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M.E. ONLINE PREVIEW: Her Majesty Announces...

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The video image starts (after some buffering) by spinning wildly around before clumsily settling on a familiar face - that of Annie Eclectic. Or as she'd rather be known: The Queen.


"Ah, there we go," she says, steadying her hand, "Yes. I was asked by the Marketing Department to say a few words regarding what should be the final match between The Most Decorated Woman In SWF History and... well, the Baby Bitch. Normally my confidants and helpers set up a cameraman and whatnot but Allison isn't here for reasons that will soon be clear. Failing to find Ben Hardy anywhere, I shall do this myself and I wish to address the sewer rat. It seems my victory during our last meeting wasn't enough for Ms. Star. Mr. Maddix even sees fit to put us in a cage, and I hear that my dear sister and confidant is not allowed in the building."


The entire time her face stays motionless, like a statue. Has she even blinked yet? Still, her voice leaves no trace of emotion


"No matter. Ms. Star seems to be under the delusion that somehow I am some sort of golden progeny. That I was simply... handed everything that I worked hard for. No, my dear, I too know of the pain of isolation, of having nothing of value or family to speak of. I am now Queen because I worked hard to be so. You have challenged my status, knowingly or unknowingly, for quite some time. To demonstrate why exactly I am Queen, I have finally prepared a class. A History lesson, of sorts."


The plain walls behind Eclectic start to fall back, even as Annie's face stays in the same scope. Eclectic puts the camera down onto an unseen surface, stopping at her navel. She walks back, carrying a duffel bag in her hand which she holds up to her chest. She unzips the top and opens it, but only enough so she herself can peer in.


"I have not properly thought of these in some time," begins Her Highness, showing a hint of sadness for once, "and I can only say that truly, deeply, from the bottom of my heart I apologize. I apologize to the fans, to the other competitors, to Taiga Star. I apologize to staff, management, my friends and Allison. Most importantly..."


Her voice begins to crack... but Annie catches herself and takes a deep breath. She seems to steel herself, and then relax as if all was suddenly normal and right. Her next words are emotionless and cold as before.


"...I apologize to myself. I do not wish to do what I must..."


Suddenly Annie crouches down, stopping so that her face centers in on the lens of the camcorder.


"...but the alternative is too worrisome. You see, Baby Bitch, my continued success is important for more people than just myself, but for my whole Kingdom. To have gotten this far, I held many positions, one of which I now realize must be utilized. Tonight you don't fight The Queen."


She blinks. Just once.


"You fight the Executioner."


Suddenly the video cuts out, a large replay button in the window.

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My knowledge of Annie history is shaky, but are we talking Clan here?

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