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Forgot to add the damn 'Promo' header.






Backstage during Storm, in front of a door appearing far more significant than others, Manson howls in distress as he pounds away


"Hey, Tom!"


"Oh Christ…" shouts a muffled voice from behind the door, "WHAT?!"


"Tom! Buddy! I've been knocking and knocking…"


"I know you have, and if it's about…"


"Landon! Did you see that just now?! Did you see it?! He's playing you, Tom! He's playing you and he's playing me, treating the both of us like fools! Especially you, Tom, but as far as I go, the rap disses, the assaults, but he still won't accept, and hell, he isn't even here!"




"I don't even know what to do anymore, Tom! I'm at my breaking point! You gotta help me! I don't know what to do anymore! Anyone in their right mind would accept so they could spare themselves more pain and humiliation after everything I've done, but he hasn't! Not Landon! I don't know anymore!" Wait… it's making sense now…"


"Hey, Manson…. You seemed fine not even twenty minutes …"


"I know! It's Megan! Yeah! The one with the brain, the one with the plan… she's the one! She's the one keeping him from Ground Zero! Why?! What does she have against me, huh?! Megan, Landon! But why they keep doing this when it only increases my burden, I don't get it! Or are they just trying to get to me?! Trying to get to me before then?! Tell me, Tom!"


"I don't really…"


"I can see through their game now, but this hurts, Tom! I mean it really, really hurts me, more than I could ever hurt Landon! And he's scared of me breaking his neck?! This burden they're putting on me, far worse than that! They… Landon and Megan both, they have no idea what not acknowledging me… they have no idea what it does. I'm telling you, Tom! I'm freaking out here! I'm… they're making me a little angry here and I'm at the end of my rope as far as Landon Maddix is concerned! I'm saying they wouldn't like me when I'm angry…"


"You mean you're not angry now?!!"


"I know it seems that way, but… Tom, up here…" says Manson, tapping the side of his head and smiling widely, "There's a lot going on up there, lots of motion, man, things swirling around that even I don't understand. And what I'm saying is it's ugly stuff, Tom… it makes what I've done lately look like Candyland… even I'm saying I don't like it, but Landon… That bastard, he… keeps screwing around with me, but he has no fucking idea who I am or where I've been and just what I'm thinking of doing to him right now …"


"Maybe I should've scheduled that appointment," mutters Tom under his breath, "But listen, Manson. I've seen everything, and all I have to say in response is… take a break tonight."


"What?! WHAT?! Tom, I mean, you can't be serious… I have a match against Fleihr… and I just need to… get my hands on someone right now…"


"Listen. Just settle down, okay. It's unfortunate, but just trust in old Tom Flesher. We're (ugh) Best Friends Forever, right?!" says Tom as Manson nods accordingly, "Relax. Just take a load off, go have some dinner and a good rest. I'm gonna level the playing field here. If Landon gets to have the week off, then you will too. That's okay, right?!"




"And Manson, in return, come to Germany with us. Save up the aggression and rage, just keep thinking about Landon, let it build up inside and I'll give you something to do next week. And since Landon will definitely be on the show next week, you can take care of things there. Is it a deal, Manson?" asks Tom, extending his hand.


"I understand," he says as he takes the handshake. "Yeah, I understand!"


"Alright. Now get out of here, you rascal," Tom says to the Messiah as he departs.


Pulling out a handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiping his hands, Tom chuckles to himself. "Yep. This should be fun, indeed."

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Guest WhollyChao

"Alright. Now get out of here, you rascal,"


I wub it. Beautiful.


Good stuff. Manson/Maddix is shaping up to be very interesting.



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