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TNA Impact Spoilers for 2/28

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Ripped from David Meltzer and Friends


For Thursday night:


Booker T called out Robert Roode. Payton Banks came out and slapped Booker in the face. Traci Brooks then attacked Banks.


Scott Steiner & Petey Williams b Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt


Team 3-D vs. Curry Man & Shark Boy was canceled when neither man made weight. Curry & Shark then beat Rellik & Black Reign


Robert Roode called out Booker, and they brawled. Banks came out and handcuffed Booker to the ropes. Brooks ran in and was also handcuffed to the ropes. Roode and Banks wipped T and Brooks with belts. The stipulations for Destination X will probably involve either straps or handcuffs.


James Storm b Eric Young in a ladder match to win the drinking championship due to interference by Jackie Moore. Rhino stole the belt after the match. We haven't had a good belt stealing angle in a few weeks.


Awesome Kong b Angelina Love


Kurt Angle b Kevin Nash in the main event. Karen Angle was knocked out at ringside and Kurt didn't care, but A.J. did


I swear every time I see Awesome Kong's name, I think of 1/2 of the Colossal Kongs from WCW.

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Wow, was there really no response to this show at all? What gives? I thought it was another solid effort. I'm getting really into the Kurt/AJ storyline and I hope it culminates in a PPV main event somewhere. If they could get Joe/Angle out of the way at Lockdown and let Angle win cleanly, I would go out of my way to order a PPV headlined by Styles and Angle even if I can't do it with my current satellite. And if Styles won the title, that would be even better.


Also, big ups to Kurt Angle for pulling a decent match out of Kevin Nash. The psychology on the leg mixed in with just enough of Kurt bouncing all over the ring camouflaged Nash's weaknesses perfectly. That match was much better than it had any right to be. I didn't really like the fake pinfall where Nash had Angle down for a 10 count, but I guess if they're trying to build him up like he's still a main eventer before the PPV, it's reasonable. Especially when Kurt's already jobbed to Jay Lethal of all people.


Quick question on Lethal to the TNA fans: are we really supposed to take him seriously as a face? His character's so bad that if he wasn't teaming with faces all the time, I'd think he was being booked with the "heel that thinks he's a face" gimmick. Getting down on one knee to ask a random valet out on a date? The Randy Savage wanna-be glasses? The terrible vanilla promo where he said nothing last week? He acts like a random jobber rather than an up-and-comer they're trying to push into the main event.


Actually, in general, I think TNA does a pretty bad job of booking his faces. Joe comes off as annoying and cocky. Lethal acts like a vanilla jobber. Kaz has some decent mic skills, but he comes off pretty damn vanilla and dull too. If anything, that's what hurting them right now. Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, Petey Williams, Tomko, Team 3-D, even Robert Roode all have characters that you can sink your teeth into a little bit, but the faces are just dreadfully dull.

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Joe's current character is hideous. "I want more money and guaranteed title shots, but I won't sign on the contract to get my more money until I actually win the title". Not only does that not make sense, but it could lead to Cornette influencing the outcome of Joe/Angle just to get Joe to sign, which would be an awful, awful move.

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