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The SWF presents...




Tenay: Wow DDubya can you believe this the SWF has invaded the Impact Zone and the crowd are on their feet as the SWF wrestlers are here let's send it TO THE BACK~!

West: Oh my god would you look at this scene Mike as everybody on the SWF roster walks around minding their own business not really doing anything worthy of me RAISING MY VOICE CAN..YOU..BELIEVE..THIS!? UN...FREAKIN'...BELIEVABLE AS LANDON MADDIX FILLS UP HIS CUP OF COFFEE AND IS HE GONNA DO WHAT I THINK HE'S GONNA DO YES HE IS HE JUST DRUNK OUTTA THAT COFFEE CUP OH MY WORD DOES THIS MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS!!?!?!?!

Tenay: Xiddam is Maddix spelled backwards!

YES, we've got a smaller show so we're taking it to the fine non-paying public of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for one night only. It's AftershoxXx, just like the old days except missing about 24 unneccessary X's. We're streamlined now. We're 'edge'. And in Orlando we will stand on the edge of All Hallows 2, after the magnitude of Genesis IX, bringing you all of this!


( vs. The Sensational Academy of Panic and Danny Meadows)

After a tough defeat at Genesis, there's two roads to go in the SWF. One is redemption, the other obscurity. Well it didn't take The GTA Fight Team long to walk up and give obscurity a big slap in the face, determined to get themselves into the SWF Tag Team Title hunt, #1 Contendership or no #1 Contendership! And even with The NYC awaiting, new champs The Breslins would be wise to keep an eye on Tod and his protegé in this match, against Toxxic's lamented students from the Sensational Academy.

( vs. Legs Flamingo)

MANSON made everybody stand up and take notice at Genesis IX with an impressive showing and victory at the expense of Longdogger Pete. It seems after a few tough months, the unpredictable SWF mainstay has something more to prove though as he requested action in Orlando. Perhaps a chance to build a winning streak and some valuable momentum beckons, as MANSON has been fed the Phillipino flamingo lover that is Legs Flamingo. This oughta ruffle a few feathers...

...I'm sorry, that's terrible, even for me.

( vs. Ced Ordonez)

Ah, a new dose of fresh blood post-Genesis. Many years ago a man by the name of Toxxic took this route into the SWF if memory serves. Whatever happened to him? Anyway, the first new blood of the 2008-2009 season will hope to follow in those lofty footsteps, “The Void Anarchist” Jose Mangeria. We know little of him yet (although maybe we'll hear from him during the show as well, perhaps?), aside from the fact he's described as 'pretty moody' by our aforementioned General Manager after signing off on his contract. And when Toxxic thinks you're moody, you must be pretty moody. We'll see how the self-styled survivor fares against the SWF welcoming party of so many years, Ced Ordonez.


So, not too many matches you say. But, if you're like me, if you like wrestling then you'll buy every show your preffered company puts out. I mean, not like those obsessive ROH guys who buy every single DVD, even the ones where Ruckus is challenging for the World Title. Those people must be super broke. But every show that a company who only run twice a month and doesn't do financially crippling double-shots every other weekend? Sure! So we know you're gonna want to buy this DVD if you're like me. And you'd be right to do so. You might hear from such people as current SWF World Champion Va'aiga, his vanquished Genesis opponent Michael Alexander, new SWF Tag Champions The Breslins, the newly return Thoth... Thoth, people, Thoth!... Cruiserweight Champion Taiga Star, The Dance Dance Dragon... oh, wait, he doesn't talk, does he. Nevermind. But others do! Hot damn we got your promos right here!

(send all your matches and promos to King Cucaracha)

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