explanation necesarry. Who's you favourite other wrestler (US Indies or Japan)? Scott Levy (Raven), if you include former WWEers. If not, I'm gonna have to say Glenn Gilberti, or maybe Super Crazy. What can I say, I love wrestling when it's just that tiny bit over the top. Yeah, talent's good, but you gotta be able to make the fans feel it, and even if they hate you, help them have a good time. THat's what we're here for. What's your favourite match to watch? Mak Francis v. Thor v. CIA, steel cage, SJL world title. Nah, I'm just kidding. That may be my favorite match with ME in it, but my favorit ematch of all time to watch would have to be... either the previously mentioned Benoit Jericho ladder match, Foley vs Triple H, hell in a cell, or whatever the main event of the newest show is. There's matches that have inspired me, deeply, and will always resonate in my mind, but there's nothing quite as entertaining as brand new wrestling action, two, or three, or four guys going at it in a match that is RIGHT NOW, and will never be reproduced quite the same way. Respect the things that entertained you, and use that to entertain everyone else, I say. Who's your favourite Band or singer? Oooh, boy. Name a Canadian band, and get called a country whore, or name an american one, and get called a deserter? Well, it doesn't matter, anyway, cause it's a perfectly even toss up between the Red Hot Chil Peppers and Barenaked Ladies. There've been bands that have produced single songs I love more, but never groups that have made better histories of music. To me, at least. What's your favourite album? I was never a big music listener, and a lot of my stuff is single songs off the radio, an old tape, whatever. I'm gonna say Stunt by BNL, but man, there's a million I'm sure I'd say just as much about if I knew the NAMES of the albums. What's your favourite song? This one changes daily. Longest hanger on and most frequent returnee to this category has got to be Love Rollercoaster (Seriously.) But I'm officially, fo rnow at least, going to say steppin' thru by the Swollen Members. Who I would gladly use for theme music if they didn't insist on saying their band's name a hundred times per song. What's your favourite film? In what Genre? Okay, single pick, that's all I get? Fine. Wayne's World. Defining movie of a generation of ideas. More importantly, of MY generation's ideas. Which sporting teams/franchises do you support? Well, for Hockey, I support the Wings, just across the river, the leafs, and the Canadian Olympic Hockey teams. Both of. And hey, as for other sports, sorry, I may like you, but you ain't hockey. What sports do you play? Stereotypically, I play hockey, as a defensemen, and sometimes enforcer, Curling (Yeah, I know.), the occasional game of basketball or football, and any game originally intended for a playground during recess. With kids, it makes them happy. With adults, it reminds us of things we forgot, and makes us wonder why we forgot them. And finally... if you weren't a wrestler what WOULD you be? Bored out of my mind.