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Thrift Shop Game

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Okay, here's how the game works. I am a thrift shop owner, you are the shoppers. I will update the thread every once and awhile, probably a couple of times a day on average, with new items. Anybody who is not a shopper can take part in the game by donating to the shop, aka PMing me anything they want me to put in the shop, and if it's not stupid I'll use it. I will price each item and each player will start out with $50 to shop, you can purchase whatever you want at any time (There's no turn order) until you run out of money. Items posted stay active until purchased.


For purposes of the game, we assume that all items are in good condition and there is no sales tax.


Game will run until Febuary 1st or everybody has run out of money. I will keep track of your inventory with pictures (like with the comic book draft) and at the end everyone will rank the other players via PM to me to determine a winner.


Well, I don't know if this will catch on or not but I think it could be fun. First 10 people to sign up are our shoppers.

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