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Deon Dark (born 30 November 1982) is an aspiring American actor known for his suave and witty demeanor. He is a smart, fun guy to be around with, who likes to smile and make others smile, usually with a laugh :) Communication and honesty are important to him. He can deal with anything and fears nothing, except heights. A good listener as well a good advisor would also describe him. In his spare time, its been reported that he likes to go out alot. LOL, look at him go!


I'd like to meet:

Smart, sexy, strong, sexual, and sensitive. Beauty and brains. Deon Dark is attracted to women, who are independent and secure about themselves physically and emotionally. A woman who knows herself, what she wants and how to get it. He loves a woman who is not afraid to express herself and her desires. She is feminine and can still be assertive. She can laugh at herself, at him, and definitely at others. From shy to aggressive, lawyer to stripper, streetwise to Phd, he is attracted to that certain "?!"

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