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PROMO - Wait...WHAT?!

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Alan Clark sits on the floor in his hotel room staring at the telephone receiver. His mouth is agape and his eyes are wide as saucers. The voice on the other end seems to apparently mumble confirmation.


"So, I lose the world title and you suddenly book me on some bizarre PR tour, keeping me away from the ring for four months and giving me absolutely NO time to get in a ring and train, and now that I come back and lose to one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the company you decide that NOW is the time to tell me that my contract isn't being extended? I abide by all your rules and follow everything to the letter and you repay me by saying "Okay, we only had an eighteen month contract and we aren't renewing it!"? What am I supposed to do now, they want me at From The Fire!"


There is more inaudible noise through the phone, and Alan can do little but nod his head a few times.


"And what about Wal...oh...okay..." ...brief pause... "Reaaaaaally now? Is he aware of this? Okay. Thanks, or something."






Alan steps out into the hallway of the hotel to find Walter Reynolds standing diligent guard. He pats the larger man on the back but keeps his eyes pointed to the floor.


"Hey, Walter, buddy. You got fired."


The words almost do not seem to register to Reynolds, who just looks down at Alan in shock.


"Disney cut ties...again. But they apparently worked out a deal with the SWF due to the slight roster crisis. A contract is being faxed over." This changes the look on Walter's face quite quickly, as now a long grin starts to peel across his lips. "You told me you wanted to wrestle. Aren't you glad we had those chances to practice? We have to leave tomorrow morning to fly out to the next show. I'll try to get us some more ring time, okay?"


Reynolds simply nods, and the two men head back into the hotel room, Walters's voice being the last thing heard before the scene fades to black.


"I had thought about running an idea by you..........."

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Guest This is Bo


















What? Everybody's using one word describing their opinion of the promo, and I say shit!


Meaning, someone's in deep shit if this guy gets a partner or turns heel and shit, that's some shit...


hence, my one word opinion...



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