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Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - The Bowls

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So I guess the KFC Bowl is going down to tiebreakers, which are pretty close. Guess I have to root for a low-scoring game.

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For the first time ever the Bored Bowl will go down to a tiebreak as AboveAverage484 and UZI Suicide are dead locked at 20-20.


AA484 guessed 72 points and UZI guessed 70 points for the BCS Championship.

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Congratulations to UZI Suicide as he has won the Bored Bowl and is the 2008 Bored Championship Series Champion!


Again thank you to everyone for participating this year, definitely was the most successful season to date. See you next year!


Bowl Results


Bored Bowl

#2 Arizona (UZI Suicide) 21, #1 N.C. State (AboveAverage484) 21; UZI wins by tiebreak


Covers.com Degenerate Bowl

#6 Georgia Tech (iggmcfly) 23, #4 Miami of Ohio (Hawk 34) 21


Sugar Cereal Bowl presented by Count Chocula

#5 Ball State (Vampiro69) 18, #8 Syracuse (CanadianChris) 18; Vampiro wins by tiebreak


I Used To Fuck Guys Like You In Prison Football Classic

#9 Alabama (AlwaysPissedOff) 22, #10 Virginia (Edwin MacPhisto) 17


Don't Taze Me Bowl!

#3 Nebraska (Mecca) 20, Kentucky (Danville Wrestling) 19


Gamestop.com Early Reservation Bowl

#7 Tennessee (Canadian Brandon) 21, Ohio State (Gert T) 18



Notre Dame (KingPK) 19, LSU (tek184) 19; PK wins by tiebreak


K-Mart Blue Light Special Bowl

Fresno State (Agent Bond34) 22, South Carolina (Cuban Linx) 20


Main Loon Restaurant China Bowl

Arizona State (still fly) 19, Minnesota (Vern Gagne) 18


AIG Bailout Bowl

Indiana (Tzar Lysergic) 16, Boston College (HarleyQuinn) 11

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