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  1. Red Leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather. You know New York, you need New York, you know you need unique New York.
  2. Maztinho

    Wrestling Roster Draft: Luxe & Reduxe

    You know what? I was in the first draft, I liked that roster I like what I've done so far in this one. If TI wants my spot let him have it, I dunno if it's worth my time just for one thread. I'd start reaching for random Japanese mid-carders in the next couple rounds so I'd wind up with a similar draft to what I had before anyways.
  3. Maztinho

    The End - Part Deux

    I should have said, Two months Rent.
  4. Maztinho

    The End - Part Deux

  5. Maztinho

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    Sex outside of the missionary position, which is technically a felony in Utah. Might be a misdemeanor, it's a crime though.
  6. Maztinho

    Wrestling Roster Draft: Luxe & Reduxe

    I'm actually hoping another character falls back to me, which I think he should and I'll use him as Papa Shango, since with my Freakshow I'll be somewhat face heavy in the midcard.
  7. Maztinho

    13 year old Father.

    Poor little guy. Will he still be there? Will he?
  8. Maztinho

    Wrestling Roster Draft: Luxe & Reduxe

    I'm drafting this guy because he was one of the most over gimmicks in the late 90's, and I'm running out of Vegas so he's a perfect fit. He's a solid mid-card guy, but if a certain someone falls back to me I might use one of his first gimmicks and run him as a heel against one of my freaks. All aboard the HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Train! The Godfather, Kama, Papa Shango
  9. Maztinho

    Wrestling Roster Draft: Luxe & Reduxe

    Grab someone from Kaz's other group.
  10. Maztinho

    Food Porn

    Brazilians do love them some ribs.
  11. Maztinho

    Take the skinheads bowling

    I'm horrid at bowling, but I did manage to get a 150 once by finding the lightest ball in the place I could and just trying to get a MPH rating of over 40 (the alley had a speed-o-meter) and just crushed the pins a couple times in a row. Playing neon bumper bowling at like 3 am on Graduation Night in the 49th Street Galleria in an activity set up by the school was fun beyond words.
  12. Maztinho

    Wrestling Roster Draft: Luxe & Reduxe

    Yeah, I'd been awake for like three minutes when I did the search typos are expected. Plus I thought I'd Drury up the draft a bit.