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Tropic Thunder

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Did it seem to anyone else that RDJR may have went out of character in a way during certain scenes? He was doing somehting during the campfire scene and then he just smiled and it really seemed like he was trying to hold his own laughter in. He sort of did it during the part where he was hugging the rapper dude. Both times I died laughing...there were so many wtf moments in that movie...I can't wait for a second viewing.


I noticed one scene where he was trying to play serious but was obviously trying not to laugh. He was giving a really eyes-bugged-out expression and alternating between stony and smiling. I love it when the actors enjoy the material and can't help but crack up, it's contagious.


Great movie. I agree on the pacing, nothing got old, if you didn't like something it was over before it got annoying. So many great lines. Even the silly stuff like "when we get back to the states I'm going to teach you to juggle" worked.


Probably the best laugh-out-loud movie I've seen in the theater. During most movies I'll be bemused or chuckling but during this one I was genuinely laughing hard at a lot of parts.


Everything about Robert Downey Jr. was awesome. Not just his acting but also the script and the character concept. An Australian playing a black guy dressing up as an Asian farmer -- whoever thought of that needs a raise. "I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude!"


I hope the DVD includes some bonus material.

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