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Meeting Sports Entertainers - Autographs, etc.

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Corino, Muta,and who is the other guy?


I find it funny you recognize Corino and not the Sandman Bob.


Why? I just think it's weird for Sandman to be working with Muta, Corino is all over the Japanese scene.

That actually took place at the WrestleFanFest at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in Oct of 2007 and you're right the booking for the show was really weird. This was the fanfest that basically fell apart due to the guy putting the whole convention on basically lying to everyone, fucking everything over, and letting everything go to chaos. Big Vision Entertainment who was taping the Friday night wrestling show ended up taking over the booking of the show, but a lot of things got changed even after they took the booking over.


It was originally scheduled to be Great Muta vs Ultimo Dragon in a regular match and The Sandman and Steve Corino were suppose to be in this 7 man hardcore match and what I think happen, though I'm not to sure how exactly the story goes, Corino got the main event changed to himself w/ Franchine vs The Sandman w/ Baby Doll vs The Great Muta w/ Bobcat in a hardcore match.


The booking for the main event was pretty cool for the crowd cause a lot of surprises happen. Corino and Francine came out and cut a promo for a little while, then the Sandman came out (drunk by the way) and cuts a promo then introduces Baby Doll as his equalizer for Francine. Before the match starts, Baby Doll who is on the outside swings the cane at Corino's feet and Corino gets on the mic and demands that I DQ the Sandman and Baby Doll and make him the winner. I then cut a promo saying that it's a hardcore match, which means no DQ and no count outs. I ring the bell and get things under way then The Great Muta makes his entrance and adds himself to the match. As we wait for Muta to get to the ring, Corino and Sandman are now saying things to try and make me laugh.


Muta comes into the wrestling and they all get the match going. There was a cool spot with all three of them and a guardrail, Baby Doll and Francine got into a cat fight where I had to try and pull them off one another, Muta sprayed the mist into Sandman's face, and then just when Cornio is about to hit Baby Doll, DDP slides in and gives Corino the diamond cutter (I actually didn't know DDP was getting involved.). Muta then hit Corino with the Shining Wizard and then locks a STF on him to tap Corino out. The crowd loved it.


Does a video of this exist? Youtube, anyone? I'm curious.

Yes and no. There was suppose to be dvds made of the weekend, people even pre-ordered the dvds, but they'll never see the light of day.


Big Vision Entertainment (put out the XPW, Hardcore Homecoming, Forever Hardcore, etc, etc, etc....dvds) filmed the entire show and some other stuff that happen over the weekend. After the convention was over, no one knew what was going on with the dvds. The "promoter" who put everything together and fucked people over and fucked things up, had already skipped out of town and had taken down all the websites and wasn't responding to anyone.


After about two weeks or so, I contacted Kris Kloss, whose really associated with Big Vision Entertainment and asked him about the dvd. I just wanted to get one even if I had to buy it. He sent me a reply saying he'd talk to the owner of the company, Kevin, I forget his last name right now. After a day or so, Kris got back to me saying that the dvd wasn't going to be produced unless all the wrestlers got paid for the Friday night show. So basically it'll never come out.


Which I think it a total load of shit and is Big Vision Entertainment's excuse for not wanting to put it together. A lot of wrestlers didn't get paid, the 'promoter" skipped out on a lot of them but if that was Big Vision Entertainment's concern, they could have at least gave 10% of what they made off the dvds to some of the wrestlers. Granted it wouldn't have been a whole lot but something is better than nothing. Not only that, but people actually pre-ordered the dvd and had already paid full price of it, and Big Vision Entertainment couldn't even want to get it out to those people and those people didn't even get a fucking refund. What pisses me off the most about their excuse is that even though some wrestlers were not paid or hadn't gotten paid yet, they still went out there and wrestled.


Big Vision could have made the dvd into a shoot/show interview. They could have interviewed some the wrestlers about the convention and about how they're experience was and then have the show as a 2nd disc or something but they just decided they didn't want to put it out.



The only other person who I know got the entire show on tape was Cheerleader Melissa's husband, but after the weekend, he deleted everything and only kept her match from the show.


I have a ton of pictures on myspace though. www.myspace,com/scroby

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They must have been doing a house show here in Omaha, it was on a Saturday, but I go in and there they are, making it rain. Well...Orton was anyway. Batista was playing it cool. Orton had to be all of 23 or 24 or so, and he was acting like a guy his age with lots of money in a strip club would act. I shook hands with Batista and said something to him like "Man, Orton's crazy" and he just chuckled and said "Yeah, pretty much" and that was about the end of that.

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