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SWF presents Battleground!

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Taped LIVE to DVD from the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey!


All items due by 7pm EST. Send all marked matches, promos etc to Toxxic

Main Event
SWF World Cruiserweight Title
Wildchild© vs Taiga Star

Wildchild is a name synonymous with the Cruiserweight Division, a wrestler who has battled over the years to give his weight group the respect he feels they deserve. Taiga is a newcomer to the SWF who has battled all her life to get the respect she feels she deserves, and wants to make a case for the 'wrestler, not diva' movement among female competitors. Taiga was on a roll and got this title shot by beating MANSON and The Fabulous Jakey, but did the first loss of her SWF career to S.I.N. put a stutter in her step? Can even a fully-firing Taiga best possibly the best wrestler to have never held the World Heavyweight Title (arguably because he hasn't wanted to rather than because he couldn't)? It's all gonna go down in Atlantic City, and we're going to find out the result!

Rules: Cruiserweight Rules. 20 count on the outside, throwing an opponent over the top rope results in a DQ
Word Limit: 5500
Send To: Toxxic

Non-Title Tag Match
Slaughterhouse 5 (Michael Alexander© and MANSON) vs VDN© (Va'aiga and Dace Night)

Va'aiga's win over Spike Jenkins has got him back on track after his loss to Insane Luchador. Michael Alexander triumphed over El Hombre Sin Nombre but he got last show off when Clark twisted his knee. MANSON has been faltering since he lost his World Title challenge to his partner. Dace Night doesn't really do anything except back Va'aiga up in tag matches, and so hasn't been in the ring for the SWF this year. Who's rusty? Who's hitting form? Who's gonna step up?

Rules: Standard Tag. If Slaughterhouse 5 win, they get a Tag Title shot down the line. If either Dace or Va'aiga get the fall over Alexander, that wrestler gets a World Title shot down the line.
Word Limit: 5500
Send To: King Cucaracha

Battleground Match
Insane Luchador vs S.I.N.

S.I.N. is undefeated, and cocky as all hell. He may have to reevaluate his attitude as he comes up against the SWF's resident hardcore loon in his own environment. Andrew Rickmen is on a charge, and SWF management have taken note. This match could be a big stepping-stone for IL, and for S.I.N. it won't be a baptism of fire so much as a baptism of... C4?

Rules: Hardcore rules with appropriate military decoration (sandbags, barbed wire etc) and the addition of two barbed wire-wrapped C4 boards, primed and ready for detonation at ringside. A heavy weight onto the boards (such as, oh, a wrestler) will cause them to detonate. You win the match simply by pinning or making your opponent submit. The C4 boards don't HAVE to be brought into play... but you wouldn't want that effort to go to waste, would you?
Word Limit: 5000
Send To: Toxxic

Tom Flesher vs The Fabulous Jakey
Jakey needs to turn his form around. Tom REALLY needs to turn his form around, and preferably cut down on the drinking.

Rules: Standard singles
Word Limit: 4500
Send To: Dace59

Tod James Stuart vs Rikard Fleihr
Tod deKi-no, wait. The Artist Formerly Known As Tod deKindes is back, only he's not pretending to be German anymore, and he's using his real name. Go, TodMan! He faces the leader of the Four Norsemen in the hope that his form under this name will be rather more spectacular than his exploits in the latter part of last year when he was the fed's punching bag.

Rules: Standard singles
Word Limit: 4000
Send To: King Cucaracha

Anyone else wanting a match, just PM me or Landon
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