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  1. Dandy

    POTY Tournament Rd 1: Dandy vs. Brody

    Voted for myself because I want to win.
  2. Dandy

    POTY Tournament Rd 1: redjed vs Venkman

    As board runner, I declare that if Red Jed is demodded. I will have to ask him if he will be demod himself as I lack the ability to do it.
  3. Dandy

    POTY Tournament Rd 1: Bob_Barron vs. Marvin

    I voted for Marvin. As board runner, I declare that the winner of this poll will be given a position on the moderating team.
  4. It's time to show you guys we mean business!
  5. Dandy

    WrestleMania (number omitted)

    What match does everyone think will open the show? Also, I think we should have a Wrestlemania party here at TOTSM.
  6. I think we need to rebrand the main page as something with articles on sports, movies, music, and things from all of pop CULTURE. It could be a sort of CROSSFIRE of articles on that sort of thing. I am thinking of calling it THE MAIN PAGE.
  7. Combining the feedback, rules, and chat call out thread into one basically since the pinned threads felt a bit crowded and I wanted to also add some links as well. Board Rules 1: This is the old TSM. Use your brain. If something could be taken as way too far/get you suspended by the Mods, maybe rethink doing it. 2: No obvious porn/nudity in folders outside of LSD. Make sure they are NOT underage! (That means they must be 18 minimum) If they are or the Mods think they could be, the post in question will be immediately deleted and you will be warned. 3: Try to keep pictures SFW outside of folders like LSD or GTG. Use spoiler tags if you're unsure if it would be appropriate or not. Same goes for any overly graphic/gory images as well. 4: We let you change your usernames whenever you want. Don't abuse this privilege. Just toss your best known handle in your custom title underneath so we know who you are. If you don't do this, we will. No Slurs, Cussing, or inappropriate words in your username. Terms like "Fuck," "Shit," "God Only Saves Kikes," etc. will be removed. Custom titles may have moderate cursing but use common sense. 5: Keep the usage of slurs to a minimum outside of GTG, ESPECIALLY in thread titles. General cussing is allowed but try to use smarter word choices if necessary. Chat is a generally different beast but refrain from bringing sensitive material from there to the board when possible. Be aware of other posters and know that joking about _____ can be fun but can also strike a nerve in chat/board. If somebody complains about being offended, respect their wishes and knock it off. Don't abuse the 'being offended' tactic or you'll get a warning. Try to keep it to serious matters only. We really hope to get a chat someday. 6: Do not involve a user's family when insulting them in a post. Personal attacks are at the discretion of mods. Using the words of a poster against them/mocking their own words & phrases does not constitute a personal attack. You all know what the boundaries are but avoid going into areas that imply bodily harm/death. If a person has admitted to a mental disorder, try not to use that against them. Some common sense is all we ask. 7: Try to keep most topics on the subject matter of the thread topic. We'll allow some leeway but if it starts getting too derailed, we'll step in and remind posters to get back on topic. 8: Do not use real names of posters as your board handles unless that name is your own. 9. Do not abuse the Report a Post feature. It's for serious issues only. Repeated abuses will get a warning. 10. If you are warned/suspended, please feel free to discuss it with the Mods. We try to include the reason why in the initial warning/suspension but are willing to talk it out. Bringing it to the board (either immediately or after you've returned) will only serve to make your situation far worse. Links http://thesmartmarks.com This is the only link we have. Board History 2015 - This site was reborn. Nothing important happened before that year. So if you have any feedback, links you think we should include, questions about board history, want to let people know you're in the chat (should we get one) and are lonely, etc feel free. Mar 28 2015 Update (in gimmick) To all fellow TSM-Comrades, The Moderation-Bureau would like to correct some misinformation that has been released by enemies of the state, right-deviationists, and leenaists. TSM as a board of equals does not have a "owner". Comrade Mike the Dumbass does not own this board nor anything else. The Moderation-Bureau as a group holds this board in trust until the day the posters have achieved idealogical purity and are ready to be given control. Until then we must protect you from yourselves. Signed, Dandy
  8. Dandy

    Matt Young

    I do not know this "Venk" you speak of. My name is clearly "Dandy."
  9. Dandy

    Matt Young

    Maybe you ignored a PM from him.
  10. Dandy

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Springtime for Matt Young and TSM.
  11. Dandy

    Matt Young

    I wasn't talking to him. Or to anyone, really, I had just been jonseing to drop that line.
  12. Dandy

    Matt Young

    Nice play, Shakespeare.
  13. Dandy

    Gay Wrestlers

  14. Dandy

    Its 1 am Central and 25 guests are here...

    Signing up won't do shit when JerryVonKramer is the only guy registered in a month while InYourHouse2009 and his pals wait around.
  15. Dandy

    Matt Young

    This will never, ever happen again, but... I kind of agree with YKRG and he has a point. No, Matt shouldn't step down, but really, a fucking week to de-pin the ECW thread? The wrestling folders are their own unique Enigma and need a dedicated mod who isn't off doing other things (which again, YKRG seems to be right on - why is JerryVonKramer the last approved member? What about all those other dudes waiting for you to let them in and try to revitalize a dying board?). I also have it on good authority from a pal of mine residing elsewhere that Matt is very poor at responding to PMs. Basically, appoint Franchise to be Mr. Wrestling II and let the re-growth begin. I don't know who to blame for this one, but closing the "No Raw thread?" thread purely because the discussion boiled down to "this place sure has gone downhill" is Mike like censorship. Uh oh, someone asked why the ECW thread wasn't de-pinned! But then again, what do I know, I'm just stirring up shit as a member of a clique.
  16. Dandy

    How to swear in Chinese

    zhangmeijie,你是见鬼糟糕的和没人喜欢你。请感到自由在你的睡觉中死亡,永远别打扰 TSM 的少数逗留公民。
  17. Dandy


    I wasn't in the Dan Maff Clique. Any shit I pulled was done for my amusement only.
  18. Dandy


    Could we at least agree no tears would be shed if zangamangahlie was pushed off her balcony?
  19. Dandy


    I was suggesting Matt Young do something. Or whoever else had Admin powers. It's nice to say "Hey everyone, this place isn't dead, wrestling guys you're encouraged to explore elsewhere!" but no follow-up was done on it. No one on the moderating team is really encouraging discussion, ya dig? Myself and others my have left this place behind under arduous circumstances, and YKRG can claim that people who had their ball taken away forcefully "took their ball and went home" all he wants, but... well I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but the point is I have no beef with Matt or Jingus or Nighthawk or RedJed, etc. and would like to see them succeed instead of die a pathetic death (funny as it may be to hold against Mike). Well, I guess Jingus already does well with The Pit.
  20. Dandy


    Telling people to sign up won't matter, Matt Young won't get off his ass and approve new accounts (check the "Waiting for Authorization" member filter). And he just leaves week old ECW threads dangling. When the heart and soul of wrestling land was banned, that area of TSM went with it.
  21. Dandy

    No Raw Thread????

    It was more important that the ECW thread stay pinned.
  22. Dandy

    100 Posts of Solitude

    I'm not sure he wants to. But that's who it was. So the story goes, anyway. Why so much anger, Battle? I never got it - you seemed normal, then got banned for whatever reason, then came back and there was this 'pbp' hubub and then bam, everyone is gay and EHME hates you.
  23. Dandy

    100 Posts of Solitude

    ForumPro was Czech.
  24. Dandy

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    He also referenced ROH too, ya know. And whatever "Ultimate" is.