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From sonny himself:

Prepare to have your hearts broken.


It's time to hear the cold, hard truth.


I'm going to break this down in the best way possible, but I don't expect anyone to cut me any slack here. I knew what I was getting myself into, and I've been prepared for the consequences for quite some time.


Truth: There is no such thing as Fire Pro Wrestling HD and there is no such thing as the Fire Pro Wrestling 20th Anniversary Collection.


Now let that sink in for a second and get angry about it.


Here's another truth: I HAVE been in contact with some former Fire Pro Wrestling developers.


Now let that sink in for a second and ask yourself why I would make up such a story.


Here's the final and saddest truth: According to my contacts, Spike has no plans to ever make another wrestling game ever again. Period. That's it. It's over. No more Fire Pro. No more KOC. No more Blazing Tornado. No more Iron Slam. Kaput. Finished. THE END. The deep six. etc. etc.


Fire Pro Wrestling Z was supposed to be the finale. As far as Fire Pro Wrestling games go... it was rather pathetic as a finale. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was a way to do one of two things:


1) Bring the series BACK


2) Let the series end on a happy note with a proper finale


Sales were less than stellar, so we obviously got number 2.


Now let that sink in for a second and ask yourself if you're OK with that fact. Ask yourself if you're OK with playing Fire Pro Returns and KOC2 for the rest of your days. If you're anything like me, you'll say, "HELL NO I'M NOT OK WITH THAT."


Games like TNA IMPACT, Smackdown, and Legends of Wrestlemania don't satisfy most of the guys around here. Even a game like Pro Wrestling X, which is supposed to be by the fans and for the fans... looks like it won't deliver what we really need. Hell... we aren't even totally satisfied with games like Wrestle Kingdom and All Star Pro Wrestling, which I feel are light years ahead of the crap we usually get. We're here because of Human / Spike. We love THEIR wrestling games.


So here we are. Stuck in the year 2009 with nothing to look forward to ... yet we're sitting on a mountain of ideas, wish lists, suggestions, and testimony from people saying they'd buy new systems and pay for monthly DLC if a new Fire Pro game was on the horizon.


We can do one of two things here.

We can keep playing Fire Pro Returns and KOC2 until we all grow apart and the community slowly dwindles down into a small group of e-fedders and 'vets'...


Or we can seriously try to do something about our gaming future.


The word is out there, now. This entire FPHD thing has made it to Japan. They want it, too. It's not just us. And there are people out there that don't even know about the FPHD 'hoax'... yet they still want FPHD. You know they do... because FPHD was not just some random collection of bullet points. It was a large collection of things that people in this community have asked for and wished for. It's possible. It's achievable. There's no ladder match. There's no table match. There's none of that stuff. This game is actually possible, and it's what we really want.


And you know what... it's not TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, either.


Who says we're never going to get what we want?

Who decided that what we want is too good to be reality?

I'm not in that camp.


I think it can be done, and I say it's time we do something about it.

Maybe it will work. Maybe it won't.


But sitting around playing a 4 year old wrestling game isn't going to get us anywhere.


I love Fire Pro and KOC just as much as anyone else here... but I'm not satisfied with where the story ends.

And as you can tell by this entire 'hoax'... I don't really care about my credibility or 'internet status', either. I care about these games, and they come first. If you guys hate my guts for this, I'll understand. If you want me gone, I'll understand... but I'll still be fighting for a new Fire Pro.


And if that falls through... well... some of you know my other plans, but that's not going to be a reality any time soon.


So where do we go from here?

That's for us to decide.


I say we need to do something. Others may disagree.

They say it won't matter what we do. I disagree.

Some people may think that this was the stupidest thing I could've ever done. Maybe they're right :lol:


But I do know one thing for sure... the world got excited about Fire Pro again, and its on people's minds right now.


We need to get the word out. We need to team up with fans in Japan. We need to increase our numbers, and we need to let Spike know that this series can be profitable again.


If we don't... then it's game over for Fire Pro.


It's very possible that we may lose... but I'm not going to sit around without at least giving it a serious shot.


So I guess that's it. The community will now decide what happens next.


I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'm sorry for lying to you, and I'm sorry that FPHD isn't real.

OH GOD, how I wish it was real.

And MDK... I'm sorry for lying to you about my intentions for this entire thing. If you ban me for this... at least let me go out in a blaze of glory with a typical barrage of troll posts and flame topics. It's only fair.




/sigh oh well

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As I recall, All Japan, New Japan and NOAH cross-promote on the game licensing. Wrestle Kingdom and King of Colosseum had guys from all three as well as some freelancers. However, if I remember correctly, the game mechanics are the about the same as Day of Reckoning and Fire Pro, respectively. I don't think we ever got an equivalent to All Star Pro Wrestling, but from what I've seen, it's rather clunky.

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