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The SWF presents...


LIVE to tape/DVD from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts at 7pm EST!


'Play To Win' Match
Insane Luchador vs MANSON

The Insane Luchador is on one hell of a roll - three wins on the bounce, whereas before now he's struggled to manage three matches on the bounce since his untimely death and subsequent revival. He has a locked-down, 100% certain World Title shot coming up against Michael Alexander... but the Mad Scientist Of The Mat is unavailable until late April. Do we leave Looch to cool his heels? No! We put him up against the other half of Slaughterhouse 5! Unlike IL's recent conquests, this match will play out under standard singles rules, but if he WINS... he gets to pick the stipulation in which he faces Alexander. However, if MANSON wins then HE (no, not Alexander, MANSON) gets to pick the stipulation the title match is contested under. It's worth bearing in mind that a win over someone who then dethrones the champion might stand the Raging Bull in good stead in terms of getting back into the title picture. It's time to let the fed's two veterans have at it!

Rules: Standard Singles
Word Limit: 5500
Send To: King Cucaracha

Annie Eclectic vs Taiga Star

Annie is Queen Bitch, Taiga is new. Annie is the Hardcore Queen, Taiga is the Hardcore Princess. They've both been talking smack - now Toxxic's had enough and took out some of his frustration at his country's appalling performance in the soccer against France by booking them against each other in a hardcore match to make them fight for his enjoyment, or at least mild amusement.

Rules: Hardcore. You know, no DQ, falls count anywhere - that sort of thing
Word limit: 5000
Send To: Toxxic

Va'aiga vs S.I.N.
S.I.N.'s winning streak came to an end at the hands of the Insane Luchador - possibly not surprising given the environment, so it's probably time to give the rookie a more relaxing encounter, no?



Enter Va'aiga, 6'6 and 340lbs+ of angry Maori. How do we know he's angry? Because he's Va'aiga! The Maori Badass didn't get his fight as predicted at Battleground, so he gets to take it out on S.I.N. Can the man from the Bronx rise to the challenge of facing down a former World Champion considerably bigger than he is, or will Va'aiga LARIATOOOOOOOOOOO another opponent's chances?

Rules: Standard Singles
Word Limit: 5000
Send To: King Cucaracha

Tod James Stuart vs Arne Andersen
Stuart pulled out the win against Rik Fleihr at Battleground, but it seems the Four Norsemen are not ones to forgive or forget. It's The Enforcer Arne Andersen's turn to measure up against the former ICTV Champion - will Tod weather the storm?

Rules: Standard Singles
Word Limit: 4500
Send To: Toxxic

The Fabulous Jakey vs KOJI Kitano
Jakey's slump is going from bad to worse, and now he faces off against a former SWF Tag Champion. KOJI hasn't been in singles competition in the SWF for over two years - will Jakey be able to pull himself around here?

Rules: Standard Singles
Word Limit: 4500
Send To: Dace59

(send all marked matches, promos etc to Toxxic)

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Backstage, Jakey is stretching when Megan Skye walks up to him.


"Can I help you?" Jakey asks.

"Well, I just want to know why you're assaulting people left and right," Megan says.

"Where do you think we are, Megan?" Jakey scoffs. "Girl Scouts?"

Jakey stands up to her, but Megan doesn't appear intimidated, and not just because they seem to be the same height.

"I know exactly where we are," Megan says. "It's one thing to be tough in the ring, during a match. But bitch-slapping Landon? Giving a DDT to a referee?"

"Hey, Landon was just trying to inspire me," Jakey says. "I think the both of us got the message."

"Really? Then how come you lost last week?" Megan asks.


Jakey stares at her, then realizes he's uncharacteristically speechless. Finally ...


"I can win," Jakey tries to assure her, and possibly himself. "And I will win."

"Okay," Megan says with a smug smile.

"Your hair looks really shiny tonight," Jakey says, then leaves his locker room.

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The following contest is scheduled for one fall!" Funyon cries. Electronic beats begin blaring and strobes flicker the arena.


"Are you ready for a comeback match?" Mak Francis asks. "His first time in singles competition in over two years!"


Chris Card and Natasha emerge first, both in dapper black ensembles.


"Oh, I missed Natasha!" Suicide King cries.

"We know," Mak says.


After a guitar riff, Koji Kitano emerges, a pyro exploding behind him.


"Introducing first!" Funyon continues. "Being accompanied to the ring by Chris Card and Natasha! From Saitama, Japan, weighing in at 219 pounds, KOJI KITANO!"


Koji soaks up the crowd reaction, somewhat welcoming to him considering it's his return match, and walks into the ring after Chris and Natasha. Natasha helps him remove his coat.


"Koji bringing out the entourage here tonight!" Mak Francis says.

"And Ced Ordeno is gonna have his hands full here," Suicide King says, referring to the referee.


Chris and Natasha leave the ring without hurry as "Like a Boy" begins. The Fabulous Jakey emerges in his signature red trenchcoat, looking angry.


"I don't think Jakey likes that everyone at ringside is better dressed than he is," Suicide King laughs.

"Koji travels in style," Mak Francis concedes.


Jakey sneers at Massachusetts, then steps into the ring and begins to remove his trenchcoat. Jakey turns around and Koji smiles at him, then flips him the bird in bratty fashion! Jakey, mouth agape, tears off his trenchcoat, then turns around and throws it at Natasha! Natasha takes offense, but this allows Koji to attack Jakey from behind, and the fight is on!




The referee calls for the bell and Koji has Jakey in the turnbuckle, scoring kicks to the gut. Koji throws Jakey across the ring towards the other turnbuckle, but Jakey counters the whip, sending Koji to the buckle facefirst. Jakey goes to attack but Koji lifts his legs to the air, causing Jakey to eat turnbuckle. Koji hits a beautiful Russian Leg Sweep to take Jakey down!


"And Koji starting things off with the advantage!"


Koji quickly takes to the top rope, and when Jakey stands up he walks right into a Missile Dropkick! Koji continues the assault by picking Jakey up and leveling him against the center ropes, where he lets go with a vicious chop audible from the top rafters! The crowd reacts and Natasha and Chris Card look pleased. Koji hits another chop, then throws Jakey off the ropes --


--but Jakey dodges the clothesline and comes back with a Lou Thesz Press! Jakey pummels Koji for a bit with some strikes to the head, but the bigger man reverses it, getting Jakey in a mounted position and responding with a blatant choke!


"C'mon, BREAK!" yells Ced Ordeno, and counts to four before Koji responds. Koji stands up with an evil smile, kicks at Jakey, then wraps his legs around his neck in a modified choke submission! Jakey writhes on the mat and tries to get to the ropes with his feet ...


...And in a strange turn of events, the crowd begins to clap for The Fabulous One?




"Well, who would have thought this would happen?" Mak asks.


Jakey continues to push his body towards the ropes and gets there with his right leg, causing Ced to again count and make Koji relinquish the hold. Koji obliges, but ascends to the top rope. Before he can do anything fancy, Jakey rolls out of the ring to catch his breath ...


...While Jakey gets in a shouting match with Natasha who is over at the next corner, Koji manages to regroup, and Jakey turns around into an insane tope through the ropes delivered by Koji!


"Oh what a collision!" Mak cries. "And that may not have been very smart ... both these men are down now!"


"But Koji's got back-up!" Suicide King says. "Jakey doesn't!"


The referee begins to count








Gradually both men stir ... Koji is first to his feet and picks up Jakey, delivering a knee to the gut. Koji VIOLENTLY whips Jakey backfirst into the ring apron. Koji grabs Jakey's face, says something to him in Japanese, then violates him with a nasty slap that makes the crowd gasp.


With Jakey's head a bit turned around, Koji grabs the opponent from behind, but Jakey gets out of it with a few elbows to the stomach, then retaliates by BASHING Koji's face into the ring apron!


"C'mon, get it in the ring!" Ced yells, and Jakey rolls back into the ring, slowly getting to his feet. Ced continues counting and admonishing Koji to get in the ring --


--and behind the referee's back Chris Card runs in the ring and levels Jakey with a neckbreaker!


"Oh, COME ON!" Mak Francis yells. Koji gets back in the ring at the final count, then capitalizes by pulling Jakey closer to the top rope!


"Is he gonna fly??" Mak asks.


Koji hits to the air, delivering a somersault kneedrop to his fallen opponent!


"Somersault kneedrop! This could do it here!








Jakey kicks out! Koji ties Jakey's arms back and pulls him into a surfboard position, and again the crowd is surprisingly for the Fabulous One tonight ...


...But Koji relentlessly pulls Jakey further back, straining the neck and back while Jakey refuses to submit! Leaving Jakey in a seated position, Koji quickly runs off the ropes, hitting a hellacious neck snap to send Jakey's head backwards, hitting the mat with a fair amount of whiplash!


Koji stands over the fallen Jakey and again shouts at him in Japanese, then picks Jakey up by the legs and SLINGSHOTS him into the middle ropes, sending Jakey's head and neck in between the middle and bottom rope!


"This isn't a good position to be in!" Mak cries.

"This could be lights out!" Suicide King agrees.


Koji sizes up the situation, then runs off the ropes in an attempt to crush Jakey ...


...But Jakey somehow manages to move out of the way in the nick of time, causing Koji to be tangled up in the ropes!


"And that might be the break Jakey needed here!" Mak cries.


Jakey, still shaking off the neck, slowly gets to his feet, then grabs Koji by the legs as he tries to hang onto the ropes in vain ....


...and Koji is sent face-first to the mat in a Reverse Wishbone!


"Innovative maneuver!" Mak concedes. "But he's got to capitalize! This is the first time he's had Koji down all match!"


Jakey further stomps on Koji's back, then picks up him up by the head, backing him into the turnbuckle. Jakey sits up on the top rope, then chokes Koji from behind, lifting him up in the air!


"C'mon, that's a pretty blatant choke right there! The ref counting ...










Jakey breaks the hold, then kicks Koji from behind, sending him on his stomach again. Jakey climbs up to the top --


"---This is uncharted territory for Jakey!"


---But while Koji is talking to the referee, Natasha stands up on the apron and crotches Jakey!


"Oh, no!" Mak cries. "I hope he didn't have plans after the show!"


Koji capitalizes, climbing up the rope to face Jakey ...


"Oh no, this is dangerous up here!"


Standing up, Koji wows the crowd by performing a hurracanrana takedown on Jakey from the top rope!


"Oh my god!" yells Suicide King.


"That top rope hurracanrana!" Mak cries. "What impact!"


Koji makes the cover, hooking Jakey's legs ...








----no!! he kicked out of it!!!


"Jakey kicked out at -- that had to be two and three quarters there!" Mak cries.


Getting PISSED, Koji picks up Jakey to level him with a snap mare, then knees him in the back of the head!


"I don't know how much more damage Jakey's neck can take tonight," Mak says.

"Koji's a smart wrestler," Suicide King says. "He's been picking a spot and working on it!"

"It doesn't help when you have a posse out here to do your dirty work," Mak fumes.


Koji lifts up Jakey and attempts to perform a back suplex of some kind --


--but with a last turn of adrenaline, Jakey flips backwards behind Koji, hooks with a headlock, and bounces off the ropes for a springboard bulldog!


"A springboard bulldog! Out of nowhere!" Mak cries.


Jakey instinctively goes for the cover ...






--but Koji kicks out as that move isn't powerful enough to keep him down! Jakey tries to regroup by lifting Koji and hooking his head in a facelock --


"Jumping Jakey Flash! This could do it!"


--But Koji grabs onto the top rope, blocking the move and leaving Jakey to fall face-first on the canvas! With a wicked laugh, Koji stomps on Jakey again, says something in Japanese to his crew ...


...Koji picks up Jakey and levels him with another disrespectful slap, then sends him sailing off the ropes. Jakey ducks the assault and attempts a Sunset Flip, but Koji is too powerful ....


...and with both men struggling, Koji gains the advantage, yelling towards Natasha, who is at the right place at the right time ...


...and Koji levels the Sunset Flip attempt, sitting on Jakey to get the pin ...




And Koji sneakily locks arms with Natasha for the unfair advantage! The ref doesn't see it!


"Come on now!"






"Wait! Break!"


Ced Ordeno sees the combo and yells at both Koji and Natasha, and while words are had, Jakey flies his legs up to Koji's shoulders and sends them down to the mat ....


...With Koji's legs wiggling, the ref makes the count ...








"He did it!"


"Just like that!"


"Here is your winner, THE FABULOUS JAKEY!"


"Well, sometimes strength in numbers doesn't work the way you plan it to!" Mak says.

"I think Koji remembered how to cheat," Suicide King says. "He just forgot how to not get caught!"


Jakey's arms is raised in the air, but his victory is short-lived when Chris Card AMBUSHES him from behind! The bell rings again, but Chris Card and Koji Kitano continue the assault, stomping on Jakey and bashing his face in the mat! Natasha enters the ring with the precious red trenchcoat, and with the men picking Jakey up for perfect position, she violently chokes him out with it!




"Stop this!" Mak Francis cries.


"TKO wants people to know they're back!" Suicide King yells.


To a chorus of boos, Koji, Chris and Natasha stand in the ring extremely proud of themselves!

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The camera fades into a hallway bearing the SWF logo. Someone whistles, causing the camera to turn and face Annie Eclectic. She begins to tug on the zipper of her hooded sweatshirt as Her sister steps in, clipboard in hand. Feeling a bit too close, the cameraman zooms back. Allison noisily clicks her pen and begins jotting notes on her Sister's speech.


“Well if it isn't My favorite city...” the Queen says leaning over to see the clipboard, “WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS!”


Smiling, She finishes unzipping and shrugs Her hoodie off. Handing it to Her sister, Annie smooths out the ruffles in Her replica NFL jersey. Blue and white, number 18.


“Some have questioned why someone as accomplished as myself,” said with a hand gesture that would make Rick Martel proud, “would trifle with someone as green as the Baby Bitch. I know My fans are anxious to see me ascend to my proper place atop the SWF as World Champion. However someone simply didn't get the memo...”


Allison turns her clipboard around, amongst other writings three very large words jump out to the viewer...








“My Sister, the Queen became the Most Decorated Woman In The SWF™ by staking one important claim – her ability to be more brutal and callous than any man in this league. Nay, in all wrestling itself! Winning title after title, yet coming so close to being known as the best in the World only for her goal to be wrenched from her grasp. With her raw talent, and my ingenious coaching... no one can stand in her way now!”


Reaching out, Eclectic pulls on the side of the camera, turning it away from Onita.


“You don't simply walk into the tiger's den on all fours and expect not to be attacked. You may be talented, but you will be in my world and you are there from your own actions. May no one take pity on you for the destruction I will wreak... because I won't.”


(fade to black)



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"King, it was last month that we witnessed the return of sorts," begins Mak Francis, narrating over the accompanying recap video. "to a more serious side of Tod deKindes, or should I say Tod James Stuart from now on. He was set to earn a victory by submission, when he had Rikard Fleihr locked in the unforgiving Silent Scream. It wasn't until then, that the rest of the Norsemen came to the rescue."


"Tod James Stuart learned the hard way that you don't get a victory against the leader of the Four Norsemen that easily." says Suicide King. "Sure, he made a good showing at the start, but he soon regretted having jumped into a 4 on 1 situation."


"And now, one month later here at 'Downward Spiral', he gets what you could call a chance at retribution as he's set to go up against the largest Norsemen, the one who more or less began the attack last month: none other than Arne Andersen." states Mak. "The man with the mic has all the info you need!"


Cutting over to the well-dressed Funyon, he awaits and receives his three-bell cue and begins his intro.


"Ladies and gentlemen, Downward Spiral continues with the following contest, which is set for one fall!"


As the Smarktron produces the european styled Four Norsemen logo, the rhythmic tones of Amon Amarth's 'Pursuit Of Vikings' begin to fill the arena.


"Introducing first, making his way down to the ring: from Stockholm, Sweden, weighing in at 262 lbs. He is a member of the Four Norsemen: Aaaarne – Aaaannnderseeeeen!"


With a determined pace, the lone Arne marches down the ramp while doing a few wrist check motions and mainly ignoring the crowd that surrounds him. With little to no fanfare, he walks up the steel ring steps and enters the ring. Aside from stopping to throw a glare at the ring announcer and referee Eddy Long, the Norseman enforcer doesn't do much else than stretch in the ropes and await his opponent with a fervent stare at the entrance way.


"King, you'll notice that Arne is pretty much by himself, here." states Mak.


"The hell does that mean, 'pretty much by himself'?" asks King. "He's either alone, or he's not! You'd think your eye sight would compensate for those non-working legs of yours, but even Stevie Wonder and Anne Frank could see this one and confirm your oh-so-astute observation, Sherlock: yes, Arne Andersen is pretty much indeed by himself." he says with the maximum amount of sarcasm that a man of his stature can afford.


"… Thank you." replies a slightly subdued Mak. Don't worry, he'll regain his composure in a second. "Nevertheless, history has shown us that Arne Andersen, or any of the Norsemen for that matter, are never really alone. In this case, Arne is usually accompanied by his brother Olaf, who's always ready to back him up in any situation. It'll be interesting to see the game plan of the Norsemen for this one, King."


"I'll admit it; last month, Tod James Stuart showed a bit of newfound fire in himself against Rikard Fleihr. If it means that his days as a pushover are done, then hey, more power to him."


With the Norsemen's theme music having died down for a few seconds, the PA system then makes way for The Beatles' "Helter Skelter", playing for all to hear.


"And his opponent: from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He weighs in at 237 lbs… Toood – Jaaaames – Stuart!!" continues Funyon, before retreating to his ringside seat.


If Arne's face displayed determination, Tod James Stuart's demeanor betrays nothing but pure intent on retribution. Already free of his customary t-shirt, Tod quickly marches down the ramp, having only eyes for his Swedish opponent.


"There's that unmistakable look of determination on the face of Tod James Stuart." states Mak. "He's ready this time!"


"If you ask me, he looks ready to repeat history like a damned fool." replies King. "Because I see a guy who's about to charge unprepared into a match against a guy the caliber of Arne Andersen."


Tod is a few steps away from reaching the ringside area, but then… stops? As his music fades out, he engages in a slight verbal exchange with his Swedish opponent. While the European Enforcer beckons his opponent to enter the ring, a fired up Tod actually throws back the metaphorical ball as he's the one making with the broader Come Hither motions.


"What the hell is he doing?" asks Suicide King.


"It looks to me like he wants to start this outside of the ring!" says Mak Francis, offering his own view of the event unfolding before them.


"Your knack for stating the obvious is as strong as those forearms of yours must be, MakDonald J. Francis." replies Suicide King, thriving on his trusty sarcasm and going back for seconds. "Tod Stuart wants to stay outside and fight in Arne's element, then let him venture into shark infested waters! Arne Andersen is smelling the blood and he's going in for the kill."


Whatever Tod has been saying must have worked, because Arne Andersen soon finds himself brushing referee Eddy Long away. But just as Arne leaps through the ropes and onto the floor, at the same time, Tod dashes forward and slides in under the bottom rope! Realizing that he's been had, Andersen quickly follows under the lower strand in turn. He's quickly met with a series of stomps from the Canadian grappler, as referee Eddy Long signals for the opening bell.


"Clever maneuvering on the part of Tod James Stuart at the start of this match!" states Mak. "Say what you will about him, King, but he just outsmarted a Norseman!"


"Whatever, Mak." replies King. "This isn't the first time that the Norsemen have had to deal with these supposedly full of piss and vinegar up and comers that try to make a name for themselves."


As a result of being under someone's boot for a change, Andersen tries to regain his usually sure footing, but Tod is quickly on him with a series of rapid fire forearm shots to the side of the head. While Andersen tries his best to withstand all of the blows, his salvation comes in the form of Tod taking a second to set him up for an Irish whip to the ropes. That's all he needs in order to reverse the maneuver and send Tod on the trip to the ropes instead and get a needed two-second breather. He tries to floor the Canadian with a crushing clothesline, but it's ducked under by the quicker Tod. Before Arne can formulate another attack in his mind, Tod immediately leaves his feet and connects with an impressive leaping forearm shot to the head! Carried by the ensuing momentum, Tod lands on top of his opponent and resumes the machine gun-like strikes; this time with a series of quick closed right hands to the side of the head. Knowing when to draw the line between letting a guy blow off some steam and seeing a guy actually bending the rules, Eddy Long swoops in to try and separate the two combattants. After a stern warning and a steady count of five, both men are finally up and backed off towards opposite corners.


"We all saw that footage by Tod James Stuart a couple of weeks ago," says Mak. "when he said he didn't wanna take shortcuts anymore and wants to do things the right way from now on. Tod's showing a lot of intensity right off the bat, but he's gonna have to be careful not to get too carried away if he wants to do just that against Arne Andersen."


As soon as the trash talking starts anew, both men walk with a hurried step to the center of the ring and connect into the first stiff lock-up of the match. The momentum briefly goes to Stuart, but Arne is the bigger man and he knows it. Shifting his weight forward, he grabs the advantage by taking hold of Tod's left wrist and twisting it one and a half rotations into an effective arm wrench. Before Tod can initiate either an arm twist of his own or a rolling/flipping counter, Andersen quickly converts the hold into a controlling side headlock. Opting to go back into arm-related offense, Andersen spins on his feet once more and transforms the hold into a rear hammerlock. With a quick move of the hips and shoulders, Tod is able to reverse into a hammerlock of his own. Not one to be deterred, Arne quickly connects reaches over and behind him with a stinging right elbow to the side of Tod's head. He then appropriates himself back the hammerlock he originally applied. This is his way of saying 'No way in hell you're gonna out-wrestle me, boy'.


Tod is determined not to be a victim of his opponent's strength advantage, he manages to surprise Andersen with a quick drop toe hold that sends him face first to the mat. He then quickly floats over into a front facelock… and starts hammering away at the back of Andersen's head with clubbing forearms!


"You talked about seeing intensity and determination in Tod James Stuart," begins King. "for my part, I see nothing but pure unbridled anger. Simple mentality, my simpleton colleague. The Norsemen hurt Stuart, now he wants to hurt them back one by one. In some cases a little anger can be good. But as I've seen in the majority of these cases, too much anger WILL be the downfall of you…"


Warned once again to try and keep it clean, Stuart gives the referee the evil eye for all of a second or two before resuming his attention on his opponent. With that having failed, Eddy Long resorts to try and physically remove Stuart from on top of Andersen. He briefly struggles against the official, but finally decides to heed the warning and eases off from his groggy opponent. With tensions flying high, both wrestlers start to circle each other in preparations of another collar and elbow tie-up. Once physical contact is made, Andersen gets set once again to trap Stuart into another torturing hold, but instead gets surprised by getting tossed forward, courtesy of a blinding fast arm drag! The enforcer scrambles up to his feet and wishes to pursue his attack, but he's met with another arm drag.


"Now this would be a much more sound gameplan on the part of Tod." notices Mak Francis. "Because a man of his size engaging in a slug fest with Arne Andersen is a losing proposition."


"Not just that," replies King. "but you'll have a hard time wrestling that man to the ground. With collegial and amateur wrestling championships up the arse, that man is the total package!"


Before he can build any significant momentum, Tod finds himself staring at a kneeling Arne, who now seems to be begging for his well-being with one hand, and pulling Eddy Long in front of him with the other. Long adds to the pleading in order to keep some semblance of control in this match, but Stuart rather chooses to brush him aside once again. With that split-second of distraction offered before him, Andersen springs up to his feet in a flash and traps Tod in a rear waistlock. He swoops him off his feet and slams him into the mat the hard way with a basic but effective amateur takedown, effectively trapping Stuart for the time being.


"There's that amateur instinct like I talked about. Waistlock takedown!" exclaims Suicide King. "It's basic, it's simple. And once it's put on right, all that fire up your ass isn't gonna be worth a damn.


"Wait a minute!"


The franchised announcer has noticed something that most of the front row are beginning to notice: Arne Andersen isn't going to any great lengths to further work the takedown into another hold… this is basically to hold Tod in place, while Olaf Andersen is seen jogging down the aisle and entering the ring… Followed by Tolland Blankhardt… and finally followed by Rikard Fleihr and his Helle-flavored arm candy.


"The Four Norsemen are here!" offers an indignant Mak. "This is a four on one once again!"


Before the stunned Tod can utter his first expletive, he's thoroughly quieted by the boot of Olaf Andersen connecting with the side of his head. Eddy Long calls for the bell and darts out of the ring, not feeling very courageous against the Norsemen's path of carnage. Arne can finally relinquish his basic wrestling hold on Stuart, safe with the knowledge that his three colleagues are battering him with an assortment of yet more stomps and clubbing forearms. Meanwhile, the crowd boos at the sight of the cowardly attack unfolding in front of them, and at the thought of a perfectly fine match rendered to a no-contest.


"And THAT is pure Norsemen instinct, Mak-a-doo!" says King. "You take on one, you take on them all!


With Fleihr directing traffic; the Andersens are on head-kicking duty while Fleihr and Blankhardt are working on the ribs, making for a quite defenseless Tod James Stuart.


"I can't believe Tod would willingly throw himself into those odds by himself, knowing full well that he'd be outnumbered!" offers a confused Mak. "If this keeps up, we're looking at several potential career-ending injuries for Tod James Stuart!"


"If that's what he thought, then he's in the wrong goddamned business." replies King.


The Norsemen take turns dropping knees into Stuart's nether regions, while preventing the gaggle of referees from entering the ring. They finally focus on Rikard Fleihr's limb of choice: the knee. After dropping a series of elbows and stomps on Tod's left knee, Fleihr grabs hold of the leg and lets out his infamous battle cry. He gets set to apply his painful Figure Four Leglock… but Helle stops him? She takes a few seconds to whisper something into his ear, which causes the Norsemen leader to break into a devilish grin.


"What the hell are they doing?" asks King. "Did Helle just advise Fleihr to stop beating the crap out of Stuart or what?"


King receives his answer as Fleihr waves off his three cohorts and begin a slow retreat to the outside…


"I see what they're doing." states Mak. "Normally they'd leave a guy laying until he couldn't walk for days. But they're gonna let Tod James Stuart recover just enough to fall back in their sights again!"


"You mean Helle told Rik to stop beating him up so they'd have some left for later on?" asks King. "If that's the case, damn! That broad is brilliant! Next time I see her, I'm buying her a pint of Bayerøl."


As the zebra crew swoop in the ring to tend to the fallen Tod, we're left with five proud smirks eyeing the semi-conscious Canadian, most definitely content with the work accomplished tonight.


"Ladies and gentlemen," says ring announcer Funyon over the microphone. "The winner of this bout as a result of a disqualification, is Toood – Jaaaames – Stuart!


"A damn shame this had to happen again," begins Mak. "but just like last month, the Four Norsemen strike again, and THIS time they manage to leave Tod James Stuart laying."


"This is what he gets for wanting to be an island unto himself." replies King. "He's welcome to try his luck again next month, but I don't think he'll even make it to the next show at this point!"


"If I know Tod, I don't think he'll leave this alone just yet. Everybody's got some flaws, King. And one of his would be that he's damn stubborn. He needs to wake up and see that he CAN'T keep going through this in one piece and by himself…"


As the Swedish-themed Norseman music is already echoing through the arena, we see Tod James Stuart using up all of his strength to simply sit up, holding his aching ribs. Trying to form a coherent thought…


"…He just can't…"



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“OK we've got a match which has had somewhat of a heated buildup,” says Mak Francis, possibly understating the vitriol that has been flying between Va'aiga and SIN, “This should be an interesting contest.”


“If you're looking for technical wrestling this may be the wrong place. This is going to be a fight, Mak,” replies The Suicide King adding, “If you want the best technical wrestling I suggest you buy 'The Best of Suicide King' DVD – available in all good retailers!”


“Who are you backing to take this match tonight?”


“Well to steal a line from Va'aiga's former tag partner John Duran, SIN to win!”




Funyon shouts SIN's introduction “The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from The Bronx, New York, weighing in at 265lbs, Sammy Irizarry Nuñez, THIS IS SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!”


The hook from “I'm So Hood” leads into a couple of seconds of silence overlaying a dimmed arena before the beat of “Come Home With Me” hits as SIN swaggers down to the ring. The Gang Star slides into the ring and turns to face the entrance ramp, nodding along to the beats of his own music and smiling evilly towards where his opponent is due to enter from. “SIN is coming off the back of a loss to the Insane Luchador,” comments Mak, “And he could be looking to prove a point against The Maori Badass tonight.”


SIN keeps staring intently down the entrance ramp as his own music dies away and the shouts of Savage fill the arena...



It ain't good! It ain't good cos you'll get jumped in my hood!


Funyon gets about “and his opponent...” off as Va'aiga comes RUSHING down the entrance ramp, not even bothering to wear his entrance robe this week. “Well it looks like Va'aiga can't wait to get his hands on SIN!” calls Mak. “SIN has been getting to the Maori. This is about more than wrestling. This is about... 'Who's more hood' I guess. I think SIN is more hood, personally,” remarks King, sounding REALLY white. Va'aiga vaults the top rope as athletically as he can (which lets face it is not VERY athletically) and charges straight for SIN, opening up with lefts and rights and forcing SIN to cover up a little. Referee Anthony Michael Hall calls for the bell.




Composing himself, SIN immediately starts firing back punches of his own. The Maori is forced to back off from his Boricua opponent and given a little space SIN decides to show some MAJOR disrespect by just pimp slapping Va'aiga across the face! SIN wheels away and mouths off to the crowd who collectively draw breath, anticipating some major league response and the Maori doesn't disappoint, dragging SIN round to face him and FLATTENING SIN with a massive headbutt! SIN rolls away and stands back up again mouthing “Ain't nothin'” towards the Maori which earns a scowl and a snarl from Va'aiga. “SIN is trying to annoy Va'aiga. He might draw the Maori into making a mistake,” comments King. “Or he might get killed!” Mak replies.


The crowd are already baying for SIN's blood and a loud “VAH-ING-UH!” chants rings out around the arena as the Maori stomps away at the grounded SIN with malice. With each stomp Va'aiga adds a little extra effort until SIN rolls close enough to place a foot on the ropes and referee Hall forces Va'aiga to break. The Maori glowers at the referee as he backs off and SIN stands again. With a vicious smirk SIN extends his arm out and charges and Va'aiga gets clouted across the face with a clothesline... pissing the Maori off further and doing precisely no damage. Va'aiga grunts in disapproval and lashes out with his head again but SIN slips to a side. The Maori spins and fires off a forearm but SIN ducks and with the Maori's arm out SIN grabs hold and Irish Whips Va'aiga off to the ropes. “WHO HOOD?” asks SIN rhetorically, to a loud chorus of boos as Va'aiga rebounds. SIN fires a straight right off but Va'aiga ducks low, wraps his arms around SIN's legs and takes him down with a Rugby Tackle. From the mount Va'aiga fires off a rapid series of forearms, but SIN covers up, absorbing the blows with his arms. Finally SIN rolls free and stands, Va'aiga following him and the pair square off. “SIN is getting under the skin of Va'aiga,” King comments, “He's going to draw a mistake out of the Maori.”


Squaring off, Va'aiga takes his familiar boxing stance and begins shuffling, trying to find an angle to land a blow. SIN, not wanting to close the difference too much, fires off a toe kick towards Va'aiga's massive barrel chest. The Maori casually flicks the leg aside, spinning SIN so the Boricua from the Bronx's back is open. Va'aiga takes a big step in and grabs a back waistlock but SIN back elbows himself free. SIN sprints for the ropes, rebounding for that little extra momentum and lowers his shoulder. Va'aiga sets himself to receive the charge but SIN fakes the Maori out with a sliding evade. As the Maori turns, SIN leaps up and wraps an arm around Va'aiga's head but the Maori throws him forcefully off with an Atomic Whip.


“An early Seven Deadly Sins attempt. SIN could be trying to keep this match short,” remarks Mak. “Or he could just be trying to inflict his most painful moves more frequently. Either works for me,” replies King with a smirk. SIN rolls through with the force of the move and ends up back on his feet again. The Bo trained brawler advances on Va'aiga but he misjudges the distance between the pair slightly and gets caught with a massive left jab. Anticipating what's coming the crowd calls “ONE!”


“IT'S BOO-YAH TIME!” shouts Mak as the crowd calls “TWO!” in time with another left jab. SIN rocks back on his heels with the force of the blow as Va'aiga steadies his feet and throws the third jab, connecting flush with SIN's jaw. The crowd noise builds from the “THREE!” as Va'aiga rears back, kisses his right fist and SMASHES SIN with the big right hook. Va'aiga throws up the Shaka sign as SIN collapses to the mat and as one the Maori and the fans call “BOO-YAH!”. Va'aiga drops to cover and referee Hall drops to count...
















TH... and SIN kicks out. “SIN's been hit with worse than that in his life. He's from the streets, you know,” King comments. “I WAS aware of that,” says Mak with an air of resignation in his voice. Meanwhile Va'aiga stands, dragging SIN up with him by an arm. The Maori uncorks SIN and whips him hard into the corner, SIN going in face first. Va'aiga follows in with a charge and fires an elbow into the back of SIN's head. SIN's head rocks forward and the New Yorker turns instinctivly to face his opponent. Ducking as he approaches Va'aiga goes low and lifts SIN up by his legs. The Maori turns and lifts SIN up, turning, elevating and inverting his opponent and dropping SIN roughly on his shoulders and upper back! “SPEAR TACKLE! With a twist!” shouts Mak. Again Va'aiga dros to cover and Anthony Michael Hall drops down again, checking SIN's shoulders...














TH.. and SIN lifts a shoulder. “That's nowhere enough to take down an athlete like SIN!” calls King. Grunting as he stands, Va'aiga throws a look of daggers (or possibly Koe?) towards the referee before turning back towards his opponent. SIN is still lying on the ground, rubbing his shoulder with his free arm but with his concentration a little off SIN doesn't have time to get out of the way as Va'aiga leaps into the air and comes down cranium first onto SIN's chest. “All that weight across your chest! That move has to hurt!” comments Mak. “Are you calling Va'aiga fat?” interjects King, “He'll be on your case as well as SIN's!”


Again lifting SIN by an arm, Va'aiga whips Mr Nunez into the opposite corner to last time and again rears back, looking to charge in with another Yak' Kick. The Maori charges in with a full head of steam but this time SIN is wise to it and drops down, drop toe holding Va'aiga skull first into the second turnbuckle. Wheeling away, SIN poses and loudly poses the question, “WHO YOU?” “THE DEVIL'S CALLING!” shouts Mak. The Maori responds by standing and headbutting the top turnbuckle for effect! “Two rules for life. Blood is thicker than water and an Islander's skull is thicker than granite!” jokes King.


The pair circle again, Va'aiga throwing out a few sighting jabs. SIN launches at Va'aiga and grabs a waistlock, but Va'aiga counters and slips gracelessly (like the Maori does ANYTHING gracefully) behind his opponent. Again SIN fires off back elbows, not wanting to be German Suplexed. SIN smirks to himself and with referee Hall unsighted due to the position, SIN mule kicks upwards, low blowing Va'aiga. The Maori drops to a knee as the crowd boos SIN roundly. SIN drops quickly to capitalise with a cover...


















THR.. and Va'aiga kicks out. The Maori stands and stares intently at SIN, a look of thunder on his face. Va'aiga lunges carelessly at SIN but the crafty Puerto Rican slips behind and levers Va'aiga over with a back suplex. SIN stands faster than his opponent and begins stomping away at the grounded Maori with some authority. Seeing that Va'aiga is still being a little slow at gett ing up SIN backs off and then charges in, leaping iinto the air and dropping his fist right into Va'aiga's face. “BLOOD MOON!” hollers Mak, and though the move doesn't seem to faze Va'aiga that much SIN covers anyway...










T.. and Va'aiga lifts a shoulder at a one count. “Headhunting one of the toughest guys in pro wrestling isn't always a wise tactic,” remarks Mak. “You hit Va'aiga enough in the head and even The Maori is affected,” retorts King, backing SIN's strategy. The crowd meanwhile seem rather distracted as a massive form begins walking down the entrance ramp. “What the hell is Tracy Bruner doing here?” asks Mak. “He's obviously scouting, Francis,” answers King. Bruner looks pointedly towards the ring as SIN lifts Va'aiga off the mat, locks his arm around Va'aiga's head and suplexes the Maori over. Bruner even offers a slight clapping motion towards SIN at this show of strength.


With Va'aiga slower to react again, SIN softens the Maori up with a rapid series of punches to the face and gut. With a grunted swear word SIN lifts Va'aiga up and slams him down into the mat, gravity adding a little extra oomph to the move. SIN runs against the ropes again and leaps, getting nice elevation on a leg drop across the Maori's chest. SIN doesn't bother to cover this time, instead quickly regaining a vertical base and dragging Va'aiga up with him. Cradling a leg, SIN lifts Va'aiga up as if for a Fisherman's suplex, but the Bronx Brawler stops the movement in mid air and sits down, dropping Va'aiga's neck and shoulders to the mat, adding a wicked grin from his seated position. SIN drapes an arm casually over Va'aiga for a lazy cover...

















THR.. and Va'aiga raises a shoulder. Again Bruner looks appreciative at ringside, in as much as Tracy Bruner ever expresses ANY emotion. “Close call for Va'aiga off the Greed there,” calls Mak, “and Bruner definitely seems to be backing SIN here.” “He's just an interested spectator. Tracy Bruner appreciates the quality wrestling that SIN provides,” explains King.


This time SIN takes his time standing, winding up the crowd by stylishly pointing to himself and announcing that he's “ALL GANGSTA, BITCHES!” SIN waits for Va'aiga to stand and quickly floats behind, wrapping his arms around Va'aiga's head and neck, butting off the carotid artery in a sleeper. Va'aiga flails his arms around as SIN locks the hold in tight. A loud “VAH-ING-UH!” chants rings out around the arena. SIN keeps his arms locked tight around Va'aiga's massive head, but Va'aiga leans forwards and lifts SIN off the ground. The Maori attempts to back SIN into a corner but SIN avoids being squashed by relinquishing the sleeper arm and wrapping his body around, transitioning into a headlock and DDTing Va'aiga down to the mat. Rather than cover, SIN stands again and poses over the fallen Maori, pointing down at his opponent and shouting “WHO DIS?” to the crowd. The crowd predictably boos again. “SIN is not endearing himself to this crowd, King,” commentates Mak. “And since when do the unwashed masses' opinion matter, Francis?” muses King.


As Va'aiga stands SIN grabs an arm and whips Va'aiga into the corner. The Maori slumps against the turnbuckles as SIN charges in, turning and forcing his elbow hard into Va'aiga's jaw. SIN stuns the Maori further by forcing his shoulder repeatedly into Va'aiga's abdominal area and then back offs off to an adjacent corner, raises an arm and mimes adjusting his wrist tape, mocking Va'aiga's Lariat sign. SIN charges and fakes out both Va'aiga and the crowd, who are all expecting the Gluttony, instead choosing a nice simple eye rake! “Proper wrestling tactics!” shouts King, “SIN has already shown he's unafraid to clothesline Va'aiga, so when the Maori expects one, he hits something different. I love it Francis!”


Staggering out of the corner, Va'aiga is ineffectual for a few seconds allowing SIN time to smirk confidently at Anthony Michael Hall while being chastised before approaching the Maori again. SIN locks in a Full Nelson, trapping Va'aiga. SIN struggles breifly to shift the massive weight of the Maori but the Boricua slightly modifies his Lust move, adding a little sweep of the legs as he slams Va'aiga down face first into the mat. “SIN improvising a little there,” remarks Mak. “You have to be adaptable to survive in the hood,” agrees King, “SIN brings those skills to the wrestling ring!”


Backing off, SIN gives himself space to run up as he leaps into the air and delivers ANOTHER Blood Moon fist drop. Taking time to examine if Va'aiga is bleeding, which he isn't, SIN stalks his opponent. Va'aiga takes his time standing, shaking his head as SIN closes in and again looses off a few punches. SIN grabs a facelock, possibly looking for another suplex, but as he lifts Va'aiga up this time he spins through 90 degrees, stopping the suplex with Va'aiga upside down and DROPPING THE MAORI DOWN ON HIS HEAD! At ringside Bruner looks mildly happy with this, which by Bruner's standards is a lot of emotion. Anthony Michael Hall is in position to count as SIN covers..















THR.... and Va'aiga lifts a shoulder. “That was REAL close,” comments King. “SIN is putting himself in a real poisition to win this match,” adds Mak.


“You want to know why Francis?”


“Enlighten me.”


“Because he's gangsta!”




Waiting again for Va'aiga to stand, SIN positions himself behind the Maori. SIN locks in a quick half nelson and wraps his free arm around Va'aiga's throat, pinning it in place. Va'aiga swings his arms to attempt to power out, but SIN has the hold locked in tight. “Va'aiga's gonna tap!” shouts King, “The Misery Loves company is a lethal move!” Va'aiga tries his hardest to power out but SIN keeps the Kata-Hajime variant locked down. Tyring to swing Va'aiga SIN lifts the Maori a little off the mat but sensing that it's not worth the loss in stamina trying to shift the load, the New Yorker returns to a simple standing Tazmission. The crowd starts cheering loudly for “VAH-ING-UH!” again as Va'aiga struggles in the hold but the Maori appears to be fading. Referee Hall asks Va'aiga if he wants to give up but the Maori shakes his head as much as he is able to in the hold.


“I'm not sure how much longer Va'aiga can take this hold!” calls Francis as Va'aiga's arms begin to drop to his sides. With Va'aiga's struggles getting less pronounced Anthony Michael Hall lifts Va'aiga's right arm to check on him and the arm drops limply back down again...











SIN's ever confident demeanor is evident on his face as referee Hall checks Va'aiga's arm for a second time. Again the arm drops down lifelessly to his side.










“This is it. SIN's going to win! Always back the bad guy, Francis!” screams King, pleased that his premonition appears to be coming true. Anthony Michael Hall goes for Va'aiga's arm again and lifts it up... the crowd are practically blowing the roof off with Va'aiga chants as the arm starts to drop...



It drops a little further....




Almost parallel to the ground...




A little further...



SIN can almost taste victory...



Anthony Michael Hall is ready to call three...



AND VA'AIGA SCREEEEEEEEEAMS A MASSIVE “BOO-YAH!” AS HIS MUCLES TIGHTENS AND HE BEGINS TO FIGHT OFF THE HOLD! The Maori ducks a little hoisting SIN up onto his back and then collapses backwards, dropping to the mat and squishing SIN, forcing him to break the hold. Referee Hall spots that Va'aiga is lying on top of SIN in a sort of back press and counts...














THR.... and SIN gets a shoulder up! “It's not over yet!” howls Mak. Va'aiga and SIN both stand as SIN charges in with an arm extended again, but Va'aiga swats it away with his own left arm and fires a right cross into SIN's jaw! SIN tries to fire off his own punch but Va'aiga blocks again and cracks SIN again! SIN closes the distance and chops three or four times into Va'aiga's chest but the Maori absorbs the blow, traps Sin's outstretched arm,, traps the OTHER arm and fires off one, two, three, four, FIVE rapid headbutts! SIN wheels away staggered, but with his back to the Maori he doesn't spot Va'aiga rush the far ropes, rebound and dive at SIN, wrapping his arms around SIN's legs and driving his shoulder into the small of SIN's back, taking SIN down face first with the Rugby Tackle! Va'aiga leaps up to a vertical base and stares down at SIN, screaming “WHO HOOD NOW?” Bruner has a look of mild concern on his face.


The Maori Badass stands over SIN, adding a few stomps to the insult before backing off and allowing the slightly stunned SIN to stand up. For the third time Va'aiga grabs SIN in a back waistlock and this time SIN has had enough taken out of him to be unable to back elbow his way free. Va'aiga takes a breath and falls backwards, spiking SIN down on his back with a German Suplex. Va'aiga holds onto the waist of his opponent and rolls through dragging SIN back to his feet. “GERMAN SUPLEX!” shouts Mak.


With SIN unable to do much about it Va'aiga slides his arms up, locking them together behind SIN's neck in a Full Nelson. Again Va'aiga falls back and again SIN gets dumped on the top half of his body. “DRAGON SUPLEX!” calls Mak as Va'aiga AGAIN maintains the hold, rolls through and drags SIN roughly to his feet. This time Va'aiga keeps one arm of the Full Nelson locked in, turning it into a Half Nelson. Va'aiga then reaches around SIN to grab an arm and pulls the aforementioned arm of SIN's across his own throat, pinning it in place. SIN splutters as his own arm is cutting of his air supply while Va'aiga psyches himself up for the third part of the trifecta, falling backwards for a third time and dropping SIN RIGHT ON THE TOP OF HIS HEAD! “SWISS SUPLEX! And that's the hat-trick for the Maori!” hollers Mak! “Do they have hat-tricks in Rugby, Francis?” asks King. Meanwhile Va'aiga drops to cover...

















THR... and SIN juuuuust manages to lift a shoulder up! Va'aiga wheels away, reserving another glare for Anthony Michael Hall. Sturggling to regain his senses SIN stands, turning to face the Maori. Va'aiga stiffs SIN with a couple of vicious forearms to keep him off balance before doubling SIN up with a toe kick. Va'aiga quickly grabs SIN and forces him into a standing head scissors before hoisting him and and splatting him back down with a vicious Powerbomb! Va'aiga folds SIN up like a matchbook and holds him there for another cover...












TH... and SIN rolls to a side to break up the pin. “That could have been the victory for Va'aiga,” comments Mak. “With a lazy cover like that he was NEVER going to get the pin there Francis,” contradicts King. The Maori Badass hauls SIN into the centre of the ring, stands over him for a few seconds and again drops down and crashes head first into SIN's stomach. Standing and throwing the Shaka again, Va'aiga finds time for another “BOO-YAH!”Turning around Va'aiga catches a sight of Bruner and scowls, the SWF's Largest Athlete responding with an implacable stare. Snorting disrespectfully Va'aiga turns back to SIN. “What IS Tracy Bruner doing out here?” asks Mak. “Scouting talent for the House of Marvelous,” postulates King.


With Bruner in the corner of his eye, Va'aiga grabs SIN and turns to face the 7 footer. The Maori hauls SIN up and military presses the Puerto Rican high above his head, looking straight at Bruner as he lets SIN drop across his chest before falling forward and landing with his whole bodyweight across The Man Who's So Hood's body. “THE MAORI DROP! THIS HAS PUT SO MANY OPPONENTS AWAY! IT'S OVER!” Anthony Michael Hall drops into position and counts...

















THR.. and SIN lifts a shoulder. “Try not to show so much favouritism, Francis! You're showing real bias here! I KNEW SIN would kick out,” replies King leaving Mak Francis blustering a response. Va'aiga stands again and drags SIN to his feet, spinning him around 180 degrees so his back is open. Grabbing for SIN the Maori lifts his opponent as if to give him back suplex but halfway through the move Va'aiga switches the direction and sits out, smashing SIN face first to the mat. Va'aiga flips SIN over with an arm and again covers...

















THR.. and SIN lifts a shoulder up again! “SIN is proving tough to put away,” starts King only to be interrupted by an eager Mak Francis, “But Va'aiga is on a roll! How CAN SIN stop The Maori Badass?” Va'aiga again turns to face Bruner, taking his eye off SIN for a second and the man from the Bronx tries to take advantage by crawling around behind the Maori and launching an uppercut right to the nut sack... BUT VA'AIGA GRABS HIS ARM AND DRAGS SIN THROUGH HIS LEGS AND UP TO HIS FEET! Va'aiga looks SIN in the face and SMASHES him with a headbutt. SIN looks stunned and with his opponent seeing stars, Va'aiga backs off and begins adjusting his wrist tape. “Here it comes,” starts Mak, “It's Lariat time!” The Maori rushes to the far ropes... and a massive arm reaches into the ring from Bruner, impeding the Maori's progress. Va'aiga manages to make Bruner back off by kicking out at the arm and turns to face SIN.. Va'aiga extends his arm and charges winding up for the VICIOUS EVIL NASTY IT AIN'T GOOD COS THE RING IS MY HOOD LAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOO..... SUT SIN HAS HAD ENOUGH TIME TO RECOVER AND DUCKS! Va'aiga swings wildly and SIN spins round and grabs for Va'aiga's head HITTING THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS! Both men drop to the canvas, SIN sucking wind after the punishment he's been taking, Va'aiga stunned from the impact of SIN's finisher. Anthony Micheal Hall puts on a double count...











“This could end in a double count out,” commentates Mak.









“This match has taken a lot out of both these wrestlers,” replies King





Va'aiga begins slowly to regain his senses...








SIN begins to roll over toward Va'aiga...







NI.. and SIN drapes an arm over Va'aiga. “This could be it!” shouts King















TH.. AND VA'AIGA LIFTS A SHOULDER! “It took a long time to cover there,” calls Mak, “And that allowed Va'aiga to kick out.”


Turning to the referee SIN begins to argue his case that he had a three count, while Va'aiga backs off towards the ropes and again starts adjusting his wrist tape. Tracy Bruner however steps up onto the ring apron and reaches into the ring, grabbing Va'aiga by the head and driving the Maori chin first onto the ropes. SIN sees his opportunity and slips in with a schoolboy...














THR... and Va'aiga kicks out. SIN again hops up and starts arguing with the referee. Va'aiga rushes the ropes on the opposite side, but catches both SIN and Bruner by surprise by rushing PAST SIN, grabbing hold of the ropes and LEAPING INTO A SLINGSHOT PLANCHA ON BRUNER... AND THE SEVEN FOOT BEAST CATCHES VA'AIGA! Bruner hoists the Maori up... AND MILITARY PRESSES THE 350lb MAN LIKE HE WAS A CRUISERWEIGHT! “Look at the strength of Tracy Bruner! It's incredible!” shouts King. Referee Hall goes over to chastise Bruner as the big man throws Va'aiga roughly back into the ring. SIN covers but Anthony Michael Hall refuses to count due to Bruner's interference. SIN stares at the referee for a couple of seconds, smirks, shrugs his shoulders and GIVES THE REFEREE THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS!!! Anthony Michael Hall rolls into the corner clutching his neck as SIN shouts down to Bruner, “FUCK HIM UP!” Bruner stands up and steps over the top rope. “WHAT THE HECK?” screams Francis.


SIN turns to Tracy Bruner and shouts “JACK ME UP!” SIN rushes the ropes while Bruner stands over the downed Maori and as SIN reaches Bruner, the big man hits a flapjack on SIN and the Bronx Thug reaches out with a fist and hits a Blood Moon from about 9 foot up in the air! “Va'aiga has been busted open,” calls Mak as a close up camera shot reveals a trickle of blood coming off the Maori's eyebrow. Both Bruner and SIN stand over the Maori, stomping away at his face as more blood spills down onto the mat. “This is a hood style beating,” comments King, “Va'aiga is learning what being gangsta is really about!”




The bell rings as Anthony Michael Hall has finally got enough wits about him to call for the bell. “I guess Va'aiga has won by DQ, King,” comments Mak. “There's winning battles and there's winning wars. This is a war Va'aiga has badly lost!” replies King. SIN and Bruner don't seem remotely concerned about the match officially ending as Bruner hauls Va'aiga up to his feet and pushes him roughly towards SIN. The Bronx native wraps an arm quickly around Va'aiga's neck and cracks him with a lethal looking SEVEN DEADLY SINS! The crowd starts a chant of “THIS IS BULLSHIT!” to which SIN stands and shouts “THAT IS BULLSHIT,” pointing to Va'aiga, “THIS IS HOOD, BITCHES!”


With the crowd baying for their blood, as opposed to Va'aiga's blood which is freely spilling over the mat now. SIN looks at Bruner and makes a clenching hand motion, Bruner nods in agreement and kneels over Va'aiga, wrapping his hand around Va'aiga's neck. Bruner stands, dragging Va'aiga up in the choke hold. Bruner turns so he's facing a corner and lifts Va'aiga up with absolutely NO effort at all, punctuated by more “BUUUUULSHIT!” chants and aaaaaaaaaAAAAAACHOKESLAAAAAAAAAAMS Va'aiga almost through the mat in the corner! SIN grins broadly and points to Bruner as the big man climbs up the ring ropes. Bruner stands on the second rope as SIN makes sure Va'aiga doesn't move by stomping away at him a few more times.


“My God! Tracy Bruner is looking to put Va'aiga out of comission!” shouts Mak, “This is a beat down designed to send a message.” While SIN stands and points up at the big man, Bruner looks briefly down at the Maori, composes himself and leaps off the ropes, CRUSHING Va'aiga with an ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS BIG BAD BRUNER SPLASH! Va'aiga coughs and splutters as all the air is driven out of his body. SIN drops down and starts punching Va'aiga in the head before standing and showing the crowd Va'aiga's blood on his knuckles.


Suddenly a scream echoes out across the PA system as “Winds of Creation” kicks in and Dace Night comes screaming in out of the entrance area, clutching hold of a chair! “Here comes the cavalry!” calls Mak as SIN and Bruner slide out of the ring. Before leaving Bruner turns to SIN and hands a wedge of cash he was concealing to the Bronx Brawler. SIN turns to walk out, but not before turning to the crowd, holding the money close, but not close enough to touch, to the front row. SIN kisses the Benjamins as he walks out, Bruner walks out slowly, turning to look at the scene of devastation in the ring as Dace stands at the ring ropes, making sure the pair don't return.


“Well that leaves a few questions unanswered. What was SIN doing working with Bruner? What is Tracy Bruner's problem with Va'aiga? And what will Va'aiga do to wreak vengeance?” poses Mak. “I guess all you people are going to have to tune in next week to find out!” adds King.

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Backstage in Landon Maddix's office the Commissioner is working through some papers. Suddenly the calm is broken by the splintering sound of wood breaking....




And a boot comes through the now open doorway, followed by the massive form of the Maori Badass. “Do you ever knock?” asks Maddix instinctively but any further musings are cut off by the irate Aotearoan...


“MADDIX! I'm gonna make this nice and simple,” starts Va'aiga, “Next show Tracy Bruner IS A DEAD MAN! You got two choices. You can put me in a match with that stupid son of a bitch OR I CAN KICK THE CRAP OUT OF HIM ON MY OWN TIME!”


Landon gives a thoughtful look and a “Hmm!” as Va'aiga storms out.

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"Welcome back to SWF Downward Spiral," says Mak Francis, "We are now preparing for what promises to be a very interesting match up."




Surrounding the ring are several unknown workers, some unloading objects from a plain white boxtruck and others bringing more hardcore items out of the back. The ring and it's surroundings are already littered with stuff, such a table fixed with barbed wire, a plastic baseball bat covered with tacks, random pipes and mop handles, a kitchen sink, spare tables, wimpy aluminum trash cans, et cetera.




Suicide King surveys the mess from the comfort of the commentary table. "I hope they don't come down here, I'm not ready to be wheeling you out of any trouble."


Mak Francis turns to King. "You'd wheel me out of trouble?"


"Don't look so amazed there, Mak. I don't want to carry all the commentary by myself!"




Out of the back, carrying a barbed wire 2x4 and a boat paddle with SWF spelled out in glued-on tacks, walks Taiga Star. It takes until she is halfway to the ring before the crowd cheers as no music plays. Reaching the ring, Taiga places the items on the floor, walks around to borrow the mic from Funyon, then slides into the ring from the back. She obnoxiously taps the mic a few times, to get everyone's attention.


"Good Evening WOOSTAH~!"


The crowd responds to the cheap pop by, well, popping.


"How ya dooin'?" Taiga puts on the New England accent that she doesn't really have, despite growing up in the area. "It's nice to be home. Well, it's not quite home, but close enough. I have to admit, you all have some nice ghettos out here. Way out here in Western Mass. Out in the boonieeesss..."



The crowd boos a bit, but some people laugh, nodding their heads in agreement.



"I kid, I kid. Though we all know it holds a little bit of truth. But I don't mind, I feel like home around here. Surrounded by homies." Taiga makes a sweeping gesture of the young men loading the ring with junk. "I found these willing volunteers to help me set this match up. It's amazing how many Puerto Ricans can be bribed with twenty dollars and a blunt. Hey, I can say that, I have a ghetto pass."



"Why does that not surprise me." King says.


Two men begin wrapping barbed wire around one of the turnbuckles, as others begin littering the outside floor with even more implements of destruction


"But enough about that," Taiga continues, "I'd rather talk about the beating I'm about to lay on Annie Pandemic! The woman that came out of retirement, just to put me back in my place. A woman afraid of losing any kind of credit she has left with the fans and the company. The woman... the slut... that slept her way into every past stable in the SWF."


"It seems like Taiga Star has been reading up on her SWF history." Mak points out.


Taiga takes a look around the arena. "In fact, I wonder if she'll even show up tonight..."


Almost if on cue...




"And during the few moments that we have left... We want to talk right down to earth in a language that everybody here can easily understand."


A fast guitar riff... another... and then


*pop*pop*pop*.... *BOOOOOOOOM!*



White and pink pyro explode at the top of the SmarkTron leaving a thick cloud of smoke. Part of the cloud swirls and out walks Lady Red herself with microphone firmly in hand. All eyes go to the top of the ramp as Allison Onita raises the microphone to her lips.



“Her Highness kindly requests that those behind Her now stand and raise a Crown for the Queen!”


Few audience members stand as some even prefer to only raise one finger.


Taiga hands the mic off to Funyon, then prepares for Annie to come to the ring. She readies herself, getting into a fighting position, watching intently the entrance ramp, anticipating her arrival along with the audience...


“You know, I give her this,” says King, “Having a personal announcer – classic.”



...which comes from the back! Annie comes through the crowd, hops the guardrail, slides into the ring, and before Taiga has a chance to realize what's going on, Annie has her down with a double axehandle between Taiga's shoulder blades! The hired help drop what they are doing and scatter to the back, leaving the truck behind. Referee Izzy Slapowitch is left no choice but to call for the bell.






Allison smiles evilly as she slides back through the curtains. Almost an afterthought, Funyon announces the competitors from the relative safety of the timekeeper's table. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one-fall to a finish. Introducing first, Taiga Star! And her opponent, Annie Eclectic!"



Annie picks up a steel chair and swings at Taiga who rolls out of the way. Again Eclectic tries again but Taiga evades with another roll. Mid-roll, Taiga manages to grab hold of a barbed wire 2x4 and blocks Annie's incoming chairshot with it!


“We have people scattering like cockroaches as this fight gets dangerous from the get go!” exclaims Mak.


“With all the real cockroaches in this disgusting city following suit,” says a chuckling King.



Taiga manages to get to her feet with the Queen not far behind, still swinging the chair towards the Princess' head. Taiga wields the barbed wire 2x4 like a sword, clashing it against Annie's steel chair shield.






Suddenly the Queen feints high and sweeps Taiga's legs out from under her with the chair! Taiga stumbles backwards, losing her grip on her weapon and landing seated in the corner. The spiked two by four flies across the ring past Ichiban who charges at once to Star, swinging the chair down hard and connecting with Taiga's head!


“That disgusting loud thud just echoed through this arena, King!” exclaims Mak.


“No joke, the Princess might have just gotten demoted to Town Idiot after that shot!” shouts King.



Eclectic drapes the chair vertically across Taiga before turning and dashing to the opposite turnbuckle. She steps on the turnbuckle mid-stride and charges towards her opponent, landing with a sick CLANG~!


“YAKUZA KICK ON TAIGA STAR!” yells Mak, “As if the chairshot wasn't vicious enough, Eclectic lands a chair-assisted Yakuza Kick that nearly took the Hardcore Princess' head off!”


“Is there an opening for 'Town Vegetable'?”





Annie untangles herself from the corner then tosses the chair aside. She puts the boots to Taiga who rolls over and grabs her chest. Eclectic drags her opponent by the feet in a circle until Taiga is laying perpendicular to the ropes. Looking around, she finds the abandoned two by four and tosses it on top of Star. Coming back, she grabs the wood and jams it spiky end first into the tiny space between the bottom rope and Taiga's head.


“As brutal as this is, Mak,” starts King, “you have to think someone somewhere out there is...”


“Don't say it,” warns Mak.


“What? You can't deny someone somewhere is watching this and thinking...”




“...that there's a reason women weren't allowed to vote.”




The Queen stands above her victim, kneeling across her back. Lifting the shorter woman's arms, Annie drapes them over her knees. Locking her hands around Star's chin Annie lifts and drags Taiga's forehead across the barbs! The Hardcore Princess screams as her forehead and face is lacerated repeatedly in the submission hold.



"I don't expect to see much in the way of technical wrestling in this bout," says Mak, "this is about hatred and proving who is the toughest woman in the SWF."


"Annie's just carving her head open with that barbed wire like Thanksgiving turkey!" says King, “Hey, think turkey and gravy would make Taiga pull a Popeye?”



Taiga screams and tries to fight Annie off her by punching her in the head, but can't land a shot. Eclectic jerks back sharply forcing Star's head across the barbed wire another time. She reaches out and nearly slams her hand flat against the mat but stops an inch above the canvas...








Taiga instead balls her fist and lashes back, nearly catching an unaware Ichiban on the chin! She reaches out blindly and almost wraps her fingers around a length of pipe. A bit of calculated wiggling later, she reaches said pipe and wings it behind her. By luck it catches Annie in the head, not very hard, but enough to catch her off guard. Aiming better this time, Taiga swings the pipe and it connects with the Queen's temple forcing her to roll off!



“Taiga seems to have gotten some respect herself from the SWF fans!” Mak notes.


“Simple, everyone roots for a competitor they can relate to,” says King, “In this case the slum community stand firm behind their woman.”


“I was wondering why you were siding with the feminine, slutty one.”



The Hardcore Princess rolls to her knees, wiping the blood from her eyes as she rapidly develops a full

crimson mask. Gritting her teeth, she gets to her feet and swings the pipe at the charging Eclectic and connecting with the Queen's side. Annie yelps in pain as Taiga drops the pipe whips Annie into the corner. The nasty corner. Eclectic yells in pain and slumps only to be held up by the wire. Taiga walks to her prey, leaning down to produce a length of barbed wire. She walks over to Annie and kicks her hard in the chest a few times, forcing Her Highness deeper into the barbs. Star wraps the barbed wire around her boot carefully, then proceeds to choke Ichiban with her boot!


“A modicum of revenge for the Princess!” Mak says, “But revenge that could end the reborn career of Annie Eclectic if those barbs cut too close...”



Annie emits a near primal scream of pain as Star grinds the barbed wire into her opponent... grinding her opponent into the barbed wire in the corner. Taiga releases her victim only to begin striding backwards across the ring. She stops in the corner and charges in, raising a boot for a yakuza kick... to an empty corner as the Queen wrenches herself off the barbed wire with a pain filled jerk. The crowd groans in contrast to Taiga's grunt of pain as barbs slice up and down her body.


“It almost seemed as if Eclectic knew what she had to do would hurt...” starts Mak.


“But not as much as it hurt Taiga!” finishes King




The Queen rolls slowly to the outside to collect her thoughts, knowing Star would be stuck for the time being. As her vision clears she looks around until her gaze lands on one item by the ring steps. She struggles to lift it to the ring apron, but succeeds and rolls a porcelain toilet into the ring. Eclectic walks up the ring steps until she's right next to her opponent...





“Annie doesn't care what the fans think,” remarks King, “She seems to think her opinion is the only one that matters. As a veteran of that very ring, that shows a willingness to succeed to me.”


“As someone that knows Annie Eclectic, I hope for her sake that's not the case,” says Mak.



Eclectic goes to shove her opponent but instead Taiga grabs the Queen's arms instead. Using her leg, Taiga pushes off the corner and forces Eclectic into the barbed wire! Taiga manages to get herself up using the ropes and pulls the dazed Eclectic through the spiked ropes. Star shoving her into the ropes and lays several stiff chops in. Annie turns around and pushes Taiga into the ropes where she kicks her in the ankle... then the leg... then finally up to the head! Annie knees her opponent in the midsection and drags her by the hair toward the center of the ring over the toilet.


“This could be problematic for Taiga,” warns Mak.


But before the Queen can react, Taiga pushes Annie off her and forces her ass-first onto the bowl, much to the amusement of some of the less mature fans in the crowd. Taiga helps Annie off though.... with a lariat! Taiga picks Annie up for a suplex... but Annie struggles, looking for the DDT. Taiga counters by stomping on her foot! The Hardcore Princess manages to get her opponent up and plants her right on the toilet with a BRAINBUSTAAHHH~!!!!


“PORCELAIN BRAINBUSTER!!!!” yells Mak over the cheering crowd, “Let's see someone from NOAH top that one!”


Annie goes limp, head in the bowl and the rest of her hanging out at an odd angle. Taiga stumbles to her and pulls her out of the toilet by the feet, causing blood to streak all over the white porcelain. Taiga hooks a leg







THR.... NO! Annie barely gets the shoulder up at the last second!




“Nearly had the pinfall and the upset!” exclaims Mak, “But from personal experience, it takes an extraordinary amount of damage to keep that woman down for a three count.”


King whistles innocently.


“Mak lost his belt to a woooooomaaaaaan,” King taunts.


“You want to try her on for size?” asks Mak.


“No thanks, I don't do chicks.”


“Of course you don't.”





Taiga rises to her feet and backs up, waiting for the Queen to get to her feet. Annie slowly stands up and turns around right into Taiga's big boot! Eclectic slams down to the mat lifelessly. Taiga stands above her with a sickening smile, then looks around the ring knowingly for something. Picking up boards and moving things around she spies what she was obviously searching for. She pulls a pink satin bag out from under the kitchen sink.



“What could that possibly be?” asks Mak.


“I have a guess,” says King, “But... nah, it couldn't be.”



In the meantime Eclectic has gotten to her knees, struggling to stand up. Taiga walks up behind her and shoves her in the head with her boot with force, bringing her back to the mat. Annie gets to her knees again, angrier this time. Again Taiga shoves her with her boot. Annie doesn't fall this time, and just stares up at Taiga furiously.


Taiga stares down at her with a sadistic grin however, as she pulls the contents of the bag out and slaps Annie across the face with it, making a sickening latex-on-skin slap!



"BAH GAWD KING~!" Mak says, about to leap out of his chair. "She just turned Annie Eclectic around by slapping her across the face with a giant pink dildo!!"


"There's something I never want to see in an SWF ring ever again." King says, disgusted.



“Never again.”



Taiga wails away at Annie's head with the adult novelty item. Mothers in the crowd are covering their kid's eyes. Uptight ladies get all disgusted. Frat boys are cheering for seeing two girls using a sex toy.














Taiga tosses the dildo out of the ring and turns around to soak in the crowd. That second was all it took for Annie to grab an aluminum trash can and smash it over Taiga's head!! Annie is right there as Taiga buckles over, catching her over her shoulders, carrying her a few paces, and depositing her on a chair with an Annie T! She floats over into a pin.








Taiga kicks out. Annie is frustrated but looks for more ~plundah~. Star rolls over, clutching her head. Reaching out, she feels a small box of tacks, and as she gets up she grabs it and rips the top off. Eclectic comes after her with a length of pipe. Taiga ducks the swing and grabs Annie by the back of her head, pulling it back, forcing the Queen's mouth open. Dumping thumbtacks indiscriminately into her opponent's mouth, then jumps clasps Annie's chin and drops down with a jawbreaker!









Star hooks a leg on the fallen Queen as the ref drops for the count...














“No quarter spared for this brawl,” says Mak, “I can only feel glad not to be in that ring right now.”


“I'm with you there, for once,” says King.








Taiga slams the mat in frustration at not getting the fall. Looking around she scuttles off to the side of the ring and picks up the boat paddle with SWF spelled out on it with thumbtacks. She holds it up high overhead, getting a decent pop from the crowd.



"Why is it all spelled backward like that?" King contemplates out loud.



She places it down on the mat and sets up Annie to suplex her onto it. Annie blocks by hooking her leg around Taiga's. The Hardcore Princess lifts again but fails to get any rise out of the Queen. Eclectic drives a knee into Taiga's midsection... then lands another... then shoves her opponent ass-first on the paddle!











Annie pulls her opponent onto her hands and knees. Holding the handle, Annie drives Taiga down with her foot. The push leaves most of the tacks came off and embedded across her derrière!



"IT SAYS SWF ACROSS HER ASS!" says King not believing it, rolling with laughter.









Annie looks and finds an extra-large box of thumbtacks. Opening the box, she spills a generous amount onto the mat. Still flat on the mat, Taiga's natural gravity gives Eclectic difficulty in dragging her to her feet. Getting up to her knees, Taiga punches Annie in the stomach. The Queen retaliates by elbowing Star in the back. They struggle over the pile of tacks, Annie trying to DDT her into the tacks, and Taiga trying to suplex her. Annie headbutts Taiga, then realizes quickly that this may not be the best route as Taiga headbutts her several times in return. Eclectic tries to shake off the quick attack but Taiga locks her up sets up for an Exploder! On the lift Annie blocks and reverses, hoists Taiga up, and drops her on the head with an Annie T on the tacks!!! The crowd flips out as Annie jumps around to shake loose the tacks in her back. Taiga is dead on the mat, thumbtacks fimly implanted into her scalp in all manner of angle and direction. When Annie has de-tacked herself to her satisfaction, she rolls over to pin Taiga...







THR.... NO! Taiga kicks out!





Taiga rolls far, far away from Annie... out of the ring and near the ramp away. The referee follows her and they both feverishly pick and pry the thumbtacks out of Taiga's head. The camera gets a close-up shot of the holes left behind and the blood trickling out of them. The crowd gives a low "Eeewwwwww..."




“Eclectic's back on her feet!” exclaims Mak, “What is she going for?”


Annie charges away from her opponent, hitting the ropes and returning to fly gracefully over the top rope with a FLIP~! To come crashing down on the Hardcore Princess!








“Suicida over the top from the Hardcore Queen onto Taiga Star!” yells Mak, “Annie is just refusing to let up on this promising newcomer!”


Annie rolls to her feet haphazardly, pain shooting through her body as she forces it to do more damage. Grabbing her bloodied opponent by the hair, Eclectic drags Star to her feet and Irish Whips her up the ramp. With nothing to stop her Taiga eventually slows down near the top of the ramp... just as Annie speed up and leaps to grab Star's head...



“BULLDOG ON THE STEEL RAMP!” screams Mak, “And the cover, but Slapowitz isn't in position yet!!!”


Annie slaps on the ramp one... two... three as the official finally drops for the real count...








“Eclectic had this won!” points out King, “You saw that, even with her counting herself that was at least a four count! Where was Slapowitz?”



A frustrated Queen shakes her head as she rises to her feet. Walking backwards from her opponent, she bumps into the equipment truck... and the chairs still inside. She pulls one out, throwing it on top of her fallen opponent. She throws the second, hitting Star on the head as it bounces off the ramp.


“Can you imagine the physical wear and tear this match has put on these two women?” asks Mak.


“Not as much as I would on Saturday night!” quips King.


“Awful. Don't quit announcing, King.”



Annie smiles as she also finds a table and drags that out... setting it up beside the truck. The crowd begins to buzz wondering where this new setup will go. Eclectic turns around towards her opponent... and eats a chair to the stomach frisbee-style from Taiga Star! The Queen drops to her knees in pain and clutches her ribs. With the break, Taiga forces herself to stand up through the pain and grabs a chair. Just as Annie gets to her feet with a chair in her hand, Taiga swings...




With a homerun shot off Annie's head! Eclectic leans back... but rather than fall she whips forward with a chairshot of her own! Taiga stumbles back but remains on her feet long enough to launch another chairshot back!



"It's survival of the fittest now! Who's gonna go down first?"


"Neither of these girls have much in their heads, but if we're going on fitness can I put five down on Eclectic?"





Slowly they continue to trade chair shots, each shot louder than the last, both women barely standing up and shedding fresh blood. Taiga keeps swinging, backing Annie up towards the table. Annie fires back with another chairshot and Star buckles, crumbling to her knees. Eclectic lands a chairshot straight to Taiga's back, leaving her laid out on the floor. The Queen drops the chair and grabbing Taiga's hair, she pulls her up and lays her out on the table. Annie points to the top of the truck and the crowd goes wild!!



“High risk territory here, but Eclectic has been staking her legacy on these types of attacks!” notes Mak.


Before Annie gets too far, Taiga is up and off the table. She waddles over and chopblocks Annie's knee before she can begin to climb the truck. Taiga walks around to Annie's front and SLAPS the taste out of her mouth! Landing a chop, Taiga begins to bring the Queen to her feet via force. Another chop, and another, bringing the two back towards the table. Then, with a kick to the gut, Star forces a bent over Eclectic's head between her thighs and lifts her opponent up... and sits out!


“Piledriver on the steel! Piledriver on the steel!” Mak screams, “This has to be over now!”



Taiga begins to hook the leg... but then looks to have an idea and lets go. Standing, she picks up the Queen and rolls her lifeless body on the table. Taiga looks up at the box truck. The crowd cheers her on as takes a deep breath and starts her mission.


“No... no way!” exclaims King.


“I'm as surprised as you, Taiga Star appears to be heading for a high risk maneuver herself!”


She climbs slowly up the wheelwell...


Onto the hood... onto the cab... onto the box... looks down and appears a bit surprised at the height. Taiga almost seems to second think the decision, but takes a deep breath and just jumps, landing on Annie and splintering the table with a back senton~!



“OH MY GOD!” yells Mak, “I think Taiga may have just broke Annie in half... and herself as well in the process!”


The crowd goes wild with another round of fecal chanting. Taiga clasps her back in obvious pain. She slowly, oh so slowly, slithers over to Annie's corpse. She drapes an arm over her midsection. Referee Slapowitz is right there for the pin, and the crowd counts along.























"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, Taiga Star!!"



“Be a Man” plays through the PA as the crowd cheers on the rising Star.


“What a show, and what a win for Taiga Star,” begins Mak, “Taking the Hardcore Queen out in her own territory!”


“Garbage in... garbage, well anyway we're going to take a break. Clean this crap up but stay tuned!” says King.


“Yes, after this short break... more SWF action!!!”


(fade to black)

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Back in the hallways of the DCU Center, Landon Maddix is taking advantage of the increased interest that being SWF Commissioner brings, as he shoots the breeze with a young female who judging by the earpiece in her ear is part of the production team. Landon is in typically 'smooth' form, telling bad jokes, laughing at his own bad jokes, wondering why the chick he's talking to isn't laughing at his American Dad references. No wonder Megan got together with him after about 3 years, eh?


"...so, anyway, he kicks the damn door off it's hinges and I'm thinking 'oh gee, there goes next month's budget already'. You know, right? Right? Aaahhh..."


Landon smiles as the woman nods, feeling he's finally got through to her. He quickly trails off when The Dance Dance Dragon comes circle moonwalking into shot however, confusing the uninitiated production lady.


"Oh great."


With Landon already rolling his eyes, Triple D proceeds to launch into a dance-number to try and communicate with the Commish. The production woman and Landon both look none the wiser and grow more and more uncomfortable watching this performance as they continue not to get the point.


"Okay, okay, scene!"


Dragon stops abruptly.


"Look, don't take this the wrong way, but this isn't the New York subway and I don't carry any loose change. Which brings me right back to the SWF budget. But, that would be digressing. That was very entertaining. But, please, enough. If I wanted to see people communicating via interpretational dance, I would find the nearest amateur theatre and go there. And as my girlfriend Megan can tell you..."


The production woman suddenly takes her leave.


"...I have never visited the theatre in my life." Landon pauses. "Well, there was Icecapades, but that was really more of an arena than a theatre. And I was only there because I was trying to score with this chi... hey, where did Sally go?"


Dragon throws a few 'shapes', before pointing off in the direction of the leaving production woman.


"That seemed unneccessary."


Dragon shrugs.


"Okay, let me guess... you're unhappy because you're not on the card tonight. And you still want another match with Wildchild." guesses Landon, to nods from DDD. "Listen, have I mentioned the budget to you lately? Because I'm not just blowing smoke here you know. Megs had to fly in economy on the way over here. Which, considering I was wrestling in Paris last Thursday, was some flight. And, last time I checked you had a full dance troupé accompany you to the ring. That's extra mouths to feed. At least when Jimmy The Doom had all those druids, they could just drug a couple of people in the cheapseats to fill out the numbers. That's not going to work with you now is it? One strained muscle doing the hoochie-coo with you and we're saddled with a lawsuit. And not the kind we can write off under a plea of insanity, like anyone injured while 'impersonating a disciple of the night whilst leading a non-sandwich eating professional wrestler from Doomtopia'."


Dragon does some more dance-moves and Landon does some more confused frowning. Luckily, the much more streetwise Megan Skye has finally caught up to her Commissioner carrying three coffees.




"I'm just explaining to our boogalooing friend here that... uhm... what was I saying?"


Dragon does some more dance-moves and Landon does some more confused frowning. Uhm, again.


"Was it about the budget?" guesses Megan with a sigh, apparantly having been on the end of that conversation already.


"Mostly, yes. But I think he was trying to get a match with Wildchild again too."


"Well then, why not do what you promised him you were going to do? Give him some matches to prove himself. And if we wins them, maybe we can arrange another shot at the Cruiserweight Championship?"


"Yeah, that could work I guess. Tell you what, I had somebody else complaining about not having a match tonight earlier. Couldn't understand him either. So, we'll just pair you two up next week and problem solved, how about that?"


Dragon seems happy enough with that and dances his approval.


"Who was that?" asks Megan.


"Uh... is TORU the big one or the small one?"


"Big one."


"Then him."


Suddenly Dragon freezes up, not looking so light-footed all of a sudden. Landon doesn't seem to 'get' that either and gives Triple D a thumbs up before grabbing his coffee and heading off for his office, Megan right behind him as usual.


"Uh, Landon? Don't you think we should have given him a cruiserweight as an opponent, if we're testing him out for a Cruiserweight Title run?"


"On our budget, we don't have the scope to negotiate Megan. Besides, this way, we don't have to book KOJI." Landon smiles, mimicking dusting his hands before taking a satisfied swig of coffee. "Now, do any of the roster's resumés specify that they're a carpenter of any kind? Because, there I was, sitting in my office, whe..."




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“Welcome back! It is officially time for our main event, where Insane Luchador will be squaring off against MANSON in a singles match but with one added bonus, the winner gets to name the stipulation of Michael Alexander’s next defense,” Mak says. “Insane Luchador has been on a hot streak recently, toppling Va’aiga, The Fabulous Jakey, and S.I.N., and now he has officially been rewarded with a World Title shot against Michael Alexander.”


“Right, but he isn’t getting that shot yet,” King says. “IL still better focus for tonight, otherwise he risks being hurt before he gets that title shot. Actually it’s now guaranteed that he won’t be one-hundred percent going into that match, it’s just a matter of how much damage he takes.”


“That’s exactly the chance MANSON has to do tonight is just beat and batter Insane Luchador before he faces Michael Alexander,” Mak agrees. “The ability to pick the stipulation for IL’s match against Alexander could be an enormous advantage, so Luchador has a lot on his plate right now.”


“IL has won three in a row but all of those were hardcore matches,” King says. “He needs to prove that he can hang around with the best without needing weapons to even the odds.”


“I can’t lie and say that IL is best known for pure wrestling skill but it isn’t limited to hardcore, it just happens to be his strength.” Mak replies. “Right now he has the chance to head into the World Title match with some great momentum since this could be his fourth consecutive wins.”


“Four consecutive wins used to be expected,” King replies, dismissing the statistic. “IL needs this win badly because if MANSON can name the stipulation then he could put him in a real bind by making it a Pure Rules or Submission rules.”


“Meanwhile IL could gain the upper hand by making it a hardcore match,” Mak replies.


“Plus sometimes it seems like momentum is everything,” King adds. “So it’s either going to be an upper hand for him or a sigh of relief for Alexander.”


“This match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will name the stipulation for Insane Luchador versus Michael Alexander for the SWF World Heavyweight Championship!”


The lights suddenly dim followed by a momentary silence until the low, intimidating growl from “Scientific Remote Viewing” by Cephalic Carnage starts to blare, strobe lights kicking up, and slowly smoke begins to seep out from the back, signaling the entrance of MANSON.


“Well, King, this one is ready to unfold as the always dangerous and unpredictable MANSON is entering,” Mak says.


“If nothing else, these two are the most unpredictable superstars in the federation,” King replies.


The smoke grows thicker while the crowd begins to boo when the obscure MANSON comes into view, concealed by his cloak, with his face hidden by the metal mask barely visible underneath his hood. He begins to walk down the aisle, the crowd enthusiastically jeering him, but he keeps focused, continuing his walk to ringside.


“Introducing… from Denver, Colorado… weighing in at 229 pounds… ONE HALF OF SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE… THE SAVAGE MESSIAH- MMMMMAAAAANNNNSSSOOOOONNNN!”


He slides into the ring, gets right back up, and throws down his hood, removing the metal mask, and then takes off the robe, drapes it over turnbuckle, and watches an employee carefully carry it away. The jeers don’t cease and MANSON just has a small smile before turning back towards the ring, leaning against the turnbuckle, and looking ready for the Ill One’s arrival.


“He looks totally focused and he needs to be too because Luchador isn’t to be taken lightly recently,” Mak says.


Two drumbeats suddenly blast, immediately followed by a grinding guitar and a soft, unnerving chant, making up the intro of Alice in Chain’s “Man in the Box.” The crowd bursts into cheers and suddenly two pillars of black and red pyrotechnics surge up from the sides of the entrance ramp, marking the arrival of Insane Luchador! He steps through the lingering smoke, stops to look around the arena, and throws his arms into the air to create another wave of cheers. He smirks, now turning his attention to MANSON in the ring, and slowly begins to walk down the entrance ramp, hands extended for the fan’s support.


“Introducing… from Easton, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 225 pounds… YOUR PSYCHOTIC HERO- IIIINNNSSAAAANNNNEEEE LLLUUCCCHHAADDOOOR!”


“The crowd is certainly embracing our number one contender and who can blame them? We’re looking at the man who may be our next World Champion,” Mak says to King’s skeptical laugh.


Insane Luchador hits ringside and dives into the ring, rolling up to his feet, and approaches towards MANSON who strays away from the corner. Kivell rounds the two up in center of the ring, briefly frisking them, and then making sure they understand the rules, only to get two low growls in response. He takes a step back with a shrug and signals for the bell-




MANSON strikes first with a hard knifed edge chop that echoes throughout the arena but Insane Luchador decides to cut the foreplay, responding by blasting him with a hard elbow! He tries for a leg kick but MANSON wisely lifts his leg to let his shin absorb it, checking the blow and it allows for the Raging Bull to connect with a looping overhand right. The Ill One, thrown off balance, comes back with a quick jab to set up a kick to MANSON’s ribs, opening up the opportunity to snap off another but instead it’s caught, trapped by MANSON. IL hobbles, trying to punch free without falling without any luck, and switches tactics, leaping into the air, throwing his free leg over, catching him with an enzuigiri that drops him. They roll right back up to their feet with IL moving forward only to get doubled over by a knee from MANSON, who grabs him by his spiked hair, and holds his head down so he can deliver kicks to the face! He gets in his shots before Luchador wisely covers up, so instead he grabs the back of his head with the other hand to throw IL down hard against the canvas. He drops down for an elbow drop but IL dodges it and then catches MANSON scrambling up by his neck with a guillotine choke, opting to stand up, and lifting up to add pressure, causing his face to turn a bright red. Except the veteran isn’t a stranger to the simple chokehold and he grabs Luchador’s arm, turning towards him, and freeing himself, still holding onto his arm to reel him in to floor him with a clothesline! He reaches down, picking up IL, but the Ill One clutches onto the back of his opponent’s knees, forcing him down with a double leg takedown, now sitting on MANSON’s chest to deliver hard punches to the downed Savage Messiah. MANSON is able to shield himself from the blows long enough to reach out, grabbing IL’s head, and throwing his head up to deliver an effective headbutt. Luchador abandons the position, standing back up while gingerly rubbing his forehead, which hasn’t fully recovered from the barbed wire tactics from S.I.N. and this is something that MANSON immediately becomes aware of. He gets up and moves forward, elbowing him right in the forehead, and then follows it up by Irish whipping Luchador into the ropes.


“I’m not sure who is more tenacious but these two certainly won’t go down easily,” Mak says.


MANSON chases after Luchador, who bounces off the ropes, and he leaps into the air, nailing him with a jumping kick against the jaw! IL reels back, the ropes stopping him, and he responds by lunging out himself with a palm strike into MANSON’s chest, sending him stumbling back. He charges forward and runs behind MANSON, elbowing him in the back of the head, and grabs of him, running forward with MANSON in tow, and leaps over the top rope! MANSON’s neck is harshly dropped against the top rope by Luchador’s out-of-the-ring bulldog while the Ill One gracefully lands on his feet to the crowd’s delight.


“The unconventional tactics and moves like that could help IL win his match against Alexander,” Mak says.


“Unconventional is another word for a lack of finesse,” King says. “You know, IL really needs to win decisively here to prove he has what it takes against Alexander. It can’t be a fluke roll-up.”


“A fluke roll-up? Like the one Alexander used to win the World Title?” Mak shoots back.


IL hops onto the ring apron and just watches MANSON push himself back onto his feet, well within Luchador’s range.


“That’s different because Alexander doesn’t suck. IL does. He sucks hard. Like Bobby Riley hard,” King clarifies.


“Riley wasn’t that bad of an ann… oh, that’s nasty.”


MANSON stands up, finally catching his breath, and looks up to see Luchador perched on the top rope. He leaps off, grabbing MANSON’s head in midair, and then swings his body to the side, bringing him down with the tornado DDT! The Savage Messiah rolls away while Luchador crawls over, grabbing him by his hair, and begins to lift him up to his feet, except MANSON punches him twice in the gut, standing up with an European Uppercut that staggers IL! The Ill One lunges out and captures MANSON in a classic Muay Thai clutch, instantly bringing up a knee to his ribs, only to have MANSON fire back one of his own. They struggle in the clinch, MANSON’s strength giving him the upper hand, but IL sends two quick knees to his thigh, and a third to his ribs while MANSON spins IL against the ropes. He cracks him in the ribs with yet another knee, causing IL to grunt in pain, and since he doesn’t receive one in response, he begins to repeatedly knee him in the ribs. He slows down and IL uses the opportunity to send a knee to his midsection, pushing himself off the ropes, but the powerful MANSON spins him into the turnbuckle, kneeing him, while Kivell tries to intervene for a clean break. But instead Luchador slips an arm free and delivers a hard elbow right to his face, breaking the clinch, and sending MANSON stumbling backwards, allowing IL to come forward to wrap an arm around his leg, tripping him down, and rolling him up with the school boy-





“TWO!” MANSON promptly, and violently, breaks the pin, both men now rolling right back up and colliding once again to trade blows.


“These two have been tearing into each other without showing any mercy,” Mak says.


“That isn’t surprising, MANSON is always out there to hurt his opponent and it’s an added bonus that he’s battering the man ready to face off against his tag partner.”


MANSON smacks IL with a leg kick and follows it up by chopping downward against Luchador’s neck with the kesagiri chop, which IL quickly returns, beginning yet another exchange.


“Insane Luchador has never been one to hold back but it’d be wise for him to remain in good shape for his World title shot,” Mak says.


MANSON takes a chop before grabbing the back of IL’s head, tugging it forward to nail a headbutt, he lets go, and then follows up with a roundhouse kick, dazing him, before he surges forward to tackle him on the canvas! IL wraps his legs around the back of MANSON for the full guard, but only to have MANSON rain down mounted punches. He ceases punching Luchador to lay over him for a cover but only as a tease, picking his head up off the mat immediately, and smacking it down against the canvas. He stands up, yanking Luchador up by his spiked hair, and knees him in the gut, locking in the double underhooks, lifting him up, and dropping down with the double arm DDT! MANSON rolls onto one knee, staring down at Luchador with a sadistic grin, and casually stands back up to catch his breath. Meanwhile IL tries to escape by rolling away to the outside but the relentless MANSON moves forward, stomping on him right before he reaches the ropes. He brings down his boot against Luchador’s back once again and he stops to look at Luchador, now underneath the ring ropes and practically dangling off the apron, before willingly sending him to the outside with a kick to his kidneys. He laughs and slides out of the ring himself, slowly stalking Luchador.


“MANSON isn’t a stranger to successfully brawling on the outside and apparently he wants to add Luchador to that list,” Mak says, watching MANSON slide to the outside.


Insane Luchador, retreating to lean back against the steel barricade, begins to pull himself up when MANSON comes running forward, trying to throw a Yakuza kick right to his head but he swiftly dodges it, leaving MANSON’s leg caught on the barricade. Kivell encourages them to enter the ring but, really, when does that ever work, and so he begins the count-


ONE! He rolls behind MANSON and grabs the back of his head, slamming it against the guardrail in retaliation.


TWO! He yanks his head up and taunts the Raging Bull before smacking his head against the guardrail once again but this time MANSON sends two back elbows to slip away and free his leg. He grabs Luchador’s wrist and flings him with a hard Irish whip, sending him all the way down ringside, and he smacks hard against the barricade.


THREE! MANSON smirks at his display of strength and charges forward to the crowd’s jeers while Luchador gasps for air.


FOUR! MANSON nears when Luchador agilely hops onto the steel barricade, leaping off with the flying crossbody.


FIVE! Only to have MANSON catch him! He carries Luchador and continues to run forward, sandwiching Luchador into the barricade, dropping him down with a smirk.


SIX! Luchador flops onto his back, only to have MANSON hoist him up just to crack his head against the turnbuckle with a sickening smack. IL tries to tough it out, rolling onto one knee, but only to have MANSON lift him up.


SEVEN! MANSON knees IL in the gut, grabbing a handful of his tights while clutching onto the back of his head, spinning around to gain momentum, tossing IL shoulder first into the ring post.


EIGHT! MANSON watches Luchador crumble to all fours and decides that a count out win wouldn’t be cruel enough, so he lifts him up, rolling him into the ring.


He looks around to the disapproving crowd, who he easily neglects, and slides back into the ring while Luchador seeks refuge in center of the ring. He pushes himself up and MANSON, who has already broken into another sprint, tries to put the brakes on but instead gets floored from a dropkick, both men racing to get up. Luchador’s speed prevails and he throws a hard right at MANSON who catches the blow, stepping forward, and trapping his arm around his neck before arching backwards, throwing him over with the gargoyle suplex! IL is sent flying before crashing against the mat with a thud and MANSON slowly gets up and starts to pursue his opponent. He watches Luchador squirm on the canvas, trying to get up, and stops the attempt by stomping onto his gut, followed by a stomp right into his face! IL clutches his face and MANSON reaches down, beginning to lift him up, but the Ill One resists, lacing his fingers over the back of MANSON’s neck, dropping to his knees with a jawbreaker. MANSON stumbles back, hitting the ropes, while IL pushes himself onto his feet. IL runs at his opponent who wisely gets away from the ropes, ducking underneath whatever attack was planned, but it doesn’t seem to faze the Ill One who simply hops onto the top rope. MANSON whirls around and IL launches off, smacking him with a flying forearm to a roar from the crowd.


“MANSON can’t let IL get going,” King says.


Luchador rolls onto one knee, lifting an arm up while absorbing the cheers and stands up. He sadistically smiles, watching MANSON get onto all fours, and suddenly charges forward with a kick aimed directly at MANSON’s head! It connects, cracking him in the side of his head, and sends him falling against the canvas while IL drops down with the cover-


“ONE!” “This could do it!”




MANSON breaks the pin, inching away from Luchador to grab the ropes for support, while IL laughs at him. He walks over and starts to reach down when MANSON, lying on his back, suddenly throws a kick that nails IL in the crotch! The crowd, along with a high pitched IL, protest while MANSON insists it was bad aiming to Kivell, pulling himself up, and shakes the cobwebs out of his head. MANSON runs at him, IL wildly swings a right hook that’s ducked underneath, and now MANSON is behind Luchador, which makes him spin around to face him, only to have IL continuing spinning around to catch him with a spinning backfist. MANSON stumbles back and IL runs at him, suddenly dropping down in a roll, and catching MANSON with the Rolling Koppo Kick! IL rolls up and rushes at MANSON with a hard elbow, followed by a left leg kick, a right leg kick, left leg kick, a hard right to his ribs, and fakes a left to lunge out, catching him with another elbow, and he locks in the front headlock, only to have MANSON wiggle his head free and reward him with a hard elbow that stuns him. He slips behind Luchador, quickly bringing one arm up in a half nelson and trapping the other arm with a chickenwing to the crowd’s thunderous boos. He drops and lifts Luchador up in the air, driving him down to the canvas neck first with the half and half suplex that folds his neck like an accordion!


“That was a nasty one!” King cringes. “Vertebrae, if I’m not mistaken, vertebras aren’t meant to fold up like that, right, Mak?”


Insane Luchador tries to push himself up, in a rather feeble attempt that simply amuses MANSON, and the Ill One demonstrates his stupid yet admirable resilience, trying to stand back up. MANSON decides against assaulting Luchador once again and instead just watches him force himself onto all fours, then onto his knees, and swaying like a drunk bachelor. The Savage Messiah keeps watching him as IL finally gets onto his feet without showing any real sign of comprehending the world around him, so the Raging Bull pats his forearm and heads for the ring ropes.


“MANSON is going for his Iron-Cutting Sword and this could easily put Luchador away!” Mak exclaims.


“If it’s Iron-Cutting then what chance does Looch have?” King jokes to his partner’s groan.


MANSON barrels towards Luchador and he throws out his arm, in hopes of victory by decapitation, but IL swiftly ducks underneath it! MANSON doesn’t miss a beat, however, and charges into the opposite ropes, rocketing back towards him, ready to throw the lariato. But as he nears Luchador takes a step back, smirking at MANSON, and he lunges into the air, throwing one knee up, and cracks him right in the face with a flying knee that floors him to a roar from the crowd! MANSON shows his resilience by forcing himself to collect himself, pushing up to one knee, but he is still obviously in a nasty daze, which IL quickly takes advantage of. He runs forward, delivering a hard knee, and IL begins to pick him up, hoping to begin to pull away. He pulls him back up, throwing a front toe kick that doubles MANSON over, and Luchador locks in the front headlock, dropping down to spike his head against the canvas with the Evenflow DDT! He looks down at MANSON and slaps him against his cheek, getting onto one knee, and he points at MANSON before slowly pointing to the turnbuckle, eliciting cheers from the crowd. He stands up, walking to the turnbuckle, and leaping onto the top turnbuckle, facing the crowd, and throwing his arms into the air.


“Luchador’s up the turnbuckle and MANSON still looks loopy but I wouldn’t waste any more time,” Mak says.


“IL probably could’ve pulled him back up and finished MANSON but that’d be way, way too smart for IL to do,” King agrees. “He’ll regret this.”


He fully stands up, glancing behind him to see MANSON still downed, and he bends his knees, launching himself high off the turnbuckle, flipping backwards for the moonsault and descending rapidly. He nearly connects with him when the Savage Messiah painfully surprises him by bringing his knees up that Luchador land on, loudly groaning, and collapsing to the mat.


“That moonsault backfired and was I right or was I right?” King taunts.


MANSON, well aware that the reversal hasn’t put IL down and out, doesn’t even bother for a cover but instead begins to lift the uncooperative Luchador up. The Ill One drops onto a knee, punching him in the gut, but MANSON toughs it out to bring him up high enough to drop to his knees, snatching him with the fireman’s carry. He stands up and throws him forward, dropping down to both knees, Luchador landing on his knees, and further inflicting pain, which is proven by Luchador’s moan from the fireman's carry double knee gutbuster. He begins to pick up the limp Luchador but suddenly tugs his head back, bending his body backwards, and lifts one his hand, bringing it down to hit the Burning Sword, smashing IL in the face! He lets go, letting Luchador crumble down, and laughing at him, kicking at his kidneys, while taunting the crowd. He picks IL up and dazes him with a headbutt, steps forward to duck his head underneath Luchador’s arm, wraps an arm across his chest and around the neck, ready to hit the Uranage Suplex. The Ill One sends two side elbows in hopes to counter but it’s no use as MANSON lifts him into the air, turns, and drops him down with a thunderous thud.


“A nice string of moves from MANSON,” Mak says.


MANSON remains on the mat and hooks the leg for the cover-




“TWO!” The crowd’s jeers come pouring in while Kivell’s hand comes off the canvas when Luchador breaks the pin with an angry grunt, causing a frustrated MANSON to grind his forearm against Luchador’s face mostly for the hell of it. He stands up and IL once again rolls away from the danger towards the turnbuckle, gets up onto one knee, and then falls back against the turnbuckle with an exhausted grunt. MANSON breaks into a sprint towards Luchador, who tries to recollect himself, and he throws out his foot, scraping it across his face with a painful brainwash, better known as the facewash. He brings his foot back, only to begin to stomp on Luchador, who is stuck in the corner. He pauses and reaches down, slapping IL across the face, and yanking his hair to tug him up. He shoves him against the turnbuckle and tries to send a side elbow that IL ducks underneath, getting out from the turnbuckle, and he dropkicks MANSON against the turnbuckle chest first. He stumbles back and Luchador stands back up, locking in the full nelson with the prelude to the Brink of Insanity! But instead he rushes towards the turnbuckle, pushing MANSON forward, and he approaches the turnbuckle, leaping into the air. He swings his legs out and vaults over the ring ropes to everybody’s dismay, bringing MANSON’s face to violently smack against the top turnbuckle, releasing the hold, and falling back onto his feet on the outside to a thunderous roar.


“Once again Luchador has pulled out something that nobody saw coming,” Mak says.


“Oh come on, it was a glorified way to smack somebody’s head against the turnbuckle,” King counters.


MANSON clutches his face and stumbles backwards while Luchador quickly hops back onto the ring apron, hopping onto the top turnbuckle. He simply waits with a smirk as the off balance MANSON finally drops to the canvas, still clutching his face, and Luchador instantly leaps off, tucking his arms and legs in, before extending them with a beautiful Frog Splash that connects! He bounces off of MANSON, grabbing his ribs since, you know, chest-to-chest collisions hurts, but he then rolls over to make the cover!


“That was one hell of a Frog Splash from Luchador and he is back in this one,” Mak excitedly says. “Here’s the cover!”


“ONE!” The crowd chants.


“TWO!” “Come on MANSON,” King encourages.


MANSON kicks out, to a grunt of angry from Luchador, and the Ill One stands up, throwing his arms in the air to rally the crowd. He begins to reach down, grabbing MANSON, but gets caught by a cheap eye rake, letting MANSON escape to the ring ropes, forcing himself to begin to get back up. IL doesn’t give him an opportunity, though, and he comes charging towards him, only to have MANSON stand upright while IL collides, sending him flying over towards the outside. But the nimble Luchador catches the ring ropes and lands on the ring apron, watching MANSON stand back up but the wily veteran hears the cheers, and dreadfully turns around to see IL flying at him! Luchador lifts one knee higher than the other and connects with an absolutely brutal MMA style knee to the face, dropping the Savage Messiah, and causing the crowd to roar.


“Christ! That was like a springboard flying knee,” Mak says. “You know, he’s showing some versality here, maybe it’s a sign to Alexander.”


“A sign of what? That he might actually have potential to pull off decent moves,” King asks.


Insane Luchador rolls back to his feet with a satisfied smirk, coming over to MANSON, and hoisting him back up to his feet. He lunges forward but MANSON drops down with a blatant low blow that has Kivell protesting, the crowd jeering, and Luchador squealing. MANSON ignores the referee’s threats and he grabs Luchador by the head, headbutting him hard once, still clutching on, and then begins to unleash a series of headbutts! He finally stops, with Luchador nearly going limp in his reach, and he gets ready to go for a last one when the Ill One slips an elbow through, sending MANSON staggering back, and IL dropping onto one knee momentarily. MANSON, proving why he’s been dubbed the Raging Bull, ignores the throbbing pain by taking a few steps back, coming forward in an obvious attempt at the Iron-Cutting Sword, his lariat, but IL pushes himself back onto his feet, looking up in a panic. MANSON desperately lunges forward for the lariat but Luchador ducks underneath it to a wave of cheers and the momentum sends him stumbling forward. MANSON quickly whirls around and turns right into a front toe kick by the Ill One! He doubles over while Luchador locks in the headlock, grabs a handful of the tights, and hoists him up into the air before dropping down, spiking him down on his head with a brutal Implant DDT! The crowd goes berserk and Luchador stands back up, to the surprise of everybody, and hoists the limp MANSON up as well. He shakes his head and condescendingly slaps him across the face before getting behind him, clubbing him in back of the head with a psychotic laugh. Luchador swiftly places his head underneath MANSON’s armpit, wrapping an arm around the waist, and places the other one arm underneath his thigh, lifting him into the air to the confusion of the crowd.


“Oh, I think I know what’s coming,” King says.


The Ill One takes a moment to let the visual sink in and then spins and drops down, planting MANSON on the canvas with Michael Alexander’s finisher, the Event Horizon! It takes the crowd a moment to register while Luchador still sits up, taking his sweet time, but once it has registered deafening cheers pour in.


“Event Horizon! Luchador just stole Alexander’s ‘Event Horizon’ and he is sending a message!” Mak says. “This one may be over!”


“Cocky little bastard,” King grumbles. “He’s not going to get into Alexander’s head just by using his finisher.”


Insane Luchador crawls over, hooks the leg, and secures the cover-


“ONE!” The crowd gleefully chants along with the count.


“This could be it!” Mak exclaims.


“TWO!” Kivell’s hand rises in the air as MANSON begins to muster up a rally and IL able to feel him squirming underneath him but Kivell’s hand begins to fall-



The Savage Messiah puts everything into his efforts to kick out but is unable to, sealing his fate to hear the inevitable-






Another round of cheers come pouring in, as if the crowd catch a second wind, and Luchador sits up with a psychotic grin on his face while realizing that he is in control of the stipulation for his title shot.




“Man in the Box” kicks up and Insane Luchador gets back up to his feet, throwing his arms in the air, and a psychotic smile on his face while he watches MANSON crawling over to the ring ropes.


“Insane Luchador’s streak continues!” Mak yells. “He is going to pick the stipulation of his title shot against Michael Alexander and you have to belief that somewhere Michael Alexander is sweating.”


“No matter what stipulation, besides maybe Calvinball, Alexander is going to stop IL’s winning streak and put him back in his place,” King says.


Insane Luchador smirks into the camera before letting go, hands motioning on his waist that it’ll be his belt soon, and then throws his arms into the air to a wave of cheers.


“Where’s his place?” Mak shoots back.


“Not in the main event.”


“I couldn’t disagree with you more, King,” Mak says.


Insane Luchador paces in center of the ring while MANSON collects himself, tugging himself up with assistance from the ropes, and they each stare at each other while the arena goes quiet in the tension. MANSON, jaw clenched in anger, breaks the stare and rolls out of the ring, kicking a steel chair to send it flying, obviously enraged, before heading towards the back. Meanwhile IL requests a microphone, to a groan from the Suicide King, and he tries to tame his heaving chest before speaking-


“So, Alexander, how are you feeling? Are you feeling good, are you feeling confident, are you feeling in control now?” He laughs and shakes his head. “Don’t. Because right here, right now I’m naming our stipulation for how I’m going to take that World title! Do you understand how much I’ve endured to get another shot at the World title?”


“Gabriel Drake destroyed him in his first title shot,” King recalls.


“I don’t think you do, I don’t think you can even really fathom the pain I’ve willingly put myself through… I mean not to brag…” he says with a smirk.


“But I’m one tough motherfucker, I’m one tough motherfucker that isn’t going to let you slide on the stipulation, nuh-uh. Alexander, in case you’ve missed it, I’ve endured fire, light tubes, tacks, and barbed wire C4 boards to beat three tough men to get to you, to your World Title!”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah… his hardcore background is the only advantage he has,” King sourly says.


“So apparently this whole ‘hardcore’ thing is kind of a talent of mine, I got a real knack for it. But I’m prone to mistakes, I’m not perfect… so if I only had a second chance if I did make a mistake…” IL drags it on for his own amusement.


“So second chances and hardcore… second chances and hardcore… Ah! I got it, how about a hardcore 2/3 falls match?” IL proposes to a roar from the crowd.


“You heard it from IL, a hardcore 2/3 falls match for the World Title!” Mak exclaims.


Insane Luchador approaches the closest camera with a grin, grabbing it to bring it in way too close, taking in a deep breath.


“The Ill One is coming for you, Alexander, and your belt! The Ill One is coming for you and please listen and please, please trust me on this- these aren’t idle threats.” He drops the microphone, throwing his arms into the air one last time.


“I knew he’d use the stipulation as a crutch,” King says. “I’ll admit that it is smart.”


“Damn straight it is smart, you heard it from Luchador- he’s coming for him and his title! But we’re just going to have to see what happens when IL will challenge Alexander for the World Title in a Hardcore 2/3 falls- this is Mak Francis with the Suicide King- have a good night and thanks for watching!”



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