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Red Baron

The Spice Rack.

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For all the cooks out there, what spices do you use most, and what do you have on your spice rack? We can also use this thread for discussing herbs as well.



Ground Black Pepper

Whole Black Pepper

Ground White Pepper

Onion Powder

Garlic Powder

Garlic Salt



Crushed Red Pepper

Cajun Seasoning


Montreal Steak Spice






Dehydrated Parsley

Fresh Parsley


Ground Mustard

Dill Weed

Lemon Pepper



Poultry Seasoning

Chili Powder


Crushed Cloves

Pickling Spice (for whatever reason)

Ground Ginger


Personally, Garlic Powder, Parsley and White Pepper is what I use the most. Lemon Pepper is excellent on any type of fish with a touch of tarragon.

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Guest Vitamin X

Oregano is one of the few herbs out there that's much tastier dried than fresh. I use that a lot. I probably use black pepper (fresh ground only) the most and kosher salt, but I use the hell out of basil, a good amount of ground cayenne pepper, thyme for seafoods, and rosemary is incredibly on meats as well as `taters. I use the whole black peppercorns from my ground black pepper a lot for pickling as well as marinades too.


Aside from all that, having a varied spice rack is probably the biggest tool in a chef's arsenal of foods.


I saw cumin and ground coriander were omitted- I use those as well as curry powder, and bay leaves as well from time to time. I don't want to list my whole spice rack because I just about put everything there except my beloved Cuban spices- Badia "EVERYTHING" seasoning and the ground up yellow saffron used for spanish foods like paella and more common ones like Cuban chicken with rice.

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I completely forgot about Cumin.


I'm not a fan of rosemary at all. I'll use it for a stock like gravy or put it on a roast, but I never use it for anything else. I find that it over powers almost any other spice that is being used.


Also, isn't Coriander the same thing as Cilantro?



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Guest Vitamin X

Coriander is the same thing as cilantro yes, but usually when you're talking about the seed, particularly in ground-up form, it's coriander while the herb with the leaves and all that is cilantro. Although a lot of Americans still call it coriander at that point. No one ever says "cilantro seed."

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If you like Paprika you should try to get your hand on some smoked paprika. It is more intense, but in a good way.


Cumin is great for homemade chili as a lot of people don't even think to put it in, but for me it is necessary.


Brown sugar, well it's not really a spice, but mix it up with some lemon juice, orange juice/zest, black pepper, cheyenne, salt, garlic, and you have a hell of a marinade for flank steak

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Guest Agent of Oblivion

I just threw out about fifteen half-bottles of ground spices.


I'm going minimalist with this shit from now on. Why did I have three different curries, as well as curry-type spices on their own? Christ.


I have:


Hot paprika

Sweet paprika

Crushed Red Pepper


Sea salt

Kosher salt

Black pepper

Minced dried onion

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