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On another board, I entered a fantasy booking contest and finished early, so I came up with another scenario for people not in the contest who wanted to do something, but no one's bit so far. However, my friend Travis did and we're both writing stuff now. If you want in, PM me and I'll give you the determined talent list. Here's the scenario:


A television station in Lexington, Kentucky has gotten interest in having its own wrestling television show and has been sent word of your brilliant posts on this message board. They give you a call and offer you the job of booker, with total control. The one-hour television shows on Saturday mornings are meant to build to monthly big cards at the Lexington Armory (1,200 attendance maximum), with a supercard at the Memorial Coliseum (9,000 attendance maximum) being held every three months (the week of the big Memorial Coliseum cards, you are given a 90-minute timeslot on Thursday night in primetime to hype the show on top of your hour-long program on Saturday morning).


As far as talent goes: you are given the budget to procure thirty independent wrestlers from across the U.S. and Canada to come in for you. However, out of the list that you want, not everyone says yes for the full term. The majority of your crew will stay for the full six months, but every month, 2-3 guys from your crew will rotate out and 2-3 will rotate in, much like a territory. On the month of a supercard, you're allowed to bring in ONE "star" (anyone who's worked for any of the major companies who works indies as an attraction now, i.e.: Sid, Jerry Lawler, etc.) to help the house. The star is only coming in the Thursday before the show to do any sort of appearance in-studio, but has promised you he'll send in taped promos for his match for the entire month.


The one catch is that you have to use his weatherman, Ron Coppock, as your color analyist. He's a fan of WWE and knows the very basics of pro wrestling. You're allowed to bring in your own PBP guy from anyone on the independent circuit.


Here's your job:


*You book four (4) hour-long television shows each month from the Lexington Armory, leading to a three-hour show at the Lexington Armory, which will air on TV the next week live-to-tape, so you have to schedule it like a PPV with commercial breaks.


*Every third month, you book four hour-long TV's leading to a supercard at the Memorial Coliseum. The Memorial Coliseum show isn't airing on TV, so you don't have to time the show out. However, you also have a Thursday night primetime show the week of the big show, 90 minutes in length, that you have to book to hype the big show.


*Your roster will consist of thirty (30) guys randomly drawn from the CHIKARA, ROH, IWA-MS, and PWG rosters. After the first Memorial Coliseum show, five guys will leave your territory, but five will come in to replace them and after your second/final Memorial Coliseum show, you have to write out another determined five guys out (all of these are pre-determined based on a random draw). On the month of a Memorial Coliseum supershow, you are alloted one "name" talent to come in. He will be able to send in taped promos for the first three weeks, then he'll be able to appear live in-studio on the Thursday special and the TV show the morning of your show.


*Every week, you have to book a house show card that will happen at each show on the loop (boys gotta pay the bills, ya know?)


*You have six months to prove your worth.


If you have actual knowledge of the guys that come from those promotions and have enough free time to do it, PM me.

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