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I'm betting that not many people here have heard of D-Siggy, which is why I started this thread, I suppose. A lot of his newer stuff is super-duper introspective, sometimes bordering on full-blown emo, but damn if he doesn't make it sound great. I even have examples



"Kneecaps" (Apparently the audio from the live show was awful, which is why he just put the album version on)



"Laundry Room"




He's also more than capable of being hilarious.

"ThisIsWhatItSoundsLikeWhenWhiteBoysListenToHipHop" (Album version slightly different)



He's also a fan of hi-jacking, as he first jacked Iggy Pop's album "The Idiot", then took the Tom Waits song "Underground" and made "Ambulance"



So, yeah. If you want, you can get a free mixtape with pretty much every song he put out in 08 with plenty of DJ shenanigans right here: Complete 08 Comeback Special. If you want "The Idiot: Hijacked", you can get it at his site, http://www.aboyinaroom.com

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