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Lord of The Curry

The MMA Folder Presents: Half-Year Poll for 2008

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Okay, so it's a little more then half a year in. Whatever. Ya'll know the drill.......


Fight of The Year:

Fighter of The Year:

Show of The Year:

Best KO:

Best Submission:

Best Promo:

Fighter to Watch:

Weight Class of The Year:


Curry goes with.....


Fight of The Year: In terms of emotional investment/payoff, crowd heat.....like you didn't already know. GSP taking Serra's soul in Montreal. Of course this isn't FOTY but for me nothing will surpass it. Regarding actual FOTYC's I'd have to go with Alvarez/Hansen and maybe the super-overlooked fight between Jesse Bongfeldt and TJ Grant from TKO back in early '08.


Fighter of The Year: Eddie Alvarez. Went from being completely out of the top ten to being a legit contender. Good scrap with Dida in the opening round, FOTYC candidate with Hansen and goddamn another FOTYC against Kawijiri.


Show of The Year: Hmmmm.....tough choice. I'm going with UFC 84 as nothing really sucked on the show. Emerging young guns like Thiago Silva, Goran Reljic and Sokodjou, debut of Shane Carwin, great main event in BJ/Sherk, awesome subs from Phallhares and Yoshida and WANDERLEI PULLS IT OFF! Oh, and Lyoto making Tito's intestines fold up with the liver knee of death.


Best KO: Fuck this is probably the hardest choice but I'm going with Tom Watson catching Pierre Guillet with an upkick right when Guillet lunged forward with a superman punch. Impeccable timing and awesome visual. Honorable mention goes to Yves Edwards one-upping Faber with his jumping knee on Edson Berto.


Best Submission: Dustin Hazlett's whizzer to armbar on Josh Burkman followed closely by Aoki's topside gogo and Marcus Aurelio's armbar at the UFN back in April.


Best Promo: Eddie Alvarez holding back tears while apologizing to the Japanese fans for not being able to continue in the DREAMS grand prix. Nothing flashy, just all heart and emotion. Gave me chills and made Eddie a superstar in the land of the rising sun. Honorable mention goes to Tito's goodbybe promo at UFC 84.


Fighter to Watch: Ummmm....Eddie Alvarez again? Yeah, probably. Also looking forward to seeing how Thiago Silva fares in one of the deepest talent pools in MMA.


Weight Class of The Year: 205 or 155



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Fight of The Year: Miguel Torres/Yoshiro Maeda gets the slight nod for me over Eddie Alvarez/Joachim Hansen. Honorable Mention: Faber vs. Pulver


Fighter of The Year: Eddie Alvarez Honorable Mention: Lyoto Machida. Two impressive wins and everybody is ducking him.


Show of The Year: DREAM 3 was my instant gut instinct. Hansen/Alvarez was a FOTY and just about every fight on that card was better than average. Mayhem and Manhoef both had great entrances and dominant performances and Uno pulled off a great upset in the main event. Honorable Mention: WEC: Faber vs. Pulver: with two fight of the year candidates. Best UFC was probably 84.


Best KO: Maybe because it's fresh in my mind but Rory Markham's is pretty impressive.


Best Submission: For personal reasons, Demain Maia's inverted triangle/elbow carving of the white trash superstar at UFC 83. Honorable Mention: Aokiplata: DREAM4


Best Promo: BJ Penn: "Sean Sherk, you're dead."


Fighter to Watch: Jake Rosholt, Jacare


Weight Class of The Year: UFC LHW division


Entrance of the Year: Akiyama: DREAM5. We can call the fight on this category right now. It's not getting topped.

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Fight of The Year: Alvarez/Kawajiri

Fighter of The Year: BJ Penn

Show of The Year: UFC 84

Best KO: Yves Edwards over Edson Berto

Best Submission: Dustin Hazelett over Josh Burkman

Best Promo: Brett Rogers calling out Kimbo, and calling his performance garbage

Fighter to Watch: Amir Sadalloh

Weight Class of The Year: 205

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This is purely personal tastes Mik but Clementi came out to "Here Comes The Rain" by Eurythmics in Montreal against Stout and that shit was fucking godly. So I'm going with that.



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Also, everybody that is a fan of MMA needs to see Hideo Tokoro vs Darren Uyenoyama from DREAMS 4. I'm seriously considering changing my FOTY pick after seeing that. Goddamn what a great fight.

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Fight of The Year: Miguel Torres v. Yoshiro Maeda

Fighter of The Year: Forrest Griffin

Show of The Year: WEC: Faber v. Pulver

Best KO: James Irvin 8 sec. KO

Best Submission: Aokiplata

Best Promo: Mike Brown mocking Jeff Monson

Fighter to Watch: Brian Stann

Weight Class of The Year: Affliction Heavyweight

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