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SWF Storm - 4/11/2007

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation Presents...


Live, April 11th, from the sold-out Plaza de Toros in Mérida, Venezuela!



Wildchild © vs. "The Beast" Gabriel Drake

---> Both the Wildchild and the Beast had their endurance put to the test at From the Fire - one in a two-fall Hardcore/Cruiser bout, and the other in an absolutely brutal ladder match. They've each had some time to rest up, but given what they went through, was it enough? Two of the toughest the SWF has to offer lock horns in an arena suited to that very purpose, each looking to avenge their losses at From the Fire!
Rules: Standard singles match.
Word Limit: 6000
Send to: Ace309

Johnny Dangerous © vs. "Deathwish" Danny Williams

---> Two men trying to climb back to the top of the mountain - both of whom fell back a few rungs at From the Fire. Both get the chance to turn things around on Storm, but unfortunately, only one can succeed.
Rules: Standard singles match.
Word Limit: 6000
Send to: Justice

The Cadillac Boys (Zack Malibu and Calvin Szechstein) vs. Jimmy the Doom ©©

---> Jimmy the Doom dashed the Championship dreams of Calvin Szechstein twice in one night, at From the Fire! And now that everyone's favorite Doomtopian is toting around twice the gold, it's only fitting he take on twice the workload! Calvin gets a chance to take out his aggression on Jimmy the Doom, and his partner Zack Malibu is along for the ride! Can Jimmy overcome the Cadillac Boys on his own, or will he... um... lose?
Rules: Caddyboys get one man in at a time. TAG ROPES OR DIE.
Word Limit: 5000
Send to: chirs3

JJ Johnson vs. Mirror Max

---> As four Cruisers duke it out for a shot at one of Jimmy's title, we're pitting these two against each other to try and weed our a contender for the Doomtopian's other title! Defenses a plenty coming for Jimmy, one of which will be against the winner of this match!
Rules: HRADCORE. I'm pretty sure that's the same as Hardcore, but look it up to be sure.
Word Limit: 5000
Send to: Muzz

MANSON vs. Insane Luchador vs. Austin Sly vs. The Fabulous Jakey

---> It occurs to me that the last time we tried to have the big Patron Wrestler of Athens vs. The Seoul Survivor showdown, things didn't happen quite according to plan. That's a fire that needs rekindling, but why stop there? Let's add someone new to the fray, and sweeten the pot.

Four SWF Cruiserweights enter this battle - the one who survives will henceforth be known as The Head Honcho...nchon... They will go on to face The Patron Wrestler and Seoul Survivor on the next show - the winner of that bout will earn a shot at the SWF Cruiserweight Championship!
Rules: Two men in, two men out, tags can be made at any time. Elimination style.
Word Limit: 5000
Send to: chirs3

JRR vs. "The Paladin" Chance Silver

---> I think I've used the "Ahh, fresh meat!" Butcher quote a few too many times now... fresh fish? Fresh... Freshman... no... I've got nothing. So humorless witticisms aside, we've got a welcome new face in the SWF's ranks - JRR makes his debut against the... well, the just plain creepy Paladin.
Rules: Standard singles match.
Word Limit: 2500.
Send to: chirs3

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The opening credits for Storm (which I presume we have by now) fade and we're sent on a whirlwind ride around the Plaza de Toros to give the Venezulan fans their fifteen minutes of fame. And when we say fifteen minutes, we mean it, the odds of Venezula ever having another wrestling show eminate from it's fair shores are slim at best lets be honest. So the natives make the most of the camera, rising to their feet and cheering uproariously for no particular reason other than it being the thing to do.


"Welcome to SWF Storm, live from Mérida in sunny Venezula!" announce Mak, anticipating the audience's reaction with a follow-up "Nope, never heard of it either. But wherever we're at we're promised a great night of SWF action with not one but TWO main events on tap!"


"Stupid marketing technique." moans Suicide King, determined to get a word in. "How can you have two main-events anyway?"


"When you've got four great athletes in action, just like we have tonight! We've also got some interesting matches on tap which haven't been given the honour of being called 'main event numbers 6 and 7' but should be excellent matches nonetheless, assuming all the planes landed on time."


"Which is never a given."


"True. But before we get to the action, one person who didn't have to worry about plane schedules and travel expenses is our new World Heavyweight Champion Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix, who is otherwise engaged dealing with advertising commitments back in the US. Such are the perks of being World Champion. So, we sent a camera along to catch up with the World Champion and get his first comments since his victory at From The Fire. Without any further ado, let's take a look at what he had to say..."





Sat in what seems to be a trailer, the movie kind rather than the redneck variety, Landon Maddix kicks back in his seat and rests his hands behind his head. His SWF World Title belt hangs across his chest and a not-so subtle can of Pepsi Max rests in his right hand. With Megan Skye sat in the seat next to him, Landon arches his sunglasses across his forehead and breaks out a cheesy smile ready for promo time. Off screen sits a nameless interview, which we only know because his voice suddenly pipes up.


"So, Landon, congratulations on your victory at From The Fire."


Apparantly, this nameless interview is well-prepped in the arts of sugaring up his interviewees.


"Well thank you. It's good to be the Champ again, holding the belt that matters." Landon adds, in a not so subtle shot to everyone on the roster who isn't World Champion. I.e everybody.


"Unfortunately you're not able to make it to the show tonight, what did you want to say to the SWF fans at this time?"


"I think the SWF fans know me well enough by now to know what to expect me to say. Let's be honest, I'm not the most complex of people. A bit of bragging, couple of told ya so's, standard stuff really. And far be it from me to disappoint them all, because let's face it, I DID tell everybody so! The stipulation myself and Megan came up with proved to be the right one in the end, even if right now my back and neck don't quite agree. I avenged my last From The Fire main event defeat. I beat Gabriel Drake again. Pretty much as planned. Okay, so it wasn't quite the gentile run-in to From The Fire that I was expecting between a confident, proud champion and a plucky young, good-looking, virile challenger engaging in pure competition. There were a few bumps and potholes in the road to From The Fire. But hey, that's wrestling for ya! What matters is what you see before you, Landon Maddix with the World Heavyweight Championship."


Landon pats his title belt for added emphasis.


"So, how does it feel to be the World Champion for the third time?"


"Well it's been a good week or two all in all. A World Title win, a big victory in a certain company that shall not be named, the opportunity to shoot this commercial with the great people at Pepsi." *Pause for effect.* "Like I say, the run in to From The Fire wasn't the greatest time in my life but right now, I feel on top of the world. More so than even during my last two title reigns. I feel like finally I can relax and enjoy being the World Champion now, something I haven't really gotten chance to before. Plus, there's been a little more time to... uhm... 'celebrate'."


Landon winks at Megan, prompting some nervous shuffling from the interview behind the camera.


"Okay, uhm... what does the future hold now? What's next for Landon Maddix?"


"Well I'll be back live next week on Storm at..." Landon pauses for a moment as the cogs whirr in his head. "...uh, wherever the heck the show's gonna be next week. Hopefully somewhere in the real world. It's hard enough travelling from one company to the other on this planter, let alone between universes. Anyway, I'll be there live and hopefully by then, we'll have worked out what's next for Landon Maddix."


"Any ideas on who your next challenger will be?"


"Hey, take your pick!" shrugs Landon. "Virtually everybody on the roster's got some sort of a problem with me nowadays. One of the perks of being here so long I guess. Again, we'll find out next week. Let's leave it at that for now."


"And The Galacticos? What does the future lie in store for you as a team?"


"To be honest, I think the ship has sailed on that one." Landon says as diplomatically as possible, being in PR mode and all. "You know, it was a great ride and we had a successful run together, more than I ever guessed we could have. Us Two Skinny White Guys, I think we proved a lot of people wrong, to coin a phrase. But things change, life moves on. Right now it's best for us to go our seperate ways. But I wish Mike... Toxxic... whatever the hell he thinks people should call him nowadays, I wish him the best with whatever it is he's going to be doing without yours truly by his side. I'm sure he'll do okay without me."


"Okay, any final words to anyone who might be watching?"


"I suppose 'You want some, come get some' would be too corny. Then again, aren't all catchphrases? How about 'watch Storm next week'. 'And buy Pepsi Max'. Yeah. That works."


"Landon, thanks for your time."


"No problem. Thanks for the commercial gig."







"Wow. The idiot can't even illegally advertise without screwing it up."


"I don't know what you're talking about King. *ringpull* Landon earnt the commercial. After all, he's been drinking delicious, crisp Pepsi Max on our shows for months. As have I. *sound of soda chugging* Aaaaaah... delicious!"


"You disgust me."


"We can't all rake in revenue from our own stadiums King. In any event, Landon Maddix is here next week and apparantly we'll find out who's going to be in line for a shot at his World Championship. Until then, we've got action this week so let's go to the ring..."

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Announcer#1: What A match we have up and coming. The New Comer JRR attempts to make a name for himself here in SWF by taking on " The Paladin" Chance Silver. This will be the debut for both of them and I am very interested in seeing what both these men can dish out tonight.


Announcer#2: Well in my oppinion, i saw JRR in the locker room before the show and he was looking pretty determined to win this match. I feel that he will be a very important superstar that we should keep an eye on in the future.


"Click! Click! Boom!"

Announcer#1: And here we go JRR is on his way to the ring. Those pyros get to me everytime.


ring announcer: Coming to the ring at 6'4 weighing in at 230 pounds residing in Carteret, New Jersey.... J..R..R!


Announcer#1: Chance Silver is already at the ring awaiting his challenger JRR, and the match begins.


Announcer#2: JRR immediatly lungs at Chance and they are tied up in the middle of the ring. JRR goes for an armdrag but Chance rolls out of it and Irish Whips JRR into the turnbuckle.


Announcer#1: Chance is tossing lefts and rights right into JRR's forhead, wait JRR manages to pick him up carrying him to the middle of the ring where he double hand chokslams him back onto the mat. JRR has Chance in a headlock dead center of the ring Chance is in trouble.. JRR releases one hand and punches Chance's head, JRR looks like he has this match no oh wait, no, Chance is trying to free himself.


Announcer#2: JRR still has Chance in a headlock and turns it into a neckbreaker. Once again JRR has his opponent face-up on the mat, JRR runs against the ropes for speed and then Legdrops Chance, he gets up and trys again this time Chance rolls away and dropkicks JRR to the mat. Chance has JRR in a rear headlock and begins to work on JRR's head.


Announcer#1: Chance is really applying a ton of pressure on JRR's head, if only he can reach the ropes. Oh wait, that is exactly what he has done, Chance frees the hold and begins stomping on his back and dropping a few elbow drops to the lower back. Chance drags JRR to the middle of the ring where he once again trys for a headlock but JRR reverses and throws a few left and rights of his own. JRR whips him into the ropes and on the rebound catches him in a headlock and works Chance's body to the ground. Chance is trying to free himself.


Announcer#2: Chance is elbowing JRR in the chest and has freed himself..Whats this... OHHH JRR has just been layed out by a body press. Chance is signaling for JRR to get up. JRR is slowly rising to his feet, Chance is going for the spear! JRR jumps over Chance and runs up to the top of the turnbuckle and OHHH! JRR has just nailed Chance with a flying clothsline! The crowd has begun to stand now, the fans are beginning to cheer JRR on! Whats this...JRR Jackhammers Chance and you know what this means he is setting up for the Redline!


Announcer#1: he's got Chance in position for the Redline and now Chance is up in the air. Wait Chance reverses and spins JRR around and DDTs him. Both superstars are now both on the mat. The Ref begins to count but instead, Chance kip-up. He's calling for the spear again and What luck, JRR is getting up in the opposite corner.


Announcer#2: JRR is up now with his back turned to Chance, JRR turns around and Chance begins running toward JRR. BOOM! JRR countered with the Powerpop, a modified version of the STO.


Announcer#1: The crowd is going wild! JRR covers Chance's body..1..2..3!! Ding Ding Ding


Ring announcer: Here's your winner J..R..R!


Announcer#1: What a match, JRR came to the ring determined and kept his eye on the prize and took what was his. I agree with you now, We deffinitly need to keep an eye on this rising Superstar in the future.

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“The following contest is a Cruiserweight Four Corners Elimination Match!” Funyon tells the crowd, causing a reaction.


The lights turn pitch black and a spotlight shines onto the beginning of the entrance ramp.


“It’s a wonderful place, oh what a wonderful place …


For you …


…For you …


…For you… not me …”





Pyros explode and red and gold stars rise to the ceiling as the music changes to a fasster song, with the lights acting in correlation. Austin Sky steps out onto the entrance way to a chorus of boos.


“Why does this guy always look pissed about something?” Mak Francis asks.


“He’s probably mad he had to come out first,” Suicide King laughs. “No one’s gonna top this entrance.”


“Introducing the participants!” Funyon bellows. “First, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 230 lbs., AUSTIN SLY!”


Austin rolls under the ring and paces it before finding a corner, then removing his trenchcoat and carefully hanging it on the ringpost. He gets back to the center of the ring and stares down the entrance way.


LOUD, BOUNCY TECHNO MUSIC plays as a red flash fills the arena. The Fabulous Jakey appears from the arena, wearing a banana boat yellow blazer over his jersey and track pants.


“That coat reminds me of my father’s El Camino!” Suicide King cries.


“The flashy, the fabulous one is becoming more arrogant every week!” Mak Francis observes.


“Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 160 pounds, THE FABULOUS JAKEY!”


Jakey walks to the ring with no sense of hurry, then walks up the steps and goes in through the ropes. He stands in the center of the ring and raises both arms in open palms, then removes is blazer. He then walks to the same corner where Sly has his coat placed.


“And I think Jakey was planning on putting his coat where Sly did,” Mak Francis notes.


Sly yells at Jakey and asks what he’s doing and Jakey is shaking his head, seemingly telling Sly that he should have known better. Jakey callously throws Sly’s coat off of the ring and at him before beginning to hang up HIS coat in the corner. Sly turns Jakey around and they start having a war of words.


“And this match hasn’t even started yet!” Mack cries. “We’ve got two more entrances to go!”


Sly pokes Jakey in the chest with enough force that he moves back into the corner. Jakey comes back and hits Sly with a BITCHSLAP. Before Sly can respond, all of the lights turn off and an awful warbling sound emanates from the arena.


“And here comes the third participant!” Mack yells.


“Scientific Remote Viewing” by Cephalic Carnage plays as flashing strobes make their presence felt and smoke comes from the stage.


“Introducing: From Denver, Colorado, weighing in at 230 pounds, MANSON!”


Manson emerges from the curtain, with his metal baseball bat and chains accompanying him. Jakey and Sly are now both out of the ring at opposite corners, watching this strange man get into the ring. Manson slides in underneath the bottom rope and stands into his corner, then flips the bat over the top rope. He removes his mask, placing it over the turnbuckle post (mercifully, this is not the same corner that Sly and Jakey were fighting over). Manson removes his cloak and drapes it over the post, then stares daggers into Sly and Jakey.


“And both Austin Sly and The Fabulous Jakey not very eager to get into the ring here,” Mack Francis says.


Alice in Chains begins playing and red and black pyrotechnics go off. The crowd instantly rises as their wrestler is here.


“And finally!” Funyon yells over the ovation. “From Easton, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 223 pounds, YOUR INSANE LUCHADOR!”


The Insane Luchador sprints down the aisle, hi-fiving fans on his way. He has the crowd advantage and knows it. IL slides under the ropes and stares at Manson with a sadistic grin. Jakey and Sly slowly but surely get on the apron to grab their corresponding tag ropes.


“And the structure of the match will have two men start in the ring,” Mak explains to the home audience, “Here it looks to be the Luchador and Manson. The other two men will tag in and out until an elimination, in which the match will change to Triple Threat rules before a one-on-one encounter.”


“That’s why they pay you the big bucks, Mak Francis!” Suicide King cries.


Manson and Luchador stare each other down before Luchador takes the initiative, charging Manson into the corner and striking him relentlessly. Referee Sexton Hardcastle calls for a clean break, and Luchador grants Manson one, but Manson quickly clotheslines him. Manson angrily stomps on Luchador, then throws him into Austin Sly’s corner. Manson tags in Austin Sly and they both grab the Luchador.


“And already we’re seeing a double-team!” Mak cries. Manson grabs Luchador in what appears to be a backbreaker and Sly takes to the top rope, hitting a leg drop across Lucha’s neck with full authority.


“And Luchador could find himself out of here right away!” Mak cries as Sly covers for the pin.






And Lucha kicks out because I’m not that lazy. Sly stomps on the legs of Luchador, causing him and the audience to wince.


“And a smart move there, get the high-flyer’s legs,” Mak notes.


Sly taunts the crowd (something like a “What are you gonna do about it?”), then picks up Luchador and throws him into the corner of trenchcoats. Sly goes for a running charge, but Luchador kicks him in the jaw, then scores a bulldog. With the momentum of the crowd behind him, Lucha runs to Jakey’s corner and piefaces him onto the apron for really no reason …


“What was the meaning of that?” Suicide King yells.


…And Sly is up to his feet, but Luchador has speed going and hits him with a running cross body.


“A cross body!





Sly kicks out of it and gets back to his feet, but Luchador kicks him in the gut and runs off the ropes, but Manson kicks Luchador in the back before he can attempt anything. Sly takes this to advantage, going back to work on Lucha’s lower body with kicks. Sly tags Manson in again and the two of them hoist Luchador in the air.


“And what are they gonna do here?” Mak cries.


The question is answered with a DOUBLE SHOULDERBREAKER that incapacitates Luchador to the ground. Manson doesn’t go for the cover this time, but instead mounts Luchador and starts violently punching him in the face. The ref counts after five and scolds Manson, who then delivers a blatant choke.


“C’mon, ref, that’s a choke!” Mack yells. Manson relents at five, but then gives the Luchador one last punch.


“And the Insane Luchador has really taken most of the punishment in this match so far!” Mack cries.


Manson picks up Luchador and throws him into the corner, then assails him with a violent chop to the chest. And another. Manson takes his time before going for another one, and it’s the second that makes all the difference, because Lucha quickly reverses their positions, getting Manson into the corner and delivering a violent plethora of kicks to his midsection.


“And Luchador, getting his second wind here!”


Luchador goes up top and scores a Monkey Flip on Manson, then hits him with a Flying Knee, grabbing Manson’s head to make the blow more devastating. Luchador yells for the crowd and they cheer for him, and he then ascends to the top rope in a Moonsault position.


“The Insane Luchador going up top!” Mack cries. “Is he gonna hit it?”


Luchador hits a beautiful Moonsault and lands right on the midsection of Manson.


“The Moonsault connects!” Mack cries.






“And Manson kicks out of it!”


Luchador, struggling, picks Manson up and throws him off the ropes, but both men have the same idea and they clothesline each other, causing them both to fall to the mat.


“Maybe they should try to make a tag here,” Mack asserts.

“Absolutely!” Suicide King agrees. “And it doesn’t matter who they tag as this isn’t a tag match, although you wouldn’t know that watching Manson and Austin Sly earlier in this match!”


But as Suicide King says that, Manson begins to crawl toward Jakey’s corner while Luchador is crawling toward Sly. Sly, always up for a fight, as his arm extended, while Jakey, who has yet to tag in, watches with interest.


“Who’s gonna make their tag first?” Mack cries.


Manson, crawling on his knees, gets to Jakey’s corner and reaches his hand out, but Jakey jumps off the apron.


“What the hell?!” Mack yells.


Luchador makes the tag to Austin Sly, who takes advantage of the situation and violently dropkicks Manson in the back, sending him face-first into the turnbuckle. Before Manson can respond, Sly craftily rolls him up.


“The roll-up!








“And Manson has been eliminated! Jakey perhaps using some cold strategy there, but now this is down to a triple threat!”


Sly yells at Jakey and tells him to get in the ring, saying something along the lines of “I did the work for you, get your ass in the ring!” but Jakey just glares at him. Sly continues yelling, only to turn around into an Implant DDT by Luchador, who is back in the thick of it.


“What a DDT!” Mack cries. Luchador ascends to the top rope for the second time of the match, but this time he’s in a position facing the opponent. Achieving great elevation, Luchador lands a LEG DROP from the top rope, with his leg making the impact right on Austin Sly’s neck.


“Right on the neck! The cover!” Mack cries.






Austin Sly kicks out of it, but Luchador quickly regains control and scores with rights and lefts. Luchador throws Sly off the ropes, but makes the mistake of putting his head down and Sly hits a DDT with great impact.


Sly kicks Luchador around a little bit in order to get him closer to the corner, then ascends to the top rope.


“And Sly only goes to the top rope in desperation!” Mack cries.


The Luchador gets a quick wind and grabs the ropes, leaving Sly to be crotched on the top rope.


“And perhaps that’s why!” Mack finishes.


With Sly wincing in pain, the Luchador goes up top to attempt a suplex, but Sly stays firm and fights him off, before Luchador musters up the strength to hit the superplex. Both men lay on their backs within close proximity to each other


“Beautiful superplex! Both men down!” Mack Francis cries.


“DON’T TELL ME!” Suicide King yells.


Jakey crawls into the ring and drags Luchador just a bit closer to Sly, then hits a standing splash across both men.


“Not this way!” Mack cries in cliched fashion.








“I’m gonna be sick!” Francis cries.


“Here is your winner, THE FABULOUS JAKEY!”


“Jakey didn’t deliver one offensive move this entire match, and yet he finds himself one step closer to the Cruiserweight Title!” Mack cries. “This is an abomination!”


You can say that again ….

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JJ Johnson sits in his locker room, lacing up his boots prior to his hardcore match with Mirror Max. However, the Canadian’s preparations are disturbed by a grinding noise coming from his bag - Mastodon loses a little something in the translation to being a ringtone, but Johnson knows what he likes. He pulls out his cellphone, frowns at the unfamiliar number, then flips it open.


“Who’s this?” Mr. Cold Front Classic rasps.



“What do you want?”








“It damn well better had be different,” Johnson snorts.



“I’ll think about it.”



“I said, I’ll think about it,” the Canadian Murder Machine declares, then snaps his phone shut before tossing it back into his bag. He goes back to lacing up his boots. But he does stop now and then to look at his bag thoughtfully.






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“Welcome back, folks! exclaims ‘The Franchise’ Mak Francis, “and we’re moments away from the first of two main events for the evening. First up we’ll see Danny Williams taking on Johnny Dangerous. King,” Francis pauses, turning his head towards his announcing partner, “the last time we saw these two compete it was nearly a year and a half ago, and that match was for the World Heavyweight Championship. A lot of time has passed since then, though.”


“Yeah, a lot of time for hatred to brew,” Suicide King responds. “Johnny Dangerous never even received a rematch after losing that bout, and in losing he created the first four-time SWF World Heavyweight Champion in the history of the SWF. Knowing that it’s his fault that Danny was the first to reach that milestone because he couldn’t close his match has had to have been eating at him this whole time - He’s got to be itching at a chance to finally knock Danny Williams down and get some sort of vengeance!”


“Interesting story, but I don’t think the Barracuda is that shallow. Holding a grudge against someone for nearly two years just for beating you in a match? Come on now, King!”


“I’m sure I could think of a few superstars that I could apply that to,” hums King.


“Possibly, but I don’t think the Barracuda is one of them,” Francis finishes rather matter-of-factly. “Tonight we’re going to see two staples of this federation compete for a chance to get back on the winning track, and to prove that they could be a force for the World Champion to reckon with. Let’s get to it!”




The timekeeper’s bell rings out, bringing the din of the crowd to a low murmur. Their attention is now focused on the ring and the announcer standing inside that’s about to bring them this anticipated match up.


“Ladies and gentlemen,” Funyon bellows. “The following match up scheduled for ONE FALL is the FIRST of TWO main event matches for the evening! Introducing first…”


Funyon’s voice drifts off into the open air stadium while the lights dim around ringside and the Smarktron comes to life. A video begins displaying an image of a fuse fizzling down towards a stick of dynamite, and the Mission Impossible theme (as performed by the James Taylor Quartet) starts ringing out around the Acer Arena! The opening to the song sounding very much like a time-bomb alarm sounding off before exploding and then that popular groove that everyone knows… and just before the music swings into full gear to launch the crowd into a frenzy-




-a deep, sultry voice breathes the name of the SWF’s secret agent over the speakers then-




-and only THEN does the music hit as a riotous explosion of pyro rocks the entrance stage! Finally, through all the vibrant lights and the cloud of smoke comes the Barracuda, silhouetted by the strobes with occasional flashes reflecting off his high-tech shades as he turns his head from side-to-side, looking out at his crowd.






“From Las Vegas, Nevada, and weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds; he is one half of the current and reigning SWF World Tag Team Champions… JOHNNY ‘THE BARRACUDAAAAAAAA’ DAAAANGEEEROUSSSS!”


He strolls down the ramp and heads towards the ring with a rather intense look on his face. Johnny is fully aware of what it’s going to take to come out on top in this match, and he certainly isn’t looking forward to the beating he’ll have to take in order to get there. However, the look etched on his face has the Suicide King jabbing his cohort to say that he was right on his assumption of the Barracuda’s mood for this match.


“Please,” says Mak, fighting off the jabs. “This is going to be a tasteful match between two first class athletes. Speed versus strength No more, no less.”


As the Barracuda strips off his accessories his music dies down and 'Jester's Dance' by In Flames fires up! The crowd is just as vibrant for the arrival of Williams as they were for the Barracuda, and when he shoves aside the curtains to emerge onto the stage he does so to a magnificent pop!






“And his opponent!” booms Funyon. “From Louisville, Kentucky, and weighing in tonight at two hundred and seventy pounds; he is ‘DEATHWISH’ DANNNNYYYYY WIIIILLIAAAAMSSSSS!”


“Danny Williams already had his big return to the SWF spoiled by Toxxic at From the Fire,” Mak reports as Deathwish saunters towards the ring with a look of focus. “Interestingly enough, the Barracuda is about the same size and just as light on his feet as Stephens.”


“Please, Mak, Johnny Dangerous is nowhere near as… well excuse the pun, but he’s not as dangerous as Toxxic,” Suicide King says. “It pains me to say this, but this match is Danny’s to loose.”


Williams slides into the ring, adjusts his elbow pad, and then raises one arm to the crowd for another round of cheers. He glances over at the Barracuda and Johnny regards him with a simple nod and Danny responds in kind. The respect each man has for the other (as a fellow competitor) is shared for a moment…




…but that’s all over now. The two men begin a slow-paced circle of one another as the sound of the crowd crackling and buzzing with anticipation swirls all around them. Everyone is on their feet cheering whole heartedly for the man they support and it’s near deafening to say the least!










“Will you just listen to these fans,” the Franchise marvels as he swivels his head from one side of the arena to the other. “Not a single blow has landed yet and this crowd is on fire for this match!”


“Chalk that up to the lack of a professional wrestling outlet in this country,” says Suicide King, trying his damnedest to discredit the moment, as Johnny carefully watches Deathwish; gauging his stride and looking for the slightest hint of a change in his regular pattern.


“Johnny knows he can’t afford to get trapped by the much stronger man just as much as Danny knows that he can’t afford to get into a breakneck paced match with the much speedier man,” Mak says, ignoring Suicide King’s comments and instead focusing on calling the match. “Williams already played that game at From the Fire… and he lost that match. There’s no way he makes the same mistakes twice.”


Finally, and much to the delight of this Venezuelan crowd, Dangerous and Williams close in and collide with a classic collar-and-elbow tie up! It’s a bait and switch though, as Johnny knows he can’t overpower the Kentuckian and quickly breaks the tie up while grabbing his opponent’s arm and spinning around behind him for a hammerlock! The Barracuda cranks back on the arm, but Danny isn’t about to start handing over body parts this early on without a fight! He suddenly spins around, ripping his arm free of Johnny’s grasp and swinging his free elbow around-




-but the Barracuda ducks to avoid the blast! The crowd “OOH’S” at the missed hairline fracture as Dangerous quickly takes off across the ring, knowing that he can’t stay close to Williams - he has to keep the distance – and by the time Danny realizes that Johnny is gone he’s already hits the ropes and is on his way back towards him. Williams isn’t about to make himself a sitting duck, though. He’s not the quickest on his feet but he’s certainly no slouch either, and he swings his mighty arm out for what is sure to be a shell shocking lariat!


That’s if he could land it though.


“Missed again,” Francis comments as Johnny ducks down to narrowly avoid the lariat, whizzing past Williams and then heading for the ropes behind him. Johnny springs back from the ropes and launches himself through the air at Deathwish, greeting his opponent with a cross body block! He catches Williams just as he was spinning back around to face him, and hits so hard that he violently sends Danny crashing down into the canvas! Johnny stays on top as referee Ronald ‘Red’ Herrington drops to count-




NO! Johnny is mightily thrown off by Williams, and lands several feet away to a thunderous pop from the crowd!






“A pure display of power by Danny Williams,” Francis marvels. “He just pressed the Barracuda off him like he did Stephens at From the Fire… and this crowd is eating it up!”


Williams gets up to his knees, using one hand to push him up from the canvas as he glances over at his opponent, who is already up to his feet. Danny knows he has to be able to react faster as he stands to a vertical base, his eyes on the Barracuda the whole time. He brushes his hair back behind his shoulder and motions Johnny to come on, and for the second time the two begin to circle…


“These two men are trying to play it safe and test the waters before committing to their plans,” Mak speculates.


“Like these two think far enough in advance to formulate a plan for the match,” Suicide King scoffs. Johnny moves in, feeling that he’s scouted an opening on his opponent-




However, it’s exactly what Williams was hoping for, and he quickly strafes to the side and nails the Barracuda with a quick elbow smash!




Johnny stumbles back with a hand to his jaw, feeling his lip for blood as he angrily glares at his opponent. The feeling is mutual, and Danny stares back just as well--rather intensely in fact--while taking the half second he has to adjust his elbow pad. The heated moment sends a buzz through the Venezuelan crowd, and they move to the edge of their seats. Chants of “DAN-E!” and “JOHN-NY!” erupt from all corners of the arena as the two competitors snarl at each other and bare down on their knuckles, seemingly growing more irate by the minute!


“This is about to get ugly,” King mutters only a second before Johnny darts towards Williams and fakes with a left then quickly slings a right into Danny’s mouth!






The fans explode into cheers, thrilled that this match just might be filled with more ruthlessness than originally expected. However, the blow doesn’t even seem to faze Deathwish—he’s soaked up more punishment in his lifetime than the Barracuda could imagine--and he fires back with a forearm into the side of Dangerous’ skull!




Johnny stumbles back from the rocking blow, unable to take the blows without flinching like his opponent, and if Danny has it his way the Barracuda will be doing a lot more than flinching in the next few minutes! He quickly closes in with a second forearm and then a third, each hit rocking Dangerous’ head on his shoulders while knocking him a step closer and closer to the ropes!


“This is not the kind of battle Johnny Dangerous wants to get into,” Mak comments. “Engaging in a slugfest with Danny is a surefire way for him to loose this match!”


Though dazed Johnny frantically reaches back to feel for the ropes and to have something to grab onto, but before he can reach them Williams grabs him by the arm and whips him across the ring! Johnny hits the ropes and bounces back towards the Kentucky native, who begins the motions of a lariat. But before he can connect Johnny ducks down and blazes right under Williams’ arm for the second time tonight! He races right past Williams, heading straight for the ropes behind Deathwish and picking up some serious steam! He hits the ropes and springs off them to go screaming back towards his opponent, then jumps up…




…and drops two feet into Williams’ chest to floor the Kentuckian! Again the Barracuda applies a lateral press on Williams as Herrington counts…




…and nothing more as Williams easily powers out!


“You can forget about that tasteful match notion, Mak. Obviously there is still some aggression felt over that World Title match,” Suicide King assumes.


“I doubt it,” Mak snaps right back. “Right now these two want to get back on the winning path, and the only way to get there is by going through the other man. Nobody wants to loose here tonight!”


Danny tries to quickly get to his feet and get back on the defensive path, but his nimble opponent greets him with a boot to the gut! Williams doubles over and Johnny snags him in a side headlock. He clenches down as hard as he can then starts to pull the Kentucy native across the ring, fully intending to clothesline him across the top rope-


“Shades of the Macho Man Randy Savage,” Mak calls out. However, Danny isn’t about to let any of those shenanigans play out though and he quickly slams on the brakes, shoving Dangerous away. Johnny keeps on going, heading across the ring once again then hits the ropes and comes rocketing back towards Danny. Like before, Williams looks to catch the Barracuda with a shot only this time…






…it connects, and he sends Johnny to the mat with a thunderous elbow smash! Now it’s Danny’s turn to make for the cover, and he does so with Herrington counting for…






TWO-NO! Johnny kicks out just in the middle of two! Danny grabs the Barracuda by his head and pulls him to his feet, tossing in a few shots to Johnny’s midsection to keep him subdued before spinning him around and locking his hands around the Barracuda’s waist from behind! The crowd roars in anticipation and Dangerous knows what’s coming up next - it’s all he can do to frantically grapevine his leg around Williams’ leg before he’s hauled over for a German. It stops the suplex as intended, giving Johnny enough time to send an elbow flying back into his opponent’s skull! Danny grunts from the blow, but doesn’t budge until…






…three more elbows, thrown in rapid succession, coming firing back at him! Finally, the strikes pay off and Danny woozily backs off the secret agent, releasing his hands from Johnny’s waist.


“He’s got Williams stunned now,” says King. “He’d better tuck his tail and run while he has the chance.”


Which is exactly the opposite of what the Barracuda does; He turns towards Williams to press the attack but Danny simply shakes off the blows and comes right back at him!


“There’s no time to put any distance between him and Danny now,” says Mak. “I’m almost thinking that the Barracuda wants to get into a brawl with Danny; he didn’t even try to get back.”


Danny leads his charge with a forearm. Right now he isn’t too worried about Johnny dodging his attacks – all he has to do is land one solid hit and it’ll be lights out for the Barracuda. As Danny had expected, Johnny dodges the forearm smash by ducking down and spinning away from the oncoming arm, but then Dangerous unexpectedly and fluidly moves right into a roundhouse kick! Dangerous nails the Kentucy native right in his abdomen, and when his foot lands



stunning Danny as he doubles over while clenching his gut. Johnny takes the one second opening that Williams gives him and moves right into a Russian Leg Sweep, and Danny goes crashing into the mat after having his legs swept out from under him. Johnny quickly jumps up then arches back while bringing out his elbow…




…and sinks the point of his elbow directly into Danny’s sternum! Deathwish quivers on impact, but stays on his back as Johnny floats over for a cover.












“Again Williams powers out of the pin attempt,” says King, as Danny tosses Dangerous off him then rolls onto his stomach and shoves off the mat, “proving that it’s going to take a lot more than anything Johnny has to offer to put him down!”


Williams pushes up to his knees and pauses, trying to refill his lungs with air while Johnny jumps back to his feet. He takes one look towards his opponent, assesses the situation, and then takes off for the ropes. He hits them and rebounds, making a charge for his opponent. However, Danny looks up in time to see what his opponent is up to and the second Johnny leaps up and extends his feet out for a drop kick is when Williams suddenly rolls out of the way…




…and Johnny lands flat on his back in the most unflattering of mannerisms. He flushes bright red and quickly pops back up to his feet…




…and just barely avoids another forearm smash!


“One of these times Johnny’s luck is going to run out,” says King, “and when it does you better believe he’s going to feel it!”


“Your preaching to the choir,” Mak replies as Johnny quickly heads across the ring. He knows he’s played with fire by not having put much distance between him and Williams earlier, but if he’s going to win he has to keep Danny at arms length… or possibly two. Johnny gets across the ring and quickly glances over his shoulder to keep tabs on his opponent’s whereabouts, only to find that Williams is stalking right behind like an incensed madman! Danny reaches out for the Barracuda…




…but Johnny quickly thrusts his palm into Williams’ face, nailing him right between the eyes with a Shotei palmstrike! The crowd roars in approval of seeing one of the Barracuda’s more widely known moves, as well as to seeing Deathwish seemingly stunned!


“Knows the time for Johnny to go for it all!” shouts Mak, but surprisingly enough, Johnny ducks out of the ring and stops on the outside. Some of the fans aren’t too keen on seeing this, and rightfully so. At first glance it seems like Johnny Dangerous is trying to run away from his opponent… but Williams isn’t going to let him get away just yet! He drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, shouting at Dangerous to get back into the ring as he pounds his fist into his hand. All the while, the referee leans over the top rope and shouts at both men to get back into the ring.


“Don’t listen to him, Johnny,” Suicide King says. “Take the high road and run while you have the chance.”


“Figures you’d offer advice like that.”


Danny closes in on Johnny, visibly agitated, and that’s when the Barracuda does something he’s never done before.


Johnny runs.


“World’s wildest police chases coming up!”


Johnny takes off around the ring but Danny chases after him with the crowd roaring in approval for the chase! He’s not about to spoil his return match to Storm with a bunch of foolishness! Johnny heads around the ring for a total of three times with Danny following in hot pursuit; Williams refusing to give up… even though he starts to slow with each lap around the ring. Finally, Johnny slides back into the ring, leaving Danny on the outside. Williams takes a quick second to catch his breath, and then crawls into the ring after him.


“I think Johnny Dangerous might have a little bit of a better plan that what I originally gave him credit for,” says Mak. “He’s wearing Danny out by making him chase after him. We all know Williams doesn’t go down very easy, but if he doesn’t have anything left in the tank then he doesn’t have anything left in the tank!”


“Coincidence,” claims King. Johnny closes the gap between Williams and himself as Danny gets up to his knees, and starts to sling fist after fist into Deathwish!








But then Williams swings his fist out and catches Johnny directly in the side of the head! Johnny’s body is rocked and he staggers back as Williams stands back to his feet. Williams quickly pulls him back in with an arm wrench and then steps forward, whipping the Barracuda across the ring and straight towards the corner…




Johnny slams back-first into the unforgiving steel post then flops to the canvas! He groans in agony, clutching his aching back while trying to get back up. Staying on the mat would certainly be his doom and he knows it, so despite the pain he reaches for the ropes and pulls himself back to his feet. However, that seems to be just what Deathwish was hoping for. Danny storms across the ring towards his opponent, catching Johnny like a deer caught in the headlights before spinning around and absolutely blasting him in the head with a-






Danny’s devastating blow sends the Barracuda tumbling over the top rope to the thinly-padded concrete floor, and he lands with a monstrous thud!










“What a tremendous Rolling Elbow that was!” exclaims Mak, shouting over the roaring crowd. “I think Johnny Dangerous might be counting his blessings that it sent him over the top rope and not to the mat, or it’d have certainly been the end of this match!”


Herrington begins the standard ten-count on Johnny, who is on the outside holding dearly to his head. He gets up on his knees… but then falls back on his face.
















Williams hangs over the top rope, trying to catch his wind back. He knows he could probably win this match right now as the Barracuda doesn’t look to be climbing back inside the ring anytime soon--or even moving for that matter--but he decides not to tempt fate. If the Barracuda does make it back into the ring he’ll have had that much more time to recover, and even though Williams has yet to fully gain his breath back he drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring, dropping to the arena floor.




Williams grabs Johnny by his collar, pulling the stunned secret agent to his feet before rolling him in the ring under the bottom rope. Danny rolls in after his opponent just as the referee reaches the count of “SIIIIIIIIX” then rolls Johnny onto his back and goes for the pin. Herrington stops his count out and drops for the pin-fall.






























Johnny kicks out with only a nanosecond to spare, and the crowd roars its approval with a thunderous cheer and a chant for the Barracuda!


“Johnny gets the shoulder up again,” says Mak, “but there wasn’t much authority behind that one. Luckily, he had all that time to recover or he might have bit the dust right there.”


Danny gets back to his feet and then reaches down to grab the Barracuda and pulls him up. It’s more than obvious that Williams is growing tired of Dangerous’ persistence, not to mention having to chase him down earlier. It’s time to end this. He reaches down and clamps on, desperately, a front headlock.


“Danny Williams goes back to what he knows,” King says, “and knows best. That front headlock is airtight, and he knows he can grab some time to breathe with it locked on.”


As Williams holds the headlock, he blinks and very slowly starts to breathe more normally. His muscles are definitely tired, that much is clear, but his air supply returning to normal clears his head and a smile begins to emerge.


He’s got this one locked up.


Williams stands up. His broad shoulders and cannons for arms strain as he clamps down harder and harder, trying to squeeze the life out of Johnny Dangerous. The fans begin to cheer and boo, almost evenly split – some of the Venezuelan crowd participates in a “DAN-GER-OS-A *clap clap clap-clap-clap*” chant, while some of them cheer on Williams with “DAN-E! DAN-E!” refrains. Williams stands taller, trying to stretch Dangerous’ neck out even as he chokes the consciousness out of him!


“This is it, Mak,” marvels King. “Forget about Johnny Dangerous ever getting another main event match! He’s going down without as much as a whimper to Danny Williams!”


As Williams stands tall, his barrel chest expands by the second, and his normally expressionless mouth seems to show a bit of an ecstatic side … until…


“Wait a second!” shouts Mak.


Williams wears a look of surprise and tries to shoot his right arm back down around Johnny’s neck. Before he can, though, the secret agent grabs his arm and twists out to the side, stunning Danny with a quick kick to the ribs! The Dangerous section of the crowd bursts into cheers as Williams doubles over in pain, only to have Johnny grab him from behind and duck his head under an arm!


“He’s going for –” shouts Mak, and Johnny lifts Williams off the mat, looking for the MI Slam!




NO! Williams slips out of the Barracuda’s grasp before Dangerous can deliver his patented finisher and shoves off of his shoulders, landing just slightly to the side of Johnny! The Dangerous fans let out a collective sigh, but still hold a death grip on their seats, until the Barracuda turns right into Danny Williams’ ferocious spinning elbow!




Dangerous collapses under the force of the elbow! Williams drops to his knees and slumps onto Johnny, obviously a bit exhausted after trying to chase after the Barracuda all match, but it’s still a cover and Herrington is there to make the count!















THREE- NO!!!!!!!!! Dangerous kicks out! Williams looks absolutely stunned, shaking his head out and looking at Herrington with disbelief! He stands up, and Johnny Dangerous bellies down on pure instinct. Williams looks to Herrington, holding up three fingers and screaming for the bell to be rung. Patiently, the senior official shakes his head and orders him to continue wrestling. Indignantly, Williams reaches down and grabs Dangerous by the waist. He lifts him to his feet, but rather than go for his standard German, he ducks his head under Dangerous’ arm and hoists him into the air!


“He’s going for his backdrop driver!” shouts King. “If he spikes Dangerous on his head, there’s no WAY he’s getting up!”


Williams holds Dangerous in the air for a second before arching his back… but he can’t pop Dangerous to the perpendicular angle, and so Johnny is spared the sheer drop of the backdrop driver and lands relatively harmlessly on his back! The fans scream, some approvingly and some with a sense of being robbed. Williams looks up, his eyes looking almost defeated, and then he looks down at his body. He rolls over and grabs Dangerous again, and once again lifts him to his feet. Trying one more time, he ducks his head down under Johnny’s shoulder.


“Danny’s going for the backdrop driver once more,” says Mak, “but King, you’ve got to believe that his inability to hit it took a lot out of Danny mentally.”


King just shrugs, careful to avoid picking sides.


Williams tries once more to lift Johnny… only to have the Barracuda take a knee and hug the mat, sandbagging to keep Williams from being able to lift it. Normally able to overcome this sort of counter with his brute strength, Williams tries to lift him… and can’t... he’s still feeling the effects of his pursuit with Johnny. He crouches down, trying to use his powerful legs to hoist Dangerous off the mat, but is quickly foiled by a sharp, almost undetectable heel to the groin! Once again, the crowd explodes on partisan lines, but Williams releases Dangerous and staggers backwards!


“What do you call that?” spits King. “That’s purely unethical treatment of testicles, and I’m not going to stand for it, Danny Williams or not!”


“Johnny knows that he’s got do what he’s got do,” says Mak, “sometimes you have to blur the lines of what’s right and wrong to complete your mission!”


“Come on, you’re just saying that because it’s Danny Williams who took the shot.”


“Trust me, I have nothing against Danny Williams,” Mak replies, crossing his arms, even though nobody believes him.


As Williams staggers away, Dangerous spins him around and grabs him around the waist, this time it’s his turn to take a stab at the German suplex! He arches back, sending Williams onto his shoulders, and then rolling through. Impotently, the Kentucky native tries to hug the mat, but Dangerous is able to lift him again and throw him to the mat with another German suplex before rolling through. Once more, he lifts Williams off the mat, and this time he bridges! He holds Danny on the mat for a heartbeat, but before Red Herrington makes it to the mat, Johnny releases the hold.


“What’s wrong with him?” asks King. “How is he going to explain this one?”


“I don’t think he feels like that’ll be enough to put Danny away,” Mak answers. “He needs something more… something with a little more umph to it.”


Dangerous makes his way to the corner for that extra little something. Determined, he scales the ringpost, finally taking his place on the top turnbuckle and facing the crowd. He looks up to the sky, and then closes his eyes before leaping off the top rope.


Flashbulbs explode. The moon lights the Venezuelan sky as Johnny Dangerous floats gracefully through the air, performing a perfect moonsault as time seems to stand still. He positions himself, crouching slightly and brings his boots together, and finally lands squarely on Danny Williams!


“DEATH FROM ABOVE!” screams Mak Francis, as Dangerous hops off Williams to try to regain his balance. “Johnny knew he had to come up with something to put Danny down and he did – there’s no getting up from this!”


To Johnny, though, Death From Above wasn’t just an aerial move to finish off Danny Williams. He makes the cover, watching Red Herrington drop to the mat. Determinedly, Dangerous hooks Williams’ leg and holds him down for

























“He got him!” exclaims Mak. “Coming into this I wasn’t giving him the best chance in my mind, but he proved me wrong. Johnny Dangerous has defeated Danny Williams for the first time in his career.”


“Well I have to give Johnny Dangerous credit for this one,” Suicide King says through gritted teeth. “He wore Danny Williams out with a rather simple, yet effective plan, and came out with the victory.”


Johnny Dangerous stands up, and his fans begin screaming their approval. He throws his arms into the air and screams back, unable to control himself.


“Your winner of this bout by pinfall,” says Funyon, “JOHNNY ‘THE BARRACUDA’ DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGEROUS!!!!!!”


Tonight, though, wasn’t just about getting himself back on the road to victory, or even avenging a World Title loss to Williams from so long ago. Tonight was about showing those on top that Johnny Dangerous was still as lethal as ever and can’t be overlooked. If he can finally beat Danny Williams, then maybe, just maybe there’s a chance he could beat the one guy that’s on top of the World right now.


He beat one of the best, and he did it in style. It’s the thought the Barracuda will keep with him for the rest of the night, and he walks towards the curtains smiling broadly …







As we:


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The main event has ended and the fans in the Plaza De Toros are ready to leave… but suddenly the huge portable Smarktron at one end of the arena flickers into life and is filled with a familiar face. A face with spiky black hair and steel-grey eyes rimmed with eyeliner; the face of a certain rather notorious Englishman.




“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,” Toxxic says grandiosely, apparently ignoring the jeers of the fans, “thank you for watching SWF Storm, the premier production in pro wrestling broadcasting today! I’m sure you all enjoyed tonight’s broadcast,” the Straight-Edge Sensation continues, “but yet also I’m sure there’s a few of you who were about to go away disappointed. I think I know why. Surely, some of you were thinking ‘but what about that loveable rogue Toxxic?’.”




“‘Cruelly cast adrift by his tag team partner’,” Toxxic carries on, the faint smile on his face indicating that he’s aware of the boos and is more amused by them than anything else, “‘will Toxxic receive the World Title shot that he’s surely in line for?’. Well,” he says, “it doesn’t look like it. No, Landon’s denying me that as well. However, never fear loyal fans!” the straight-edger beams, “all is not lost! No, I have found a new direction - or more accurately, rediscovered an old one. Not driven by any sense of purpose, overarching ambition or divine destiny, but rather because I feel like it… and because I can.”






The familiar chant rings out through the Plaza De Toros, but it seems that Toxxic isn’t listening (as if he ever does). Instead, the steel-grey eyes continue to bore into the camera, the Englishman smiling slightly as if he’s party to a joke no-one else gets.


“You see, the Chinese have a curse. They say; ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’. I always live in interesting times. And I do a lot to keep them interesting.”


One side of the Straight-Edge Sensation’s mouth creases up into his signature lopsided grin.


“…welcome to the revolution…”









© 2007 Acid Rayn Productions for the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation

‘Raising Workrate By Typing Faster’

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