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Favorite Comic Issues

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One of my favorite issues ever is from the very first issue of Lex Luthor: Man of Steel. Granted this was a mini-series but this 1st issue was a home run.




Issue one written by Brian Azzarello & drawn by Lee Bermejo. This issue managed to show a side of Luthor that was charming, yet still manipulative. The issue explained why Luthor despises Superman and it really makes you think if he is right. If you haven't read this issue, I highly suggest that you do.

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Writer: Paul Jenkins

Art: Talent Caldwell


I love well done single issue stories. It's super fun. The whole plot involves poker night in the Marvel Universe. Spidey and the Fantastic Four are playing to win it. Black Cat is their to hit on Angel. Dr. Strange is their for comic relief, as apparently the Eye of Aggamotto doesn't provide gambling assistance.


Things get interesting when the Kingpin shows up and wants to buy in.


This is overall a super fun issue. Definitely pick this up next time our at your LCS.

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