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Upcoming Scott Keith Q & A Session

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Cheech came up with an idea recently that has been agreed upon. Scott Keith is going to do a question and answer segment with us here at TSM. Cheech contacted him, and he agreed to do the Q & A. For those of you who do not know Scott, he has written the following books on professional wrestling:


"The Buzz on Professional Wrestling"

"Tonight...in This Very Ring: A Fan's History of Professional Wrestling"

"Wrestling's One Ring Circus: The Death of the World Wrestling Federation"

"Wrestling's Made Men: Breaking the WWE's Glass Ceiling"


Also, he has a book coming out on Chris Benoit.



Scott kept a pro wrestling FAQ for a long time and wrote for some of the bigger wrestling websites along the way. He started a website named Rantsylvania, which morphed into The Smarks. TSM has existed in some form or fashion from the forums on those sites up until our current incarnation. Scott's current website is http://www.rspwfaq.com.


This session will be hosted in the WWE folder, but we are pinning the topic in every wrestling folder so you will be aware of it. Please post any questions you would like Scott to answer in the WWE folder thread. Please refrain from rude or unnecessary questions or comments for Scott. If necessary, we will delete questions of that nature before sending them for Scott to answer. This thread will be up until Monday or so, and then we will close it and forward the questions we have. Hopefully, this will lead to similar projects in the future.

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