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SWF STORM, MAY 16, 2007!

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“I want to see Flesher.”


“I’m sorry Mr. Drake, but Mr. Flesher is busy right no-”




Tom Flesher, Commissioner and current stand-in CEO of the SWF, sighs and puts his pen down as he hears the exchange in his outer office. Sure enough, two seconds later the handle turns and his door slams open, admitting the form of ‘The Beast’ Gabriel Drake. Drake opens his mouth-


“I’ll expect you to pay for that,” Flesher says, nodding towards the slight dent in the wall where the door has hit. Drake, caught off-guard, turns around to look. “And close the damn door, were you born in a barn?” Tom adds. Drake glowers at him, and shuts the door. Perhaps slightly harder than necessary.


“Thank you,” Flesher says once the rattling has died away. “Now, can I help you?” The expression on his face is carefully calculated to imply that no, he can’t, and he wouldn’t even if he could, but Drake didn’t spend four years in a Georgia jail to be put off by a cranky frown and some pre-emptive verbal strikes. So the big man grips the back of the seat in front of Flesher’s desk with both hands and glowers down at the man in charge.


“I want Toxxic,” The Beast declares shortly. Flesher just looks at him for a couple of seconds.


“It’s taken you since last week to decide that?” he asks, “and you want to talk to me about it now, right before a show, when I have all this paperwork to do? What was wrong with the weekend, for crying out loud?”


“Why are you always doing paperwork before the shows?” Gabe retorts, “do you only do work on the nights we wrestle?” Both men stare at each other for a few seconds, equally unwilling to admit their time management problems, before Flesher sighs and reaches for his bourbon.


“You want Toxxic. Anything else?”


“No,” Drake says, shaking his head.


“Fine, I’ll see to it,” Flesher tells him, taking a sip. “Try not to damage the wall on your way out.” He looks up at Gabe again. “Was there something else? Only you seem to still be here.”


“Just like that?” Drake asks softly, “no, I don’t think so. I’ve been here long enough to know that I don’t trust you, Flesher. I certainly don’t trust you to give me what I want when I want it. I want to know what you’re up to.”


“Drake, drop it,” the Superior One snaps. “I’ve been in this company with people like Silent, Janus, the Hville Thug… they were psychopaths. In comparison, you’re just an ex-con with an anger management problem, and you most certainly do not intimidate me. However, to address your concerns,” he continues, “I have no problem with putting you in the ring with Toxxic again and allowing you to tear chunks off each other. I can’t work out whether the fans will shit on it because they hate both of you, or be wildly into it because no matter who wins, someone they hate loses, but either way I’ve got nothing better for you to do at 13th Hour so I’ll throw it together in the hope we get something approaching a decent buyrate from it.” He takes another sip of bourbon and looks back up at Drake. “Besides, maybe this will guarantee you actually show up for a change.” The Beast looks like he’s about to respond, but then voices are heard in the outer office.


“Alright, is Flesher in?”


“I’m sorry Mr. Stephens, but Mr. Flesher is busy right no-”


“Yeah bollocks, stupid sod’s probably just getting a blowjob from Allison. Don’t get up love, I know the way.”


The door opens again - not quite as explosively this time - and a familiar figure steps around it. Toxxic sidles into the office and nudges the door shut behind him with one foot, then grins lopsidedly at the two men.


“Well well, I stand corrected,” he says. “Allison on holiday, is she?”


“Toxxic, just the person I wanted to see,” Flesher says, lying with practised ease (more to rub Drake the wrong way than to spare the Englishman’s feelings), “Gabriel was just telling me how much he wanted a match with you and-how-he-understands-that-assaulting-you-in-my-office-will-result-in-a-disciplinary,” the Superior One finishes at a slightly faster pace, catching Drake’s eye. The Beast, who had started to step towards the straight-edger, halts and gives Flesher the dirtiest of looks.


“Well now, that’s nice,” Toxxic nods, “you see Tom, I was just on my way to talk to you about the very same thing, seeing as how it appeared that our friend Gabriel didn’t seem to have the balls to make the suggestion himself. Maybe you’ve been cleaning them a bit hard since last week,” the Englishman continues, winking at his former friend, “worn them down too much, perhaps?”


“Toxxic, don’t taunt the convicted killer,” Flesher says in a bored tone, “it’s not big and it’s not clever.” He glances at the Straight-Edge Sensation. “So, you’re willing to agree to this without me having to threaten, blackmail or bribe you? Astonishing.”


“Go ahead and book it,” Toxxic replies cheerily, “the only thing I want to work out is what sort of match we’ll be having.”


“If you were thinking of suggesting a Ladder match, how about I save you some time and introduce your face to the wall now?” Drake asks levelly, and is rewarded with seeing the grin slip from Toxxic’s face slightly.


“Far from it,” the Englishman tells him. “Actually, I thought we’d go into our past a little bit.”


“What, you mean straight singles, like when I beat you in December?” Drake suggests. “Or possibly the Elimination Chamber, where you get a few other people to do your dirty work for y-”


“British Rules,” Toxxic tells him. Drake blinks.




“Oh come on, surely you remember Dave talking about the good old days of British wrestling, back when we were in Atlanta?” Toxxic asks. “The rules he used to compete in, the rules I grew up watching on dear old World of Sport?” He turns to Flesher. “Two falls, pinfall or submission, to decide the winner, OR one knockout. Think of it as a two-out-of-three falls match, with an overriding Last Man Standing stip.” He looks over at Drake and cocks an eyebrow. “Whaddya say, sunshine? You in?”


“You want to be taken down in two straight falls, you be my guest,” Drake snorts. “Show me the contract and I’ll sign it. Until then,” he adds, pushing past Toxxic, “I’m going to leave Mister Flesher’s office. I’ll see you around.” The door slams shut behind him, leaving Toxxic looking at it.


“That disciplinary thing only applied in your office, didn’t it?” he asks. Flesher nods. “Figures he was in a hurry to leave,” the straight-edger sighs. “Ah well. Such is life. If it’s not seven-foot psychopaths it’s people who should be advertising rum and secret agents on the longest leave from active duty I’ve ever heard of, and if it’s not them it’s murderous ex-convicts.”


“What exactly did you do to him last week?” Flesher asks, mildly curious. Toxxic shrugs.


“I put Icy/Hot in his tights,” he says. “Not massively original I know, but it seemed funny at the time.”


“And the tricking him into running into an ambush of maple syrup solution?” Flesher asks, who has his contacts among the SWF staff.


“Well, I needed to get him out of the way somehow,” the Englishman explains. “I mean, it’s not like I could just waltz in and smear muscle treatment cream into his wrestling gear while he was there. Oh, before I forget,” he continues, reaching into his pocket, “something for the SWF website. We just had the film developed.” Tom looks down at a photo clearly showing Gabriel Drake, looking confused, clutching a girl’s skinny fit baby pink T-shirt bearing the words “I LOVE JAKEY” in purple glittery writing.


“That’s… one of the most alarming things I’ve ever seen,” Flesher admits.


“It’s a work of pure genius,” Toxxic tells him, “Jakey’s a photographer like no other.” He clasps his hands and taps his black-nailed fingers together thoughtfully, then turns to face Flesher fully.


“Now then,” the Englishman says, “seeing as how I beat Danny at From The Fire, and I beat Jimmy a couple of weeks ago, and me and Sly beat Rickmen and JRR last week, once I beat Gabe at 13th Hour do you think you might see your way to maybe, possibly, somehow in some way before the ice caps melt, the seas rise and we all have to grow gills, giving me a shot at my old buddy Landon and that little ornament he’s carrying around…?”

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation Presents...


Live, Wednesday, May 16th, from the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico!



Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix vs. "The Dean of Professional Wrestling" Jay Hawke

--> After having Landon sufficiently bloodied, battered, and beaten to a pulp, Tom Flesher thinks it's about time we got a real World Champion to lead the fed heading into 13th Hour. Jay Hawke scored a decisive victory over Maddix in their Pure Rules match - can he do the same with the title on the line?
Rules: Standard singles match.
Word Limit: 5500
Send to: Muzz

Zyon vs. Jimmy the Doom

--> A little over two months ago, these two faced off for the Hardcore title - Zyon came up short, but tonight Jimmy's intimate knowledge of Doomtopian Hardcore Lore will be useless, as it's a standard singles rules!
Rules: Standard singles.
Word Limit: 4500. Please write.
Send to: chirs3

Wild and Dangerous vs. Team Faaabulooous! (The Fabulous Jakey and Austin Sly)

--> That was too good a name not to use. Apologies to Rev-0.

In any event, Jakey's Cruiserweight Title Reign came to an abrupt end last week, but that's hardly the end of this conflict - he insists that the Wildchild's win wasn't legit, and a rematch as been signed for 13th Hour! Until then, we thought we'd let Jake and his Revolution-0 mate get another crack at the Bomber, in an area where Rev-0 was successful last show - tag team style.
Rules: Standard tag team match.
Word Limit: 50000000000.
Send to: Ace309

PLUS: I'm hoping to get something for Drake on here, but I'm not sure if the promos and not-edited-in-yet match are meant to lead to anything specific or not. Lemme know. Anyone else - additions, amendments, requests, enhancement matches, etc., gimme gimme.

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“Welcome to Storm!” says Mak Francis. “We’ve got a great night of action planned, including three tremendous matches! And starting things off tonight will be a tag match! King, as we’ve seen here in recent weeks, Toxxic has decided to re-form Revolution Zero, and the guys that he’s chosen to be a part of it with him have a great deal of promise!”


“Well, Jakey has already shown the world a glimpse of what he’s capable of,” says the Suicide King, “when he upset Jimmy the Doom two weeks ago to become the World Cruiserweight Champion!”


“A belt that he lost just last week to the Wildchild,” says Mak, “in just his first title defense… so you’ve got to think that’s going to put a little bit of extra tension into this match!”


“Well, listening to what Jakey said after the match last week, it made a lot of sense,” says King. “After all, it’s not like he hit the Wild Ride and knocked the guy out! Plus, Jakey should have had more time to prepare; it was totally out of the blue for him to upset Jimmy, and we wasn’t even given the chance to properly enjoy being champion!”


“An interesting subplot to a match that should be very interesting,” says Mak, “as we send it up to Funyon in the ring!”






“The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!” booms Funyon. With that, red lights bathe the arena, and a techno beat washes over the crowd, as Austin Sly and the Fabulous Jakey make their way out to the ring.


“Making their way towards the ring at this time,” says Funyon, “are Revolution Zero!”






“At a total combined weight of three hundred ninety-seven pounds,” continues Funyon, “first, from Saint Louis, Missouri, Austin Sly! His tag team partner, from Minneapolis, Minnesota… the FABULOUS Jakey!”






“Not a lot of love for the Revolution here in Puerto Rico,” says Mak, as the lights return to normal.


“That’s just because the match hasn’t started yet,” says King. “You watch, once these guys start taking over the match, you’ll hear some Revolution-mania!” Jakey’s music fades out, and is quickly replaced by “Starsky and Hutch,” by Cool J and Busta. The fans cheer loudly as the Tag Team Champions step out onto the stage!






“Their opponents,” booms Funyon, “are the SWF World Tag Team Champions!”




“At a total combined weight of four hundred thirty-nine pounds, here is WILD AAAAAND DANGEROUS!” Wildchild and Johnny slide into the ring simultaneously, causing the Revolution to depart to the arena floor.


“And the contrast here, King, where Revolution Zero seemed to be reviled, the Champions are very popular here in San Juan!”


“It must be that Caribbean solidarity,” says King. “I’m sure that Johnny has nothing to do with it!” Wildchild and Johnny hand the belts over to referee Red Herrington, and Johnny steps out to the arena floor as Herrington hands the belts to the departing Funyon and orders the timekeeper to ring the bell, signifying the start of the match:





“Bell’s gone!” shouts Mak, “and we’re underway!” Jakey feigns stepping into the ring, drawing WC towards him…




… And giving Austin the opening he needs to attack Wildchild from behind with a running double-axe handle! Sly turns Wildchild around and whips him into the ropes as Jakey staggers to his feet, but the Bahama Bomber reverses, sending Austin into the ropes instead! Wildchild leapfrogs as Sly rebounds…




… Running underneath the Bahama Bomber, and right into his partner! Wildchild picks both Austin and Jakey up by the hair, before slamming their heads together with a double-noggin knocker! Jakey falls back down to the canvas and rolls out of the ring as Wildchild grabs Sly by the back of the head and leads him towards his corner, ramming him face-first into the top turnbuckle before making the tag to his partner. Johnny leaps over the top rope to enter the ring and help Wildchild whip Austin into the ropes, lifting him off the canvas as he rebounds with a double hiptoss! Johnny and Wildchild both leap into the air as Sly gets back to his feet…






… And send him flying over the top rope and out to the floor with a double dropkick! Jakey runs into the ring, trying to turn the tables on his opponents, only to walk into a double back-body drop! Wild and Dangerous deliver a double dropkick to Jakey that sends him over the top rope and crashing into his partner outside the ring!


“Wild and Dangerous have gotten off to an incredibly hot start!” exclaims Mak. Johnny stands near the edge of the ring, looking outside at Revolution Zero as they get back to their feet. Red Herrington barks at Wildchild to return to his corner, but the Bahama Bomber ignores him and runs to the ropes, picking up speed as he rebounds and running directly at his partner, who spins around just in time to lift him into the air with a back-body drop, sending Wildchild over the top rope and out of the ring!






… And crashing into Jakey and Austin with a phenomenal Tope con Hilo! The fans erupt with cheers for the Human Hurricane:








“What an unbelievable maneuver by Wild and Dangerous!” shrieks Mak. “Johnny just launched his partner over the top rope and out of the ring, right into Revolution Zero!”


“Well, they call Wild and Dangerous tag team specialists,” says King, “and you’re seeing exactly why here tonight… illegal double teams in the center of the ring!” Johnny runs over to a neutral corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle as Wildchild pulls both Jakey and Austin to their feet outside the ring, holding them in position as the Barracuda vaults off the turnbuckle…






… Flipping through the air and crashing into both members of Revolution Zero with a moonsault!








“Wild and Dangerous are on fire!” shouts Mak. “They’re off to a tremendous start, and the Revolution has been discombobulated!” Wildchild rolls Austin back underneath the bottom rope and then climbs on to the apron as Johnny heads back to their corner.


“Wildchild rolls Austin back into the ring,” says King, “and it looks like we may finally see some wrestling inside the ring!”


“You act surprised, King,” replies Mak. “Wildchild and Johnny are both guys that would prefer to take care of business inside the ring!” Wildchild and Austin engage in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, which Sly controls with a kneelift to the midsection! Sly hammers Wildchild’s upper back with a few clubbing forearm shots, and then tilts his head up, snapping Wildchild’s head back with a few jabs…






But Wildchild turns the tables on him, snapping his head back with a series of quick right jabs of his own!


“Austin Sly, with an error in judgment, trying to trade punches with the Wildchild,” says Mak, “and he came up on the short end of the stick!” Wildchild backs Austin up against the ropes and grabs him by the wrist, whipping him across the ring, only for the Sly One to reverse it. Sly lowers his shoulder as Wildchild rebounds and lifts him into the air with a back-body drop, but the Bahama Bomber floats through and lands on his feet behind Sly, wrapping his arms around Austin’s waist, pulling him backwards into a rolling cradle!










Kickout at two! Austin kicks Wildchild off and tries to take his head off with a left hook as both men get to their feet, but Wildchild ducks underneath and lifts Sly into the air, before lowering him down onto his outstretched thigh with an atomic drop! Austin clutches his tailbone as he slowly turns around…





… And steps into an inverted atomic drop! Wildchild challenges Austin Sly to get back to his feet, but the wily Sly One rolls to his corner instead, making the tag to his partner.


“Inverted atomic drop,” says Mak, “and that’s chiropractic city! You know, Austin Sly is one of the quickest men in the SWF, King, but even he is about three steps slower than the Wildchild! We’ll have to see if Jakey has any more success against the tag champs!” Jakey steps into the ring to test his hand…






… But he gets scooped into an inverted atomic drop as well! Wildchild waits patiently for Jakey to get to his feet before leaping off the canvas and knocking the Fabulous One down with a tremendous standing dropkick! He grabs Jakey by the back of the head and leads him over to his corner, where he makes the tag to Johnny Dangerous!


“Tag made,” says Mak, as Wildchild trips Jakey with a double-leg takedown, “and here comes the Barracuda!” Wildchild locks both hands underneath Jakey’s legs as Johnny steadies himself on the ring apron, and falls backwards…






… Launching the Fabulous One into a springboard clothesline by Johnny!


“Slingshot into a flying clothesline; that’s vintage Wild and Dangerous right there!” shouts Mak. “They’re on their game tonight!”


“Well, even I have to admit that the tag champs probably have an advantage over this new Revolution,” says King, “if only because they’ve been a team for much, much longer. But, with Toxxic not being involved in this match, Revolution Zero is certainly not above, shall we say, bending the rules slightly, so if there’s any team that can overcome the teamwork disadvantage, it’s this team right here!”


“We certainly know that Jakey isn’t above bending the rules,” agrees Mak. “Look at how he won the World Cruiserweight Title from Jimmy the Doom… Hell, look at how he tried to retain it against Wildchild last week!” Johnny whips Jakey into the ropes as Wildchild exits to the ring apron, stunning him as he rebounds with a Shotei to the chest, and then runs towards the edge of the ring himself to build up steam for a running attack…




… But Sly slams a knee into his back as he bounces off the ropes, stunning the Barracuda long enough for Jakey to level him with a tremendous discus clothesline!


“Well, I think we saw right there that Revolution Zero isn’t above bending the rules,” notes Mak, “as they turn the tables on the tag champs, and look for an opportunity to take control of this match!”


“Well, you can’t hold anything back against Wild and Dangerous,” says King. “I may not care for how they wrestle, but they didn’t become five-time champions by accident; you’ve got to pull out all the stops, and even be willing to take every shortcut, to get a win against these guys!” Jakey whips Johnny into a neutral corner and rounds off into a cartwheel, before rolling into a backflip and then springing into the corner to deliver an elbow smash…






… But Johnny pulls himself out of the corner at the last second as Jakey slams into it back-first, and then scoops him into a fireman’s carry as he dives towards his corner, grinding him into the canvas with a Spinal Explosion!


“Johnny Dangerous with a tremendous counter to that handspring elbow attempt by Jakey,” says Mak, “and now he tags Wildchild back into the action!” Johnny whips Jakey into the ropes and takes him down as he rebounds with a drop toehold!






… And Wildchild runs to the ropes, leaping into the air as he rebounds to slam Jakey’s face into the canvas with his patented Whiplash neckbreaker! The Bahama Bomber drags Jakey towards a neutral corner and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle to deliver a senton splash, but the Fabulous One rolls out of the way! Jakey uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet and waits for Wildchild to stand back up…






… Before knocking him loopy with a ferocious superkick!


“I think that Wildchild may have gone for that senton a little too soon,” observes Mak.


“Well, I think this is where Toxxic’s leadership comes in handy,” replies King. “There may be no better prepared individual in the SWF than Toxxic; the guy watches hours of film, and as many times as he’s been in the ring against Wildchild in tag matches, I’m sure he knows better than anybody how to pick your spots against this guy!” Jakey drags Wildchild towards his corner and makes the tag to Sly. Jakey keeps Wildchild trapped in the corner with a battery of stiff palm strikes, as Austin steps into the ring and joins in with kicks to the midsection. Sly pulls Wildchild out of the corner and drops him down to the canvas with a scoop slam! He steps over to Wildchild’s upper body and measures him as he hops off the mat and drives an kneedrop into the side if his face! He delivers several more kneedrops to Wildchild before he gets back to his feet and makes a quick tag.


“Tag made back to Jakey,” says Mak, as Austin pulls Wildchild to his feet, “and I guess the Revolution has gotten back on track, King!” Sly holds Wildchild’s arms behind his back as Jakey comes off the top turnbuckle, drilling him between the eyes with a double-axe handle!


“Well, the machinery is starting to smooth out, now,” says King. “Sure, they got off to a slow start, but after getting their heads knocked around for a few minutes, they’ve managed to focus on winning this match… You know, Revolution Zero may actually have more to prove in this match than the tag champs, Francis; this is a big opportunity for them to establish themselves as a power here in the SWF!” Jakey whips Wildchild across the ring and runs to the ropes as he rebounds…






… Leaping into the air and smashing WC’s face in with a spinning wheel kick! Jakey pulls Wildchild to his feet and drags him over to his corner, where he makes the tag to Sly. Austin pulls Wildchild into the corner and sits on the top turnbuckle as he positions the Bahama Bomber in front of him, pulling him into a front facelock.


“This is about to get ugly for Wild and Dangerous,” crows King, just before Austin jumps off the buckles, swings around to the side of the Bahaman and drives his head into the mat with a Tornado DDT!




“It’s almost like Austin stole Wildchild’s own playbook,” the Gambling Man continues, “and here comes a cover!”


Herrington drops to his knees to count for:








NO!!! Wildchild thrusts his shoulder off the mat following the two-count, and the crowd cheers in relief. He rolls onto his stomach then pushes up to his knees, but the previous impact he took to his head has left him dazed and it’s a struggle to get much further. Finally, Revolution Zero has the Bahama Bomber reeling.


Seeing this, Jakey calls towards his partner. He wants the tag and he makes the fact loud and clear; the chance to avenge his loss from last week had never been more achievable than right now and if anyone got that shot it had to be him.


“Tag’s made,” Francis announces as Austin obliges with his partners request, tagging him into the match. As the Fabulous One steps through the ropes, Austin pulls Wildchild to his feet from behind then grabs him in an inverted facelock and then bends him back over his knee…




…and Jakey drops an elbow directly into Wildchild’s sternum, and then quickly moves to cover him as Austin exits to the apron. Expectedly, Herrington drops and counts for:








NO!!! Again, Wildchild is able to kick out, proving it’ll take a lot more than that to end the match for him. Jakey gets up as the Bahaman struggles to push himself up off the mat. He’s up to his hands and knees when the Fabulous One straddles over the top of him. Jakey tilts Wildchild’s head back as the cameras zoom in for a closer shot.


“You thought you could cheat me out of my belt and get away with it?!” the Fabulous One snarls. “Think again you sorry son of a bitch!”




Jakey punctuates his rant by viciously slamming Wildchild’s face into the mat and then smearing it into the canvas!


“There you go!” King excitedly shouts. “Now that’s how you get things done around here!”


Herrington is forced to step in between them and he orders Jakey off of Wildchild. Wildchild is left face-down in the canvas as Jakey jumps to his feet, visibly worked up over the exchange. The crowd is roaring in disbelief at the Fabulous One’s complete and utter disrespect for a fellow Caribbean native, and they sound off with a booming chant against him!






“Who gives a damn what you think?!” King snarls at the people behind him, as it’s obvious that Jakey doesn’t.


Across the ring, Johnny watches from the apron as his partner struggles to regain his footing against Jakey, and is nearly beside himself. Here is a man who, by all accounts, was still a rookie alongside another man who has never amounted to anything, but together they’re actually beating Wild and Dangerous.


“This is about to go down as one of the most embarrassing moments in the storied careers of Wild and Dangerous,” Suicide King crows, almost a little too over zealous even by his standards. However, it’s obvious to everyone watching that the Suicide King couldn’t have made a more accurate observation than that, no matter how much they all want to disagree with the Gambling Man and his normally skewed outlook. “Here is a team that has never teamed up before, and they’re taking it straight to the defending, five-time Tag Team Champions.”


“They have the momentum going for themselves,” Mak agrees, “but I think they’re a little ways off from putting this match away.”


“Must you be in denial about everything… wheels?”


Back in the ring, Wildchild pushes up to his knees then reaches for the nearby ropes to help pull him to a fully vertical base. His hand never makes it to the ropes though, as it’s intercepted on the way by Jakey. He quickly applies a wristlock and then uses his power over Wildchild in this position to force him to his feet, and then steps forward to whip the Bahaman towards the far side of the ring, before taking off in the opposite direction himself. Wildchild hits the ropes and rebounds off of them like a pinball, sending him back in the direction that he came from, just as the Minneapolis Native comes rocketing back off the ropes himself-




“-And Jakey just leveled the Bahama Bomber with a flying clothesline!” King shouts as the Wildchild is sent tumbling end over end towards the mat! Jakey, not being one to pass up a golden opportunity, quickly scrambles over his opponent and makes a cover. As Herrington drops to his knees the crowd sounds off with a mighty boo in protest while the referee counts for:








TH-NO!!! Wildchild kicks out, and the crowd sounds off with a mighty cheer!


“Johnny Dangerous can a breath now that his partner kicked out,” Mak Francis says, “but he needs to help get Wildchild out.”


“He can’t do too much more from the apron except watch his screw ups cost Wild and Dangerous the match,” King smugly replies.


“How in the world is the Barracuda to blame?” Francis heatedly questions his announcing partner. “I mean,” he continues, “it’s not like the team is in trouble because Johnny Dangerous made a bad decision. Revolution Zero has just managed to swing the momentum in their favor.”


“He could tag in if his partner is in such dire need.”


Jakey pounds his fist into the mat in dissatisfaction with his opponent kicking out, but he doesn’t argue the count with the referee. He simply gets up, brushes himself off, and then takes two steps back, waiting for Wildchild to get back up. Austin motions for the tag but Jakey waves him off.


“Now look at that,” Francis points out. “So much for Revolution Zero’s teamwork.”


“Why does Jakey need to make the tag? It’s not like he’s in dire straights!” the Gambling Man argues. “He’s taking his time to carefully pick apart his opponent and make sure that Wildchild never forgets the day he decided to screw Jakey out of the Cruiserweight Championship!”


As Wildchild starts getting up to his feet the crowd starts rallying behind him with a huge chant:






However, the chant just causes Jakey to refocus his attention on his opponent, instead of jaw jacking with the crowd. He moves in to reacquire Wildchild, grabbing him by his arm and pulling him in closer…




…only to eat a quick jab from Wildchild! The fans unite in a cheer, thrilled to see the Bahaman finally fighting back. His punch isn’t anything to brutal though. It surprises the Fabulous One but it’s nothing he can’t shake off, that’s for damn sure. He growls angrily in response as he snaps his head back…




…and Wildchild fires off with a second jab to Jakey’s jaw, rocking the Fabulous One’s head on his shoulders! Wildchild is rightfully angry and he lets some of it loose, popping his opponent in the face with five more punches in rapid succession, each hit knocking Jakey back a step until he’s backed up all the way into the ropes!


“And that’s why he should have tagged out,” says Francis, his head cocked at his announcing partner in a manner that could only read ‘I told you so’.


“Shut up!”


Wildchild grabs Jakey by his arm and pulls him off the ropes in moves directly into an Irish whip, but it’s stopped before he can follow through when the Fabulous One digs his feet into the canvas and reverses, sending the Caribbean Cruiserweight for the ride instead! After sending Wildchild across the ring Jakey takes off after him, and when Wildchild rebounds off the ropes is when Jakey leaps up and extends his arm way out…




…as it goes sailing right over the Bahaman. Wildchild having ducked down at the last second saved him this time, and the Fabulous One crashes into the mat in quite the embarrassing fashion. Fortunately for him, he lands just several feet away from his partner. However, Wildchild heads directly for his and tags Johnny Dangerous in to a booming cheer!


“Here cometh the Barracuda!” sings Francis. “After watching all the abuse his partner took you know he’s coming in as a house afire!”


Johnny storms into the ring like a madman, but before he can make it completely across the ring Jakey quickly tags out to Austin Sly. “Gee, thanks,” Austin apparently mutters, though it’s not clearly audible. Nonetheless he knows he has to react fast and he quickly steps into the ring and…




…gets blasted with a solid right hand that staggers him where he stands! Jakey moves in; seeing that the Barracuda’s attention is focused on Austin he hopes to make a surprise attack that’ll quell any momentum Dangerous had hoped to gain. However, Johnny makes a quick shoulder check and sees the Fabulous One advancing out of the corner of his eye, and he suddenly swings around with a spinning back fist, catching Jakey in the side of his face and it sends him spiraling to the mat!





Dangerous reaches down and grabs Jakey by both sides of his head and then stands him up, before finally flinging him towards the ropes. Jakey is unable to control himself at this point and he hits the ropes and comes back off them…




...walking directly into a Johnny Kick! Jakey’s consciousness starts to fade as he staggers back from the kick, into the ropes, and tumbles over them to the outside floor!




“Now that’s how you take control of a match back!” the Franchise excitedly shouts. However, wrestling control of the match away from Austin Sly remained to be seen just yet. As the Barracuda spent some precious time taking the illegal man out of action, he left the legal man little… yet enough time to gather his bearings. Austin clubs Johnny from behind with a double axe handle, eliciting a sickening hollow THUNK into the arena!


“And THAT’s how you take it right back,” crows Suicide King. Johnny is knocked forward and he falls into the ropes. It’ll take more than that to put a stop to his thirst for victory, though. He pulls himself off the ropes as quickly as he fell into them and he spins around to where he estimated Austin would be standing. His guess turns out to be right on the money as Sly is most certainly there. However, Austin quickly brings his boot out to sink it into the Barracuda’s gut...


“NO! Quick thinking by the Barracuda allowed him to snatch Austin by his boot,” calls Mak. Dangerous slings Austin’s foot to the side, sending him spinning on one foot, and when he comes back around, facing Johnny, he’s met with a lighting quick, vicious Scorpion Kick!




Austin is dropped to the mat like a bad habit, but he refuses to simply lie there. He scrambles to get back on his feet, but the Scorpion Kick has left him somewhat dazed. It’s enough that he is unable to react when the Barracuda sends his boot into Austin’s gut, forcing all his wind out of his lungs and dropping him on his knees. Austin is left hunkered down, his arms tightly clenching his abdomen as he tries relentlessly to gather his breath back. He never even sees Johnny Dangerous calling for the Dangerous Drop, even though he should have guessed something was up by the sound of a sudden roar of cheers.


“This could be it for this version of Revolution Zero,” says Francis. Johnny pulls Austin into a standing head scissors and then gut-wrenches him to pull him up, over, and into the Electric Chair position as Wildchild mounts the top of the turnbuckle. Dangerous turns and begins the movements for the Dangerous Drop; sitting out as Wildchild comes diving through the air and snatching Austin by his head to drill his skull into the mat!




“DANGEROUS DROP!” the Franchise shouts.


A sudden, thunderous cheer booms from the audience, completely drowning out the sickening sound of Austin’s face slamming into the canvas. If you asked each and every person in attendance they’d all tell you the match is over with, and even knowing this they still rise to their feet as the Barracuda scrambles over Austin, rolling him onto his back and hooking his leg to firmly pin his shoulders to the mat, and they count along with Herrington for:


















“Finally, it’s over,” says Francis, nearly in a state of relief. “Revolution Zero fought hard, but in the end the seasoned vets, Wild and Dangerous, were able to pull through.”


“Yeah, but did you see the rage Jakey displayed towards Wildchild?” Suicide King asks. “I can just imagine what kind of battle Wildchild will have on his hands at 13th Hour. Jakey won’t be so easy to dispatch of next time.”


“Probably so,” agrees Mak. “It’ll be a match that I eagerly look forward too.”


Wild and Dangerous is all the rage in Puerto Rico at the moment. Fans cheering for the team as their theme song thumps through the speakers. When Johnny and Wildchild receive their Tag Team Championship belts back from Herrington they hold them aloft for the fans…



As We:


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A shout comes from the bellows of the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. Upon pulling into an out of the way hallway, an unconscious, bloodied, battered body sits strapped to a chair.


"What the hell?!" says a random staffer, as a medical team rushes in, unstrapping the binds that keeps him tied to the chair, as welt marks and bruises spot the body and blood drip down to the floor.


"Who would do this to Chance?!" asks another.


The body is that of Chance Silver, due for a match-up with Edward James later tonight. Even a hint of gasoline marks the air. The camera switches back to the ringside table, where Suicide King and Mak Francis sit.


"I have no idea what's going on," says Mak in a hushed tone, as we prepare to head off into break, "but it appears Chance Silver is out of commission for tonight and possibly even longer. Somebody really did a number on him."

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"We've returned to Storm here at Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan where Landon Maddix will defend the SWF World Heavyweight Championship against Jay Hawke!"


"And Edward James is out for his match, but I doubt Chance Silver will make it."


"Yes. It was just a moment ago when we came upon a beaten Silver in the back and it's pretty obvious he won't be able to be here tonight."


"Well I suppose this one will be called off at any time," says King, as 'Darkest Omen' continues to blare in the background.


Inside the ring, James talks with the timekeeper on the status of the match, when all of a sudden, the arena goes completely dark. The crowd murmurs amongst themselves for a few long moments when, shrouded by the darkness, an unknown figure hops over the railing.


"The lights just went out and I have no idea what's going on, the arena is darkened and neither of us can see a thing!"


"This is a bad omen, Mak," says King, as rapid, flashing strobes go off," Wait!"


"There's someone inside the ring!"


With one swift attack, the individual in the ring drops Edward James! With each flash of light the only thing that can be seen by anyone is a disguised man striking down with malice…


"What the hell is that guy doing?!"


It should be obvious to anyone but Francis, as when the lights come up, standing over a huddled Edward James with his crooked silver bat in hand is MANSON!


"That's not just some guy, it's MANSON!"


"We haven't seen him for two weeks, the first thing he does when we do see him again is attack James from behind?! And his head has been cracked open!"


Indeed, Mak. Blood drips from the back of Edward James' head as he makes the attempt to crawl away.


"It was two weeks ago when he and Johnson savagely attacked Landon Maddix, now this guy is doing the same to Edward James!"


James tries in vain to stand while MANSON drops the bat and slides off the hood to his cloak, his metallic mask remaining over his face.


"In any case he's back with a vengeance."


Suddenly MANSON bolts from his position as James finally stands, extending his arm and leveling James!




Edward James again tries to gather himself, while MANSON ducks out of the ring and grabs a chair from the outside. Inside, he turns over the limp, heavy body of James, placing the chair underneath.


"Someone get out here!" screams Mak, as MANSON crosses James' legs, stepping in between, locking them in place and grabbing him by the arms.


He strains to lift James up just enough, placing a foot just below his neck.


"CURBSTOMP! CURBSTOMP!" shouts King excitedly, as MANSON drives James face first into the chair!


James goes completely limp, literally out as a horde of officials and agents rush out from the back. MANSON lifts up his bat and swings wildly at a few who dare to get into the ring before exiting himself, back over the barrier and through the crowd.


"I don't know what this nutcase is thinking, what gives him the right. And leaving James aside, I can only assume he's the one who attacked Chance Silver earlier."


"It's obvious. He's making a statement, saying to everyone to watch their backs lest they end up like Maddix, Silver and James here tonight."


"It's sick, man. He's dangerous. More Storm after this…"

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"You see that out there, did you see it?!"


Backstage. Ben Hardy is with MANSON in mid-conversation… an excited, out of breath MANSON, still with cloak and mask still over his face.


"I saw it, but why?! First our SWF World Heavyweight Champion Landon, then tonight it was Chance Silver and Edward James."


"Ben. Ben… Ben. It's obvious. First, let's get this out of the way, Landon is no champion of mine. Now. No matter what Tom Flesher wanted, I'm indebted to no man, even if it is him… so it wasn't because Flesher wanted it, what I did to Landon, it's because I WANTED IT!"


"I've waited. I've sat and waited… for something, anything to happen. But while I’m waiting for things to happen, deep down I'm the type that makes things happen! I'm the type to set the stars and heavens themselves in motion, not to lay back and watch any of it go by. It's all in my hands. I'm not the pawn or the servant, I'm the King."


"I do dislike all those guys. I do. That's not the point. It's may be cliché but as far as all that goes, they were all the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all have our role, and no matter his status as SWF Champion, Landon's role, Chance's role, James' role, to me they're the lamb."


"Now, Ben. The goal anymore isn't about leading the SWF on a path through the wasteland and darkness anymore, acting the savior. It's all well and good, but I realize that, too, is just one side. I'm more effective as the one who brings chaos and destruction and fear… I'm not a calming force, I'm a raging inferno. I am the liar, the one who deceives and sets the world on fire," says MANSON, as he pulls the hood back over and backs away, grinning from ear to ear.


"What'd I say," says Mak. "...a sickening, disgusting guy."

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We return to ringside, just as the opening riff of "Learning To Fly" by Pink Floyd plays Jay Hawke out. Hawke is all business, as per usual, but looks more focused than perhaps we've ever seen him, head down and marching straight to the ring.


"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your Main Event of the evening... scheduled for one fall, it is for the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger! From the Hall Of Fame City, Cleveland, Ohio... he weighs in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... "THE DEAN OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING"... JJJJJJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY... HHHHHAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWKKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"




"Well, it's main event time." Mak Francis reminds those of us with a four second memory. "And what a main-event it promises to be! Jay Hawke challenging for the SWF World Championship, by virtue of his non-title victory last week against the Champion Landon Maddix in that Pure Rules Match. So Hawke coming into this with a lot of momentum on his side, although it's worth pointing out, this will be a regular one-on-one match tonight, no Pure Rules advantage for Hawke here."


"You say that like he needs the rules to be in his favour."


"No, I'm merely..."


"You're merely trying to make excuses for your favourites is what you're doing." snipes The Suicide King. "There might not be a 'Pure Rules advantage' tonight, but trust me, Hawke has the advantage because this is still a wrestling match. If they were playing Buckaroo or something, maybe, just maybe it'd be an even contest. But in any sort of a wrestling environment, Hawke has the advantage, because he's Jay Hawke!"


Removing his lavish robe, Hawke hands the very valuable item to a ring attendant and warns him not to even think about creasing it as he scuttles off. Turning his attention back to the stage, The Dean goes through some last minute stretches as he waits for his opponent.


"There stands a confident man!" proclaims King. "Look at the calm, look at the focus, not bothered in the slightest by these obnoxious people, Maddix's people."


"Firstly, Puerto Rico is not Spain. It's Puerto Rico. And yes, Hawke certainly doesn't seem phased right now. But, there's got to be a few nerves floating around inside of him. The World Heavyweight Title has alluded him for so long now, this could be his best chance to date to capture the 'big one'."





The lights dim, alternating between complete blackout and really frikkin' bright as "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson hits. From behind the curtain steps Megan Skye, heralding the arrival of The World Champion, Landon Maddix, who stops at the top of the ramp and thrusts his hands out to his side to cheers. The lights stop alternating but stay dimmed as he walks to the ring, the eyes of the challenger piercing through the darkness from the ring.


"And, his opponent! Accompanied to the ring by MEGAN SKYE! Hailing from Huron, South Dakota by way of Madrid, Spain... weighing in at two hundred and eight pounds... he is the reigning SWF World Heavyweight Champion... LLLAAAAAANNDDOOOOONN... "LA CUCARACHA"... MMMMMAAAAAAAAADDIIIIIIIIIXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!"




Maddix tags some hands on his way to the ring, taking a detour to give some ringside females bearing his new female-fit "Viva La Cucaracha" t-shirts some extra 'attention', before he leaps to the apron and disrobes. The cheers and screams don't seem to phase Hawke as Maddix unstraps his World Title and spins theatrically into the ring, dangling the belt tauntingly in front of Hawke for a moment before raising it above his head.


"Showing the belt off, in front of the guy who beat him so soundly just a week ago, as if nothing happened. Shameless." disapproves King.


"Hawke may have picked up the win last week. But, tonight's the night that really counts."


"You're right." King concedes. "I guess Maddix's ego is stronger than just one defeat, so tonight Hawke's got to go back to square one, school him a little and let him know that he's just as good without Pure Rules as he is with them. Then we'll see how cocky 'La Cucaracha' is."


As Megan takes up her station on the outside with a thumbs-up to her man, Maddix passes assigned referee Sexton Hardcastle the World Title, which he shows to Hawke before raising it for the crowd. Still focused, Hawke tries to loosen up, not taking his eyes off of Maddix as he does so.


"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"


Smiling, Maddix eggs on the crowd, a little to the chagrin of Hawke.





Meanwhile, Hardcastle calls for the bell and we are underway. Neither champion or challenger bursts out of the gates at the bell though. Instead, the two slowly advance towards the centre of the ring, eyes locked as they meet in the middle and go face to face. Words are clearly exchanged between the two and Hawke, the aggressor, starts to poke Maddix in the chest to further get his point across. Maddix just smirks through it all though...







...until he recieves a slap to the face!


"There we go!" cheers King. "That's one way to keep an ego in check!"


Clutching his cheek, Maddix fumes as its Hawke now who smirks away to himself. Maddix comes back up and swings his arm around, prompting the challenger to duck. But Landon fakes him out, catching Hawke unawares by pulling him into a side headlock. Quickly, the challenger backs Maddix into the ropes and shoves him off, looking for a clothesline. Maddix ducks and hits the opposite ropes, charging on at full speed and hitting a shoulder block...but Hawke stands his ground. Both men stop dead and glare at each other before Hawke encourages Maddix to try again. Which he does, getting as much run-up as possible...but again, neither man budges more than a few inches and neither goes down. This time, Maddix tells Hawke to try his luck. So Hawke hits the ropes, but Maddix leapfrogs him on the way back, before catching Hawke on the rebound with a Dropsault that sends Hawke scurrying to the floor!




"Maddix suckered the challenger into that one!" Mak applauds. "Just like last week, Landon trying to take The Dean Of Professional Wrestling off of his game early in the match!"


With the Puerto Rican fans around him on his back, The Dean tries to compose himself out on the floor, but suddenly has to duck and cover as Maddix charges...




...faking a dive and casually bouncing off the ropes. Which is made all the more embarrassing for the challenger, as the World Champion feels the need to bow for his adoring public. Hawke meanwhile rolls into the ring, trying to catch Maddix unawares, only to run into a forearm! And a second! As Hawke reels around, Maddix quickly charges him, pushing him back into the ropes before whipping him across the ring. Leaping early, Maddix manages to land on his feet as Hawke clings onto the top rope to stop his momentum this time, Landon recovering to charge towards the challenger. Hawke ducks his head, ready to backdrop Maddix over to the floor. But the World Champion is again one step ahead, sliding through Hawke' legs and tripping him up from the floor!




The challenger's face bounces off the canvas and he groggily climbs back up, with Landon pointing to his head, to show he has the brains. It's left to argueably the real brains of the operation, Megan Skye, to remind him he's got a match to win in the ring though, Maddix telling his manageress to 'cold chill' as he clambers back onto the apron, just in time to catch the reeling Hawke with a shoulder barge through the ropes. And a second. Over doubles Hawke, as Maddix pulls his head through the ropes, lining Hawke up before SMASHING him in the jaw with a Kawada Kick!!






"Wow! What a SHOT!"


"How is Hawke not in the ropes right now? I know this isn't Pure Rules, but I'm begging Hardcastle to at least enforce some rules here!"


Gripping onto the middle rope to stop himself from falling to the canvas, Jay is left in perfect position for Landon to vault in over the top, pulling Hawke down into a Sunset Flip...



















Both men roll back through to their feet, but Landon gets tangled up in the ropes, which allows Jay to pounce with a double axehandle to the back of the head! A couple more sledges drop down on Landon before he's dragged up by Hawke, pinned against the ropes and jammed with a knee in the breadbasket. A second knee finds the mark before Hardcastle orders Hawke to get his opponent out of the ropes, which he does via an irish whip. As Maddix rebounds, Hawke takes him in with a tilt and a whirl...




...but Landon tilts and whirls with it and ends up on his feet in front of the surprised Dean...







...and rattled with a knifedge chop!







...and a second! Feeding his jaw for some reason, Landon dares Hawke to take a swing in retaliation. Which he does... but, Landon ducks...







...and connects with a third knifedge!


"He's just playing with Hawke now." smirks Mak.


"Well, then he's playing a dangerous game!"


With Hawke backed up from that strike, Landon turns on his heels and makes for the ropes. Coming out of his slumber, in follows Hawke, looking to catch Landon coming off the ropes with a knee to the gut. Maddix sees it in time though and tucks over the leg as he schoolboys Hawke over...




















As he kicks out, Hawke scrambles to his feet and follows after Landon looking to take his head off with a clothesline. However, he ends up following him right into the corner, Maddix luring him in and sidestepping just in time to see Hawke run himself into the turnbuckles! And he staggers right back into another schoolboy rollup...


"Landon using his speed excellently here, he's taken Hawke completely off of his guard!"




















Up staggers Hawke, seemingly lost as Maddix lines him up...but doesn't expect a Hawke basement dropkick that strikes him square in the knee! Maddix's leg shoots out from underneath him, causing him to collapse to the canvas clutching his leg, as Hawke points out his cerebralness to the crowd.




"And now, Jay Hawke going after the right knee of La Cucaracha. I'm sure this wasn't in the gameplan."


"No, they would have had the Wing Span scouted after last week I'm sure. But Jay Hawke is far from being a one-dimensional wrestler, Mak. I'm sure he knew Landon would have spent all week making sure to keep his arm safe, so he's throwing him a bit of a curveball and picking a different bodypart."


Hawke ruthlessly goes to work with some stomps across the knee of The Next Generation as the boos continue to rain down on him. Reaching down, the challenger then drags Maddix up, taking his time over nailing a forearm. Hawke follows up with a second before shoving Maddix back into the corner. Following in, Hawke nails a European uppercut. Maddix tries to shake it off and push his challenger away, but Hawke quickly hits a second, before stomping at the knee again. Aware of the bullseye now placed on his right knee, Landon makes another effort to push Hawke off and tries to come out of the corner swinging. Hawke meets him with a firm punt to the kneecap though, again dropping Maddix.


"So much for the speed." chuckles King. "Know any speedy people with one leg Mak?"


"Well, some of the Paralympians obviously."


Howling in agony, Maddix clutches his knee, Hawke standing over him and measuring a stomp to the head. Hawke then pulls up Maddix, hooking up and executing a vertical suplex, with a floatover...
















Quick kickout by Maddix, but Hawke is already floating over once more, looking to take control of Maddix's leg as he does so. With his free leg, Maddix frantically kicks away Hawke though and hobbles up to his feet in a hurry. Or, foot at least. Shooting low, Hawke picks the standing leg right out from under Landon though, keeping hold of the ankle and dropping an elbow across the knee! From there he tries to wrap the leg up and bar it. A couple of fingers in the nose and mouth stop that though, Landon fishooking the challenger out of desperation.







Landon breaks the illegal hold, with Hawke successfully away from his knee. For now.


"That's some champion, huh? Proud Mak?"


"The irony of you pointing out all these illegal holds isn't lost on you by any chance partner, is it?"


Climbing back up, Hawke this time positions himself over Maddix and watches for an errant kicks, reaches down and applying a half boston crab. As he sits in, Maddix curses away, while Hawke makes sure to bend and twist the knee as much as possible.


"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"


The chants rise through the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, as Maddix grits his teeth and reaches out desperately for the ropes. Hawke hangs on tightly though, giving the knee and extra little torque to try and punish the World Champion for his determination. Maddix begins to crawl to shakes of the head from Hawke, but his head shaking does no good, as Maddix...







A cheer goes up, but Hawke doesn't completely let Maddix go. Instead, Hawke lifts Maddix's leg by the ankle before slamming it down into the mat. Hawke follows up with a stomp just for good measure, before smirking out into the crowd.




"Well Hawke has successfully picked off a bodypart. But, he's deviating away from his usual gameplan and his trusted submission holds, all of which target the arm and neck. Has he got a sufficient leg submission in the locker?"


"He's the Dean Of Professional Wrestling!" snaps King in response. "Of course he has! I've told you already, he's no one-trick pony."


Hawke grabs Maddix's leg again, slamming it to the canvas a second time. In his desperation to get a chance to recover, Landon grabs hold of the bottom rope and refuses to let go, which forces Hardcastle to step in.


"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"


Up go the chants, the challenger happy to follow the referee's orders to back up while Maddix is using the ropes to pull himself up. Hawke catches him coming to his feet with a boot to the gut though, followed by a succession right hands that rock Maddix up against the ropes. Once his hand tires of cracking his opponent in the jaw, Hawke grabs Maddix and whips him across the ring, waiting for Maddix to bounce back before launching another dropkick low. The boots catch Maddix a little higher than intended, in the thigh muscle and he shoots up, landing SPIKED on his head to the shock of Megan! Seeing this, Hawke quickly scrambles over and decides to make a cover...





















Hawke is quickly back up, laying in more vicious stomps. Maddix tries to fight them off but Hawke keeps kicking until finally referee Hardcastle has to pull him away again. Shoving Robinson aside, Hawke goes back over to Maddix and pulls him up.







...and meets Landon's first line of defence again, the knifedge chop!







...a second...




...duck of the third...



...but Maddix ducks Hawke' following right hand as he turns, applying a waistlock. That doesn't last long however, as Hawke kicks back and hits Maddix in the kneecap a couple of times, continuing the kicking until Maddix lets go. As he does, Hawke is quick to hit the ropes behind, diving at Landon and cutting out his right leg with a well-placed chopblock!


"Right back to the knee goes Hawke!"


"This is more than just picking a bodypart now. How much offence can Landon impliment with only one leg? Not much at all. You're not going to beat anyone with a knifedge chop."


With Maddix still on his knees, Hawke lines him up and hits the ropes again, charging headlong at Maddix. With the World Champion only just beginning to rise, Jay looks to use the position to his advantage, hooking the head and looking for a Swinging Neckbreaker. But, the move works about as well as it did last week, Landon swinging through and looking for a Backslide...





...Hawke manages to block though, sensing the reversal sooner than he had seven days ago and finding his footing a little quicker. But before he can actually break the arms apart, Hawke gets twisted through once more, right into a Small Package...




















"Well, he almost beat him with a Small Package King!" teases Mak, King just grunting.


First to his feet, Jay again picks off the leg with a kick to maintain the advantage. Hawke then picks out the knee again, Landon able to maintain his balance on his good leg but left hopping around as Hawke drives the point of his elbow down into he kneecap. Keeping hold of the leg, Jay then drags Maddix out into the centre of the ring, a better position...









...for who knows what, as Maddix beats him to the punch (so to speak) by firing off an Enziguri from his standing leg!


"Caught him!" cheers Mak.


Dazed, Hawke sprawls forward, turning eventually as the ropes hold him up.







...to be met with a stinging knifedge. Hawke clutches his chest but quickly goes to the knee with a kick. But Maddix fights the pain this time and uses it for more venom behind...







...a second chop! Hawke grimaces and clutches his chest again, which allows Maddix to attempt an irish whip. Hawke reverses the whip, only for Maddix to spin under and whip again...only for Hawke to reverse a SECOND time. A duck of the head from The Dean Of Professional Wrestling proves costly though, as Landon hops to a stop, wringing out the near arm and stepping over. Straddling the arm, Landon then fires his leg up underneath the jaw, snapping Hawke's head like an uppercut from a prize fighter!


"¡Buenas Noches!"


"But he used the wrong leg." smiles King.


And he's right, as Landon curses to himself as a bolt of pain shoots through his right leg again. Hawke is still on his feet but looking a little punch-drunk. However Landon is unable to capitalise, falling to one knee and trying to rub the pain out of his right leg. Megan screams for her man to get back on the attack, worried that Hawke won't be dazed forever. She has a right to be worried too, as Landon climbs back up...





...but quickly falls back down, courtesy of a Roundhouse Kick to the back of the head!!




Hawke dives on top of Maddix and cradles the legs...
























"That was an impressive kick from Hawke, but not enough to put Landon away just yet."


"Well, the punches that knock you out are always the ones you don't see coming." points out King. "That wasn't a punch, but I'm pretty sure Maddix didn't see it coming. I didn't see him brace himself for the impact and he certainly didn't put hands up to block. He's that bit closer to a clean knockout now."


Pulling Maddix back up, Hawke picks the bad leg of the champion and snaps an uppercut across the back of Maddix's knee. A second almost causes Maddix to buckle from the pain, but he stays upright on his one, good standing leg. That is until Hawke pulls him over with a quick dragon screw though to put an end to his resiliance. Straight from that, Hawke scrambles up and whips around Maddix's leg with a figure four in mind...




...but Maddix grabs a handful of Hawke' hair and fires off a right hand! A second! Grabbing the hair again, Maddix goes for a third, but Hawke suddenly WRENCHES at the knee with almost a spinning toe-hold which stops Maddix in his tracks! And with Maddix hurt, the challenger takes the opportunity to quickly apply the figure four leglock!




"And this may be the hold! This may be the hold that'll garner a submission from all the damage done to that right leg!" gasps Mak.


"A move Maddix knows all too well. Just a pity he doesn't know the counter to it, huh?"


With his hands clenched to his face, Maddix moans and groans with every Hawke wrench of the hold, the challenger pushing up onto his hands to apply more pressure on the hold. The pain is clear, as Maddix pushes up to face Hawke for a moment. But he quickly collapses back...

















Maddix pushes off of his shoulders, almost forgetting where he was in the midst of the pain. Hawke has the hold applied tightly and Maddix, glancing towards the ropes, seems out of reach. Still he tries to move towards the ropes though, knowing that they may be his only escape. Hawke pushes up again on his hands, causing another howl from Maddix as the pressure intensifies. The Champion grits his teeth through the pain for another attempt at dragging himself to safety. But again Hawke wrenches the hold, which causes Maddix to fall to the mat again...


























NOO! Maddix JUST pushes off the canvas in time!




"What an embarrassment that would have been," King laughs, "to be pinned by a Figure Four to lose the World Title! If Hawke beat him like that, I don't think you'd ever hear the end of it!"


"No kidding." groans Mak at the mere prospect of more ammunition for his erstwhile partner.


"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"


The crowd rally behind the Champion, with Megan's encouragement, as his face contorts in agony. But suddenly, his right arm shoots up, as he tries to lean his weight over. Hawke shakes his head 'NO', wrenching again. But Maddix continues to try and turn the hold, leaning up to the left, pushed onto his hip. Looking worried, Hawke starts to jump up and down with the hold in an attempt to stop Maddix from turning. The chants continue to grow meanwhile, as Hawke tries to claw his fingers into the mat...






...as Maddix falls back to the left...





...and catches Hawke napping, turning to the left with the challenger's own momentum and REVERSING THE HOLD!!!






The crowd pop, but Hawke is close enough to the ropes to quickly grab them and force an almost immediate break.


"Landon escapes for now, but the damage may have already been done!" insists King.


Climbing back up, Hawke waits for Maddix to drag himself up before kicking him in the back of the knee. Maddix falls with his throat across the middle rope, hand clutched to his knee. Hawke then places a knee in the back of Maddix's neck, choking him on the ropes!!




Hardcastle issues a count of 4 before Hawke releases, backing up with the referee's warning falling virtually on deaf ears. Mainly because the challenger is planning out his next move, brushing the referee aside...







...and dropkicking Landon hard in the back as he lays on the ropes!




Maddix collapses back off the ropes, with Hawke quickly diving onto him and making a lateral press...






















Angered at not getting the pin, Hawke glares at Robinson and questions the count. He then clambers up, bringing Maddix with him...but getting rocked with a headbutt to the solar plexus! The wind rushes out of Hawke, but he quickly clubs Maddix across the shoulder blades. Only to get a second headbutt drilled into his mid-drift, Hawke doubling over this time. However, as Maddix tries a third headbutt, the now wised-up Hawke draws him in and traps Maddix in a front facelock. Maddix tries to punch himself free, but suddenly Hawke starts to backtrack, bringing Maddix with him...and ends up ramming his head, backwards, into the middle turnbuckle!!




As his head strikes the poorly padded stell buckle, Landon seems to go limp for a moment before Hawke walks him out into the centre of the ring. Still hanging onto the front facelock, the challenger wrenches up on the neck a couple more times, with Hardcastle moving around to check for any submission. He's quickly shooed away by Hawke though, as he suddenly drops back and PLANTS Landon with the DDT!




















"New Cha..."









"Damnit, how did he kick out of that!?" King demands to know, glaring in Hardcastle's general direction as he confirms to ringside it was just 2.


Staggering to his feet, the Champion is disorientated, long enough for Hawke to hit the opposite ropes and chopblo...NO! Maddix somehow hurdles the chopblock, catching Hawke as he turns around and SPIKING him on his head with a DDT of his own!!


"Desperation move! But what an effective one!"


The impact flips Hawke over onto his back. And despite being in serious pain, Maddix drops an arm over Hawke' torso for the cover...



























NO!!! Just two!




The crowd groan as Hawke' shoulder shoots off the mat, Megan slapping the apron in frustration. Maddix groans too, limping to one corner of the ring and encouraging up the challenger. Up comes Hawke and despite the bad wheel Maddix tries to charge at him. Predictably his right knee tweaks on him and hampers his run, giving Hawke time to catch him coming and whip Maddix around with a tilt-a-whirl, around into the Backbreaker!





















Jumping right off of the pin, Hawke quickly cradles up the legs. Lacing one atop the other, it seems Hawke is looking to apply a Texas Cloverleaf, which the World Champion knows means trouble, scrambling backwards until he reaches the bottom turnbuckle in one corner. Hawke tries to pull him out but Landon is gripping onto the bottom buckle with his life, Hardcastle again calling for Hawke to break. Which Jay seems reluctant to do. The protests from the challenger distract him, long enough for Landon to use the turnbuckle to pull himself out of the ring, Hawke still holding onto the ankles, which drags him forward FACE-FIRST into the top turnbuckle!!




"Damnit! If this were Pure Rules, Maddix would have been out of ropebreaks about 10 minutes ago!"


"But, Jay doesn't need Pure Rules, remember?"


"Shut up."


Hawke collapses to an uproarious cheer. Both Maddix and Hawke are hurting now as Megan wanders around to check on her man.


"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"

"LAN - DON!"


"This crowd getting behind the World Heavyweight Champion!" Mak calls. "Will it be enough to block out the pain in that right knee though?"


"Maybe for a minute or so. But the moment he tries to use it for a move... and he will, because he's stubborn... he'll be right back in Hawke's hands."


Out from under the turnbuckles crawls Landon, with Hawke also up by now but unsure of where he is and more importantly where Landon is. Quickly Maddix hooks on a waistlock, looking for a German. But he doesn't have the strength in his one good leg to execute the move, so pushes Hawke off and instead hooks him by the chin, setting him up for the Lungblower. Twisting around, Hawke quickly charges Maddix into the turnbuckles and follows in with a second shoulder barge before coming out, Champion in tow, trying for a Northern Lights...




...but Maddix uses his good leg for a knee to the gut to block just as he's raised off the canvas! Landing back on his feet, Maddix fires in some more knees, breaking Hawke's grip around his waist. Into the corner backs Landon now, hopping up to the middle turnbuckle and giving the signal as he leaps off...




...Hawke sidestepping out of the way of the DDT he took last week. Landon is able to adjust and safely land on his feet. But, landing on his feet means landing on his right leg, which jars on impact!


"See, what did I tell you Mak! Right back into Jay's ha..."







"COMPLETE SHOT!" shouts Mak, as Landon manages to catch Hawke and plant him face-first in a desparate counter as he walks in. "From out of nowhere!"


"Son of a..."


Hawke' head snaps back and he collapses facedown on the canvas, as Maddix painfully rolls him onto his back and makes a cover...























NO!! Just a two count!!


"Maddix clutches his head in his hands...he KNOWS that was close!"


"But not close enough!"


Maddix limps back up again, running his thumb across his throat like people with any sort of intimidation factor would do. Unfortunately, Landon isn't really intimidating. But, the point is made to the crowd at least, who roar at the prospect of the successful title defence. Hawke stumbles over to him and Maddix ducks underneath a flailing arm, wrapping back on the waistlock. Again he can't get the German Suplex he's looking for though and Hawke breaks the hands apart, performs a standing switch AND GRABS A CHICKENWING!!




"He's going for the Wing Span!" gasps King. "Hawke going back to what works best!"


As soon as he feels the chickenwing sink in, Landon knows what's happening and throws himself forward, right into the ropes. Hawke frustratedly releases the hold... but as soon as he's broken to satisfy the referee's count, he drags Landon right out of the ropes and looks for the Wing Span again!


"Landon is fighting it, he knows if Hawke can lock in the Wing Span it could be match over!"


"Just like last week."


"Well, last week Landon got to the ropes... and he gets to the ropes again this week!" Mak points out, as Landon grips onto the top rope before he can be pulled to the canvas by Hawke. Hawke refuses to relinquish the hold though, so Maddix wraps his arm right the way around the rope just to be sure, Megan screaming for the referee to get Hawke off of her man! Using his ploy from earlier, Jay breaks and then looks to re-apply the hold again...



...but Landon lands with a back elbow! Placing his left foot on the middle rope, Landon then reaches back and hooks the leg, pushing off the rope...








"The best thing since sliced bread! And for the World Champion, it certainly was!"


"What the hell does that mean!?"


"Well, it... uh... well..."


Hawke' head bounces off the mat as Maddix reaches out and pulls the legs up into a pinning predicament...






























Trying to keep the pressure on, Landon limps back to his feet and stops, tilts his head... and realises Hawke ring positioning.


"He wouldn't be that stupid, surely? Not with a bad le..."


With a smile, Maddix exits and begins to climb towards the top rope!


"...nevermind. Of course he would be."


The crowd rise up as Maddix slowly, gingerly scales the turnbuckles. Too slowly and too gingerly as it turns out, as Hawke recovers with plenty of time to spare, reaches up and flips Maddix off the top rope, down into the mat with a slam!! Maddix groans and clutches his ribs...




...while Hawke says to hell with it and begins to climb to the top rope himself.


"Now, this is totally deviating from the gameplan, surely?" says Mak in confusion. "Hawke, going up top, taking a big risk here which is totally against his usual tactics! This might be a big mistake!"


"Well, it's a big match, he needs a big move to end it." shrugs King.


"Either that, or the big match has gotten to Hawke and he's letting frustration get the better of him here."




Hawke reaches the top and sets his feet underneath him. He doesn't look too uncomfortable up top and certainly doesn't seem to be having any second thoughts, as he stands tall on the top rope, measuring the distance to the World Champion before leaping off...
















"It was a big mistake! The Hawke swoops and comes up empty-handed!"


Hawke bounces hard off the mat and lies looking up at the lights, hand clutched to his neck. But Maddix bunches Hawke back over onto his front and APPLIES THE LAND OF NOD!!




"WOAH! From out of nowhere, Maddix has him trapped!! The Land Of Nod is locked in!"


Hawke tries to shake his head loose of the inverted facelock, but Maddix gets it in and suddenly, Hawke is the one howling in agony! The crowd erupt as Hawke starts to panic in the hold, his back to the ropes as Maddix wrenches back on the head!








Hawke tries to hold out, as Maddix meanwhile tightens his grip, Hawke's neck being twisted like a bottlecap as he tries to fight against the hold...

















"HE GOT HIM! This one is over and Landon Maddix has retained his title! A real, hard-fought battle!"




"Well said King."


Maddix releases the hold and instantly tends to his knee, as Robinson raises an arm in Maddix's victory.


"Your winner of the match...and STILL the SWF World Heavyweight Champion... LLLAAAAAAANNDDOOOOONN "LA CUCARACHA" MMMAAAAAAADDIIIIIIXXXXXXXX!!!"




The crowd go wild, as Maddix gingerly pulls himself up, smiling through the pain. Cheers fill the air as Maddix is passed his World Title, rolling out of the ring and limping over to celebrate with his female fans in the front row again. And Megan, of course, who collars him before he can get to the young ladies, which is pretty much a win-win situation for Landon.



As Hawke clutches his neck and watches in despair as the World Title escapes him yet again, Maddix looks on and smiles again, limping off up the rampway with his belt hanging over his shoulder triumphantly. And with a nod of the head, he looks into the nearest camera and winks.


"Nice try Tom. Nice try. Ow... Megan, get me some ice, I think I've pulled a tendo..."







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