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The College Football Thread 10/18-10/21

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Notre Dame is the worst football team I've ever seen. But they're helping to fix our offensive problems and build our confidence.


King, what is your thoughts on Mark Sanchez's play? It irritated me when the commentators were going on about how Booty shouldn't lose his job because he's "played extremely well". Yeah it was against Notre Dame but USC never looked as good offensively with Booty as they did today. And theoretically you have that Idaho game earlier in the year to compare performance against "shitty teams".

Booty can go to hell. Start Sanchez until he starts playing like crap, if he starts playing like crap, and if he does, put Booty in.


Sanchez played better than Booty has in the last two seasons. Everything about Sanchez is better. Arm, reads, quickness, ability to avoid the sack, everything.


Also Sanchez looks like a fiery leader type of guy where Booty sure isn't that.....I think the rest of the team is more likely to go all out for a guy like Sanchez.

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Tuberville didn't help his cause by kicking short. I know he doesn't want to give up the big play, but in that situation, he should've bit the bullet and expected his coverage team to make a play. He also should've challenged the spot on that 3rd down play or called a timeout to get that challenge (however the college rules work in that situation).

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Good luck on them fighting through the rest of their schedule if they play like that, though.


It's going to be near impossible.


I'm talking about the SEC Title game, of course. And you know Bama's gonna be ready to play.

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I finished my rankings for this week. For once, I wished I didn't have the close portion as the Top 25 were all fairly easy, but after about 27, there was no one worth ranking. Without further ado:


(Previous week's ranking in parenthesis)

1. Ohio State 8-0 (1)

2. LSU 7-1 (3)

3. Oregon 6-1 (5)

4. Boston College 7-0 (7)

5. Oklahoma 7-1 (4)

6. West Virginia 6-1 (9)

7. USF 7-1 (2)

8. Florida 5-2 (12)

9. Kansas 7-0 (13)

10. Arizona State 7-0 (11)

11. Missouri 6-1 (14)

12. USC 6-1 (15)

13. Kentucky 6-2 (6)

14. California 5-2 (10)

15. Virginia Tech 7-1 (17)

16. Auburn 5-3 (16)

17. South Carolina 6-2 (8)

18. Rutgers 5-2 (29)

19. UCLA 5-2 (32)

20. Michigan 6-2 (24)

21. Georgia 5-2 (22)

22. Texas 6-2 (21)

23. Penn State 6-2 (23)

24. Virginia 7-1 (26)

25. Alabama 6-2 (30)


Close: Connecticut, Cincinnatti, Kansas State, Boise State, Hawaii, Purdue, Oregon State


Edited to put BC above Oklahoma. I just can't in good conscience rank a team that went down to the wire with Iowa State ahead of a solid undefeated.

Edited by iggymcfly

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It's not a huge deal to me personally, but how many more wins would it take to get Hawaii into your top 25?

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It's not the number of wins; it's the quality. According to the Sagarin ratings, the best team they've played this season is UNLV, currently ranked either #92 or #84 depending on which set of rankings you use. UNLV's 2-6 and tied for last in the Mountain West. Hawaii hasn't played a single team in the top 80 all year and yet they've still been taken to overtime twice. That's just not a team that deserves a Top 25 ranking IMO.


The first semi-real opponent they face is Fresno State two weeks from now. (Ranked 63/70, approximately equivalent to Iowa.) If they beat them handily, I'll consider UH for a Top 25 spot and if they win at Nevada, I'll probably give it to them, even though Nevada's not in the Top 80 either. You have to realize though, Hawaii's played a really, really bad schedule thus far. Not only is it the weakest in all of I-A, it's actually worse than 29 I-AA schedules too. About 80% of the BCS conference teams could be undefeated with Hawaii's schedule right now.

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Hawaii was struggling against Utah State earlier in the year. _Utah State_. The Utah 5A High School Champion could probably beat Utah State, and Hawaii struggled against them.

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Yeah, just for fun, let's list the records of Hawaii's opponents again. This is always a good illustrative exercise:


Northern Colorado (0-8) (FBS)

Louisiana Tech (2-5)

UNLV (2-6)

Charleston Southern (3-4) (FBS)

Idaho (1-7)

Utah State (0-7)

San Jose State (3-5)


That's a combined record of 11-42. Throw out Charleston Southern who has wins over schools named JC Smith and North Greenville and the record drops to 8-38. That's just beyond ridiculous. It's not just the Wisconsins and Clemsons of the world who could go undefeated with this schedule. I honestly think Duke would be 7-0 playing these teams.

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Well then, I guess the better question would be how high Hawaii will be ranked in the real polls if they run the table.


On another subject, what the hell happened to Texas Tech's offense? Is Mizzou's D that good?

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Well, the schedule does at least get tougher for Hawaii. After playing at Nevada, they play Boise State at home (best mid-major in the country, legit Top 30 team) and then finish with Washington. If they get through all that undefeated, they'll at least be Top 10 and could potentially be Top 5. I wouldn't even count them 100% out of the national title race, but every one-loss team except the other national title participant would have to lose, Florida will have to pick up a 3rd loss, and then with all that, Hawaii still probably needs Washington to go undefeated the rest of the way and get to 7-5 going into their matchup. If all that happens, and then Hawaii blows out Boise and UW, they'd have a pretty good chance to get to the BCS title game.


The much more likely scenario though is that they blow the road game to Nevada in the cold, let down against Boise the next week and lose at home, then get blasted by 20 or 30 points against UW to finish the season 9-3. I think Kansas probably has a better shot at going undefeated than Hawaii.

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Doing my tiers system again, ranking the teams by how good of a shot they have to make the national title game if they win out. Also, even within the tier, the teams are clearly ranked from top to bottom in the order that they're listed. The first team of one tier is closer to the last team from the previous tier than the last team from their own tier. We're down to 14 teams contending for the national title now.



Tier I: Just Win Baby

There are only two teams in the country right now that completely control their own destiny. If these two teams win out, no one else is going to make it, be they a 13-0 Boston College or an 11-1 LSU. Here are the teams that control their own destiny.


Arizona State (7-0): As long as they keep winning, ASU will move up fast. They moved up 5 spots this week on a bye. Imagine what will happen when they start playing USC, Cal, and Oregon.


Ohio State (8-0): Ohio State's still #1 in the country and with the USF loss is almost assured of a trip to New Orleans if they run the table. BC would have to start blowing teams out to even have a shot at unseating OSU.


Tier II: The Frontrunners

Yes, the above teams are the only ones guaranteed to go to New Orleans if they win out. However, there are several more teams that are very likely to get in if they win the remainder of their games to the point that many of them shouldn't even worry about their rank. Here are the other leaders who should make the title game if they take care of business:


Boston College (7-0): The Eagles are sitting pretty at 7-0, but have been somewhat untested thus far. A Thursday night game with VT should show whether they're a real contender or not.


Kansas (7-0): It's going to be extremely close if an undefeated Kansas and a one-loss LSU are competing for the last spot in the title game at the end of the season. The one reason I'd give the Jayhawks the benefit of the doubt though is the two big games they finish the season with. Playing a possibly 10-1 Missouri and the following that up with an 11-1 Oklahoma squad would be enough to give the late push to an undefeated. If OU or Missouri stumbles though, Kansas may need the Tigers to pick up another loss.


LSU (7-1): LSU's far and away the best one-loss team in the country right now, and what's more, the voters are starting to realize it, pushing the Tigers past Oklahoma this week. If the undefeateds lose, they'll have no worries about being caught from behind.


USC (6-1): USC got back on track with a blowout over Notre Dame this week, and if they start beating the Oregons and Arizona States on their schedule, they'll rise quickly. A one-loss USC team would still have a very good shot at reaching the national title game.


Tier III: The Contenders

These are the teams that can't honestly they say have a 50/50 shot to make the championship if they win out. They're certainly in the race, but they're going to need a little bit of luck and some help from above to actually make it.


Oregon (6-1): By getting within one spot of Oklahoma in the coaches poll, Oregon basically passed them potential-wise as a win over USC would now likely be enough to propel UO ahead of the Sooners.


Oklahoma (7-1): The close game against Iowa State came at the worst time possible as Oregon's got their big showdown against USC this week and the comparison would definitely move Oregon up to #4. Oklahoma now needs losses from 3 Pac-Ten teams above them in addition to LSU and the undefeateds.


Missouri (6-1): With a blowout over Texas Tech in a virtual playoff game this week, the Tigers are still right in the race. With undefeated Kansas still on the schedule and the potential to avenge their road loss to Oklahoma at a neutral site, Missouri has just as good of a shot to reach the title game as Oklahoma does.


Florida (5-2): Florida keeps getting closer and closer to the top of the polls, moving into 11th after the big win over Kentucky. If they beat a one-loss LSU team in the SEC Championship game, I'd absolutely expect them to pass a Big East team with one loss.


West Virginia (6-1): WVU's #6 in the coaches poll this week and could still sneak into New Orleans if enough teams lose. After the showdown with Rutgers this week, they don't have any showcase games the rest of the way though, so it will be next to impossible to beat out OU or Missouri and Florida would likely get the nod over them as well.


South Florida (7-1): Yes, they have a head-to-head win over West Virginia, but at 5 spots behind them in the latest coaches poll, they probably have too much ground to make up to get past the Mountaineers. WVU also playing a road game against Rutgers should be enough to seal the deal if both go 11-1.


Tier IV: The Longshots

These teams while still technically in the race are going to need every single break to go their way. They will likely need the top teams to lose not once, but twice.


South Carolina (6-2): The one good thing about losing to a really bad team is that people tend to dismiss it if you beat the good teams later. With Tennessee, Florida, and a possible rematch with LSU still on the slate, South Carolina has plenty of time to gain ground in the polls if enough teams lose.


Hawaii (7-0): Hawaii's chances look worse every week and every Washington loss is a death blow as that's about the only game left that can give the Warriors actual credibility. I honestly think Hawaii needs not only to win out, but for UW to win out as well to have any kind of legitimate shot.


Eliminated this week


California (5-2): #20 in the polls at this point of the season = too much to recover from. Even if Longshore had been out last week and given Cal an excuse, they could have made a quick rise, but they really have no shot to reach the title game at this point of the season.


Kentucky (6-2): Kentucky's not going to be able to avenge either loss in the SEC Title game since both came from within their division. Combine that with the Kentucky brand name that the voters were pretty skeptical of anyway, and the Wildcats are done.


Texas Tech (6-1): The Red Raiders were somewhat of a longshot anyway, but they got exposed big-time against Missouri. While the conference title is still within their reach, it's extremely unlikely given how poorly they played last week.


Cincinnatti (6-2): Two losses in the Big East = LOL @ competing for the title.

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New BCS rankings have been leaked.




1. Ohio State

2. Boston College

3. LSU

4. Arizona State

5. Oregon

6. Oklahoma

7. West Virginia

8. Virginia Tech

9. Kansas

10. South Florida

11. Florida

12. USC

13. Missouri

14. Kentucky

15. Virginia

16. South Carolina

17. Hawaii

18. Georgia

19. Texas

20. Michigan

21. California

22. Auburn

23. Connecticut

24. Alabama

25. Penn State

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Just wanted to say that with the new Sagarin ratings out, Hawaii's schedule is ranked 171st, meaning that there are now 50 I-AA teams that have played tougher schedules than the Warriors. Sagarin puts Hawaii at #49 overall, although they'd be #48 if you just count I-A teams as Northern Iowa's 8 spots ahead of them. With UNLV's loss to 0-6 Colorado State, the toughest team Hawaii's played is now Louisiana Tech who's ranked #107/#101. That means Hawaii hasn't played a single team in the Top 100!

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I'm surprised that voters didn't really bump USC up since they played like the old USC that they are used to seeing and not the "keep shitty teams close" USC that has been playing as of late. At least they get a top 5 team in Oregon next weekend.

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North Dakota State beat Minnesota :) and RB Tyler Roehl was studly (22 carries, 263 yards, 1 TD).


In other FCS game news...

1: Yale survived Penn 26-20 in 3 overtimes.

2: Grambling State held off Jackson State 30-20 with Brandon Landers continuing the throwing QB mentality (See Bruce Eugene) with 348 yards and 1 TD.

3: NC Central continues to do well in their inaugural season, winning 30-14 over Savannah State.

4: Elon upset Wofford 24-13 behind QB Scott Riddle's 343 yards and 3 TD.

5: Stony Brook beat Maine 30-23 in 2 overtimes.

6: Georgia Southern upset Appalachian State 38-35 behind RB Jayson Foster's 175 yards. QB Armanti Edwards had a combined 398 yards (220 rushing).

7: New Hampshire killed Hofstra 40-3... QB Ricky Santos threw for 262 yards and 4 TD.

8: Illinois State upset Youngstown State 27-22.

9: South Dakota State upset Cal Poly 48-35.

10: San Diego beat Jacksonville 62-23 (How is SD not f'n ranked???). QB Josh Johnson threw for 249 yards and 5 TD.




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USC only beat Notre Dame this week. And what's disturbing is that Iggy might have had something with UCLA since they are 4-0 in the Pac 10 right now. Surely they will start dropping a few in conf. though, because a potential UCLA vs. Michigan Rose Bowl is a nightmare for the BCS.


That said, I have zero clue how WVU would get any preferred treatment over USF if both are 11-1. I mean USF would kinda win the Big East since they have the same record and USF has the head to head win. There's no possible way WVU should make the BCS title game if they don't even win the conference.


USF will have a hard one at UConn next week though. UConn isn't that much as a team, but man do they ever get the home cooking from the refs.

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I'm surprised that voters didn't really bump USC up since they played like the old USC that they are used to seeing and not the "keep shitty teams close" USC that has been playing as of late. At least they get a top 5 team in Oregon next weekend.


I imagine it's because, at this point, no one is impressed by a win over Notre Dame, regardless of the score.

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The voters actually did move them up a decent amount this week. They moved up to 9th in the AP, 8th in the coaches poll, and 7th in the Harris poll this week. It's that 23rd in the computer rankings that's killing them.

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USC's SOS right now is like 107. They have a shot to improve that a bit with Cal, Oregon, and Arizona St. coming up, but the downside is that I can't really see them winning all those. Even after that USC still isn't worth discussing as more than a Rose Bowl team, as in no BCS title game here. There will be other 1 loss teams with a better SOS and who didn't lose to a team they were favored to beat by 40.

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It's actually even worse, 109th when using the strength of schedule formula that was used in the BCS before it was taken out in 2004. They currently have worst SOS of any BCS conference team although when taking into account future opponents they bump up to 54th.


Here's the current Top 10 in SOS.


1. Washington

2. Notre Dame

3. North Carolina

4. Duke

5. Florida

6. LSU

7. Auburn

8. South Florida

9. Kentucky

10. Oregon


And when taking into account all future opponents, except any conference championship games of course.


1. Texas A&M

2. Oklahoma State

3. Florida

4. Notre Dame

5. Nebraska

6. Washington

7. Oregon

8. Virginia Tech

9. Kentucky

10. Georgia

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