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Mike wanna be

To make a DVD...

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I have a bunch of AVI files and I want to make a DVD capable of playing on a regular DVD player, complete with menu. (Doesn't have to be a fancy animated menu with music playing or anything, just a listing of the video tracks will work fine.)


Is there some freeware/abandonware/demo that can do this for me? I'd prefer it to be rather simple because while it's something I'll probably keep installed, it's not something I'm going to use frequently enough to "get used to it", so to speak.

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Toast is Mac only.


I use a program called ConvertXtoDVD. It is simple as hell, you just drag files (can be ANY video file type whatsoever) in and it automatically encodes and burns them. The menu it makes is very simple, just a list of the tracks (which you can name whatever you want) and you can insert a pic for the background if you want. It costs $40 but it is totally worth it just because of how easy and simple it is. There is a demo that puts a watermark on the video every minute or so saying "to remove this message blah blah blah..."


Probably similar ones out there but I like it a lot.

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