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Guest Warriorfan

Cotto vs Mosley

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Guest Warriorfan

I figured most of the boxing fans would be here as well.


There are a just a few hours left til fight time and in many ways it could be a replay of Cotto's last time at MSG. Shane Mosley and Zab Judah are similar in many ways; hand speed, fighting style and build, the major difference between the 2 comes in the area of experience and mental toughness. While Cotto is facing a fighter tonight very similar to the one he crushed in the form of Judah, Mosley has fought and beaten the best and even in his losses he never once showed a lack of heart until the final bell sounded.


At best, Mosley can catch Cotto with a similar devastating left that Juda landed on the champion and end the fight early, if not it could be a war. I see Mosley gaining an early lead and outpointing and outlasting Cotto for the decision.


If Mosley takes the belt and Mayweather beats Hatton we should have the biggest superfightof 2008 on the horizon.

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