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SWF STORM, MARCH 21, 2007!

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SWF Storm opens up without the usual display of pyrotechnics and hoopla. Instead, the Eden Park arena in Auckland, New Zealand, has most of the in-house lights turned off, the ring covered in shadows due to the contrast in the bleachers from the bright stadium lights. A ring sits, center pitch, but what is more interesting is the 12 foot steel ladder inside of said squared circle and the man who sits atop it. A lone spotlight shines down on the current reigning and defending SWF World Champion, Gabriel Drake, who has a microphone in hand, the title around his waist and an eerie grin on his face.


“I could start by saying that this is not personal, but you’d know that was a lie.” Gabe begins, speaking very deliberately in a chillingly cold voice. “I tried to stay detached in the beginning because you were a means to an end, but things didn’t quite go the way I planned. You had to win the Clusterfuck and become the number one contender to my belt.” Drake pauses considering his next words carefully. “I tried, oh how I tried to not be so vindictive, but it’s who I am. It’s what I do. I’m a bad person and you forced me into making this situation what it has become.”


“Do you know what the hell happened between Drake and Maddix, King?” Mak Francis can be heard asking in the background. “I heard a rumor that Landon was in hysterics after our last show, but nobody could confirm anything.”


“Damned if I know, but if that pompous prick Maddix finally showed some emotion it must be something good.”


The crowd, who has been pretty quiet due to the odd set-up of this interview segment and its unannounced nature have finally caught up and begin to voice their collective displeasure…








King just rolls his eyes, as Drake lets the chant slowly die. “…That’s rich coming from a British prison colony!”


“That’s Australia not New Zealand, you-”


“-Well, the countries favorite team is called the ‘All Blacks’ for Christs sake. Anyone could make that mistake, Francis?”


Mak gives his partner an adequate glare as Drake continues. “Did you think that I could let you get away with it? That I’d sit idly by—shrug it all off as nothing personal and just let you try to take MY BELT you sunnuva-bitch!” Gabe barks gaining steam. “Not with you being the lone dark spot on an unrivaled rookie year! Not with your win over me taunting my very existence! Not with you being the cause of three… THREE, of my four losses in this federation!” The Beast practically screams, ticking off fingers for each sentence he started with ‘Not’. Taking a long shuddering breath, Drake closes his hazel eyes to recollect himself and then continues. “Not only are you the sole reason for me losing at the biggest show of my entire career, Genesis VII, but you screwed me out of both the Elimination Chamber and the Cold Front Classic Battle Royale, which I didn’t even need to win the World Championship by the way! Did you think I would forget about something like that?!”


“Landon, this is very personal.” Drake growls. “Real fuckin’ personal, in fact!”




The crowd attempts to get on the World Heavyweight Champion, but Gabe embraces the booing this time, opening his arms wide. “I’m going to let you booing fans in on a little secret—give you something to really boo about! Only a few people know, but last Storm, I tied up Megan Skye and stuffed her into the trunk of a car… I know, I know—a little over-the-top, right?”


The audience shuts up after that revelation…


“He’s not serious… right?” Mak asks quirking an eyebrow. “I mean, he can’t have actually tied Megan Skye up and locked her in a car trunk, right? That’d be kid-napping, wouldn’t it? He just admitted it to 34,000 witnesses?!”


“Wooh-boy!” King crows. “I knew it was big, but this takes the cake! And it’s not a crime until somebody files a complaint, Mak. Besides, I’m sure Peters covered this in her contract… if I remember correctly, SWF workers are not liable for abductions, assault and or battery in an SWF venue or else everybody would be suing each other all the time and we can’t have that!”


“You’re an idiot, Brian.”


“No, Joe Peters was an idiot and now he’s fired, but the contract is still valid.”


“…You might even say it was melodramatic, but I assure you my histrionics were for a good fuckin’ reason.” Gabe smiles, brushing the hair out of his eyes. “Do I have your undivided attention now? I bet you’re wondering why? Just like Maddix, who somewhere in the back is also wondering why I would feel the need to attack a defenseless woman?”


The Franchise looks at the man atop the ladder wide-eyed. “I know I am…”


“I went after Megan because, for starters, I’m a bastard. That’s probably not much of a reason to you guys, but it’s good enough for me!” Drake laughs coolly. “But the real reason, beyond the fact that she reminded me of my whore of an ex and beyond the fact that she just couldn’t take the easy way… is because of you Landon Maddix.


Francis can only shake his head, while King nods in approval. “Too right, Gabe, too right!”


“Around seven months ago, I assaulted you—dragged your sorry, pathetic, bloody and broken carcass down to the ring a week before Genesis and what happened?” Drake stops, but gets tired of waiting for the crowd to shut up and shouts over them. “Nothing! Yeah that’s right, nothing!”


“Seven months ago?!” Francis says incredulous. “I’ve heard Steph-Toxx… whatever his name really is now, say on numerous occasions that Drake holds a grudge, but I didn’t think—this is ridiculous.”


“The name has always been, Toxxic… it never changed, Mak.”


“I expected you to be off your game and have revenge on your mind, Maddix, but nothing could be further from the truth. No, at Genesis you ran the first and every other subsequent chance you got… and the reason for that was Megan Skye.” The Beast stares at the hard camera while saying her name. “I bet she ‘helped’ you come up with the whole Ladder match idea, too? Megs is so calm, cool and collected behind the scenes formulating these inventive little plans, but literally when push comes to shove, she chokes… under a little pressure.” Drake adds, using Landon’s nickname with a sly grin. “I guarantee that Megs is so scared now that she won’t be here tonight or at From the Fire.”


The SWF fans react according to that bit of news:










Gabe doesn’t let this faze him, instead standing stoic atop the ladder. “I had to take her out Landon, because we’ll never get to meet man to man with Megan in your ear. Women always seem to think their plan is this best but I blame you for listening to her! None of this would have ever happened if you just ignored the bitch and went with what you know in your gut is right.”


“I-I don’t know what to say about this, Brian.” Mak says bewildered. “Gabriel Drake has officially gone off the deep end…”


“If the tin man just showed some heart then none if this would have happened.” Francis rolls his eyes at that one so King rebuts. “I’d call him the cowardly lion, but the pun works better because you don’t see Landon go anywhere without his can of PepsiMAX.”




“It’s all on your head. It’s all your own doing. Now, your precious Megs isn’t here, you can’t trust your partner, Mike and you’ve alienated everyone else in the back by being associated with him. I warned you about what was coming and now you’re finally all on your own.” Drake says with a grand flourish. “Give the crowd what they want! Give the people what they want! Give yourself what you want! Tonight, you can finally man up and make a choice for yourself… so Landon, what’s the plan? What’s the motherfuckin’ plahaaaaaa-”


Suddenly, before most of the audience can react, Landon Maddix hops the guardrail behind Gabriel Drake and slides into the ring! Swiftly lifting the bottom rung of the ladder off the ground, Maddix dumps the Beast from his perch, cutting him off mid-sentence!!




An excited bellow comes forth from the crowd, as Drake hurtles towards the canvas, landing throat-first across the top rope!!


“IT’S LANDON MADDIX!” Mak bellows. “And he’s here to kick Gabriel Drake’s ass!”


Gabe gags, snapping backwards and holding his throat as Maddix rushes up to him with fire in his eyes! Spinning Drake around and grabbing him by the back of the head, Maddix fires away, throwing wild haymakers that rock the Beast!!












“He’s lost his mind, Mak!” King cries out in shock. “All this over some girl? She must give ridiculously good head!”


Tumbling back into the corner, Drake attempts to cover up and is only able to partially deflect a few stinging blows, most of them get through!! Holding on to the top rope, Landon starts kicking away at Gabe’s breadbasket-












-and then once he slumps to the ground, Landon continues to stomp away…







…walking the mud-hole dry!!


Standing over the larger man, Maddix grabs him by the cheeks and points a finger in his face, clearly berating the champion, but so low that the ring mics can’t pick it up! Then-





“DAMN!” The Franchise hollers, as Landon lashes out with an open hand right! “He just slapped the taste out of his mouth!”


All fired up, Maddix walks back towards the ropes and pushes up the hinges on the ladder Drake was previously sitting on! Pulling the now folded metal ladder away from the ropes, Landon situates it on his arm like a battering ram! Gabe sits in the corner, trying to shake the cobwebs out, as Maddix lowers the weapon down to the height of his face…






…but misses, the metal ladder striking the steel ring post behind the turnbuckle pads! Dropping the ladder immediately, Landon flexes his arm, trying to get the feeling back in his limb! Meanwhile, having slide to the outside to avoid a dented face, the World Heavyweight Champion unlatches the title belt from around his waist! Diving back inside the ring behind Maddix, Drake measures the challenger to said title and waits for him to turn-




-then rushes forward, blasting him in the face with the most prestigious belt in the game, the SWF World Championship!


“Maddix finally decided to man-up and he couldn’t finish the job, but I guarantee that Gabe will!”


Dragging the dropped ladder from the corner, the Beast folds up the weapon and proceeds to heft it onto his shoulder! Maddix slowly rises to his feet, trying to regain his bearing as he turns around-




-right into another shot to the head, this time from the ladder!!




Dropping the ladder to the mat, Gabe notices Senior Referee Matthew Kivell and a few others along with Road Agents, William Heartford and Chris Belcourt file out of the back, probably realizing that things are getting out of hand. Lowly junior referee Billy Choida is the first to enter the ring and the first to exit after Drake ‘assists’ him through the ropes! Ced Ordonez’s slide into the squared circle is met with an overhand right than sends him tumbling back out the way he came… and the others heed the warning, stopping in their tracks!!






“Drake must really not like Ced… that’s the third time he manhandled the part-time ref!”


“The guy dances on a square pad to Japanese music… what’s to like?”






Drake stalks around the ring, encouraging the booing and cutting off any attempts by the authorities to get Maddix out of the ring! Repositioning the ladder with a deft kick and grabbing the downed challenger from the mat, Drake directs Landon’s head in between his legs into a standing head-scissors! Gabe points down towards the middle of the ring where the steel structure is situated and then placing his fingers in the devil horns, the World Champ drags his hand across his neck!


“The last time he did this Alan Clark didn’t have such a happy magical day, Mak!” King crows. “The tin man is about to get reacquainted with his cousin, Steel!”


Positioned over his opponent, Gabriel latches his hands together around Maddix’s waist, before he snatches Landon off the canvas and onto his shoulders! Turning slightly, Drake holds Maddix in place with his hands on his back and then jack-knifes’ the number one contender down…








…spread eagle across the ladder!!!!




“If this is a sign of things to come then From the Fire will be red hot!” The Franchise calls, as the Beast falls back into the ropes, still holding his stinging jaw from the assault! The referees on Heartford’s orders start to climb onto the apron and then slide back into the ring to protect Maddix as a chuckling Gabriel Drake picks his World Title up off the mat and rolls out of the ring, while the crowd rains down a torrent of jeers and the show goes to commercial break.






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From Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, it's the final show before SWF From The Fire 2007!


For matches without a listed marker, send to Ace309.


Matches are due Wednesday, March 21, at 10 PM.



The Galacticos © vs. Wild & Dangerous

5500 words

Send to Chirs3



Mirror Max vs. Craig McLennan

4000 words





Xero vs. Matt "Insert Gimmick Here" Myers

3500 words

Standard rules

Send to Justice


The Fabulous Jakey vs. "The Extreme Solution" Jonathan Clarke

3000 words

Standard rules



Asia Underground vs. Blood & THUNDER

~ For god's sake someone show. For god's sake.

4500 words

RULES: The first team to have both its members simultaneously set themselves on fire will be declared the winners. And then hopefully we'll be beyond this.

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By the magic of 'television' (c'mon, use your imaginations), we're transported back to the trainer's room now where the grimacing Landon Maddix is being attended to. His attempts to keep the trainer away from the source of his injury and for a fuss not to be made don't seem to be working too well, the persistant medical staff keen to make sure the number one contender is as healthy as possible with a Pay Per View to be sold and a main event to maintain. It's all relatively calm, until a commotion is heard outside and the door swings open, the spikey haired frame of Michael Stephens fighting his way into the room.


"I don't care if there's somebody in there already!" Stephens shouts back at the security trying to guard the room, shaking them off and managing to get inside. He takes one look at Landon, notices the treatment he's in need of and sighs. "What the HELL were you thinkin'!?"


"Excuse me?"


"Did I stutter? What the HELL were you thinkin'!?"


"What? No 'Oi, you alwight mate?', no 'how'z ya doin' geezer'?"


"First of all, I don't speak like that." Stephens scowls, before eyeing up the trainer. "So, what's the damage? He's gonna be okay for later, right?"


The trainer nods. "He won't be 100%, but there's nothing lasting."


Stephens breathes a clear sigh of relief, which soons turns back to a scowl in Landon's direction. Already laid up on the trainer's table, Landon clearly doesn't appreciate getting the evil eye on top of everything else.


"So? What were you thinkin'?"


"What do you mean what was I thinking?" Landon quickly snaps back. "I would have thought that was painfully obvious. The son of a bitch abducted Megan, she's so shaken up that I can't bring her to the show. Hell, I practically had to force her to stay overnight in hospital once I found her. She was shaking like a leaf. Nobody does that to Megan and gets away with it! Nobody!"


"Except me."


Now it's Landon's time to scowl. Gabriel's attack wasn't the first incident in Tokyo involving Megan being tied up and abducted. You don't need to remind Landon, the other was commited by the man standing in front of him, holding the other half of his World Tag Team Titles, back when Maddix and Toxxic were out to break each other's necks rather than watching each other's backs. It was incident the two had put to one side, or at least put to the back of their minds. That doesn't mean it's forgotten however.


"Hey, come to think of it, I wouldn't put it past the bastard to have stolen the idea from me." Stephens thinks aloud, with a lopsided grin.


"Look, if you're just here to throw around wisecracks..."


"I'm here trying to figure out if you've lost your bloody mind, actually! There I am, warming up for Wild and Dangerous tonight, trying to get myself up for it with all this rubbish with Danny bloody Williams and Flesher going on around me. And the next thing I know, there you are getting skewered like a kebab across a ladder courtesy of Gabe! What happened to going after the World Title not getting in the way of defending the Tag Titles? Or, does that not matter anymore?"


"You know damn well that this is different." Landon insists. "What would you do if someone did that to Amy?"


"You mean, like when you tried to break her neck?"


Landon scowls again. There's been WAY too much water passed under the Maddix/Stephens bridge to have a civilised conversation, without some sort of history cropping up.


"I mean if Gabe did it." Landon quickly retorts, trying to save his dying arguement.


"I'd do exactly what I did with you. I'd keep my head and do something constructive about it. What I wouldn't do is go running out to the ring like a headless chicken, fall right into his trap and get my arse handed to me. Especially if I had a Tag Title defence to deal with later on. I mean bloody hell Landon, did you not for one second think that that was exactly what Gabe was hoping you'd do? Did you think the ladder was just a cute little prop to put in the background while he cut a promo? Face it, he fed out the bait and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. And now, Wildchild is probably licking his lips somewhere, knowing he can run rings around you tonight. Even more-so than normal. Dangerous is probably licking his lips, thinking what kind of damage he can do to you. They're probably licking their lips, perhaps even each other's lips, thinking they've got me two on one now!"


"You wish."


"Listen, from now until From The Fire, you don't leave my side. Otherwise, you're gonna do something that we'll both regret."


"I don't need minding." despairs Landon, earning him a condescending look from Mike. "Don't give me that crap, if you're so concerned about me then where were you earlier?"


"I told you already, I was warming up for our match!" Stephens snaps back, biting his lip a little. He knows he probably shouldn't say the next bit. But, let's be honest, it's the perfect opportunity. "Besides... I thought you said that you and Gabe were... what was it again? Oh yeah, 'none of my business'."


Landon sighs a little. Those were his words alright. This 'history' thing is really becoming a bitch right about now.


"Well, guess what, you made it my business when you ran out there and almost cost us our Tag Team Titles before we even got the chance to walk out to whatever bollocks of a song comes out of that iPod this week." Stephens continues. "You're just lucky Gabe wanted something left of you to play with at From The Fire. But you've gotta forget about that now. Look, you're hurt and you don't want to be on a losing streak before you go up against Gabe - let's get out there and do this as quick as we can and this time don't complain about anything afterwards when we win."


"When we win?" smirks Landon, suddenly a little more at ease. Say what you will about Michael Stephens, he's certainly got a way with people. "You're an arrogant son of a bitch, you know that?"


"I learnt from the best." Stephens smirks back, as he re-opens the training room door. Before he can leave though, he can't resist poking his head back through the door, just as Landon stopped trying to mask the pain he's in. "You really should trust me more."


"Is that so?"


"Yeah it's so. You just wait. When tonight's over, it'll be just like with you and Gabe - another case of 'I told you so'."


Stephens flashes that trademark lopsided grin again as he slips his head back out of the door. But this time, there's no grin back. Landon looks at the space where his tag team partner was just a few seconds ago, those four words still ringing in the air, 'I told you so'. And as the trainer continues to do his work, Landon looks up at the ceiling with gritted teeth.


"He's got all the answers, hasn't he? I hate it when he's got all the answers."

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"We're here at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand tonight, and we're gonna kick things off tonight with a Reverse Inferno Match featuring Blood and THUNDER versus the Asia Underground!"


"So whoever wins… loses?"


"It's been a long time since we've seen this one although the Reverse Inferno/Semen Match is near and dear to all of our hearts, I'm sure."


"Consider that your shoutout, Bobby Riley, now good luck with your court case."


The lights cut out and Mastodon's "Blood and Thunder" hits, as flashing strobes pulse and spotlights dance wildly, while smoke billows out from the stage and the fans begin to boo. This brings in Johnson who throws aside the curtain, followed by MANSON behind, with the former in his black and yellow track jacket and the Bull in his full cloak, with just a glint of metal appearing from underneath his hood and the wicked baseball bat held over his shoulder.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a Reverse Inferno Match, in which the objective is to ignite yourselves in order to win the match. Introducing first, weighing in at a combined four hundred and fifty-eight pounds, the team of Blood and THUNDER… JJ JOOOHHHHHNNNSOOONNN AND MMMAAANNNNSOOONNN!"


The two menacing individuals approach the ring, with Johnson heading up the steps while MANSON slides into the ring. He stands as Johnson steps through and heads up the turnbuckle in the lower neutral corner, where he stretches his arms out to the side as the jeers from the crowd continue to rain down. Meanwhile Hardcastle convinces MANSON to discard the bat, dropping it to the outside, while "Blood and Thunder" fades.


"Two dangerous guys here, they'll give Kaibatsu and Cross a tough time in… attempting to light themselves on fire," muses Francis.


The house lights return to normalcy as "Protect Ya Neck" by Wu-Tang hits, the rap anthem firing up the crowd as Mr. Kobe parts the curtains and Cross with Kaibatsu step through.


"…their opponents, weighing in at a combined four hundred and thirty-two pounds and being accompanied by Mr. Kobe, the team of the Asia Underground… AKIRA KAAAAIBAAAATSU AND MICHAEL CRRRRROOOOSSSS!"


Michael Cross and Akira Kaibatsu approach, Mr. Kobe taking his place ringside, as the two slide underneath the ropes and stand…


"Cross and Kaibatsu got one over on Blood and THUNDER a short while back, but of course, they are the ones who took their tag titles and as a result, Cross and Kaibatsu split up for a time," Mak explains.


Johnson, standing alongside MANSON, stares at Cross and Kaibatsu from across the ring, and as he's about to charge, the Messiah puts out an arm in front of the Murder Machine, holding him back. He raises his free arm out in front and Cross and Kaibatsu's eyes open wide in fear. Mr. Kobe senses it, as well, as he tries to hurry his team out of the ring, but it's far too late, as MANSON snaps his fingers…




…and Kaibatsu and Cross ignite! MANSONOSITY!


"They've spontaneously combusted! Was that his doing!?"


"It's ALWAYS his doing! Praise be!"


However, Sexton Hardcastle doesn't know how to call it when MANSON makes the decision to for him. His head slowly turns toward Harcastle and as he stares back, tears welling up in his eyes and bottom lip quivering, he knows what to do…




"They win! They win!" shouts Hardcastle at Funyon and the nameless timekeeper, pointing toward Johnson and MANSON.


"Your winner by spontaneous combustion as a result of MANSONOSITY… J… J… JOHNSON AND MANSON!"


"WHAT?!" shouts Francis, as the crowd begins to unleash their hatred, directed at Johnson and MANSON as they exit the ring, walking past Cross and Kaibatsu as SWF staff attempt to extinguish their now charred husks.


"Well I wouldn't argue with MANSON. Hardcastle knows what's good for him," says King, as the victorious Blood and THUNDER disappear behind the curtain.

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“You know we can’t afford to let emotions dictate our actions tonight,” Johnny Dangerous says, as he places a bottle of hair get into his locker and then closes the door. Wildchild, in the middle of tapping his hand, stops and looks at his partner quizzically.


“You t’ink dat I don’t know how t’ keep my emotions under control? Come on, Johnny, have a little fait’.”


“I have all the faith in the world in you,” Dangerous coolly replies. “However, I saw what you were like during your match with Calvin Szechstein.”


“Which…if you remember correctly, I won!”


“You beat Calvin, yes, but we’re not facing Calvin tonight. We’re facing Landon Maddix…and Michael Stephens…again.”


Wildchild’s eyes narrow as his recent interactions with Michael Stephens come to mind. His silence is enough to tell Johnny that his emotions were already running strong. The Barracuda knew they would be which is why he decided to bring it up.


“Look,” Dangerous finally suggests. “I know how easy it’d be to just forget about everything else except for tearing into Stephens…after everything he’s done and all he certainly deserves everything he has coming to him! Believe me; my head is still sore after that chair shot – I know how easy it’d be to let emotions fuel the fight. However, if there is one thing you need to think about than remember just how long…how hard we’ve fought to have a shot at the Championship again.”


Wildchild doesn’t speak, only nodding as Dangerous continues.


“Our focus for tonight is winning our belts back and it’s going to take the both of us to do it,” Johnny says, pointing his finger back and forth between Wildchild and himself. “It’s going to take the two of us focusing on winning like we’ve done so many times before. We can’t let emotions ruin this chance and we can’t let ourselves get distracted.”


“You mean like you did in de Street Fight?”


“Exactly.” Johnny answers. He says nothing for a moment and neither does Wildchild, so the Barracuda continues with his train of thought. “If one of us goes down the other has to keep going…keep fighting…and don’t stop to check on the downed man. I trust you’ll get back into the action as soon as you can and I hope you’ll extend that same trust to me.”


“You know dat I will.”


“Good. Then it’s agreed upon,” Johnny says, sticking his hand out. Wildchild accepts the handshake…





As we


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“Well, up next, we have a wrestler making his debut here in the SWF,” Mak Francis explains to The Suicide King.

“In other words, a bathroom break,” The Suicide King reckons.

“Come on now,” Mak Francis reprimands.


At this point, the lights turn out before a pyro begins up the entrance ramp.


“I hate this part!” Suicide King yells before the pyro explodes into red. Music plays while Johnathan Clarke stands in the entrance way before making his way to the ring.


“Introducing first, from Newcastle on Tyne, England, weighing in at 256 pounds, “The Sure Thing” JONATHAN CLARKE!”


The Suicide King laments the absence of Daizee, while Mak explains that Johnathan Clarke (along with the audience) has no idea who his opponent is tonight.


“Johnathan Clarke sure looks ready!” Mak yells while Clarke jumps on the turnbuckle to acknowledge the crowd.


After a few seconds of silence, bouncy techno music plays as a red light fills the arena. Smoke starts at the ramp before the debuting wrestler makes his entrance.


“His opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 160 pounds, THE FABULOUS JAKEY!”’


Jakey appears in the entrance way and The Suicide King is laughing.


“He’s a buck fifty soaking wet!” The Suicide King laughs. “What, is Clarke gonna have an arm tied behind his back?”

“I wasn’t aware of such stipulations,” Mak says. In the ring, Clarke is trying not to smile but can’t help but think this is going to be easy. Jakey walks down the ramp with a confident manner, despite the fact that his opponent looks to be twice his size.


Jakey doesn’t show any signs of intimidation as he walks up the stairs and gets into the ring, then takes off his red trenchcoat and parks it in the corner. He smiles at the referee and stands in the other ring corner with his arms resting on the ropes, staring down Clarke. The referee admonishes Jakey and tells him to get in the middle of the ring, but Jakey stays in the corner with a smirk on his face. Clarke yells at the ref and tells him to “get his ass over here”, but the referee simply calls for the bell. Jakey doesn’t move right away. Clarke yells at Jakey, who says “wait a minute” and starts stretching in the corner. The fans start to boo.


“And Clarke has had enough!” Mak yells as Clarke runs to Jakey and grabs him by the head, getting a rise from the audience. “And this newcomer is in for a rude awakening here!”


Clarke clubs Jakey in the back a few times before standing him up and elbowing him in the face. Clarke violently whips Jakey across the ring into the other corner, throwing him into the buckle with such velocity that Jakey falls face-first upon impact.


“Clarke isn’t messing around here!” Mak yells.

“Don’t you think Clarke should be taking it easy?” Suicide King argues. “Absolutely no class!”


Clarke picks up Jakey from behind this time and sets him up for what appears to be a German suplex, but Jakey swiftly wraps himself around the bigger man and rolls him up for a very quick one-count.


“And Clarke quickly getting himself up!” Mak calls.


With both men up to their feet, Clarke takes a second to shake his head at the absurdity, but then is met with a slap to the face. “There’s some audacity right there!” Mak accuses.

Clarke gives Jakey a death stare before lunging at him. Expecting it, Jakey quickly dips out of the ring, leaving an agitated Clarke to slide out of the ring and give chase. Jakey gets back into the ring and when Clarke does the same, Jakey, on his feet and with a surprising force, stomps on Clarke’s back several times.


“Clarke fell for the oldest trick in the book!” Suicide King cries.


With Jakey behind him, Clarke gets to his feet, but Jakey surprises him with a bulldog. Jakey goes for the pin, but Clarke powers out at two, sending Jakey airborne before he crashes face-first on the mat. Clarke stands up with an anger that wasn’t there before and angrily stomps on Jakey, who gets to the ropes and slowly starts to rise. Wanting to put his opponent away, Clarke backs up, then charges to attempt a clothesline, but Jakey ducks and lowers the ropes, which sends Clarke over them. Jakey gestures to the crowd as he thinks he’s dumped the big man over, but Clarke has landed on the apron, and Jakey turns around to receive a vicious jawbreaker.


“Clarke taking back control of this match-up,” Mak says as Clarke gets back in the ring and hits a reverse Russian Leg Sweep. Clarke picks up Jakey again and hoists him up in the air for a beautiful stalling suplex.


“That’s just showing off!” Suicide King yells as Clarke keeps Jakey in the air.

“Look at the strength of Clarke!” Mak cries.


Jakey hits the mat with impact, and Clarke gets a dangerous look on his face. Johnathan picks up his opponent easily and sets him up over his head, with his stomach resting on Clarke’s shoulders like a Samoan drop.


“Oh no! Not the –“


Clarke releases Jakey’s legs, then swings him around and drops him on his head while he sits down violently.


“—Extreme Horror!”

“Clarke is so vicious! That poor kid just landed right on his head!”


Clarke pins Jakey somewhat arrogantly, with no hooking of the leg and with his elbow jamming into his face.






Jakey gets a shoulder up!


“That cover was a bit lax,” Mack admits.

“Arrogance will get you nowhere!” Suicide King cries.

“That means so little coming from you,” Mack notes.


Clarke picks up his opponent and elbows him in the face a few times, then throws him off the ropes. Jakey counters Clarke’s sideslam attempt into a headscissors takedown, and when Clarke gets back to his feet, Jakey gives him a violent and audible kick to the spine that brings the big man to his knees. Jakey follows up by sticking his knee into Clarke’s back and extending his arms backward into a surfboard. The referee asks Clarke if he’s gonna give and Clarke shakes his head, although he is wincing in pain. The crowd starts a clap in order to give Clarke his momentum back.


“The Extreme Solution feeding off the energy of this crowd!” Mak Francis cries. Panic grows on Jakey’s face as his bigger, stronger opponent, begins to regain his vertical base. Before Clarke can regroup, Jakey quickly adapts and lets go of the surfboard, but then puts on a full body sleeper!


“This kid’s like a leech!” Francis yells as Jakey applies all of his weight to the big man, who is standing but fading. Francis extends his arms as he tries to get to the ropes. When that fails, he attempts to literally shake his opponent off, but the guy won’t let go!”


“Jakey’s determined to bring this guy down!” Francis yells. Finally, Clarke bends forward, grunts, then violently thrusts his whole body backward to the mat, with all of his weight crashing down on Jakey. Both men lay on the mat in pain while the ref begins the count.










Jakey rolls over to his stomach, while Clarke begins to rise off the mat. Jakey uses the ropes to help himself up, grabbing his lower back in pain. Clarke, pissed off that a shrimp just got the best of him, charges at Jakey like a bull, clotheslining him over the top rope.


“Jakey almost beheaded by that clothesline!” Mack yells. Jakey, on the outside, still grabs his back as he gets up. Clarke stares him down while Jakey makes no effort to get back in the ring.


“ONE!” counts the official.


“Maybe Jakey’s gonna take his ball and go home!” Mack hypothesizes.




“His back and neck must be killing him!” The Suicide King offers.




Jakey, now in front of the announcer’s table, gets on the apron. Clarke clubs him in the neck, then hooks his arm and leg..


“Is Clarke gonna attempt to do a FISHERMANBUSTA from the apron?” Mack cries.

“It’s not like he’s bodyslamming Andre the Giant,” Suicide King snaps.

Clarke goes for it but Jakey hangs on, then knees Clarke in the face. After the second time, Clarke breaks the hold with his head exposed and hanging over the rope. Now separated from the opponent, Jakey takes a few steps to the side, then wickedly kicks Clarke in the face.

“What a kick!” cries Mack, and Clarke falls backwards to the mat. Jakey ascends to the top rope as Clarke staggers.

“What’s he gonna do here?” Mack asks before Jakey hits a –

“HIGH CROSS BODY!” cries Mack. “This could do it!”





“Clarke rolls through it!” Mack yells.!





And Jakey kicks out!”


Having regained the advantage, Clarke throws Jakey off the ropes, clotheslining him to the mat. Jakey gets up and Clarke launches him off the ropes again for a second clothesline. Clarke goes for Round Three, throwing the opponent of the ropes for the third time, but this time, he launches Jakey in the air with frightening elevation.


“What a back drop!” Francis cries. Jakey lands on the mat with a thud. Jakey is slow to get to his feet, and Clarke gets his game face on. “Clarke is ready to end this!”


Clarke hooks Jakey and takes a moment to let the crowd in on the moment. “HEADDROPPA!!” he yells, with the crowd yelling in unison.

“And with one arm Clarke has Jakey up!” Francis yells. Clarke nails the maneuver to the audience’s approval, with Jakey’s head being violently sent to the canvas.

“The headdroppa delivered with authority! The leg is hooked!”


Clarke hooks the leg this time and watches the ref intently as he counts:






-----------and Jakey still kicked out!”


Jakey kicks out at about two point seven five, and any sense of calm that Clarke had is now gone.

“Clarke wondering what else he has to do!”


Jakey slinks his way into the corner turnbuckle, using the ropes to help him stand. Clarke angrily kicks Jakey’s gut in the corner with an intensity that hasn’t been seen in the match until now. The referee begins to count the kicks only after a plethora of them have been delivered. He finally intervenes when Clarke stomps him after the ref has counted ten. Jakey coughs in the corner with a sickly sound.


“Look at this kid!” Suicide King cries. “Mak, isn’t this the part where you ask if there’s no order here? He’s nothing more than a bully!”

“I would say he’s trying to win the match,” Mak argues.


Clarke argues with the ref, who won’t hear any of it. The referee checks on Jakey who is now turned against the ropes with his back to Clarke. To get a clear answer, the referee has to position himself so that he can’t see Clarke. With the referee only having Jakey’s face in his line of vision, Clarke goes back to work and attempts a bridge of some sort, but Jakey sneakily kicks him in the groin.


“And a low blow! The ref didn’t see it!”


Jakey turns around and gets Clarke’s head in a front face lock, then launches himself off of the ropes and plants Clarke’s face into the ground to nail a Springboard DDT.


“Springboard DDT, after the undetected low blow!”


Jakey has the leg hooked and there’s life in Clarke as his legs are moving,








Grabbing his most injured spot, Clarke writhes on the mat while Jakey points to his temple doing a “Think about it” sort of gesture


“Here is your winner, The Fabulous Jakey!”


The referee raises Jakey’s arm and Jakey “coughs” again, thanks the referee in a brown-nosed fashion, then slides out of the ring and grabs his trenchcoat; Clarke is rather quickly up to his feet and mouths ‘THIS ISN’T OVER’


“Jakey perhaps taking advantage of a good-hearted referee, who was seeing if he could continue or not!” Mak is livid at the result.

“That’s how you do it! Let them underestimate you!” Suicide King approves.

“Well, certainly not the most honorable debut,” Mak says as Jakey walks up the ramp to a chorus of boss, “But at least as far as the recordbook goes, it’s a successful one.”


Jakey points at Clarke and smiles brazenly before disappearing to the gorilla position.

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"This Is Extreme" By Harry Slash and the Slashtones rocks the arena as Team EMF walks down the rampway. Rex leads the way, scanning the arena with a brooding stare. Beside him, Rad Hazard shines his EMF World Television Championship, showing off his gold to the fans in the aisle. Behind them is the tag team of Shigedy and Shwa, whom wave EMF flags as they smile and wave to the crowd.


While some fans whom know the EMF cheer, most have never seen them before and a low mumbling scours the crowd.


As Team EMF enter the ring, Rex grabs a microphone. As the music dies down, Rex addresses the crowd.


Rex : Ladies and Gentlemen. For those of you who do not know who we are, WE are Team E...M...F : The EXTREME MEASURES FEDERATION. The measuring stick of Wrestling!


A chorus of cheers and mostly boos fill the arena.


Rex : Now hold on. Allow us to fully introduce ourselves. We are the essence of the Extreme Measures Federation, coming from the four corners of our organization. First, to my right : The rookie, The young gun, The future, if you will : The EMF World Television Champion "The Truth" Rad Hazard!


Rad raises his belt proudly to another chorus of cheers and boos.


Rex : Behind me, the greatest international tag team in the world today. Coming all the way from Uzbekistan, the loveable cruiserweights Shigedy and Shwa, also known as "Wrestling Professionals For Tag Teams Wrestle"!


Shigedy and Shwa wave to the fans, yelling "I like you! Niiiice!" Before high-fiveing each other. "High Five! Yeees!"


The crowd eventually cheers for the overly excited team.


Rex now gives a dead stare at the camera, brooding with a sudden hint of rage in his voice.


Rex : And I represent the main eveners of the EMF. The elite of the Wrestling world. I am the leader of Team EMF : I am "The Hardcore Powerbomb Machine". I...am...REX.


The crowd gives a mix of cheers and boos. Rex is unfazed, continuing to sneer at the camera. Eventually, he snaps out of his trance and addresses the audience once more.


Rex : And I bet you're wondering why we're here. Well, let me ask you a question : Have you ever heard of Total Attitude Wrestling? Or Wrestling without a cause? Maybe you've heard of the Real Wrestling Alliance? No? Well, that is because they were deemed unfit to exist on the same planet as us. They were put to the test, They FAILED, and because of it, their events were cancelled, their eWrestlers were released and their Championships were absorbed by ours, leaving NOTHING left!


Rad Hazard grabs the microphone, leaving Rex to cool down for a moment.


Rad Hazard : Now, you had your fun. You collect yourself a roster, made some fancy belts and sold out some arenas, but truth is, there is a time in every organization's history when they are challenged to prove that without a shadow of a doubt that they DESERVE to exist. And, well, truth be told, for the Smarks Wrestling Federation, that time is NOW. The Gauntlet has been thrown down, and we . . . Are . . . It.


Shigedy and Shwa quickly grab the microphone and yell "We love America! I like you! U.S. and A! U.S. and A!". The crowd begins to chant with them. Rex comedically snatches the microphone away from them in annoyance. Shigedy and Shwa, unfazed, continue to yell and wave at the fans spastically. Rex continues.


Rex : We are not here for fame or fortune. We are not here to be "good guys"or "bad guys". We are here to judge you. The trial of The Smarks Wrestling federation will begin next week, at "From The Fire"...Prepare for Armageddon.


Rex throws down the microphone as "This Is Extreme" resumes across the arena. Rex gives a demonic smirk as he leads Team EMF to the back.


The crowd, still unsure of the new stable, continues a mix of cheers and boos.

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SWF Storm returns to the Eden Park where thousands of New Zealanders create a wave in the stadium that isn’t out to destroy as mush as it is out to enjoy the product they are currently viewing. Roaring under the blaring beats of “I Love the Dough” by Notorious BIG, the SWF supporters evenly scattered across the stadium in bunches patiently wait for Sir Marvelous to begin the proceedings.


“King, it looks as if we are about to witness another unforgettable House of Marvelous, which tonight is brought to us from the fine folks of…well King would you like to say it.”


“No, you couldn’t pay me enough. Like this particular product needs to be shilled more than it actually is.” The King of Hearts dodges Mak’s attempt to fork over the advertising responsibilities.


“Fine, but this stuff really is crazy delicious. Anyway, the House of Marvelous tonight gets the PEPSI MAX stamp of approval. It seems Sir Marvelous is ready to get the show on the road.” The Franchise segues into the popular wrestling talk show.


Taking his time to inspect his own set, Marvelous gives the SWF Crew a thumbs up, which they take with apathy due to the rich character’s dislikeable personality. Wandering over to the mic stand, Marvelous begins the show with a dubious announcement, “Do you see those columns? 300 doesn’t have shit on me, ok.”




Needless to say, the audience doesn’t agree, but Marvelous continues, “Please, we all know that those grotesque barbarians wouldn’t be all about decapitation if they had an extravagant love seat THAT WILL NOT BE HARMED EVER AGAIN!”


“Who is he kidding? All it’s missing is a giant target.” King chuckles at Marvelous’ attempt at demanding that his furniture be spared any wrong doing.


“But enough about me…actually forget that. There can never be enough of me, but tonight I will share the spotlight with a man that we all know needs it. Now some of you may not know who this man is, but I’ve been informed that this man is a hero to a select few of you. More specifically…he is YOUR PSYCHOTIC HERO!!!!”




Mak is appalled by Marvelous’ indictment that the Psychotic Hero needs the House of Marvelous to gain popularity, “Really, who is he kidding? Andrew Rickman is a definite legend in this business, and is far above this prop show.


“Wow a few of you do make a lot of noise.” Marvelous plays the enormous reaction off, “I guess I really shouldn’t spend so much time building up zombies, Ladies and Gentlemen my guest tonight…THE INSANE LUCHADOR!!!!!”


Sir Marvelous announces as “Man in the Box” blares over the speakers. Fireworks fire at the top of the ramp for virtually no good reason considering the Psychotic Hero isn’t known for using pyro. Venturing through the smoke, the Hardcore Icon journeys down the red carpet covered ramp, pausing a moment in front of the top notch security guard, Big Bully Bruner! Wasting little time and emotion on the heavy character in front of him, IL demands that Bruner allows his passage, but the arrogant security guard carefully pats the Master of Masochism down.


“This isn’t an airport for the love of god. If he has a weapon or two, then it’s for the better. I’d love to watch that spoiled brat get chain whipped by someone he views as a nobody.” King doesn’t have much patience for the arrogant Marvelous, especially when he doesn’t consider the host a wrestler by any means.


Allowing the Insane One into the ring, Bruner gives Marvelous a thumbs up, which is also a signal for “Say what you want, I got your back.”




As his music fades the cheering continues to grow, “Yes, I understand the twenty of you out there adore this man. Welcome Andrew Rickman to the critically acclaimed HOUSE OF MARVELOUS…Oprah I’m coming for ya.” Sir Marvelous certainly hopes for his name to appear in a press release tomorrow. “Before I dive into your current difficulties with one Zyon….”






“Ok now your just trying to put yourselves over. Anyway, Rickman I have an important question for you. You call yourself the Insane Luchador, correct. LUCHADOR. Explain to me why you don’t wear a mask, please.”


“You have got to be kidding me.” Mak buries his head in his hands.


“Considering this question is obviously a joke and would usually give me permission to rip your head off, I’ll just say because I don’t feel like it when it pertains to wearing a mask.”


“Ok, well I wasn’t sure if it was because you thought you could be a model or something. Sure, you have like twenty people here that like you, but I don’t believe any of them are females.”


“You listen here…” IL begins, but is quickly interrupted.


“ANYWAY! Like you said Rickman, that topic is for another day at another time. The House of Marvelous is much more important than a simple show that states the obvious about ghoulish figures like yourself. Tonight, my show is prepared to investigate the From the Fire showdown between you and Zyon. We know it’s going to happen, but how is it going to happen!!!”


The crowd erupts begging their Psychotic Hero to reveal Zyon’s sentencing and the Insane One doesn’t disappoint, “Yes, how will the Unique Youth perish. Well Marvelous, Zyon’s life will come to an abrupt end in a…”


“An Inferno Match! How about a Cage Match? I did hear rumors of a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match! What is it?????”


“You really are starting to get on my nerves.” IL growls, but remains patient as 455 lbs of restraint continues to wait on the outside.


“Ok, perhaps you don’t want to tell us…”


“King, he was just about to tell us. Does Marvelous have any prior head injuries that we should know about?”


“Nope, just the ones I wish I could give him.”


Marvelous despite the chorus of jeers continues to rain down the questions, “So what makes you believe that you are capable of defeating the younger Zyon. The kid has been on quite the roll lately, some are even calling you a stepping stone on Zyon’s much more important journey to the main event, which seems to be wide open at this point. I mean if that bastard Landon Maddix can get a title shot, then anyone can.” Marvelous is still infuriated by Maddix’s actions during his stint on the House of Marvelous.


“First, let me say that if you interrupt me this time…you’re dead. Second, I am not…I repeat am not a stepping stone. Live your career like I have and it is apparent that I am much more than a stepping stone. I’ve wrestled them all, defeated some, been defeated by some, and I’m still going strong. I’ve bled, broken bones, and as rumor would have it…I have even came back from the dead. And guess what, I’m still not bored!”




“This battle is just as much about me as it is about him. There will be no mercy shown when I squeeze the life out of that young punk and put him out of the federation. See, in the SWF putting people out of action seems to be the only guaranteed way to the top. I’ve heard the talk of destiny when it pertains to Zyon, but what about my fate? I am not destined to be a stepping stone. I am destined come From the Fire to be Zyon’s executioner. Look at the careers of Michael Stephens, Landon Maddix, and even Spike Jenkins. My goal at From The Fire will be the total and complete annihilation of Zak Owens!!!


“That is quite the strong statement…”


Sir Marvelous begins as he unceremoniously circles the ring, leading the charged up Insane Luchador to face a blank Smarktron and the huge Big Bully Bruner who remains stationary on the outside.




The audience begins to randomly shill as a figure slides into the ring, detected by everyone except for the man he will be facing at From The Fire.


“King, it’s Zyon!!!”


“Yep, and the Insane Luchador has no idea that the Unique Youth is behind him!!!!”


Carefully leaping over the couch, Zyon takes a seat as a wide grin appears over his face. Crossing his legs, Zyon takes a look at his wrist as if he was inspecting a watch to see what time it is.


“So…So.” Marvelous begins again to keep Rickman’s attention away from the riotous audience and the man behind him, “So you think you can beat Zyon???”


“Didn’t you already ask that question????” The maskless Luchador murmurs.


What time is it?


…It’s time.


Rising from the couch the emotionless youth calmly sneaks up on his rival once again. Casually rolling up his sleeves, Zyon is SHOCKED TO SEE THE SMARKTRON SUDDENLY TURN ON!!! Frozen by the fear of having his cover blown, the former champion takes a step back away from his enemy as the Insane Luchador spins around to see the man he would face at From the Fire…


…Diving at him! Tackling the Hardcore Icon to the canvas, Zyon attempts to mount the impressive brawler who simply swats Zyon away with a flush foot to the face!!!






Clutching his face in a staggering retreat Zyon feels the hand of another touch his shoulder and responds in kind, “DON’T TOUCH ME!!”Everyone in the front row could hear the roar, but nobody including the owner of said hand saw the BIG SHOTcoming!!!




“That idiot, he just hit Big Bully Bruner with his finishing move. Yeah, that’s really smart to do.” The King of Hearts smacks himself in the head due to the cruiserweight’s stupidity.


Shrugging his mistake off, Zyon turns into an INSANE LUCHADOR SPEAR that allows Rickman to tackle the youngster to the canvas, and mount him successfully!


“Oh boy…the kid is about to be taken to the woodshed.” Mak calls.


However, before IL can bring down THE THUNDERRRRRRR, dozens of security officers hustle down to the ring to get control of the two man riot taking place in the squared circle. Following behind the mass of bodies is SWF GM…Thomas MF Flesher!!!




“That’s enough of that!! From the Fire is just around the corner and this is not going to happen tonight!!!”


But the crowd wishes it would…







Mr. Flesher answers in kind as the bodies separate the two, which isn’t too difficult considering Zyon wants no part of the veteran tonight, “Oh they will fight…at From the Fire. And they will get the chance to rip each other apart…all *fubeeeeep* night. That’s right, this encounter is going to go down in an ALL SHOW IRON MAN MATCH!!!!




Flesher has spoken…so he abruptly stomps to the back as “Man in the Box” plays ending this edition of the House of Marvelous. Both Zyon and the Insane Luchador stare at each other menacingly; preparing the other for a fire that is sure to burn all night come March 28th. Until then…


…We fade to commercial.

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“We’ve had a crazy night so far full of tons of action and some surprising debuts, and it seems like up next we are going to have another!” The voice of Mak Francis brings every single viewer that is not in the bathroom back from commercials with Craig McLennan already standing in the ring and awaiting his opponent.


“Apparently Alan Clark brought this guy in, sight unseen, and that is never a good thing. At least that Ricky Barbosa harassed Joseph Peters for a few weeks before turning up.” Adds the Suicide King as Funyon and referee Matthew Kivell enter the ring with Craig, Kivell checking Craig over in the corner as Funyon starts his announcements…


“Ladies and Gentlemen…the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first to my left, representing Duncan, British Columbia, Canada… he is CRAIG MCLENNAN!!” The crowd gives Craig a smattering of jeers, which if he hears them he does not react, instead staying focused on the ramp as “Burn” by the Cure begins piping through the arena.


Craig does react this time, putting his hands to his head and no doubt screaming at the referee, but under the mask it is hard to see if his mask is moving. The sight of two masked figures standing at the top of the entrance calms him down, but the Suicide King is a different story.


“LOOK! Do you see that!”


“It appears the song Mirror Max has chosen was one also used for McLennan’s old nemesis Bloodshed, now Alan Clark, back in the SJL…”


“Not that, look!” King yells again as the two men step into the light, a larger figure in a black suit stands there in a gold mask, while a smaller figure – wearing tights and looking ready to fight – has donned a silver mask. “Those two guys look like (bleeeeeeeeep)! Oh, seriously, what the FUCK!”




“I was…I mean…when (bleep) is down here cursing is censored!”


“And introducing his opponent…wearing silver and being accompanied by Mortimer…representing Hollywood, California…He is MIRROR MAAAAX!” Funyon finishes as the silver-clad Max suddenly bursts down the ramp and slides into the ring, immediately spearing Craig down to the mat!




“There’s the bell! Max is wasting no time!” The Franchise tries to ignore his broadcast partner as Max fires away with punches in the ring, Kivell standing over both men and warning about the closed fists from the apparent rookie challenger. “Craig is trying to defend and I am not sure Max has been briefed on the rules here in the SWF! He’s choking him!” and sure enough, the steady cam catches Max with his gloved hands around Craig’s throat, squeezing with reckless abandon as McLennan’s legs kick and flail wildly!


“He’s got the ropes!” The Suicide King beats Francis to the punch as Craig is able to get his right hand around the bottom rope…












Max breaks, standing to his feet and brushing himself off as Kivell takes a moment to give the masked wrestler a warning. Craig is back up quicker than a hiccup though, his hand rubbing the front of his neck as he moves in on the distracted Max…




...and takes him down with a bulldog! Craig appears to thank Kivell for the help as he tries to return the favor, pushing Max on his back and firing off his own attack of hard strikes, but wisely using hard palms instead of fists to keep the referee off his back.


“Kivell with the distraction and now Craig is taking it to Max with authority!” calls Francis as Max now fights to block his face from the angered McLennan, but is having minimal effect. Satisfied with his work, Craig dismounts and lifts Max up to his feet and after a quick boot to the stomach Max finds himself being lifted into the air for a suplex…






“Don’t get carried away, King! Craig went for what looked like a slingshot suplex, but then backed off for a hard palm strike right to the side of Mirror Max’s face!”


“…what a stupid name…” adds King as Max flips off the ropes and to his back on the mat, only for Craig to rush to the other side of the ring and hit the ropes, getting up a tremendous amount of speed…


“SHOOTING STAR….CONNECTS!” calls the Franchise as Craig hits his dive and stays atop for the cover…










“Max kicked out, and he’s heading to the outside!” As Craig stands, Max does indeed roll to the floor, but as Mortimer tries to move in to check on his masked brethren the referee intervenes, long enough for Craig to catch the half-standing Max with a baseball slide and put him down once again!


“Craig is staying in control, as he should given his veteran status against the rookie…”


“HE’S NOT A ROOKIE!” King tries, for once, to be reasonable, but is brushed aside by his commentating partner.


“I saw what (bleep) did to Craig the same time you did, he’s got his number. Craig, right now, has Mirror Max’s number!” but as Craig tries to give his opponent a suplex, Max blocks with his right leg, and turns the tide on the fiery McLennan!




“Suplex by Max! Craig is down!” continues Francis as Max rolls over to his knees and latches his right hand around Craig’s throat, choking him viciously even as Kivell counts on the inside!






“CHOKE! CHOKE!” King yells, but the referee can barely see thanks to Max’s body hovering over Craig’s, who thrashes his body wildly as he tries to escape the hold.






“Kivell might need to pay more attention to what’s going on…”


“Yeah, and you can’t win a match on the outside!” and as the announcers banter, Kivell does indeed pay more attention, yelling through the ropes for a break, which Max reluctantly does before standing and rolling back into the ring, drawing the attention of Matthew as Craig tries to get to his feet against the apron…






…only to nearly have his head taken off by a big boot from Mortimer!


“OOOOOOOOOOOO!” the crowd chimes as Mortimer lifts the downed McLennan back up and throws him into the ring, moving himself out of guilt’s way just as Kivell turns back around, none the wiser except to see Craig holding his head and neck.


“Mortimer, yeah, that guy…just about took Craig’s head off!”


“And the ref did not see a thing!” adds Francis as Max makes sure to throw a thumbs up to his partner-in-crime on the outside but still waste little time in following up, pulling Craig to his feet and repeating the scene from earlier in the match as he drapes McLennan over the top rope…



…but instead of a simple slap, Max bounces off the adjacent ropes and drives his knee hard into McLennan’s temple, flipping the fiery wrestler over the top and back into the ring! As Craig hits the mat, Max again plays follow the leader as he bounces off the far ropes and comes trucking back, flipping through the air and connecting with a Shooting Star Press of his own!


“Second SSP and a cover!”












“I guess that Mirror thing ain’t just a dumbass pun…” remarks the King as Max stands, pulling Craig along with him and tossing him into the corner. A set of hard kicks to the midsection follows, but as Craig tries to fight out he is simply tripped up with a drop toe hold and put right back down on the mat!


“Max is holding his own here, and if Craig has any ring rust now might be the time to shed it!” Mak calls as Max rolls around on his back, giving Craig a boot to the head as both men begin to stand back up, but the doubled over McLennan is in perfect position for the rising Max, as the silver superstar wraps his left leg around Craig’s neck as he jumps to his back, pushing all of his unknown amount of weight down and driving Craig into the canvas with the back of Max’s leg impacting straight into McLennan’s windpipe!


“What the fuck was that?” yells King, once again shocked that a curse got through. “Max, or whomever, just about crushed Craig McLennan’s throat!”


“Don’t look at me, King. I ain’t never seen nothing like that before.” The crowd, too, seems to be taken aback by the unorthodox “neckbreaker” performed, but with very little hesitation Max is back up, pulling himself free from Craig and lifting him to his feet, once again doubling him over and into a standing headscissors.



“Now what? Powerbomb?” The Gambling Man is full of questions as Max pulls Craig’s arms out and away from body… “Crucifix Powerbomb??” …only to jump up and push his knees into the shoulders of McLennan…






“HOLY SHIT!” both announcers go Rated at least PG-13 as Craig’s head and upper-body are planted into the canvas, with Max holding his arms out for no chance of even the slightest bit of protection. “It is academic now…” adds Mak as Mirror Max rolls Craig over and throws himself on top.















“Well I can tell you, King, that I’ve never seen (bleep) do anything like THAT before, and regardless of who or what he or his manager looks like, Mirror Max scored a decisive victory in short order tonight. Even you can tell me you have seen a smaller wrestler with a larger manager before. It’s fairly common all over the wrestling world…”


“Ladies and Gentlemen…the winner of this bout by PINFALL…MIRROR MAX!” Max takes the time to have his hand raised and to kick at the downed Craig before taking his leave, rolling under the bottom rope and meeting Mortimer as the two head for the back, the crowd a mix of boos and even some cheers.


“I don’t care how common it is and I don’t care if I have never seen (bleep) do a Knuckle Bomb, a Natural Born Chaos, Acid Rayn, or any other veteran move you can think of – that right there, walking up that ramp – that’s fucking (bleep)!” The King can be heard slamming his fists against the table as Storm heads to it’s final commercial break of the evening…


“We’ve got the tag titles on the line when we come back – Wild & Dangerous… Galacticos… MAIN EVENT… NEXT!”

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“It’s time for the main event!” shouts Mak. “And this time, all the pressure has got to be squarely on the challengers, as the Galacticos have a chance to make history in their own right!”


“Absolutely!” agrees King. “No team in SWF history has EVER beaten Wild and Dangerous three times! Not the Unholy Trinity, not even the great Justice and Rule! It’s never been done!”


“King, can you imagine what the tag team landscape is going to look like if they beat Wild and Dangerous a third time?”


“Well, you have to think that they’re going to lose any right they ever had to claim that they’re the best tag team,” replies King. “I mean, they’ve already lost the record for longest reign to the Galacticos; if Wild and Dangerous lose to them for a third time, you have to figure that the Champs will have successfully superseded them as the premier tag team of this era!”


“And not only that,” adds Mak, “but it could be a long time before they get another title shot if they come up short here tonight!”


“Positively,” agrees King. “They’ve got to go all the way to the bottom of the ladder if they lose here… and, even though that ladder isn’t all that high these days, they still have to go to the bottom, even behind these EMF jokers!”


“The biggest obstacle to Wild and Dangerous succeeding has got to be emotion right now,” says Mak. “I can’t believe that they’re feeling any pressure, with as many times as they’ve been in this position, but they’re definitely highly emotional, and that’s going to make it hard for them to overcome the focused determination of the two champions!”





The ringing of the timekeeper’s bell draws all eyes towards the ring, while also putting an abrupt (but much needed) end to the bickering between the commentators.


“Ladies and gentlemen,” he says. “The following tag team contest, scheduled for one fall, is tonight’s MAIN EVENT and is for the S-W-F WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!”




“Introducing first, the Challengers…” the ring announcer’s voice drifts into the open air of Eden Park, as the lights begin to slowly dim. The roar of the crowd continues to roll and when Gang Starr’s “Manifest” begins to thump across Eden Park, it brings the capacity crowd out of their seats and onto their feet!






Chants for the team echo out and when Wildchild and Johnny Dangerous— the two man team of Wild and Dangerous— emerges from backstage, it’s done to a thunderous pop!


“We’ve got a house full of Wild and Dangerous fans here tonight,” the Franchise happily notes, “but I don’t think the team is in the mood to celebrate with the crowd right now!”


Mak Francis couldn’t possibly have hit the nail on the head any harder; for tonight, Wild and Dangerous have the look of a team that is focused. Too many times already they’ve let emotions fuel their efforts in the ring - they know they can’t afford to let that happen again tonight! As they stroll down the aisle, towards the ring, passing the numerous “I’ve Got Five On It!” signs and outstretched hands looking for high-fives, they discuss a few last second details and then enter the ring.


“Introducing the challengers,” booms Funyon, “at a total combined weight of four hundred thirty-nine pounds… they are: WILD! AAAAAND DAAAAANGEROUS!” Wildchild and Johnny stare intently at the ramp as their music fades out, to be quickly replaced by the sounds of “Tangerine,” by Led Zeppelin. The fans begin booing as Michael Stephens leads the procession out to the ring, Landon shuffling along behind him, holding his head; Wildchild lurches involuntarily towards the ropes to try and get to the Straight-Edge Sensation, but he is held back by his partner.


“Their opponents,” continues Funyon, “are the SWF World Tag Team Champions: the GUH-LACTICOS! At a total combined weight of four hundred twenty-six pounds… first, from Nottingham, England, Michael Stephens! And his partner, from Huron, South Dakota, Landon Maddix!”


“Well, at least we’ve finally got some decent music for these guys,” says King. “Thank Todd that Tom finally got that iPod from Peters!” The Galacticos enter the ring and hand their title belts over to referee Red Herrington as their music fades out. Johnny, to the surprise of everyone, gives WC a pat on the back as the Bahama Bomber steps out onto the ring apron.


“Wow!” exclaims Mak. “Look at this! Johnny’s starting the match! That tells me right away that the challengers are very concerned tonight; Johnny just about NEVER starts the match for Wild and Dangerous!”


“Well obviously they’re feeling the pressure of being faced with their third loss to one team,” replies King, “and they don’t want to leave anything to chance.” Across the ring, Maddix and Stephens are having a similar, if slightly more heated discussion.


“And how about this!” says Mak. “On one side, you’ve got the challengers arguing over who goes to the apron, and on the other side, you’ve got the Champions arguing over who stays in the ring! It looks like Stephens is trying to make Maddix start the match!”


“Well, you see Maddix holding his head and indicating that he’s hurt,” adds King, “and Toxxic trying to get him to start the match… I couldn’t hear him clearly from out here, but it sounded like Toxxic said something about Maddix not needed to be one hundred percent to take on Johnny Dangerous!”


“That’s sort of a prick move on the part of Michael Stephens,” complains Mak. “Landon could have very well suffered a concussion at the hands of Gabriel Drake earlier today! He should not be starting this match!” Landon points to the makeshift bandage on his head, but Stephens gives him a croc’s smile and pats him reassuringly on the back before stepping out onto the apron; Maddix looks perturbed as Stephens waves him away with his hands, as if to say, “Now go get him, sport!” Landon rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to Johnny Dangerous, as Red Herrington motions for the timekeeper to ring the bell, signifying the start of the match:




“Bell’s gone,” says Mak, “and this match is finally underway!” Landon extends his right hand, inviting him to shake it, to which the Barracuda only responds by staring incredulously.


“Landon’s stalling for time,” notes Mak, “but after everything that’s gone down between these two teams, I don’t think that Johnny’s going to be very interested in shaking his hand!” Johnny extends his hand towards Maddix…





… Only to blast the Cockroach in the side of the head with a right cross! The Barracuda grabs Landon by the side of the head and smashes the bridge of his nose with a headbutt! And another one! Johnny grabs Landon by the back of the head and leads him over to the neutral corner, where he proceeds to bash Maddix face-first in to the top turnbuckle!


















“I’d say that most of what’s gone down between these two teams has been initiated by Toxxic,” says King, as Maddix staggers backwards and falls to his posterior. “But, if anybody has to pay for the sins of Toxxic, it might as well be Maddix!” Johnny pulls Maddix back to his feet and rushes him across the ring to the other neutral corner…






… Where he slams Landon’s face into the top turnbuckle like he’s about to go out in a game of dominoes! Maddix bounces off the turnbuckle and back into the ring as if the turnbuckle had hit him, rather than the other way around!


“Wait a minute!” says Mak. “How does that work? It’s Stephens’ fault, and now Maddix has to pay for it? Why?”


“Because (bleep) Landon Maddix, that’s why!” snaps King. “Besides, if he were really injured, he’d be in the back seeking medical attention, not wrestling in a title match!”


“Landon is out here so as not to disappoint the fans, King!” replies Mak. “They were promised a tag title match, and he’s going to deliver!” Johnny pulls Maddix to his feet and leads him over to his corner, where he tags in Wildchild; the Barracuda holds Maddix from behind while WC climbs up to the top rope and dives into the ring with a double-axe handle across Landon’s head!”


“Well then he’s an idiot!” asserts King. “He’s got a World Heavyweight Title opportunity coming up in seven days, and he’s risking his long-term health by competing in this match tonight!” WC pulls Landon to his feet and grabs him by the wrist, whipping him across the ring; he lowers his head as Maddix bounces off the ropes and sends him flying through the air with a back-body drop! Without warning, Wildchild races across the ring to take a swing at Michael Stephens, who drops down to the arena floor just out of his reach!


“Well, I think we see where this match is headed,” says King, as Landon slowly gets back to his feet behind WC. “Wildchild’s going to screw around and put his team’s title opportunity in jeopardy, just so that he can get a shot at Toxxic!” WC, frustrated over not getting his hands on Stephens, turns his attention back to the (apparently¬) suitably recovered Cockroach, who lashes out with a boot to the midsection… But the Caribbean Cruiser catches Landon’s boot in his hands!


“Landon Maddix tried to catch Wildchild with his guard down, but the Wildchild was ready for him!” shouts Mak. WC quickly spins Maddix around and grabs him by the waist, lifting him up and driving his tailbone down onto his outstretched thigh with an Atomic Drop!


“Atomic Drop!” cringes King. “That’s Chiropractic City, right there!” Wildchild turns Landon around and traps him in a bearhug, only to lift him up and drive him down onto his outstretched thigh once more, this time with an inverted Atomic Drop! Maddix grabs his lower extremities in pain…






… Leaving him defenseless against a standing dropkick from the Wildchild! WC rolls him over and applies a rolling cradle:













Landon kicks out at two! WC pulls Maddix to his feet, and leads him over to his corner.


“This is very smart wrestling by the challengers,” remarks King, as WC makes the tag to Johnny. “Landon Maddix made a stupid mistake in starting the match, and Wild and Dangerous have been very smart to capitalize on his injury!”


“Meanwhile,” notes Mak, “Michael Stephens hasn’t made any effort to get in the ring, other than trying to distract Wildchild a little while ago!” Wildchild grabs Landon by the wrist and whips him across the ring; he bellies out against the canvas as Maddix bounces off the ropes and lets Landon pass right over him…





… Into the waiting arms of the Barracuda, who lifts him and spins him around into a powerslam! Johnny goes for a cover:













The Cockroach kicks out at two! Johnny pulls Landon to his feet and whips him into a neutral corner; the Barracuda charges in after him, but Maddix stops him by getting his knees up into Johnny’s grill! Landon then grabs Johnny by the trunks and pulls him into the corner, slamming him face-first into the top turnbuckle, before he crawls over to his corner, where he finally makes the tag to Stephens.


“Tag is made,” reports Mak. “Should I be surprised that Michael Stephens refused to come into the ring until he had Johnny Dangerous in a compromised position?” Stephens enters the ring and immediately starts going to work; he grabs Johnny by the back of the hair to pull him forcefully out of the corner, and then slams him down to the canvas. Michael then sneers across the ring at the Bahama Bomber, before he starts delivering a vicious series of punt-like kicks to the head and midsection of Dangerous.


“I think it was a brilliant strategy on the part of Toxxic,” says King. “I mean, it was obvious that the challengers were going to come out here with a lot of energy, so let the guy who’s already injured absorb that first onslaught, and then come in to mop up when they’ve been compromised!” Stephens pulls Johnny to his feet and applies a head-and-arm trap, before lifting him up off the canvas and driving him back down with a Side Effect! Stephens rolls over to apply a cover:













NO! Johnny kicks out at two! Stephens pulls Johnny to his feet and leads him over to his corner, where he slams him face-first into the top turnbuckle; he tags Landon back in, and the two of them pull the Barracuda out of the corner, only to shove him back into the turnbuckles forcefully! Referee Red Herrington then begins to admonish the two men as they begin to deliver boots in stereo to Johnny’s midsection!


“Well, I somehow doubt that Michael Stephens was thinking quite like that,” says Mak. “However, if he was, it obviously worked, because now the Champions have taken control, and they’re doing a number on Johnny Dangerous!” Stephens walks halfway across the ring and flips off Wildchild, prompting the Bahama Bomber to storm into the ring and force Herrington to cut him off… leaving Maddix free to choke Johnny out with the tag rope!


“Excellent ring generalship on the part of Toxxic!” praises King. “Beautiful job of taking advantage of Wildchild’s emotions; he knows that the kid will do anything he can to try and get his hands on Toxxic, and manipulating that raw emotion to his advantage!” Stephens steps out to the apron and quickly accepts a tag from Maddix; the Champions whip Johnny into the ropes and level the Barracuda as he rebounds with a double-clothesline! Stephens quickly runs over to a neutral corner and climbs up onto the second turnbuckle; he somersaults into the ring to drive his outstretched leg across Johnny’s throat with a Hangover legdrop! Stephens then rolls over to apply a lateral press:













Johnny kicks out at two! Stephens pulls Johnny to his feet and whips him across the ring; he raises up his leg to kick Dangerous in the gut as he bounces off the ropes, and Johnny catches his leg in mid-kick…






… But the Straight-Edge Sensation suddenly springs off his other foot and blasts Johnny in the side of the head with an Enzugiri! He scrambles over to Johnny and hooks the leg:













Johnny kicks out at two! Mike pulls Johnny to his feet and leads him over to the corner. He grabs him by the wrist and whips him across, but the bigger and stronger Barracuda counters easily, sending Stephens crashing into the turnbuckles! Johnny charges into the corner, but Stephens gets his feet up, driving a boot into Johnny’s face!


“Johnny’s got the power advantage,” notes King, “but he definitely can’t keep up with Stephens; he’d better tag his partner back in!” Stephens climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and leaps into the ring, but the Barracuda snatches him out of the air and powers him back into the corner, driving his back into the turnbuckles with a tremendous spear! He pulls Mike out of the corner and scoops him up before slamming him back down to the canvas.


“Johnny might not be able to keep up with the Champion,” replies Mak, “but once he leaves his feet, he’s in no-man’s land!” Johnny applies a lateral press:













Stephens kicks out at two! Both men reach their feet at about the same time, and Michael suddenly decides to change tactics, pointing across the ring at the Wildchild, who is chomping at the bit to get in.


“Look at this!” shouts Mak. “Michael Stephens is saying that he wants a piece of Wildchild! That’s definitely unexpected!” The crowd begins cheering louder and louder for WC as Johnny looks back and forth between Stephens and Wildchild, who is practically pulling the tag rope off the turnbuckle. Finally, he extends his hand towards his corner…






… And makes the tag to the Wildchild! If Eden Park had a roof, it would have blown off! Nearly sixty-thousand people erupt as the Bahama Bomber steps into the ring and points menacingly at his nemesis!


“Here we go!” exclaims Mak. “Wildchild is finally going to get his hands on Michael Stephens!” Before WC can get any closer, however, Stephens hops out to the arena floor, to a chorus of boos… Not to be dissuaded, however, Wildchild runs across the ring and heads out after him! Stephens darts around the ring, with Wildchild hot on his heels!


“Look at this!” shouts Mak. “Stephens is running for his life against Wildchild out there!” Stephens re-enters the ring ahead of Wildchild and makes the tag to Landon, before continuing across the ring. WC slides into the ring behind him and rushes across the ring to try and keep Mike from escaping again; he catches Stephens by the tights just before he can get away, leading to even louder cheers from the crowd…





… Only for Landon to level him from behind with a sickle clothesline!


“They outsmarted him!” crows King, as Stephens sidles around the apron to return to his corner. “Once again, they take advantage of Wildchild’s determination to get back at Toxxic! And now, this match is firmly under the Champs’ control!” Landon gives WC a few good kicks to the back before making the tag to Stephens; Landon leads WC towards the edge of the ring and then shoves him into the ropes; he catches Wildchild as he bounces backwards off the ropes with a stiff forearm to the kidneys, which causes the Bahama Bomber to clutch his back in pain…






… And sets him up for a running clothesline by Stephens! Mike lies atop him and applies a lateral press:






Wildchild kicks out at one! Stephens pulls WC to his feet and leads him over to the edge of the ring… where he rakes WC’s eyes across the top rope!


“Smart wrestling on the part of the Champions, no doubt about it,” concedes Mak, as Stephens tags Landon back in. “Stephens was able to give Landon some recovery time outside the ring and, like you said King, they have totally capitalized on Wildchild’s emotional state! I can’t help but wonder whether or not Wildchild will actually be able to focus on winning more than revenge in the moment of truth!”


Wildchild gingerly wipes at his eyes to clear his vision, but Landon is too fast this time. He quickly snatches the Bahaman’s head and arm from the side-




-and then drops back, slamming Wildchild face-first into the mat with the Complete Shot! Some boos ring out, but Landon definitely doesn’t care. He quickly scrambles over his opponent and hooks the leg, rolling back on it to firmly pin the Caribbean’s shoulders to the mat as Herrington slides in to count for:














The count is suddenly broken when Johnny Dangerous rushes into the ring and kicks Landon off of his tag partner. Once more the referee is forced to have to herd another illegal out of the ring, but before he can get Johnny anywhere close to being back in his corner he’s cut off by Stephens-




-and Michael pops Dangerous with a quick European uppercut - the sudden, mind-rattling shot staggers the Barracuda!


“This referee is starting to loose control,” Francis notes as all four men are now involved in some way. Stephens kicks Johnny in the gut to drop him to his knees and then he calls over towards Landon for help; Maddix is a little annoyed that his tag partner who hasn’t taken a beating from the World Champion tonight can’t get stuff done alone, but still he helps.


“What the hell are these two up to now?” Mak questions as the two exchange a few words (Mostly Toxxic pointing and ordering) before they both pull Johnny up and then, with the strength of two, they haul Johnny up and overhead for a double powerslam…and then they move towards the edge of the ring…


“Wait! What’s going on here?!” cries Francis, as the crowd starts to warm up the boos. However, these two don’t care what the referee standing to their side is saying so why would they care what the fans think? Nor do they care what happens to Johnny Dangerous, which is why the can so coldly toss Dangerous over the top rope, out of the ring, and straight to the floor!




“Jesus! The Galacticos just destroyed Johnny Dangerous with a running powerslam from the ring to the floor!” shouts Francis. “He just can’t compete with any sort of a sportsman like conduct, can he?!”


“Beautiful, isn’t it?” King snickers. As Michael steps back onto the outside apron, smiling with that lopsided grin, the crowd starts to fire off a chant against him.






He simply waves it off and motions for Landon to get back to work. Maddix isn’t so easy to simply take all these orders…and do all the dirty work while his partner watches, so he tags Stephens back in.


“DO IT YOURSELF!” Landon snaps, loud enough for the cameras to pick up. Michael shrugs and heads back in - He’s never had a problem with taking care of business. Stephens struts towards his now single opponent, as Wildchild pushes up to his knees and sits up on them; he’s a little surprised after seeing the Barracuda taken down in that manner.


“Wildchild has to focus now,” says Mak, the uneasiness in his voice is easily detected. “Before the match Wild and Dangerous made a pact to keep fighting if the other goes down as not to jeopardize their match.”



Stephens grabs a lock of Wildchild’s hair and begins dragging him to his feet, but Wildchild slaps Michael’s hand away and surges forward; wrapping his arms around Stephens’ waist he ferociously powers the Straight Edger into the corner with a running shoulderblock!






The crowd roars in excitement as Stephens’ back slams into the post with a sicken thud, driving the wind completely out of his lungs! As Wildchild pulls himself off Michael slumps forward, one hand painfully grabbing his midsection as the other holds on to the ropes, but the Caribbean isn’t about to let up just yet. He quickly shoves both hands into Stephens’ chest to push him back into the post then rushes in and spins-






-and rams the point of his elbow directly into the side of Stephens’ head, “-and Michael Stephens takes it right in the temple!” shouts Mak. “It’s about time we saw him getting his just desserts!”


Wildchild takes another step back. With all the animosity he has for Michael Stephens he could just pound the Straight-Edger’s face in all day long, but that’s emotions speaking for him and he knows he can let them rule his actions or he’ll never be able to stop himself. Instead, he only lunges forward and drops one more elbow into Michael’s head and then pops him with a solid right hand for good measures then backs away…and lets Stephens drop to the mat like a sack of potatoes! Wildchild quickly floats over his opponent and applies a lateral press. Herrington drops and counts for:












TH-NO! Michael kicks out after the two-count! The crowd boos instinctively; they knew that Stephens wasn’t done for just yet, but still it aggravates them to see him escape what they’re hoping is the inevitable loss. Stephens dazedly staggers to his feet and slumps against the ropes. He’d slump back to the mat as he’s still trying to catch his breath, but he catches himself with one hand on the top rope. He attempts to glide across the rope, towards Landon, but he only gets two steps away before Wildchild grabs him by his free arm and pulls him off the rope-






-and then boots Stephens in the gut, doubling him over! The crowd moves to the edges of their seats, eagerly looking on as Wildchild locks a reverse standing head-scissors on Stephens!




“Wild Ride coming up!” exclaims Francis. “If he nails this it’s over!”


Wildchild reaches back and hooks Michael’s arms as the roar of the crowd rises-






-but Landon rushes into the ring, nailing the Wildchild with a diving lariat and deflating the crowd! Herrington barks at Maddix to exit the ring, but Maddix isn’t going anywhere without driving the sole of his boot into the downed Bahaman first!








“Get him out of there ref!” Mak shouts lividly at Herrington, and even though you’d think the referee can’t hear what the Franchise is hollering it almost seems like he does. Stepping between Wildchild and Maddix to cease this unjustifiable assault, Herrington orders Landon out of the ring! This time Landon goes; he knows he’s dealt enough damage to stop Wildchild’s momentum dead in its tracks and he can walk off proudly.


“Incredible!” Suicide King marvels almost mockingly. “These two bicker like cats and dogs outside of the ring but you’d never be able to tell that when it’s time to compete – they just gel so well!”


“Illegally entering the ring and stomping a man when he’s down is gelling?”


“Well…to an extent,” the Gambling Man sweetly replies before hauling off half cocked. “Besides, you never say anything when it’s Wild and Dangerous doing it!”


“If they did what Landon just did I’d say the same thing!”


On the outside floor, Johnny Dangerous comes back to. He stays motionless, though, looking quite the part of a dead man while carefully keeping an eye on the actions inside the ring as best as he possibly can. It’s times like these that all the stealth training and time spent as a secret agent come in handy…and they said it’d never benefit him in wrestling. Who’s laughing now?


Meanwhile, inside the ring, both men are down for a moment. Michael starts to get up first. Up to his knees and then he smacks the side of his head a few times to shake the cobwebs, and then staggers to his feet…


“It looks like Stephens is headed for a tag now,” Francis reports. “This is where having your partner knocked out of the fight is going to be absolutely detrimental for Wild and Dangerous.”


“While also being quite favorable for the Champions,” Suicide King retorts. Stephens gets about halfway across the ring, towards his partner, before his progress is halted by Wildchild clasping his arms around Michael’s leg. He glances down past his shoulder and sees the Bahaman clinging on, and then kicks his leg back to knock Wildchild off of him.


“I don’t think you can shake a Bahaman that easily,” Mak comments as Wildchild rolls back and then forces himself to return to a vertical base. Quickly, Wildchild glances forward; Michael’s nearly made it for a tag—he can’t afford to let that happen--so he knows he has to move fast, and bolts towards the corner. Landon sees him coming and warns his partner well in advance, allowing Stephens to cleverly duck the leg lariat that goes sailing high over his head-




-and watch as it goes directly into Landon’s face, knocking him from the outside ring apron to the floor!




“Wildchild completely missed Stephens but I think he might have been aiming for Landon anyway,” Francis says excitedly. “The odds have evened back up!”


Once again Wildchild can start to feel the pendulum swinging back towards him…but it can just as easily swing back the other way. He pivots on one foot to spin back around towards Stephens and that’s when he’s nailed with a quick headbut! Wildchild is rocked backwards and he falls into the nearby turnbuckle. When he looks up he sees Stephens rushing in and leaping into the air for an avalanche-




-but for someone with the speed in Wildchild’s feet it’s not impossible to dodge and he does just that, leaving Stephens to avalanche nothing more than the turnbuckle…and that alone is mighty painful! Michael slumps down to his knees and then falls to his side, holding dearly to his chest before Wildchild rolls him onto his back and applies a lateral press for:












THR-NO!! Michael kicks out, though weakly. He’s still stunned though and when Wildchild rises back to his feet he leaves Michael sprawled on the mat, steps through the ropes, onto the apron, and glides towards the corner post as the excitement in the crowd grows. He quickly vaults up to the top of the turnbuckle and the calls to the crowd, who eagerly respond…





“Bird Dropping coming up!” calls Francis, but just before the Bahama Bomber can leap into the air he feels something grabbing at his leg!


“Ha!” King snickers as Landon grabs onto Wildchild’s leg and then pulls it out, crotching the Bahaman on the turnbuckle. Wildchild is left on the post stunned, and all he can do is watch as Michael Stephens rolls up to his feet, sees the predicament the Wildchild’s in and flashes that lopsided grin.


“Heavens no,” Francis mutters as he watches, eyes wide open, at Stephens climbing up the turnbuckle after Wildchild…and snatching him by his neck.


“He’s going to chokeslam Wildchild off the turnbuckles again!” shouts King. “Talk about déjà vu! Once more Johnny can’t stop his little brother from getting killed in the ring!”


The crowd is already roaring in disbelief…chanting their hatred for Stephens. However, Stephens knows he’ll have to up the ante a little. He calls out to Landon, who’s on the ring floor, and barks at him to pull up the padding. Landon begrudgingly obliges; ripping up the padding from the corner of the ring to nearly the middle of the ring. He’d take more up if it weren’t for Herrington, though. The referee rolls out of the ring and orders Landon to stop and that’s when a sudden surge of cheers comes from the crowd.




Stephens cocks his eyebrow – it’s not to often he sees a referee getting this kind of reaction from stepping into action. In fact, the last time he heard cheers like these is when Wildchild had made his way into the ring last week in the street fight against…oh no.




At the exact moment that Stephens finally puts it together is when Johnny Dangerous, seemingly forgotten about, slides into the ring and pumps his fist between Michael’s legs!


“Yes!” cheers Francis, as Johnny, still riddled with pain, drops back to his knees. “Johnny Dangerous has saved the Wildchild and done it almost as if he were on cue!


Stephens’ hand drops from Wildchild’s throat as the Bahaman himself regains his senses. He almost had it happen again, and the thought sends a blaze of fire into his eyes. Wildchild doesn’t even think twice before his next move; Leaping off the post and over Stephens’ head he latches his arms around his opponent’s waist and pulls him off the turnbuckle-




-and drives Michael Stephens head-first into the canvas to the roar of thousands!


“BAHAMAN DESTROYER!” the Franchise shouts. “Michael Stephens kept pushing Wildchild until he dug deep into his bag of tricks to fight back! This one is over!”


Wildchild quickly hooks the leg and rolls back on Stephens to firmly pin his shoulders to the mat as Johnny alerts the referee. Herrington quickly tosses down the mats he was fighting with Maddix over and slides into the ring to make the count! Landon watches for a second, holding a match…he could stand here and let that bossy bastard fall…but he can’t loose his belt! He tosses down the mat and heads to the ring as Herrington begins to count:







Moving quickly, Maddix darts back towards the ring, hopping up to the outside ring apron and grabs the ropes with both hands to vault into the ring and break up the pin…










…but the second he comes off his feet is the second that Johnny quickly rises up from his knees, snatching Landon by HIS neck and slinging him back down to the floor!















“Wild and Dangerous win! And Landon Maddix, in a cruel twist of events, just got chokeslammed off the ring arpon and into the concrete floor!” shouts Francis. “He would have hit the pads if he hadn’t pulled them up!”


“The winners of this bout,” bellows Funyon, “and the NEEEEEEEEEEW S-W-F TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…WILD! AAAAAAAAAAND DAAAAANGEROUS!”


The crowd is roaring in utter delight. The last shot of the show shows Wild and Dangerous getting the Tag Team Championship belts handed to them. Finally, they’ve got five on it…


As we:


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