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Masters of the Universe figures

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I was going through my parents basement this evening and found some Masters of the Universe action figures still in the original packaging. The ones I have are Prince Adam, Battle Armor He-Man, Orko, Fisto, Moss Man, and also 2 She-Ra Princess of Power figures as well.

I do not collect action figures but the appear to be in good shape. The plastic is sill sealed to the cardboard. The date on the packaging is 1983, 1984 on the She-Ra. I took some pics but left the camera at their house so I won't be able to upload them until later. I am considering putting these items on ebay. Any clue as to how much these figures would be worth? Anyone interested in purchasing them? I will sell them individually or as a group.




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You'll want to buy a price guide or find a recent listing online. The easiest route is to buy or find someone with the most recent copy of Toyfare and hopefully they'll have a Masters listing in that month's guide, through which you can get a bead on what they're worth. Someone more knowledgeable than I may be able to point you toward a free online guide.


What you'll get is dependent on market demand and the condition of the packages themselves. If there are tears, folds and bends, dented plastic, etc., expect the value to decrease, though in package will generally be worth more than if they were loose. Remember that price guides nor the market are absolute.


There are some prices here, though they're from way back in 1999. I can only assume they've gone up since, but you never know.

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